Omega Flight #1

Issue Date: 
June 2007
Story Title: 
Alpha to Omega, part 1

Michael Avon Oeming (Writer), Scott Kolins (Artist), Brian Reber (Colorist), Virtual Calligraphy’s Cory Petit (Letterer), Daniel Ketchum (Assistant Editor), Andy Schmidt (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor-in-Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Crime is breaking out all over Canada thanks to the Super Human Registration Act being passed in the United States. The Canadian Prime Minister is annoyed that Americans are invading her country, and that crime rates are up 400% as Canada has no active super humans. Agent Brown of the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service has the task of assembling a new team of heroes for Canada, and begins with the surviving member of the recent attack on Alpha Flight, Sasquatch, who is not entirely convinced that he is ready for the job, but takes it when he learns that it might be Alpha Flight’s last chance, though he is taken by surprise when he learns that the new team will be called Omega Flight, also if Sasquatch doesn’t want the job, then it will fall into the hands of SHIELD. Agent Brown informs Sasquatch that Tony Stark is co-operating with the CSIS and that former Force Works members USAgent and Spider-Woman, now Arachne, are going to be on the team, and Sasquatch is shocked when he is told who he must recruit. Another recruit he must get onto the team is Talisman, but Talisman is not convinced it is actually her responsibility anymore. When Sasquatch goes to stop the Wrecking Crew, who have come to Canada and are enjoying themselves quite a lot, he puts up a remarkably good fight against the four powerful villains, until he suffers a flashback to the recent fatal battle with Alpha Flight, and the Wrecking Crew are given the upper hand, and begin to beat him up severely.

Full Summary: 

‘You are witnessing the death of a dream’ Agent Brown tells the Canadian Prime Minister as they watch a recording in which a car is tossed through, and demolishes, a statue of Canada’s Premiere Super Heroes - the original Alpha Flight: Guardian! Sasquatch! Snowbird! Northstar! Aurora! Shaman! Puck! Marrina! ‘And whose dream is that?’ the Canadian Prime Minister replies. ‘Captain America’s? Or Iron Man’s?’. Agent Brown replies ‘Both’ and points out that neither anticipated this kind of fall out from their Civil War.

Agent Brown motions to another recording, where in Nova Scotia, a young woman called Daisy has broken into a bank and is stealing a safe. Agent Brown points out that she is strong, that is all they know about her, adding that crime like this is breaking out all across Canada’s borders. Agent Brown informs the Prime Minister that these security cameras are spread out from Vancouver to Nova Scotia, and another starts, where in Winnipeg, a man who calls himself Slag is shown melting things on an atomic level - no heat or fires. Agent Brown adds that these criminals seem to be fleeing America’s Registration Act.

The Canadian Prime Minister exclaims that she doesn’t understand how this could happen, and remarks that they have had a super hero registration act here in Canada for years, and never once did it tear them apart or cause this kind of strife. ‘They’re Americans, Madame Prime Minister, what do you expect?’ Agent Brown replies. The Prime Minister exclaims that she expects it to cause trouble for Canada as usual, adding that at least they have Thunder Bay back.

Agent Brown announces that there has been a four hundred percent rise in power-related crimes, and that just this morning, Talisman arrested some fool trying to steal her father’s medicine bag. An elderly official adds that Talisman convinced the man she had erased his face, and he turned himself in. The Prime Minister mutters ‘Great. Terrorists want to blow up parliament and now super villains run crazed through our cities…’ Agent Brown explains that with the heavy hammer coming down on them in the States, super villains are seeing as Canada as safe harbor, easy pickings, and suggests that perhaps they are.

‘Nonsense! Who’s active?’ the Prime Minister exclaims, looking at a coin with the original Alpha Flight team depicted on it. ‘Officially? No one?’ Brown replies. The Prime Minister tells him to change, and to change it now. Brown replies that he is already on it. ‘The U.S. started this mess, they’ll help clean it up!’

Meanwhile, at a school, a guest speaker informs a classroom full of children that a planet is defined by three criteria - firstly, it must maintain a consistent elliptic orbital path around a star. Secondly, it must be massive enough for it’s own gravitational influence to mold it into a spherical configuration, and finally, it must clear it’s own path of other large objects. On a blackboard full of diagrams, the guest speaker remarks that this third edict has disqualified Pluto as a planet. He begins to ask if there are any questions, and immediately, the children begin raising their hands and making noises. ‘I thought you were dead. What happened?’ one of the kids exclaims.

