Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #600

Issue Date: 
January 2016
Story Title: 

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Sara Pichelli, Mahmud Asrar, Stuart Immonen, Kris Anka, Chris Bachalo, David Marquez, Frazer Irving (artists), Wade von Grawbadger, Tim Townsend, Mark Irwin (inkers), Marte Gracia, Jason Keith, Chris Bachalo, Frazer Irving (colorists), Chris Bachalo (cover artist), Art Adams & Jason Keith; Kris Anka; John Tyler Christopher; Oliver Coipel & Marte Gracia; Adam Hughes; Rick Leonardi, Dan Green & Jason Keith; Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines & Val Staples; Paul Smith & Paul Mounts; Lenil Yu & Jason Keith (variant cover artists), Virtual Caligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer & production), Christina Harrington & Xander Jarowey (assistant editors), Mike Marts & Mark Paniccia (editors), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

The original X-Men from the past and X-23 are relaxing at the New Xavier School when Jean Grey tells them that she needs a break and is going to set out on her own. Angel suggests that they all take a break for now, and the Beast walks away, annoyed. Jean goes after him, and he she listens as the Beast tells her that ever since they came to this time he has been hit with one humiliating pie after the other, and now he believes that this group will never get back together. Jean interrupts him and tells him that just because she doesn't want to be an X-Man doesn't mean she doesn't want to be with him. They kiss, which Cyclops observes from below. At the Jean Grey School, Iceman has a brief training session with Triage, the Stepford Cuckoos, Goldballs, Benjamin Deeds and Hijack. He leaves them, suggesting they need serious re-training, and heads into the mansion, where he finds his past self, and the past Jean Grey, waiting for him. Young Iceman informs his present day self that he is gay, and tells him it must mean he is, too. He also tells his present day self that he is not going to live a lie, but understands why his present day self did – but not sure why he continues to do so. There is an awkward silence, before present Iceman explains how he put all of his energy into being a mutant and an X-Man and never took time out for himself, always being persecuted for one aspect of his life. Kitty finds Colossus at the Jean Grey School. He is unsure if it is really Kitty, but she convinces him that it is. Their reunion is pleasant, and Colossus confesses that he understands Kitty is to be married. Kitty tells Colossus that she has come to talk on behalf of someone else. Colossus realizes Kitty is talking about his sister, who teleports to him. Their reunion does not go smoothly to begin with, but Magik explains to Colossus all of the changes she has made in her life – teaching and training. Colossus embraces his sister, who tells him to make his move on Kitty, but he declines, as he wants her to be happy. The Beast is in his laboratory when he is summoned to the cafeteria by Storm. When he arrives he finds himself confronted by numerous X-Men and students from the Jean Grey School, as well as Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde, Dazzler, Magik and the original X-Men from the past. The Beast asks if this is an intervention of sorts, and Storm explains that it is, pointing out that he has taken enormous liberties in the name of the X-Men. The Beast realizes this is a trial, and gets angry. Storm suggests to the Beast that they could turn him over to SHIELD because of what he has done to the X-Men, but the Beast ignores her, and gets angry that Cyclops's students are present. Emma tries to explain to the Beast that his actions impact on them all, and Storm tells him that she wondered if no one talked to him about power and responsibility, but after discussions with his past self, she learned that he knew about them, about the differences between right and wrong. The Beast tries to ignore Storm and tells her that most of the things he is working on, it would take him weeks or months to explain them. The Beast tries to change the subject, but Storm won't have it, and Kitty points out how he never discusses his decisions with the rest of them. The Beast scolds his past self for letting this happen to him, and reminds everyone that he brought the original X-Men here and Cyclops's mutant genocide never happened. He points out that Cyclops caused a schism, caused the X-Men to fall apart, but the X-Men let him walk free. He tells the X-Men that they can go to hell, and angrily walks away. The X-Men soon learn that something is going on in Washington, DC, so Magik teleports everyone in the Cafeteria there, where they find Cyclops, Havok and the Utopians standing on the steps of the Capitol Building, with hundreds of other mutants gathered. Cyclops announces that this is the mutant revolution – bringing all of mutantkind together, united. Magneto arrives and joins Cyclops on the steps, telling him that Charles Xavier would have loved this. Back in his lab, the Beast is visited by Eva Bell, who informs him that she has travelled to many times, and that in three of them, she was told there will be a trial of Henry McCoy and that it would be very important. The Beast doesn't want to listen to her. She tells him that if this was it, then what is he to do with what happened today. And if it wasn't? She doesn't continue, and when he turns to her, she has vanished. The Beast looks to the moon, and then drives away from the Jean Grey School.

