Wolverine: Old Man Logan Giant-Size #1

Issue Date: 
November 2009
Story Title: 
Old Man Logan: Conclusion (Part 8)

Mark Millar (writer), Steve McNiven (penciler), Dexter Vines and Mark Morales (inkers), Morry Hollowell (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Jody Leheup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer and John Barber (editors), Axel Alonso (group editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer), Steve McNiven, Dexter Vines and Morry Hollowell (cover), Paolo Rivera and Ed McGuinness with Chris Sotomayor (variant covers)

Brief Description: 

Wolverine begins a vicious quest in which he kills the members of the Hulk’s Gang responsible for killing his family. After killing seven of them, he fastens an explosive to one of them and sends them into where the rest of the Hulk’s family is residing. After the blast, Wolverine viciously kills all who survived the blast. Turning his attention to Banner himself, an old man exits the cave where he is at and punches Wolverine. At first, Banner has the upper-hand until Wolverine is able to jam his claws into Banner’s chest. When he does, Banner transforms into the Hulk and eats him. Later, one of Banner’s grandchildren visits him and discovers that he doesn’t feel good. After he collapses to the ground, Wolverine claws his way out of Banner, killing him. Taking baby Bruce, Wolverine makes his way back to his ranch. There, he buries his family and informs the townspeople that he will be bringing the law back to the country with baby Bruce. Together with the toddler, the first member of his new team, Wolverine heads off into the sunset.

Full Summary: 

At the Hulk Gang’s watering hole, Rufus tells his brother Woody that he’s still ticked off Pappy Banner wouldn’t let them eat those kids. They looked delicious. Woody replies that it wasn’t snack time and that pappy took them there to send that old fool Logan a message. Rufus states that his wife’s dead body would ‘a been enough, little redheads taste like bacon. The least he could ‘a done is let them eat one. Woody tells him to shut up and clean his damned blood-stains. Beau and Luke got the video workin’ an’ Billy-Bob found two Jim Belushi movies. There’s one where he’s a cop an’ his partner’s a dog. It looks pretty damn hilarious.

As he talks, Rufus disappears into the water. Turning around, Woody calls out to Rufus and, when he doesn’t answer, tells him that he doesn’t need to sulk just because he was yellin’ at him. Just then, the chopped up pieces of Rufus float to the surface. When Woody says Rufus, Wolverine emerged from the water and viciously kills Woody.

At Sonny Stark’s bar, Eustace, holding a severed arm laughs at his cousin Elrod. Sometimes he just can’t believe what a retard he is. Stealin’ their Gameboy he can understand, but what the hell kinda pleasure does a grown man get from a little girl’s doll? Elrod tells him that he likes Raggedy Ann. She’s pretty. He then tells Eustace to smell the doll’s face, you can still smell the baby-milk. Luke remarks that this is too messed up even for him and tells the bartender to give him five more beers. His boys an’ he are out celebratin’ a job well done. Sweating, the bartender tells him whatever he says, just don’t cause any trouble. Peering at him with crazy eyes, Luke tells him to c’mon, is this a face that’s gonna start trouble?

Just then, the lights go out in the bar. After a loud crash is heard and a window breaks out, Luke is grabbed from his seat. Amidst the panic, Elrod is able to find a flashlight. When he flashes it in the direction of where Luke was sitting, he finds Wolverine on top of him with his claws pierced through Luke’s skull and a crazed look in his eyes. Before Eustace and Elrod can do anything, Wolverine is on them.

At Heff’s mansion, the Hulk Gang’s vehicle is parked outside. Inside, the mansion, three members of the Hulk Gang is getting dressed while a number of young ladies rest. The leader, Beau thanks the old lady in charge of the mansion fer her hospitality. He also tells her to be sure t’ thank the ladies once they all regain consciousness. The old lady replies her pleasure. Just be sure to tell his pappy what a good time him and his boys had an’ maybe he’ll knock a little off their rent this month. As they begin to make their way down the stairs, she asks him what they were out celebratin’. Beau tells her to trust him, she don’t wanna know. Outside, Wolverine, wearing a long leather jacket and a hat stands in front of the Hulk Gang’s vehicle while all the other vehicles around him lie in ruins and tells Beau “try me.”

At Banner’s lair, Bobbi-Jo and Banner are in a cave overlooking a number of mobile homes down below. Bobbi-Jo, holding a baby, proceeds to ask “pappy” if he thinks he’s gonna come there. Even though there’s so many of them? Does he think he’s gonna come there lookin’ for revenge. Banner replies that that they killed his wife and children and laid them out like they was a damn finger-buffet. She can bet her ass he’s comin’ there.

Just then, the Hulk Gang’s vehicle flies through the trailer homes, killing a number of the Hulk’s people. Hearing the destruction, Banner states that he’s missed these fights. Once some of his people begin to stand up, they see Beau chained to the vehicle with something in his mouth. They begin to wonder what it is but before, they can ponder much further, the explosive in his mouth detonates and kills more of them. At that moment, Wolverine arrives and tells the survivors no more games, no more talking. He’s just there to kill them. With that, he begins to slash and hack the Hulk’s people into pieces with his claws. After he has killed all of them, Bobbi-Jo leaps towards him. With a swipe of his claws, Wolverine decapitates her.

Standing in front of the cave, Wolverine calls Banner a coward and to get out there and face him. Making his way out of the cave, a skinny old man asks Wolverine to be quiet. He’s going to wake the baby. Just then, Banner punches Wolverine and knocks him backwards into a trailer. Once Wolverine gets up, Banner leaps after him and says that it’s just like old times. It’s been years since he had something good to smash. A lot of folks say that he went mad, that the radiation sickness did something to his brain. But who else was he gonna mate with besides his first cousin? Jenny She-Hulk was the only woman out there who could take the damn pace. He told his boys they had to make an example of him but the honest truth was he wanted his old Wolverine back. He got bored being a landlord, bored being a super villain. He needed someone cool to kill to make him feel alive again.