The guest speaker is rather taken aback, he is the handsome Doctor Walter Langkowski, long-serving founding member, and sometime leader, of Alpha Flight. The kids begin to ask Walter a barrage of questions:

‘Can you transform?’

‘Is the real Guardian dead, or was that one of the knockoffs?’

‘What’s it like to die?’

‘How can Snowbird die if she is a Goddess?’

‘What about Shaman? Maybe he jumped in his pouch?’

‘Did you know bigfoot?’

‘Was it Guardian or Vindicator? I’m confused!’

‘Did the real Alpha Flight die or were they clones?’

‘Are you a clone?’

‘Did you see the Clone Wars?’

‘Were you in the Clone Wars?’

‘Is bigfoot real?’

One of the kids asks Walter if he can transform into Sasquatch now, to which Walt replies that he could, but that it hurts, and the ceiling is too low. ‘Aww, this ain’t Sasquatch, he’s a clone, man!, we been gypped!’ the boy exclaims, folding his arms across his chest. ‘Hey, I am not a clone!’ Walter declares, when suddenly the teacher announces that they would like to thank their guest speaker, Dr. Langkowski, but now their time has run out. Walt waves goodbye as he exits the room, ‘Goodbye, Dr. Langkowski!’ one of the kids calls after him. ‘Clone!’ another shouts.

The teacher apologizes and tells Walt that the kids get so excited, before kissing Walt on the cheek. Walt replies that he doesn’t understand how he can fight the Hulk, or robots from the moon, but kids scare the heck out of him. The teacher adjusts Walter’s jacket, before thanking him for coming, as it meant a lot for the kids to see him. ‘Anything for an old friend, Judy’ Walt replies. Judy then tells Walt that he has a visitor. ‘What? Here?’ Walt asks, when suddenly Agent Brown appears behind him and pats Walt on the back, ‘Kids, huh? Good thing the New Mutants aren’t attacking!’ he jokes. ‘Where did you -’ Walt exclaims, to which Judy remarks that he did that to her too. ‘Creepy’. The well-dressed Agent Brown replies that he has got skills, and smiling, introduces himself as part of the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service, CSIS. Walt narrows his eyes, ‘Oh, no. I said I couldn’t…I can’t!’ Walt exclaims.

Meanwhile, at the U.S / Canada border, rain beats down as cars queue to get into Canada. Inside a large yellow car, ‘What’s this?’ one of the occupants asks, holding up a copy of World News Weekly, with the headline: “The Truth About Alpha Flight - Clones, Time Travel, Love and Betrayal”, another headline reads “Dr. Strange predicts the end of the world”. Another of the occupants replies ‘Research, dude. We might run into Alpha Flight, and I don’t know anything about Canada, so…’ ‘Are you stupid? Are you really that dumb?’ someone else in the car exclaims.

Suddenly, there is an explosion up ahead, and the occupants of the yellow car watch as a super powered being, engulfed in flames, takes to the air, trying to fly across the border - until he gets shot down by border patrol. Someone in the car remarks that he must have got busted when the cops checked his ID, so suggests to his companions to keep a low profile. ‘But once we get across the border, it’s beer, banks and broads, boys…beer, banks and broads…’. Someone else exclaims that they will crank the profile up to ten, and there’s nothing to stop them, while in the back of their vehicle, a crow bar and a ball-and-chain sit, covered in blood….

Meanwhile, aboard a SHIELD helicarrier, Walt tells Agent Brown that he said he would let him know when he was ready to start a new Alpha Flight. Agent Brown replies that the threat of powered Americans rampaging in Canada has reached crisis levels, so the time is now, and nothing can be done about it, as they have already started. ‘What?’ Walt exclaims. Agent Brown informs Walter that they won’t be calling it Alpha Flight either, as this is a new era, with a new team, which he will leave up to Walt, as Omega Flight’s leader.

‘Omega Flight?’ exclaims a shocked Walt, ‘They were our enemies! They killed Mac!’ Agent Brown remarks that Omega Flight stole that name, so now they are stealing it back. ‘Flight is not only the first line of defense, it’s the last!’ A forlorn Walt looks to the floor and remarks that he supposes it is fitting, especially with all the ups and downs of Alpha Flight’s past, this may be their last chance as a team. He adds that certainly after Alaska, it feels like his last chance…his voice trails off.

