X-Men (2nd series) #49

Issue Date: 
February 1996
Story Title: 
Eyes of a New York Woman

Scott Lobdell (plot), Mark Waid (dialogue), Jeff Matsuda (penciler), Dan Panusion (inkers), Kevin Somers (colorist), Richard Starkings & Comicraft (letterer), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

The mutant known as Bishop attacks a woman named Pamela. He tells her that he thinks she is spying on him. With tears in her eyes, she swears that she knows nothing of what he is talking about. Just then, the Beast appears on the scene and tries to talk some sense into the seemingly deranged, Bishop. Hank has no luck. In response, Bishop hurls his friend into a nearby wall, saying something about him being a pet of Apocalypse’s. Pamela comes out from behind the bar; she was cowering behind, and offers to take Bishop to her house, where the two of them can discuss how wrong he is. Other weird things are happening elsewhere, as well, as at the Massachusetts Academy, the student known as Chamber is kidnapped by Gateway. Back in New York, Hank McCoy escapes his unconsciousness and begins searching for his now missing ally, Bishop. Bishop is asleep in Pamela’s apartment. In a secret lair, the mutant known as the Dark Beast watches through Pamela’s eyes, Bishop distraught and unaware. With that realization, the Dark Beast commands Pamela to change back into her alter ego, Fatale. She does so and blasts the mutant out of the apartment window. Luckily, Hank is close by and he saves Bishop from a long fall. Bishop tells Hank that he knew he was right but, suddenly, Fatale stops her attack per the change in orders from the Dark Beast. Contemplating her wantonness to spy on Bishop, Hank does not know he is the one that is now being watched by the Dark Beast, who seems to be creating a devious plot to assimilate him.

Full Summary: 

Pamela Greenwood cowers behind the bar at her place of work in New York. She is cowering from an energy-wielding mutant named Bishop, who, up until today, was a model patron, which came to her bar often. Bishop stands above her and demands to know why she has been spying on him every time he is there? Stuttering, Pamela tells Bishop that she does not even know him that well and she does not have a clue what he is talking about. Bishop jumps into the air towards the bar with his energy channeling straight through his fists. He tells her that he has fought along side the X.S.E. for so long that he knows how to pinpoint a spy amongst civilians.

Suddenly, Hank McCoy appears on the scene, using his image inducer to appear human-like. Hank quickly places Bishop in a sleeper-hold, trying to restrain his ally from tearing apart anymore of the bar. In his eloquent style, Hank asks Bishop why the two of them came down here to talk to the barmaid only for him to engage her in this altercation. Hank worries for his friend, because he knows that, as of late, Bishop has been having visions of an alternate reality, where twisted versions of the X-Men fought off Apocalypse and his own band of mutants, some of them X-Men.

Hank has no time to worry, though, as he is preoccupied with the mighty hands of Bishop, that strip him from the back of Bishop and hurl the Beast against a nearby wall. In mid-throw, Bishop screams to Hank that he just wants the agents of Apocalypse to leave him be! Hank tells Bishop, just before he crashes unconscious against the wall, that he needs to get hold of himself, because they are friends. Bishop grasps his forehead and wonders aloud what is happening to himself?

Pamela inches closer to Bishop, she begs him for mercy! She goes on to say that, if he would just talk to her, she knows the two of them can work it out. Bishop thinks to himself that he has trusted his instincts since his childhood and they have never proven to be wrong. He also thinks about his visions and wonders if his instincts might truly be wrong? Bishop looks down on the frail Pamela and informs her that he still does not trust her. Pamela very nervously stares into the eyes of Bishop and replies that she does not trust him but, strangely, she knows that, if they got to know one another, he would change his mind.

Just then, a voice his heard near the door and an officer comes into the room, demanding Bishop to surrender. Bishop quickly fires a bolt at the officer, knocking him unconscious but draining all of Bishop’s energy in the process. Pamela takes Bishop over her shoulder and tells him that she cannot leave him there to be captured by the police. As the two of them leave, Pamela asks if Bishop had someone else with him, because thanks to the confusion she did not see anyone she recognized as a friend of his.

In the Berkshire Mountains, in Massachusetts, Banshee is arriving to a scene of electrifying proportions. Floating onto the mansion’s estate, he calls for his students to apprise him of the lightning show that seems to surround the mansion. Banshee stumbles upon an unlikely source of information in the form of the mutant named Gateway, who seems to be causing the ruckus. Chamber and M seem to be transfixed on the man named Gateway. Banshee asks the two of them what is happening? Starsmore tells Banshee that, since both of them are psi-sensitive, they came out of the mansion to see if they might have a chance of picking Gateway’s mind. Chamber tells Banshee that he can tells the mutant wants him there, but he cannot discern for what reasons. Just then, the portal Gateway opened sucks Chamber in and Banshee is left behind with unanswered questions. M tells Banshee that she was able to discern one word from Gateway’s mind before him and Starsmore disappeared; the name: ONSLAUGHT!!!

