Event 2019 - Captain Marvel Month

Last Updated: 
28th August 2019

What a time to be an Avengers fan! The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become one of the most successful film franchises of all time, putting a spotlight on many of our favorite Avengers. So, when we learned Captain Marvel was going to debut a month before the one year anniversary of MightyAvengers.net launching, we saw an opportunity.

Originally, we envisioned a few simple tie-in articles with the film, mainly including a few Captain Marvel related articles we already had in the works. However, as the article ideas began to stack, up we realized we were onto something bigger… MightyAvengers.net’s first event month!

Much like Uncannyxmen.net’s original event, the Shi’ar event month, Captain Marvel Month introduced new sections to the site such as the Alien Races, Hero Teams and Crossovers sections.

Of course, given the unique sister-like nature of our two sites, we couldn’t leave Uncannyxmen.net out of the party.  While MightyAvengers.net hosted the majority of the event, Uncannyxmen.net also shared some of the articles, as well its own unique character article.

This Event Month was brought to you by Gibbering Fool, Gremlin, Daytripper, Monolith, Douglas Mangum and Mesmeriser.

Below is a list of all articles that were released during the Captain Marvel Event Month:

Character Spotlights

Always a favorite amongst our readers, the event saw the release of three new character articles to MightyAvengers.net. As this was Captain Marvel month not Carol Danvers month, it was only fitting that we released character articles on not one but two other characters who had held the Captain Marvel mantle: Mar-Vell and Noh-Varr.  Additionally, we released an article on Ronan the Accuser, long time Kree enemy of Mar-Vell, Carol Danvers and the Avengers. Not to leave Uncannyxmen.net out of the fun, we also released a Spotlight on Corsair, Carol Danvers’ friend and teammate on the Starjammers.

Hero Teams
Not content to focus on individuals, a team entry was created spotlighting Captain Marvel’s Alpha Flight Space Program on both sites. The team entry was a unique beast, in that it was more of a military organization than a straight-forward team, but contributor Daytripper was up to the task.

This event featured not one but three crossover summaries.  Two crossovers, Live Kree or Die and Maximum Security, had been released previously on Uncannyxmen.net, but received an image refresh and some formatting updates, ready for release on MightyAvengers.net.  Our third crossover was an all-new release. The Black Vortex, while not an Avengers crossover, did feature Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) in a key role, along with the X-Men, making it perfect for a shared article across both pages.

Alien Races
Captain Marvel and the Kree go hand in hand, so it was only fitting we featured a spotlight on the Kree during this event.  As the debut alien races article for MightyAvengers.net, author Gibbering Fool went all out to make this a memorable and detailed read.