Agent Brown remarks that it will also be the last chance for a few of Walt’s new teammates, that’s if he takes the job, adding that if he doesn’t, then it becomes a SHIELD lender program until they get on their feet. ‘SHIELDD what?’ Walt asks. Agent Brown explains to Sasquatch that Canada has never had a huge list of heroes, and those left are underqualified, have moved on, or are just not interested. He informs Walt that after the death of his teammates, he is not the only one who has had trouble recovering. ‘I saw Yukon Jack last week, and the man is a mess’. Walt replies that he knows, and that the time travel did it to him, it screwed up Yukon Jack’s neurological system, adding that he has tried to help him.

Agent Brown tells Sasquatch that he has to help them, and asks him if he has seen the news, as the Registration Act has caused chaos in the States, as super powered beings are warring among themselves and driving criminals out - and into Canada. Agent Brown remarks that they don’t have the Avengers anymore, ‘Hell, we don’t even have a Force Works!’ he exclaims, telling Walter that they are under a real threat here. Walter covers his face with one of his hands, and says nothing, before eventually declaring ‘Okay. Okay, I’ll step up. If I don’t, who will?’

‘USAgent’ Brown replies. ‘You’re kidding?’ Walter exclaims. An image of John “USAgent” Walker comes up on a screen and Agent Brown informs Walter that Tony Stark now heads up SHIELD, and once he realized that Canada’s resources were limited, he talked Tony. ‘Canada’s security is America’s security’. Agent Brown points out that if Canada’s natural, economic or energy resources become disrupted, then it threatens America’s stability. ‘Not to mention our new crime wave is entirely his fault. But I didn’t bring that up’ Agent Brown adds.

Walt asks if Stark is going to outfit Omega Flight with Americans, to which Brown explains that is why they want Sasquatch leading the team. ‘Who else?’ Walt asks. Another image flashes onto the monitor, this time of Julia Carpenter, also known as Arachne, and formerly the second Spider-Woman. Agent Brown explains that Julia needs a fresh start after some conflict over the Registration Act. ‘Wow. You said Force Works before…’ Walt remarks. ‘Freudian slip’ Brown replies. ‘This is no Force Works’ he declares, before informing Walt that they are still working on Talisman, to which Walt replies ‘Won’t happen’.

Agent Brown turns a small monitor towards Walt, ‘And this…’ he begins. ‘No!’ Walter replies instantly. ‘Yes’, Brown tells him, remarking that the American’s don’t know what to do with him, and he was just as innocent in this as anyone. ‘No way!’ exclaims Walt, getting angry. Brown frowns and reminds Walt, ‘Like I said…last chances’.

Later, at the Sarcee First Nations Festival, hundreds of people, if not more, have gathered for the celebrations. Several people have gathered around a very special young woman, who begins a tale: ‘This is the story of the sweat lodge and the first shaman’, she begins, explaining that it goes that three men stole horses from a camp, and were almost caught, but one of them was shot in the leg with an arrow. She reveals that the men got away, but not before the man was bleeding badly. She explains that the others needed to get the horses out of there, so they put the wounded man inside of a hollow tree. ‘Eww, with bugs and everything?’ a young girl asks. ‘Bugs and everything’ comes the reply, before she continues with her story:

(Shown with various story-telling images)

‘They told the man they would return fro him after the horses were safely hidden, but the man’s blood and life drained from him! He lay between life and death when the bear-father came to him…’. The bear-father said to the man I see you’re dying, and I pity you. And I will help you. I want you to bend the bows of the willow and cover it with skins and light a fire within. The bear-father then told the man that he will give him songs and healing - and with these, visions. When mankind calls upon you, you shall answer…you shall guide them, you shall protect them. You are the first shaman!

(Present / dream state)

That very special young woman is Elizabeth Twoyoungmen, a.k.a. the phenomenally powerful Talisman. A snow owl appears before her, asking her if she is paying attention. Do you see what you are being shown? the owl asks. ‘Someone is coming!’ exclaims Talisman. ‘Hey, lady…’ the snow owl - dozens of snow owls (her audience), ‘Hey, are you okay, lady?’