After kicking Wolverine in the chest, Banner picks up a cow and tosses it at him. Slashing the cow in half once it reaches him, Wolverine yells at Banner to shut up. As he continues to hack away at Banner, he tells him that this isn’t a joke. This isn’t another one of those stupid fights; this is where it ends you redneck son of a bitch. With that, Wolverine jams his claws through Banner’s chest. He then tells him that’s for his wife and kids. Back-handing Wolverine away, Banner calls him an idiot. He shouldn’t have made him angry; people piss themselves when he gets angry. Suddenly, the old man transforms into the monstrous Hulk and chomps down on Wolverine’s body.

Twelve hours later, Billy-Bob arrives at Banner’s cave, sees the destruction, and calls out to pappy Banner. He calls out to him that he’s his grandson, Beau’s oldest boy. He went to his friend’s to fetch those Jim Belushi movies an’ when he got back the whole crew was dead. Entering the cave, he asks Banner if Wolverine really did all this. Did one man really kill there entire family? Banner replies that he did but he fought him and beat him and made him his supper. He isn’t gonna be hurting them anymore. Billy-Bob stammers b-but he’s wiped them all out. Far as he can see, the Hulk Gang’s just them now.

Banner tells him not to forget little baby Bruce, his favorite. But they are all they need to keep this thing going. Once they grab themselves some women from Heff’s old place they can start the whole thing over. His super-power is surviving. Don’t he get it? The atomic blast, the rise of the super-villains, staying alive in a world without hope... Billy-Bob proceeds to ask Banner if he’s okay, he doesn’t look so good. Sweating, Banner replies that he’s fine. He’s just had this weird cramp the last couple a’ hours and...

Just then, the monstrous Banner doubles over in pain grabbing his guts and falls over. Billy-Bob asks him did he say he ate Wolverine. Banner tells him y-yeah, no big deal. They’ve been snacking on their own foes for years. Billy-Bob states that none of ‘em had healing factors. Banner laments that he’s gotta be kiddin’ him. No sooner does he finish his thought, Wolverine slices out of Banner’s skin, killing him. Looking down at Banner, he asks what’s the matter, was it somethin’ he ate?

Turning his attention to Billy-Bob, he tells him to give him his pants, boots and coat and he might live a little longer. Billy-Bob immediately complies and tells him not to hurt him an’ to stay away from baby Bruce. Wolverine proceeds to ask him what makes him think he’s gonna leave the baby. The Hulk robbed him of his family, only fair he should take away his.

At Logan’s ranch, one month later, Logan knees before three graves and places personal effects before them, including his daughter’s Raggedy Ann doll. Abe says to him that everybody loved Maureen and that those kids were beautiful. Logan replies the best. Abe asks that it’s good he got their little toys back too, huh. Logan tells him that it’s somethin’. Abe then asks him if he’s sure he’s ready to walk away and leave all this behind. Logan replies that all he has there are memories an’ he can take those wherever he goes. His wife an’ babies don’t live there no more.

The townspeople gathered ask him if he’s really goin’ out there to take ‘em down. Is he really gonna bring the law back to this country? Logan says why not, he’s got nuthin’ better to do. They tell him that he realizes it’s impossible, right? Logan responds that a friend told him there was no such word. They ask him who that might be. Logan tells them that it was the same man who taught him to forgive himself. Besides, he got a little partner to help him out an’ there’s poetic justice to Bruce Banner Junior bein’ the first guy on his new team.

Putting a pack on his back that carries baby Bruce, Logan asks him if he’s comfy back there. Mounting his horse, Abe tells Logan that things have changed and calls him a silly old fool. This ain’t a world for super-teams and big, grand plans. All he’s gonna do is get himself killed. As he starts away from the ranch, Logan says they killed him fifty years ago, and he got better. He figures he’s kept his head down long enough. With that, Logan makes his way towards the sunset.

Characters Involved: 


Bruce Banner/Hulk
Rufus, Woody, Eustace, Elrod, Luke, Beau, Bobbi-Jo, Billy-Bob, and various unnamed members of the Hulk’s Gang
Baby Bruce Banner

Sonny Stark - bartender at Stark’s bar
Unnamed proprietor and young ladies at Heff’s
Various unnamed townspeople from Logan’s hometown

Story Notes: 

This story continues from Wolverine (3rd series) #72. The Old Man Logan storyline started back in issue #66.

The movie where Jim Belushi played a cop and his partner was a dog was K-9, released in 1989.

Wolverine joined Hawkeye in his quest back in Wolverine (3rd series) #66.

Both Hawkeye and Logan were shot in Wolverine (3rd series) #72. Hawkeye died but Logan survived, thanks to his healing factor.

What happened to Logan fifty years ago was laid out in Wolverine (3rd series) #70.

This issue also includes:

Preliminary and final pencils for page two and three of chapter one.Preliminary and final pencils for page four of chapter oneOld Man Logan concepts by Steve McNiven (9 in total)Chapter one, two, three, four, five coversChapter six cover pencils, inks, and colorsChapter seven coverFinal chapter coverOld Man Logan promotional art for Wizard magazineChapter one Dynamic Forces Herb Trimpe variant coverChapter one Michael Turner variant coverFinal chapter Ed McGuinness variant coverFinal chapter Paolo Rivera variant coverUnused cover for chapter one

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