Full Summary: 

The sun rises over the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, where in one of his laboratories, the Beast sits at several consoles, a blue cube projected in front of him. 'Come on...' he mutters, when suddenly, Storm's image appears on a monitor. She requests that the Beast come to the cafeteria. 'In a bit, Ororo' Hank replies, but Storm tells him that she needs him now. He frowns, the cube displays an error message, so he leaves his lab, and shortly arrives in the cafeteria.

'Um... what is this?' the Beast asks, wide-eyed, as he finds himself confronted by X-Men from the Jean Grey School, the “renegade” team, the past original X-Men that he brought to the present, and dozens of students. 'It's not my birthday...'.

Kitty Pryde tells him that they are here because they care about him. 'Have a seat' Storm orders as she stands next to Colossus and Kitty. Emma Frost, Nightcrawler, Dazzler, Magik, X-23, Bling and the past Iceman, Angel and Beast stand nearby, while Doop hovers over them, and Shark Girl, Rockslide, Pixie, Anole, Genesis, Dust, Northstar, Glob Herman, Oya and Kid Gladiator can be seen standing on the balcony overlooking the cafeteria.

'Just FYI, this wasn't my idea, Henry!' the present Iceman calls out to the Beast. Kitty folds her arms and reminds Bobby that they told him he could leave. 'Please don't undermine this' she adds. 'Kitty Pryde, ladies and gentlemen! She came all the way across the galaxy to let me have it one more time!' Iceman mocks. 'I came all the way across the galaxy to help my friend' Kitty points out, wearing her space outfit.

'Is this – is this an intervention?' the Beast enquires. 'Yes' Storm frowns at him. The Beast grins, 'Well, I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I haven't been on a proper date since... I'd rather not say...' his voice trails off. Colossus tells the Beast that everyone here loves, or at least respects, him, but explains a lot of them have been very frustrated. 'We have tried talking to you. We have tried to understand you...' Nightcrawler begins, to which Dazzler tells him that he must know he has been doing things he shouldn't be.

'And because of our rather hectic lives and lifestyles, and because the older Scott Summers always sucks all the air out of any room we all find ourselves in together... we haven't been able to focus on the fact that you have been taking great liberties... and in our name' Storm announces. 'With what?' the Beast scowls in response. 'The laws of physics' Emma Frost points out, standing in front of the past Cyclops and Beast. 'The laws of the Space-Time Continuum' the past Cyclops remarks. 'The laws of genetics' the Beast's own past self calls out. 'Really? You too, my younger self?' the Beast remarks. The younger Henry turns away from his future self. The Beast then closes his eyes and declares that this is not an intervention at all. 'You don't have to label it, we just want to -' Kitty begins. 'This is a trial!' the Beast roars. Nightcrawler, Colossus, Magik, Kitty, Iceman and X-23 just stare back at him.