(Present / reality)

‘Huh?’ exclaims Elizabeth. ‘I said are you okay?’ one of her audience asks. Elizabeth replies that sometimes she gets carried away, when suddenly, ‘Excuse me, Liz’ a voice calls out. Talisman perks up as she sees Walter, in his Sasquatch form, and rushes over to him. ‘You big show-off, what are you doing here?’ she exclaims, hugging his big furry form. ‘Oh. My. God!’ someone in the audience exclaims, while another remarks ‘It’s really him!’ Elizabeth asks Walt if he has come to volunteer his services as Sasquatch and let the kids ride him for five bucks a pop? ‘Well, I didn’t get dressed up for nothing!’ Walt replies, before telling Talisman that they have to talk…about Alpha Flight!

The two old friends begin walking around the tribal land, and Sasquatch looks up at statue of his friend Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen, Elizabeth’s father and founding Alphan Shaman. Talisman tells Walt that she knows there are new dangers and criminals streaming into Canada, as she stopped one last week, but she feels that Alpha Flight had it’s time. ‘We had a good run…but those days are over. It was over by the time I joined!’ Sasquatch asks her what she means by that, to which Elizabeth replies that her father should never have allowed her to join Alpha Flight, as she was too young, and now that he is gone, she has taken over his responsibilities here, where she is the Sarcee’s new shaman, so this is where she belongs, where she is needed.

Walter begins to protest, to which Elizabeth touches him on the face, ‘I love you Walter, but let it go. Let it go’. He begins to say something, but Elizabeth walks away, reminding him that this is America’s fallout, so they should be handling it. ‘But they are…’ Walter whispers. ‘And they’re making it worse…’.

Meanwhile, night has fallen across Canada, and three of the four men from the yellow car earlier are standing in a pub, littered with broken furniture, bloodied and unconscious civilians, and plenty of beer. ‘What’s with the ruckus? I’m gone like two minutes and you start without me?’ exclaims the fourth as he enters the bar. Two frightened “broads” stand with the men, and one of the man exclaims that the first thing he has learned about Canada is that they don’t listen well, as he said no cell phones. ‘One goes off playing I’m Bringing Sexy Back, I mean come on!’ another of the men declares. ‘So you killed them’ another exclaims as he picks up his ball-and-chain. ‘That song kills me, so why not?’ the other man replies. ‘Yeah, what not?’ another of the men laughs as he puts on his purple balaclava after dumping a bag of their possessions on a table littered with stolen money and jewelry.

Meanwhile, at the CSIS headquarters, Walter Langkowski sits at a desk. A bottle of alcohol sits next to three files - one on Arachne, another on USAgent, and the third labelled “top secret”. Walter’s phone rings, he doesn’t answer it, instead he mumbles that he can’t do this, before picking up the phone, ‘What?’ he exclaims. After being told some disturbing news, ‘Where?’ comes Walt’s reply.

Where? Well, wherever it is, the rain beats down. Hard. And four hard-bodied men stand in amongst overturned cars, small fires and plenty of destruction. One of them swings a chain-and-ball above his head, another welds a crowbar. They are the Wrecking Crew. And they’re a pain in many-a-super-heroes side. ‘Ah…smell that, Piledriver!’ The Wrecker exclaims. ‘What’s that, brother?’ the handsome Piledriver asks as he breaks large rocks between his hands. ‘The smell of not Spider-Man, not Avengers or Fantastic Four or any other pain in my rear! I LOVE CANADA!’ he shouts.

A civilian welding a shotgun approaches the Wrecking Crew and orders them not to move, or else he will shoot them, unless they let these trapped people out of here. Bulldozer grabs the man’s shotgun and fires it into his own stomach, causing the man to run off in fear. Bulldozer just laughs, and asks his teammates if they saw that, before hearing a sound - which just turns out to be the sound of a 2000 pound Sasquatch dropping from the sky and landing on him. ‘Sasquatch! I thought you were dead!’ Piledriver exclaims. ‘Me too. I was wrong’ Sasquatch replies, as the rain beats down on him, soaking his fur.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll fix that!’ the Wrecker offers, holding his crow bar up, unprepared for Sasquatch’s full force as he Sasquatch leaps on him, smashing him in the face. ‘I bet he’s a clone. I read they were cloned!’ Bulldozer remarks as he gets to his feet. ‘I. Am. Not. A. Clone!’ Sasquatch shouts, ‘And I’m not afraid of you!’ he adds. ‘You should be!’ Piledriver exclaims as he and Bulldozer both rush towards Sasquatch, knocking him over, however, he manages to kick them both off of him and leap back up as the Wrecker mumbles ‘When we get done with you -’, Walt interrupts, ‘What? You’ll do what?’ he asks. ‘You thought you could come up here and raid my country? You thought we can’t defend ourselves? That’ we are weak? YOU THOUGHT WRONG!’ he shouts, when suddenly, Thunderball’s ball-and-chain is swung around Sasquatch’s neck, and he is pulled back to the ground. ‘No, you thought wrong, Chewie!’ the Wrecker exclaims as his crow bar comes down hard on Sasquatch. Thunderball pulls back his ball-and-chain, boasting that when they are done with Sasquatch, he’s going to use him for toilet paper, only for Sasquatch to shove his claws into Thunderball’s eyes and scratch his face.