Back in the bar where Pamela and Bishop have just recently exited, a police officer holds a gun to the head of Hank McCoy. Waking from his slumber, the Beast jokes about thanking everyone for his Nobel Prize. Jumping to his feet, Hank turns off his image inducer and removers the guns from the nearby police officers hands. Hank jokes once again and asks the officers if, without his image inducer, does he look suspicious?

Elsewhere, in an apartment in New York, Pamela scolds her kitten for sleeping on Bishop’s chest. The cat meows when Pamela picks it up. She places the kitten down and talks to it about how she does not usually bring strangers home, but there is something about this man she has been searching for, for a long time. Pamela continues to talk, when she is stunned speechless by turning around and seeing the man only known as Bishop with a gun to her head. Bishop tells Pamela that his nap did not help.

Pamela stutters out, why he is carrying a gun? Bishop tells her that he absorbs energy and, since there is not much around for him to use, he will just have to make due with enough energy to pull a trigger. Pamela falls to the ground and begins to sob. Bishop tells her that he is angry because, for the first time in his life, he cannot trust his instincts. He goes on to say that they are telling him to blow her brains out but, as of late, he may not be able to trust all his faculties. Bishop tells Pamela to get up, as he lowers the gun to his side.

Inside a secret hideaway, the Dark Beast looks at his televisions, which are covered with the image of a confused Bishop. On his speakers, he hears the voice of Pamela, but he also hears the thoughts of hers as well. She talks to the Dark Beast and asks him if she has enough confirmation that Bishop is truly the one they seek. The Dark Beast tells her that this Bishop is the one from their reality and it dumbfounds him to know how. The Dark Beast then turns to another image of Bishop’s: his brain. He thinks aloud of how he has recently gleaned tissue from Bishop’s brain and that was how he was able to place the perfect woman for Bishop in a non-conspicuous place. He sees tiny blisters on Bishop’s brain and knows that they must be pictures of some type of Chronal anomaly in his mind. The Dark Beast thinks aloud that he has recently captured the mutant called Havok and, if Bishop can piece together his thoughts of the other timeline, all of his plans will be for naught. The Dark Beast, after pondering for a moment, tells Pamela that it is time to kill Bishop.

On the streets near Pamela’s apartment, the mutant known as the Beast searches for his ally, Bishop. Stopping near one of Bishop’s tracks, Hank thinks to himself about how he wishes there was a way that he could save Bishop’s mind as easily as he can save his body. He thinks to himself that Bishop sees malice in everyone he meets; he thinks that the woman named Pamela is no more a spy than he is Mr. Teri Hatcher!!!

Suddenly, an explosion is heard overhead. Hank looks up just in time to see Bishop flying through a nearby window. Swiftly, Hank uses his acrobatic prowess to catch Bishop in mid-fall and land him safely on the ground below. As he lays the mutant down, Hank apologizes to him. The two of them look into the nearby broken window. Bishop grimaces and declares that he knew she was a spy. In the window, the woman named Pamela shape shifts into a purple clad female, with a smirk on her face.

In the lair of the Dark Beast, he is in contact with the Sugar Man and the two of them discuss Bishop’s soon-to-be death. Amidst their talk, the woman who posed as Pamela interrupts them, requesting that the Dark Beast look at his monitors, to see what she is seeing. He does so but, suddenly, his eyes become inquisitive and, without even looking back at the Sugar Man’s image on the nearby monitor, he tells him that he will get back to him.

On the monitor, the Dark Beast sees the real McCoy and a smile spreads across his face. He demands that the woman known as Fatale abort her mission.

Fatale jumps from the apartment window, firing blasts of bullets towards the escaping mutants. Shockingly, Fatale notices that a smell begins to waft across the air like the sent of a gas line. As if in response, a nearby electric line crackles and the entire street is engulfed in flames. Amidst the smoke and the debris, Hank and Bishop walk around. Bishop tells Hank that he was right and he, now, feels vindicated that his instincts remain true. Bishop picks up Pamela’s kitten, petting it. Hank sits with his thumb to his mouth, wandering whom Fatale could have been working for.

Back in the lair of the Dark Beast, he sits at his chair with a pencil to his lips. Calmly, he uses his toes to type on a nearby computer keyboard. The Dark Beast begins a program and the computer monitor flashes “Target Assimilate Dr. Henry McCoy!”

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Bishop (both X-Men)

Banshee, Chamber, M (all Generation X)


Police officers

Dark Beast

Pamela Greenwood / Fatale

Sugar Man

Story Notes: 

The Dark Beast captured Havok in X-Factor (1st series) #119.

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