Twenty Minutes Ago:

Colossus's fist slams into a tree, shattering it into splinters. 'Well, you showed that tree a thing or two' Kitty remarks as she, wearing her standard black and gold x-uniform, walks over to her ex-boyfriend. 'Katya' Colossus remarks. 'Hey, Peter' Kitty tells him. 'I thought you no longer lived on this planet' Colossus remarks. 'It's really me' Kitty assures him. 'We live in a world of shape-shifters and psychics' Colossus points out. 'Do you want me to tell you what you call that thing on your butt?' Kitty asks him. Colossus holds up his hands and smiles, 'No' he tells Kitty, adding that it is good to see her. 'You look good' Kitty replies, but Colossus points out that when he is covered in metal he always looks exactly the same. 'Well, it was always a good look' Kitty smiles. Colossus tells Kitty that he heard she is to be married. 'You did? Well, maybe. Undecided' Kitty responds. Colossus asks her if she came here to talk about it. Kitty smiles – 'Absolutely not. For both our sanities' she replies, informing Peter that she came here because someone else wants to talk. 'And she sent you?' Colossus asks. 'No one sends me anywhere' Kitty is quick to reply, announcing that she offered. 'She can call me herself' Colossus informs Kitty.

'You don't have a phone' Kitty reminds Peter, who asks her if she is here to warm him up. 'To buffer' Kitty suggests. 'So she's here...' Colossus's voice trails off, before he looks around, 'Illyana, come out' he calls out to his younger sister. A teleport signal appears, and Magik materializes before her brother and Kitty. Kitty looks at Colossus, who looks at his sister. 'You look exactly the same, brother' Magik remarks. Colossus frowns and tells his sister that she looks quite different. Hanging her head, Illyana tells him that she is different. 'I have been teaching, and I have been training with Doctor Strange' she informs him. 'Really?' Colossus asks, surprised. Illyana confesses that she should have trained as a sorcerer when she was a child, and admits that she had so much to learn. 'I have begun to learn how to control the energies that flow through me and around me' Illyana remarks, explaining that it is a lot of meditation, a lot of self-evaluation, a lot of visual projection, which means that she tries to imagine the world she wants to live in and then tries to make it happen.

Magik continues, announcing that the biggest regret she carries with her, is Colossus. 'Much was said between us and I can't help but feel that if, years ago, I had taken myself and my studies more seriously I would not have been so -', but Colossus tells her to stop, and she looks up at him, then leaps into her brother's arms. 'I love you. Even during all of this. Even when I'm angry, I still love you. We are the only family we have' Colossus tells Magik, and Kitty smiles. The Rasputin siblings smile at each other, before Magik envelops them in a teleportation spell, as Kitty announces that Storm is calling everyone in. 'Wonder what that's about...' Kitty remarks.

Magik tells her brother that Kitty is getting married. 'I know' Colossus replies. 'Make your move and stop it' Magik tells him. Colossus shushes her, and declares that he wants Kitty to be happy.


'I like to know what things are... and by any definition. This is a trial' the Beast tells everyone who is gathered before him. 'I have talked to you about these things and you have ignored me' Storm retorts, and informs him that slowly but surely she came to realize that many people in this room have tried to talk to him about the exact same things, and they all felt that he ignored them.

Cipher and the Stepford Cuckoos can be seen standing nearby, as the Beast tells Storm that is not a reason to do what she is doing right now. 'What else could we do?' Storm asks, before informing the Beast that the other thing to do is call SHIELD and have them put him in a box for crimes against nature and science. 'That's the other thing' she warns him, adding that because he has completely turned this school and himself inside out and upside down without talking to any of them about it. 'That's not how we do things here' she points out. Angrily, the Beast roars 'Why are the students here? Why are Scott Summers' students here?'

Emma Frost points out that his actions affects all of them, and no matter how this turns out, this is something very important that needs to be taught. 'And for the life of me, I don't think there's ever been a better way to teach it' she adds, telling the Beast that if this is embarrassing, then that is good – it should. 'That means that part of you is still spinning the right way'.

Storm tells the Beast that, at first, she thought someone should have talked to him about power and responsibility back when he was a student here. 'But when I recently talked to you back when you were a student here – because you were kind enough to break the Time-Space Continuum to bring yourself here – and guess what? You did know the difference between right and wrong. He knows! Why don't you?'