This causes Thunderball to release his ball and chain and enables Sasquatch to smash his foes away, while thinking to himself that he won’t let it happen again - tears fill his eyes as he remembers that fateful “battle” in Alaska, where he and his teammates - Mac & Heather, Shaman, Judd, Major Mapleleaf and the new Puck - met the devastating Collective. Sasquatch roars, when suddenly one of the Wrecking Crew tosses a large truck on top of him. There is an explosion, and Walt groans. ‘Nobody messes with us!’ one of the Wrecking Crew exclaims as all four men gather around Sasquatch. ‘Nobody messes with the Wrecking Crew!’ Thunderball shouts as blood pours from his face. ‘Damn I love Canada!’ one of them declares before all four begin beating on the wounded Sasquatch….

Characters Involved: 

Sasquatch, Talisman II (both former members of Alpha Flight)

Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball, Wrecker (all Wrecking Crew)

Agent Brown

Canadian Prime Minister

Other government officials


School children

People attending the Sarcee First Nations Festival

Civilians in bar

Border Patrol

On Recordings:

Statue of: Aurora, Guardian, Marrina, Northstar, Puck, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird (all Original Alpha Flight)

Daisy, Slag and other unidentified American villains

Canadian civilians

On Screen Shots:

Arachne III, USAgent (both former members of Avengers and Force Works)

In Talisman’s story:

The first shaman and others

Polar Bear

Snow Owl

In Sasquatch’s flashback:

Guardian, Major Mapleleaf II, Puck, Puck II, Sasquatch, Shaman, Vindicator II (all Alpha Flight)

The Collective

Story Notes: 

For more details on “Civil War” and the Super Human Registration Act see Civil War #1-7, Civil War: Frontline #1-11, Civil War: The Initiative, and various other “Civil War” tie-ins. Of particular interest to the “Omega Flight” title are Civil War: The Initiative, Civil War: Choosing Sides and Ms Marvel (2nd series) #6-8, #14.

Slag is an old Iron Man villain.

Indeed, Canada has had a super hero registration act for many years, since Alpha Flight (1st series) #120. It’s actual name is the Super Powers Bill.

The planet Pluto, until 2006 was considered the 9th planet of our solar system, it is now however classified as a dwarf planet alongside Eris and Ceres.

In regard to the children’s questions:

