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1st April 2012

When Doop first spoke in X-Force 116, many thought "DoopSpeak" was just non sensical text that we wouldn't be able to interpret, however within the first year of Doop appearing in X-Force, the code was cracked and Doop Speak could be translated. As a reference we have produced the following translation chart allowing you to decipher what Doop says.

The actual lettering is based on the "Roswell Wreckage" Font which was created by Blambot, a company that specialises in Comic Fonts and lettering.

Of course, not everyone wants to spend time translating and so we have catalogued Doop's comments below including Panel, Page and Issue where Doop has spoken. In some cases certain letters have not been able to be translated as they do not correspond to our human alphabet, so in those cases our translation will display a "?" for each unidentifiable letter.

Note: As Doop is a current faculty member of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, this article may not be completely upto date, however we intend to update roughly once a year with Doop's witty comments.

X-Force (1st Series)

Issue #116, Page 16, Panel 2
"I'll do my best and you can love it."

Issue #117, Page 13, Panel 5
"I'm on it Coach. Zoom!"

Issue #117,
Page 19, Panel 2
"Ye zq hkah wat did to you?"

ssue #118, Page 16, Panel 2
"Hey you're the boss bud."

Issue #119, Page 13, Panel 5
"Aw gee come on man."

Issue #120, Page 2, Panel 1
"Dug It. Big Time."

Issue #120, Page 2, Panel 2
"Of course. Don't sweat it."

Issue #120, Page 2, Panel 3
"Are you watching pa..."

Issue #120, Page 2, Panel 5
"Well this is it." "Exactly."

Issue #125, Cover
"Not me."


X-Men Unlimited


Issue #41, Page 29, Panel 5
"You're a swine"