Transonic can be seen standing near Magik as the Beast responds by telling Storm that most of the things he is working on would take him weeks, if not months, to properly explain them. 'You wouldn't even understand the parameters of the subject matter that I'm attempting to -' he starts to say, to which the present Iceman declares 'When you say things like that -', the past Iceman concludes by adding '- you're not doing yourself any favors'. Both Bobbys turn to look at each other, 'Oh, good Lord. This is a nightmare. Stop it. You stop it. We talked about this!'

Thirty Minutes Ago:

'All you have to do is stop me. At this point I will settle for a “tag, you're it”!' Iceman exclaims as he slides upwards on an ice-slide, knocking aside the group of young mutants who have come to be called the Hero Squad – Hijack, Triage, Benjamin Deeds, Goldballs and the Stepford Cuckoos. 'Ow, my balls' Goldball mutters as he lands. 'Good golly, Miss Molly. Did Scott Summers teach you new mutants anything at that underground school of his before he shut it down?' Iceman mocks. 'Clearly not enough, ow' Hijack points out. 'Clearly' Bobby agrees, before telling the young mutants  to go lick their wounds, and they can figure out how to completely retrain them – if any of them plan on sticking around here.

Bobby goes inside the mansion and passes Nature Girl in a corridor. 'Goldballs' he mutters to himself, but when he turns a corner, he is confronted by his past self, and the past Jean Grey. 'Hi, much older ice-me' young Bobby greets his present-day counterpart. 'What are you doing here?' Bobby asks his younger self. 'I need to talk to you' the younger responds. 'Oh. I don't like this' Bobby frowns. 'And what is the young miss Jean Grey doing here?' Bobby asks. 'Support' his younger self explains. 'Don't mind me' Jean calls out, waving. 'Support to talk to me? We're the same person from different time periods. I'm not going to murder you or anything... that would be bad for me' Bobby declares, admitting that the desire to do so is sometimes overwhelming.

'I'm gay. It turns out' the younger Bobby announces. The older Bobby frowns, while the younger tells him that means he is too. 'Right?' he asks. 'Oh my God, I am going to kill Henry McCoy for bringing you here' Bobby mutters. 'So, um, I don't think I want to live my whole life hiding this part of myself' the younger Bobby announces. 'I understand why maybe you did... though I'm not sure I understand why you still do' the younger adds 'This is why nobody likes you, Jean Grey' the older Bobby declares.

'No... everybody likes her too much' young Bobby remarks. 'True' Jean agrees, as young Bobby tells his present self that they don't like her because they were hiding something from themselves. 'True' Jean agrees again. 'But, hey, you don't have to do anything... I just wanted to talk to you about it' the younger Bobby explains, telling the older that he can keep doing whatever he wants. 'But I'm stuck here and I think I'm going to try to live this my way' he reveals. The older Bobby leans against a desk, and an icy tear drops to the floor. Young Bobby folds his arms and Jean runs a hand through her hair. 'You're going to be a mutant any day. Wow. How are you more put together than me?' present Bobby asks, rubbing his eyes.

'So you are gay' the younger Bobby replies, wide-eyed. Bobby creates a snowball and tosses it in his hand, remarking that he put all his energy into being a mutant and an X-Man and putting his life in danger every ten minutes for everyone else. 'And that's not a brag. I made that choice' he adds. 'And you ask yourself: can I just have one part of my life that I'm not being persecuted for?'

Bobby holds his hand out, and the snowball melts in it, 'Just today... and maybe tomorrow...and then the next week... and then the next week and then the next week... and the years go by and it gets easier to put that part of yourself away. And then so much time goes by that you say to yourself late at night: one day, maybe. And then you do things to see if maybe you're straight or... ugh!' Bobby interrupts himself.

Jean tells him that it is not too late, and points out that some people don't come out until they're eighty. 'Um... what are you thinking?' the younger Bobby asks. 'He's wondering if it's selfish to put, like, just ten percent of the person that he is to the X-Men into making himself happy – happy and whole for once in his life' Jean explains. Bobby doesn't respond to that, so Jean tells him that there is a big argument that says he might be a better X-Man and a better teacher if he is ready to be the whole him. Bobby announces that he is shaking. 'I don't shake. I'm made of ice'. The younger Bobby goes over to him and enquires as to whether he can ask a question. 'And I want you to be really honest with me' young Bobby adds. Older Bobby scowls, before young Bobby smiles and asks him if he thinks Angel is hot. 'Oh God, yes' older Bobby smiles, wiping his eyes.