‘Is the real Guardian dead, or was that one of the knockoffs?’ - The original Guardian (James MacDonald Hudson) was killed in Alpha Flight (1st series) #12. Delphine Courtney a.k.a. Dark Guardian / Guardian II pretended to be Mac during Alpha Flight (1st series) #22-28. Mac returned for Alpha Flight (1st series) #87-100, only to die again, then return in Alpha Flight (1st series) #128. Soon after, a de-aged clone appeared in Alpha Flight (1st series) #1, and for a while both men operated at the same time [Alpha Flight (2nd series), until the clone’s death in Wolverine (2nd series) #143.
‘What’s it like to die?’ - Sasquatch was essentially dead from Alpha Flight (1st series) #29-45, when his mind was wandering the Crossroads until he took over Snowbird’s soulless Sasquatch form in Alpha Flight (1st series) #45. He was returned to male in Alpha Flight (1st series) #68.
‘How can Snowbird die if she is a Goddess?’ - Actually, the world at large was not supposed to be aware of Snowbird’s death, nor the fact that she is even a Goddess, as mentioned by Heather in Alpha Flight (1st series) #45. Possibly, when she was resurrected, a public announcement was made, though this has never been shown. Anyway, at the time of Narya’s death, she was actually mortal, and so that the horror known as Pestilence would not possess her, Vindicator (Heather) had to kill her. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #44. Snowbird was discovered to be alive many years later in Wolverine (2nd series) #143.
‘What about Shaman? Maybe he jumped in his pouch?’ - Unlikely, as Shaman has never demonstrated this ability before.
‘Did you know bigfoot?’ - a joke obviously, as Sasquatch has been likened to the Canadian bigfoot. Similar characters in terms of physical form include of course Wendigo and Weapon PRIME’s Yeti.
‘Was it Guardian or Vindicator? I’m confused!’ Guardian and Vindicator are of course James MacDonald Hudson and Heather McNeil Hudson respectively. Naturally, considering how many times they have used the names, confusion arrises. Mac was Weapon Alpha in X-Men (1st series) #109, and became Vindicator in X-Men (1st series) #120, though he would soon change that to Guardian in Alpha Flight (1st series) #2, only to die shortly after. Heather assumed the mantle of leadership in Alpha Flight (1st series) #18, and donned the electromagnetic battle suit in Alpha Flight (1st series) #32 where she took the name Vindicator II. After Mac’s resurrection, they would swap, in Alpha Flight (1st series) #90, Mac became Vindicator, and Heather became Guardian III (a name well suited to her). Mac became Antiguard in Alpha Flight (1st series) #129, and Vindicator again in #130. Heather then took the name Vindicator II back in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1, and continued with it, while Mac became Guardian again, and his clone (Guardian V) operated at the same time (not together though). In Wolverine (2nd series) #142, Guardian V became Vindicator III (as Heather stepped down temporarily), only to die in #143. Heather became Vindicator II again soon after. As mentioned earlier in the notes, Delphine Courtney is Guardian II, and additionally, Guardian IV is a Spider-Man clone. Mac is most commonly referred to as Guardian, and Heather as Vindicator.
‘Did the real Alpha Flight die or were they clones?’ This is something that has yet to be revealed. (See the note on New Avengers #16 further down)
‘Are you a clone?’ - Sasquatch has not been cloned, however an actual real Sasquatch took his place during Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1-12.
‘Did you see the Clone Wars?’ - Assuming the child was referring to the Spider-Man epic saga known as the “Clone Saga” (and not the Star Wars film), which carried on for over two years and involved countless Spider-Man titles at the time [1994-1996]. To this summarizers knowledge, Sasquatch did not see any of the Clone Saga.
‘Were you in the Clone Wars?’ - No, Sasquatch was not.
‘Is bigfoot real?’ - Well, as of Alpha Flight (2nd series) #6, it was revealed that indeed a group of real Sasquatches / bigfoots exist. Although one of them escaped to the Massachusetts Academy in Generation X #58, the general populace are not aware that they exist.

One of the Wrecking Crew makes a comment about not knowing anything about Canada, however they have been to Canada before, in Alpha Flight (1st series) #118-120, where they also battled Alpha Flight.

Omega Flight was the name that a disgruntled group of Alpha Flight-in training members (Diamond Lil, Wild Child, Flashback, Smart Alec & Box I - who intended to betray Omega Flight‘s leaders Jerry Jaxon and Delphine Courtney) took when their teams were disbanded and they united together to seek revenge on their former associates. Some of those members of the original Omega Flight would go on to become respected heroes, while others had their lives end tragically. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #11-12, #25-28, #76] A second team, this time of d-grade villains (Tech-Noir, Brain Drain, Miss Mass, Strongarm, Sinew, Bile) were grouped together by Alpha Flight’s deadly enemy the Master of the World, but they never amounted to anything and haven’t appeared since. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #110-112, #130]

In New Avengers #16, Alpha Flight consisting of Guardian, Vindicator, Sasquatch, Shaman, Major Mapleleaf, and both Pucks were confronted, and wiped out by Michael Pointer a.k.a. The Collective. So far, Sasquatch is the only confirmed survivor. However, it remains unclear which “versions” of Guardian, Vindicator, Shaman and Puck (Judd) were present, for at the end of Alpha Flight (3rd series): The All New, All Different Alpha Flight, past versions of Guardian, Snowbird, Shaman, Puck, Heather Hudson, Northstar and Aurora were brought to the present. At that time, the present versions of Guardian, Vindicator, Snowbird, Shaman, Puck (Judd) and Earthmover were all in space [Alpha Flight (3rd series): The All New, All Different Alpha Flight #6]. No mention of them returning from space has been made, nor has it been shown on panel. If it is the past versions that were killed (along with the present versions of Major Mapleleaf and Puck II), it still begs the question of what happened to the past Snowbird (see note below), Northstar and Aurora.