'See? How could you keep that in all these years?' the younger Bobby asks. 'Because he's so hot it's just annoying' older Bobby mutters, before asking Jean to come over to him. 'You're going to hug me' Jean remarks. 'I am' Bobby smiles. 'No' Jean tells him. 'No?' Bobby replies. 'No more hugs from any more ice-men. You're freezing and it's tough on the front parts' Jean declares, suggesting instead a mental hug. 'What's a mental -' Bobby begins, 'Oh! Oh, that's nice!' he grins. The younger Bobby declares that he wants a mental hug. 'It's Storm. She wants everyone in the cafeteria' the older Bobby announces as he checks his smart phone. 'Everyone? Does that include us?' the younger asks. 'Yes, it does' Jean remarks.


'Because, Henry, somewhere along the way you convinced yourself that your brilliance allows you the right to do whatever you want whenever you want to do it' Storm declares, arms folded as she continues to talk to the Beast, who points at her. 'I remember you once marrying a -' he begins, to which Storm reminds him that are not talking about her. She suggests to Henry that he take a step back and look at what he has done just this year, and to look at what they know the future he is capable of. 'Now I'm being blamed for my future actions?' the Beast asks.

'Dark Beast, as we so affectionately referred to him, did just try to kill us, like, three weeks ago' Dazzler points out. 'He did?' Colossus asks. 'It was not cool' Dazzler tells him. The Beast throws his arms into the air, 'Each of us here is doing what we think is best for our people. Each one of us' he exclaims. 'But you just do it, Henry' Kitty remarks. 'You don't consult any of us. You bring the original X-Men here and now they're stuck here. That alone...' Kitty's voice trails off.

Forty Minutes Ago:

The secret location of the New Xavier School.

The snow has cleared, on this sunny day, the original X-Men and X-23 are relaxing. They all lie on a grassy hillside, save for Angel, who hovers in the air above, his wings glowing. 'Let's try this one more time' Bobby suggests. 'One more' Hank tells him. 'Relaxing' Bobby declares. 'Relaxing commenced' Hank remarks. 'Enjoying the earth' Bobby continues, before Hank calls out his name. 'Totally relaxing' Bobby replies. Suddenly, Jean sits up and announces that she thinks she needs to take a break. 'A break from what? We just lay down' Hank tells her. 'Us. The group' Jean explains. “Us?” Cyclops asks. 'You want to leave the X-Men' he understands. Jean hangs her head and remarks that she wants everyone to relax, and tells them that she just wants to see what it's like to just be her. 'Is this because I'm here?' Cyclops enquires. Jean gets to her feet and promises him that it is not. She declares that this is hard to say, and tells the others that a lot of things are happening to them, to her. 'We're here. We can't get back...' her voice trails off.

'Where is this coming from?' Scott frowns. 'The Utopians really got to you' X-23 remarks. Jean admits that they did, and reminds the others that she has been training with Emma Frost, so she thinks she needs to do more of that and less of them jumping into things – just for now. 'Scott, you got to go off with your Dad. You know...' Jean begins. 'So you're leaving. You've decided' the Beast declares. Angel lands and asks why they don't all take a break. 'Just go our separate ways? Where is this coming from?' Bobby enquires. Angel explains that he has been thinking about it, and tells them that it would be just for now, that they can see what life is like not living in an underground bunker. 'Well, easy for you. You're rich' Bobby points out. Angel asks him what that has to do with anything, and Bobby asks if he can have some money. 'Sure' Angel tells him. 'I was joking, but okay' Bobby replies.

Suddenly, the Beast walks away, 'I broke up the X-Men' he mutters. 'How did he break us up?' Angel asks. 'He means the older him' Scott explains. 'The older him brought us here and now we're falling apart' Scott points out, while Jean offers to go talk to him.

The Beast approaches a river, when suddenly, he finds himself flung into the air. 'Um...' he utters as he is pulled higher and higher, until eventually, above the treetops, he sees Jean, hovering there, waiting for him. 'It's rude to walk away from a lady when she's talking' Jean tells him. 'Put. Me. Down' Hank retorts. 'No' Jean tells him. Hank tells her that she doesn't understand what this is like. 'What's it like?' Jean asks. Hank replies that ever since they came here to this place, it has been one humiliating pie in the face after the other, that everyone blames him for what his older self did to them, and they all keep diverging from their path. 'Now you want to leave. We'll never get back together. The probabilities of this as the end of -' Hank exclaims, until Jean calls out his name. But he doesn't stop talking, he tells Jean that they have irrevocably changed the course of their own destiny, and none of it – 'Henry...' Jean tries interrupting again. 'Of course you would leave the X-Men! Of course you -' he begins, before Jean tells him that she is quite fond of him.

'What?' Hank asks. 'I know you've been waiting for me. I know. And just because I don't want to be an X-Man right now doesn't mean I don't want to be with you right now' Jean tells him. Hank asks her to define what “with me” means. Jean tells him that she is sorry it took so long to respond to him, as her head space is, well, not like everyone else's. She remarks that she hears thoughts she shouldn't, and feels feelings she shouldn't, which makes things more complicated. 'I just assumed you had no interest in -' Hank begins, turning his face away. 'I know' Jean tells him, putting her hands on his face. 'But that's your thing. This is how I actually feel' she replies, before they kiss. When they break away, Hank smiles at Jean, both apparently unaware that Cyclops is down below, looking up at them.


The Beast tells the others that just because he has the capacity to understand things on a level that most others don't, doesn't mean he is the bad guy. He remarks that he has seen everyone in this room do what they have to do when they had to do it. 'I love you, Henry, but -' Storm begins, however the Beast stands close to her, 'I don't think you do, Ororo' he replies, adding that he used to think she did, but that this is not an act of love. 'Yes, it is' Kitty tells him, and Magik agrees. The Beast hangs his head, before looking at his past self and asking how he can stand there and allow this to happen. 'You – you brought us here on a lie and now we can't go home. Admit that and I – I think you and everyone will find a -' the younger Hank begins, to which the older throws his hands out and declares 'I brought you here to stop Scott Summers from creating mutant genocide. It worked. The mutant genocide did not happen!' The Beast turns away from the others: 'Scott Summers. The man who killed our mentor. The man who has caused a schism between us that we cannot heal. Him you let walk free while I have to endure this – this –' Hank declares, to which Dazzler tells him that he is doing it again.

'You are' Nightcrawler points out as he, Colossus and Emma gather around Dazzler. 'What am I doing?' the Beast asks, glancing back at them. 'You're talking about Scott Summers... we're here to talk about you' Dazzler points out. 'Shame on you! Shame on all of you! You can all go to hell! What I've done for you' the Beast shouts, pointing a finger at his friends.

He starts to leave the cafeteria, while Storm tells him that no one wants him to leave. 'We want to help you but you have to -' Kitty calls out. 'I can make him stay' Emma remarks, to which Magik tells her not to, as that is hardly the point. 'Henry!' Storm calls out. 'No!' he shouts back. 'We want to help you' Nightcrawler exclaims. 'But you have to want our help' Storm tells him. They watch him walk down a corridor, when suddenly, there is a beeping noise. Kitty offers to go after Hank, but Storm tells her not to. Dazzler hears the beeping noise, and asks if the others hear it, too. Hijack, Goldballs and Triage turn to Benjamin, who looks at them, confused. 'What?' he asks them. 'You're beeping' Triage points out. 'No, I'm not' Benjamin replies. 'You totally are' Goldballs tells him.