Following the “Days of Future Present, Past Participle” debacle [Alpha Flight (3rd series): The All New, All Different Alpha Flight] Yukon Jack retired from Alpha Flight and returned to his kingdom, apparently marrying the past version of Snowbird that was brought to the present, her status now is not known.

Force Works was a West Coast based super team made up of mostly former members of the Avengers West Coast, who were disgruntled when the East Coast team disbanded them. The Scarlet Witch led the team, which consisted of Iron Man, USAgent, Spider-Woman II, Wonder Man (briefly), Moonraker, Century and Cybermancer / the alternate 2010 Cybermancer. The Recorder hang out with the team and War Machine assisted on a regular basis. The teams adventures were chronicled in Avengers West Coast #102, Force Works #1-22 (and various Iron Man and War Machine issues which depicted the “Hands of the Mandarin” crossover. A line in Civil War #6 revealed that a new Force Works team would be operating out of Iowa.

Tony Stark became the head of SHIELD in Civil War #7.

USAgent has a long and complicated history with the United States government, the Avengers and Captain America, whom he replaced for a period of time. Formerly known as “Super Patriot” for some time, USAgent served with the Avengers West Coast for much of it’s history, beginning with West Coast Avengers (1st series) #44, and continuing through with the team until Force Works #22. Not many of the Avengers are fond of him thanks to his attitude, but he did build up a friendship with Spider-Woman II / Julia Carpenter. Recently, he was working for STARS, and was a member of the New Invaders. In Civil War: Choosing Sides, he was defeated and humiliated by the Purple Man, which added to his incentive to leave the States and join Omega Flight.

Julia is a friend of Dr. Valerie Cooper, who was responsible for introducing Julia into the governmentally funded experimental program where she gained her powers. [ flashback scenes in Avengers West Coast #84]Originally, Julia wanted to use „Ariadne“ or „Arachne“ for a codename, but as both were already taken, she had to settle for „Spider-Woman“. When the original Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, returned to active superheroing and made use of her old codename again, Julia switched to the now available Arachne moniker. She’s the third woman to hold that name. Originally forced to work with Freedom Force, Julia often disagreed with what they had to do, and disobeyed commands by freeing the Avengers from the Vault [Avengers (1st series) Annual #15]. She would later go on to be a respected member of the Avengers West Coast branch, and remained with the team when it was re-organized as Force Works [Avengers West Coast #70 -102, Force Works #1 - 22]. Julia was temporarily crippled during a battle with a villainous Spider-Woman IV (Charlotte Witter) who stole her powers. With the Shroud’s help, Julia regained her health and her powers. Arachne betrayed the Pro-Registration heroes during CIVIL WAR and tried to escape to Canada with the help of the Shroud, but while collecting her daughter, she was captured by Ms. Marvel. [Ms. Marvel (2nd series) #6-8]

The unseen screen that Agent Brown shows Walter depicts Michael Pointer a.k.a. the Collective (hence why Walt reacts so badly). Walt’s “recruitment” of Pointer into Omega Flight is detailed in Civil War: The Initiative.

At the time when Talisman joined Alpha Flight [Alpha Flight (1st series) #19], the team was no longer sanctioned by the Canadian government, and was in a state of semi-disarray. Ironically, the team received funding from the Canadian government several issues later [Alpha Flight (1st series) #29], but by that time, Talisman had quit the team.

Shaman never “let” Talisman join the team, he actually forced her onto the team when she plucked the Circlet of Enchantment from his medicine pouch. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #18-19] Talisman would serve with Alpha Flight for much of its history, joining in Alpha Flight (1st series) #19, serving for a short while, quitting in #28,she would later return at a time of great need, becoming instrumental to the team during the Sorcerer Affair [Alpha Flight (1st series) #67-86], though was wounded soon after and placed in Beta Flight for the remainder of her time with Department H. Following the clampdown of Canadian heroes, Talisman presumably returned to her archeaology work".

Final note: "Omega Flight" was originally scheudled to be an ongoing series, but with so many new titles coming out of the wake of "Civil War" is was reduced to a mini series. Ironically the first issue, it out-sold "Avengers: The Initiative" which was originally a mini bumped up to an ongoing. A second-printing of Omega Flight #1 is planned.

Issue Information: 
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