Benjamin pulls a small disc from his pocket, which continues to beep. 'What is it?' someone asks. Benjamin asks the same question, and remarks that it is not his. Magik steps forward and tells him that it is a Cerebro. 'A Cerebro?' Benjamin enquires. 'It finds mutants' Magik explains. Benjamin tells her that he knows, and asks what it is doing in his pocket and why it is beeping. Magik takes the little Cerebro disc and throws it into the air, where is displays a holographic map, and a red glow resonates from one area.

'US – is that Washington, DC?' Hijack asks. Dazzler looks at her smart phone and announces that it is definitely Washington, DC. She shows her phone to Storm and Kitty, who go wide-eyed. 'Goddess, damn him!' Storm exclaims, asking if this is real. 'What is it?' Goldballs asks. 'Well, it's real. It's all over the news!' Dazzler points out. Emma tells the others that she thinks they should go. 'Did you know about this?' Magik asks her. Emma assures her that she did not. Magik offers to take them all there. 'Would you?' Emma asks. 'What is it?' Kid Gladiator enquires. Storm shows a smart phone to the students and tells them that they don't have to go, that it is completely up to them and is not a test.

'According to our mutant hive mind, everybody in this room really wants to go' one of the Stepford Cuckoos announces. 'Let's just do it. He knows we're coming' someone points out. 'Does he want to fight?' someone else asks. 'That we are not going to do' comes the response. 'He doesn't want to fight' someone adds. 'But what does he want?' someone enquires as Magik waves her Soulsword around, and shortly after, everyone in the cafeteria vanishes.

'Goddess!' Storm gasps as she and the others materialize in Washington, DC. She looks around and sees Monet, Jubilee, Doop, Chamber, Husk, Rachel Grey, Oya, Warbird, Kid omega, the Blob, No-Girl, Juggernaut and Maggott nearby, amongst a large crowd gathered in front of Cyclops, who stands behind a podium, alongside his brother Havok, and the members of the group called the Utopians – Boom-Boom, Karma, Madison Jeffries, Elixir, Random and Masque.

'And now the X-Men have arrived. Our greatest educators and champions!' Cyclops calls out. He continues, announcing 'Humans and mutants all over the world, I have gathered all of us here. Every single mutant on the planet Earth! All of us! So we can join together in revolution!'

Cyclops introduces himself as Scott Summers, and remarks that not long ago, in the press, in a fit of frustration, he called for mutant revolution. 'I know that's a loaded word and that it means many things to many people!'

Colossus, Cable, Pixie, Cipher and Warpath stand on the steps in front of the podium, as Cyclops remarks that some see “revolution” as heroic and some see it is terrifying, while some equate it to terrorism. 'I admitted to myself that I did not know exactly what I meant when I called for it... only that something revolutionary had to happen. Well, this is it. This is the mutant revolution' Cyclops explains.

Sabretooth, Fantomex, Gambit, Leech, the Blob, Lady Mastermind, Polaris, Psylocke and Juggernaut are standing near each other as Cyclops continues: 'Here we are. All of us. Every single one of us. Every mutant in the world on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. In the heart of everything democratic and good... and you hear that? Do you see that? Nothing. Nothing is happening' Cyclops remarks. Rogue looks around. Sabretooth smirks. Broo and Oya look at each other, while No-Girl hovers nearby. Madrox smiles, and Glob Herman's eyes pop out of his head. Rockslide looks around, and Puck looks up as Cyclops states that the humans' worst nightmare about mutants is that they would unite and attack. 'Unite and conquer. Unite and come after them. Well, here we are, united. And... isn't it beautiful?' Cyclops declares.


'Summers, what are you doing?' a voice suddenly calls out. Everyone looks up to see Magneto hovering in the air above the group. Forge can be seen standing on the steps next to Pixie. Cyclops tells Magneto that they are demonstrating once and for all what they are, and adds that he didn't really want to do this without him. Cyclops asks Magneto if he would join them in showing the world that they have nothing to fear from mutantkind. Magneto doesn't respond, while Kitty utters 'He's getting away with this'. 'This doesn't change anything' Storm tells her. 'Actually, it kind of does' Nightcrawler remarks, as Magneto drops down beside Cyclops, telling him that he has finally lost his mind. 'But Charles Xavier would have loved this' Magneto remarks, and Cyclops smiles, and looks to the sky.

Back in his lab, the Beast watches Cyclops and Magneto on a monitor. 'And it worked. You manipulative bastard...' he mutters, when suddenly: 'What's next, doctor?' a voice calls out at the entrance to the lab. The Beast turns, 'Which one are you?' he asks. 'Why aren't you with the others?'

Eva Bell enters and introduces herself. 'Oh, yes, time bubbles' the Beast remarks. 'Seen anything interesting?' he asks her. 'Almost exclusively' Eva replies, revealing that in her travels, three separate times she was told there would be a trial of Henry McCoy, and that it would be very important. 'That it was important that you experience it' she adds. The Beast turns away from her. Excusing himself, he mutters that he has had enough for one day. 'Do you think what happened today was it or do you think there's something else coming?' Eva asks him. The Beast points out that he wouldn't know. 'You time-travelled, you tell me' he asks her. 'Because if this was it... what do you do with what happened today? And if this wasn't it...' Eva's voice trails off. '

“And if this wasn't it” what?' the Beast quotes her, waiting for Eva to finish her sentence. But he turns around, and Eva has gone. The Beast looks out a window, up at the moon, and soon drives away from the Jean Grey School.

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Chamber, Colossus, Husk, Iceman, Jubilee, Monet, Nightcrawler, Northstar, Pixie III, Psylocke, Rachel Grey, Storm, Warbird II (all X-Men based at the Jean Grey School)


Dazzler, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde, Magik (all X-Men)

Cyclops & Havok

Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl (all original X-Men from the past)


Benjamin Deeds, Goldballs, Hijack, Stepford Cuckoos, Triage (all Hero Squad)


Anole, Blindfold, Bling, Broo, Cipher, Dust, Genesis II, Glob Herman, Graymalkin, Kid Gladiator, Nature Girl, No-Girl, Oya, Quentin Quire, Rockslide, Shark Girl, Transonic, (all students at the Jean Grey School)

Boom-Boom, Elixir, Madison Jeffries, Karma, Masque, Random (all Utopians)

Cable, Forge, Gambit, Juggernaut, Maggott, Magneto, Polaris, Rogue, Sabretooth, Warpath (all inactive X-Men)

Blob, Fantomex, Leech, Multiple Man, Puck

Story Notes: 

This issue takes place after Uncanny X-Men (3rd series) #35, All-New X-Men (1st series) #41, X-Men (4th series) #26 and Amazing X-Men (2nd series) #19.

This issue is #600, taking into account 544 issues of Uncanny X-Men (1st series), 20 of Uncanny X-Men (2nd series) and 35 of Uncanny X-Men (3rd series).

Though untitled the story was advertised as "The trial of Hank McCoy".

This is the last X-issue taking place before Secret Wars.

This issue contains a reprint of Bizarre Adventures #27, “Winter Carnival” featuring Iceman.

Past Iceman came out, or rather was outed, in All-New X-Men (1st series) #40.

This issue refers to the Dark Beast as Beast's future self. He is actually the Beast's counter-part from an alternate reality, the Age of Apocalypse.

Maggott's appearance in the group shot in Washington is unexplained considering he was killed in the Neverland concentration camp in Weapon X (2nd series) #5.

Neither Juggernaut nor Puck are mutants yet they both appear in Washington.

After Secret Wars Beast seems indeed to have cut his ties with the X-men and can be seen working with the Inhumans in Uncanny Inhumans.

Kitty Pryde is engaged to Star-Lord of the Guardians of the Galaxy as of the Black Vortex storyline.

Magik manipulated Colossus in horrible ways as can be seen in Uncanny X-Men (2nd series).

This Issue reprints: 
Written By: