Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #14

Issue Date: 
January 2014
Story Title: 
The Day Nor The Hour

Rick Remender (writer), Steve McNiven (penciler), John Dell (inker), Laura Martin (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy’s Clayton Cowles (letterer), Steve McNiven & Justin Ponsor (cover artists), Tom Brevoort & Daniel Ketchum (editors), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Various possible timelines and alternate realities start to come undone due to the actions of the Apocalypse Twins. Kang appears in many time streams, offering assistance to certain individuals. In the Akkaba Nebula in the present time, Rogue and Sunfire make way to stop the Scarlet Witch from assisting the Apocalypse Twins. But the Scarlet Witch, with Wonder Man’s help, is ready to cast her spell to bring the mutants of Earth to the Ark. The Apocalypse Twins leave the garden that the Scarlet Witch is in, and Wonder Man starts to bombard his lover with ionic energy, as the Apocalypse Twins do not know the heroes have another plan. They are unaware that Rogue and Sunfire have found them - but Daken and the Grim Reaper are also present and attack them. Wolverine returns from the brink of death and engages Daken in combat, while Rogue deals with the Grim Reaper, leaving Sunfire to get to the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man. He flies into Wonder Man, disrupting the spell. Rogue breaks away from the Grim Reaper, and rushes towards the Scarlet Witch. Rogue has absorbed Wolverine’s power and has his bone claws, despite Wolverine’s order that there be no more death, Rogue guts the Scarlet Witch in a startling display. Rogue tells the Scarlet Witch that she is too dangerous to live, before the Scarlet Witch falls off the edge of a cliff. Wonder Man is distraught and flies to her, while the Grim Reaper finds Rogue and shoves his scythe through her body. Wolverine takes his son out, while the Grim Reaper vaporizes Rogue’s body. Wonder Man finds the Scarlet Witch, and after a tearful moment, he bombards her with ionic energy so that she can finish the spell. Wonder Man is seemingly destroyed in the process after assuring the Scarlet Witch that this is not the end. The Scarlet Witch then concludes her spell to bring the mutants to the Ark, before she also dies.

Full Summary: 

An undetermined time, there is darkness all around. The voice, or the thoughts, of Alex “Havok” Summers can be heard. ‘It’s important you know the truth, Katie. It’s important you understand how your mother and I arrived in this situation. In case we don’t make it back’. He states that he needs Katie to be sure that she, and future generations, understand what really happened - the truth about the day they celebrate as a holiday. And the true cost of their failure. ‘We called ourselves “heroes”…but we behaved as anything but’.

In the year 3806, a city is enclosed in a force field on an asteroid, floating in space, a portal opens and a meteor falls through it. ‘Lord Stryfe - we must flee!’ one member of the Mutant Liberation Front calls out, as Sumo, Temo and Wildside rush into a chamber where Stryfe and a Zero unit are. ‘Notging can turn that vortex back!’ Sumo exclaims. Tempo reports that she has done all she can to slow it, while Wildside declares that it is time to go, and that they are jumping to another galaxy. The heavily-armoured Stryfe announces that fleeing is pointless, that there is nowhere to run. Suddenly, Kang appears and extends a hand to Stryfe. ‘There is no where… only a when’ he explains, suggesting to Stryfe that he put aside his suspicion, and join him in surviving this storm, as there is hope yet.

And, in the reality known as Earth X in the year 2033, the landscape has also been torn apart by a warp, as May Parker, known as Venom, clings to a building as rubble, vehicles and people are sucked into the air. ‘Dear God! What can I do against such force -’ she wonders, before screaming as she is sucked towards the vortex. But, before she passes through, Kang appears and grabs her by the wrist. He addresses her, and points out that she looks like someone in need of a hand.

Meanwhile, literally, in the year 2099, Doom stands at a console as the lab around him starts to crumble. ‘BAH! The entire timeline unwritten from the crux of the Red Skull’s onslaught’ he realizes, before boasting that he will not be undone by this infantile bickering. He declares that there must be somewhere, some other plane of existence safe - but he doesn’t get to finish his sentence as the outer wall around his laboratory is torn open. As he is pulled through, Kang appears, and states ‘Quite a predicament, Von doom. And while I do appreciate how difficult it must be to entrust me with your life…’ as he extends a hand.

Kang appears in the year 2020 as Arno Stark - also known as Iron Man 2020 - flies through a barrage of debris. ‘Here you are, Arno Stark. Stranded with few other options’ Kang remarks.

In 2014 now, Ahab and the Red Skull stand on a platform extended from a tower that overlooks one of the mutant camps below. ‘What this hell is this? Some twisted genetic monster’s revenge?!’ the Red Skull snarls. ‘Two, in fact…in whose fate we are both culpable’ Kang remarks as he appears behind the other two. The Red Skull tells Kang that he does not care what came he is at, and demands to be seen to safety. ‘I think not, herr Skull’ Kang replies, announcing that he is here for his servant, Ahab. As the platform starts to collapse beneath them, Ahab sides with Kang, as the Red Skull clings for his safety. ‘I can help you -’ the Red Skull claims, to which Kang replies ‘If my memory serves, you do not play well with others’.

The year is 2043, and as skyscrapers crumble under the pressure of the vortex, and people are sucked into the sky, but a stern-faced woman in a blue uniform takes Kang’s hand and he tells her that there is collaboration necessary in the work to come. He address her as Magistrate Braddock and asks her to join him, as together they might yet have a future. ‘But if you stay here…’ his voice trails off.

While, in the year 2055 Kang’s sentence finishes as he speaks to a large cybernetic being: ‘…you face certain nullification’ Kang points out, as super beings can be seen sucked into the vortex overhead. ‘This Deathlok unit complies’ the cybernetic being responds.

Now, in the Akkaba Nebula, the enormous vessel known as the Ark floats through the strange expanse of space, while inside, running down one corridor, Rogue thinks to herself that once upon a time, she believed the X-Men were going to change the world - but that was a time before Wanda Maximoff nearly wiped out the mutant race, and drove them into hiding, forced them to give up on cohabitation in order to survive. ‘Forced us to give up on Charles Xavier’s dream. It was all because of her’ the enraged Rogue thinks to herself as she runs down a platform, passing various statues, one of En Sabah Nur, and another of Warren Worthington as Archangel.. ‘You understand what this is, Shiro?’ Rogue calls out to her Avengers Unity squad member Shiro “Sunfire” Yoshida, a fellow mutant, who flies above Rogue and replies ‘We are hunting the Scarlet Witch to prevent her from causing further harm to the mutants’.

‘I mean ta end ‘er, Shiro’ Rogue announces. ‘Provided you think this is what Logan would want. He seemed… ashamed of the blood on his hands’ Sunfire points out. Rogue remembers Wolverine asking her to promise him that no one dies, that no matter what, they find another way to deal with this - and Rogue shook his hand, telling him that she promised. But Rogue puts that aside and as they continue down the platform, tells Shiro to trust her, that Logan taught her well enough to know what he would really want.

In an exotic garden aboard the Ark, Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. the Scarlet Witch stands near her dear friend Simon “Wonder Man” Williams, while the Apocalypse Twins, Uriel and Eimin, stand over them. ‘If only you knew the suffering you help avert here today’ Eimin tells Wanda, as Uriel announces that it would wash away all the festering guilt that Wanda suffers. ‘Yes. Let’s just get on with it’ Wanda replies, adding that the spell is unimaginably difficult, and that she requires solitude. ‘And I’ve got a casting call in an hour’ Simon mutters, as the some-time actor checks his watch. Wanda tells the Apocalypse Twins to understand that if she is interrupted the ionic power will be dissipated, lost, as Simon only has enough energy for one attempt at this. ‘You will not be disturbed’ Eimin assures her, while Uriel adds that today, Wanda saves her children from the endless war she has suffered.

Eimin and Uriel rise into the air, preparing to take their leave, as Eimin declares that the fate of their people rests in the Scarlet Witch’s hands. When they are gone, Simon smiles at Wanda and tells her that he can’t wait to see the looks on the Apocalypse Twins’ grumpy faces when they deliver a mutant army to bum out their plans. ‘It’s going to hurt’ Wanda tells him. ‘Yeah, you told me’ Simon reminds her. Wanda levitates herself into the air and asks Simon if he is ready. ‘After being reminded how much it will hurt? I’m brimming with anticipation’ the handsome hero replies, as Wanda suggests that they give these new Apocalypses a taste of the fury of mutantkind. Simon leans back as he releases pure ionic energy at the Scarlet Witch, who casts her hands about and glows.

Uriel and Eimin watch from another part of the Ark. They can see pink ionic energy glow in the garden, and they clink their wine glasses together. ‘As you predicted, Eimin’ Uriel tells his sister. ‘A lifetime of waiting, finally at an end, Uriel… our revenge is certain’ Eimin replies.

But: ‘There she is!’ Rogue shouts as she and Sunfire arrive in the garden, and see the Scarlet Witch. ‘Damn it - she’s already started the spell!’ Rogue snaps. Sunfire picks her up and flies Rogue towards Wanda, ‘Are you ready?’ he asks. ‘As I’ll ever be, Sugah’ Rogue replies, when, suddenly, ‘Sorry, heroes - the lovebirds are busy!’ the Grim Reaper declares as he and his fellow Horseman of Death, Daken, lunge towards them. The Grim Reaper slams his scythe into Rogue, knocking her to the ground, before he turns his attention to Sunfire, attacking him with his scythe as well. Rogue falls to the ground, and slams into a tree, before landing against some crystals that grow from the ground. ‘You and me gonna settle up’ the Grim Reaper tells Rogue as he drops down beside her.

‘Quit running yer mouth and get to it’ Rogue replies. The Grim Reaper raises his scythe overhead and remarks that it is a shame “white trash” is not a super power - given Rogue has no weapons of her own. Rogue suddenly pops some bone claws and lunges at the Grim Reaper, pointing out that she borrowed a friend’s. She slashes the Grim Reaper’s chest and he cries out at the impact.

At the same time, Daken goes over to Sunfire who has fallen to the ground and struggles to get to his feet. ‘They sent you, Sunfire? To deal with this? Guess Pixie was too busy?’ Daken goads, adding that the last time he was in Japan, people were calling Sunfire “hot saki”, a washed up temperamental drunk - a national failure. ‘You’re a damn joke’ Daken declares as he raises his claws and prepares to strike, only a voice calls out ‘You wanna hear a joke -?’ and Daken turns to see his father, Wolverine a.k.a. Logan, his uniform in tatters but his body basically healed, lunging at him. ‘I got a real side splitter, bub’ Wolverine snarls as his knuckles connect with Daken’s face. Daken is knocked to the ground, while Wolverine turns to Sunfire, who has gotten to his feet, and tells him ‘I’ll deal with my boy, Daken, Shiro. Go - find Wanda. Stop her before… son of a bitch’ Logan utters, as he looks up to the ridge and sees Wanda and Simon, both glowing in ionic energy.

‘Go! Get Wonder Man the hell away from her! Non-lethal! You hear me - nobody dies!’ Wolverine shouts as Sunfire takes flight. Whether Rogue hears him it is no clear, as she holds onto the Grim Reaper’s headdress and declares ‘Difference between this and the last time I killed you, Grim Reaper - this time ain’t gonna be an accident’ she boasts as she throws him into one of the large crystals, shattering it.

Wonder Man is in agony, but he manages to ask ‘How much longer?, unaware that Sunfire is flying up behind him. ‘Not long’ Sunfire replies as he connects with Wonder Man, knocking him away from Wanda. ‘Simon?’ Wanda calls out, as she tries to continue with the spell, while Rogue stands several feet away. ‘This is her doing. All of it. After she decimated us - the whole damn world went mad’ Rogue thinks to herself, popping her claws as Wolverine continues to deal with Daken, although he looks up and sees Rogue move forward. ‘Lit a fire that spread across the entire globe. A fire that killed Charles. Right after it shattered his heart’ Rogue thinks to herself. Suddenly, Wolverine goes wide-eyed, and Daken grins wickedly. ‘Rogue!’ Wolverine calls out, but he is unable to act, as Daken wraps an arm around his neck, ‘Oh, boy! Here comes the good fun!’ Daken exclaims. ‘Dear God - NO!’ Wolverine shouts.

Rogue moves ever closer, ‘All the losses we’ve absorbed. All the pain we’ve suffered. We’ll never fix what she broke. And now she’s doing it again’ Rogue thinks to herself, while the Scarlet Witch remains levitated in the air, pink energy swirling around her. ‘Oh, no! What’s she gonna do, Poppa?’ Daken mocks, while Wolverine roars ‘Rogue - STOP!’, however his plea goes unheeded, as Rogue lunges at Wanda, ‘All of our pain. It all began with the Scarlet Witch…and it’s gonna end with her’ Rogue decides. ‘Rogue…?’ the Scarlet Witch calls out, confused, but with no time to act, as Rogue shoves a set of claws through the beautiful mutant’s stomach. ‘Gaak -’ Wanda utters. ‘No…’ Wolverine begins.

‘NOOOOO!’ Wolverine roars, unable to move, as Daken holds his father’s wrists. ‘See the resemblance? She’s just another cold-hearted killer…just like you taught her, Professor’ Daken mutters. Wanda’s bloodied body drops down Rogue’s front. ‘I - I’m sorry…Rogue utters. ‘Wh-why…’ Wanda asks. They are at the edge of a ridge, as Rogue tells Wanda that she is too dangerous - too dangerous to live. Blood trickles from Wanda’s mouth and nose, as she asks ‘What does that make you?’ before she falls back off the edge of the ridge.

‘We’re on your side! We’re going to bring the mutants here to help’ Wonder Man tells Sunfire as they struggle against each other. But Simon notices Wanda fall off the ledge, ‘WANDA?’ he booms as he takes flight towards the woman he loves.

At the same time, Rogue turns her head, ‘Only way…only way to stop her…only way…’ she tells herself, while the Grim Reaper appears and tells Rogue that is always the best thing to tell herself, after she has murdered somebody in cold blood. He raises his scythe, ‘No!’ Rogue gasps, before screaming as he shoves his scythe into her upper torso, ripping her open. ‘ROGUE!’ Wolverine shouts, while Daken grins wickedly and declares that it is all coming together. ‘And you did it, Dad. You -’ he begins, before Wolverine roars and pushes his son away. Daken looks concerned, before Wolverine shoves his claws into Daken’s chest, and then through his neck, casually tossing his son’s body to the ground.

Wolverine then races towards the Grim Reaper, ‘Don’t - don’t do it! Please!’ he calls out, while Rogue gasps for breath, her body embedded on the Grim Reaper’s scythe. ‘“Please” says the Wolverine. A plea for mercy? It’s almost funny, right’ the Grim Reaper remarks, before energy pours through his scythe and into Rogue’s body, seemingly reducing her to a skeleton.

Simon lands on the ground where Wanda has fallen and calls out to her she tries to get to her feet. She can’t, so Simon kneels beside the Scarlet Witch’s bloodied body, ‘Oh - oh, God…okay - it’s going to be okay…I’ll get you out of -’ Simon begins, while Wanda utters ‘The spell…have to finish it…let me go…knowing we got this right…together’. Wanda puts a hand against Simon’s chest, and asks him to bring the cavalry to finish these monsters before they can hurt more people. Wonder Man tells her that he has plenty of power left, to which Wanda smiles, ‘Liar’ she tells him. Tears fall down Simon’s face, reminding her that he came back from the dead to be with her, and points out that there is nothing here for him without her.

Wanda and Simon kiss, and Simon helps Wanda to her feet. She tells him that she loves him, to which he replies ’No goodbyes. Trust me, Wanda. This is not the end’ Wonder Man declares as he holds Wanda by her waist so that she is raised off the ground while he kneels before her, engulfing her once again in ionic energy - all of his ionic energy, until Wonder Man is no more. Glowing in pink energy and ionic power, Wanda holds her hands overhead, ’Rise, mutants. For the Earth is filled with violence. Rise to this Ark…that you might be safe…that you might punish these devils… all mutants of Earth…rise’. Wanda drops to her knees, then falls to the ground, one arm raised as she finishes the spell, the last of the power being released. Then, she is completely motionless, her body drenched in blood laying still in the grass….

“On that day, all the springs of the great deep burst forth. And the floodgates of the heavens were opened… and rain fell on the Earth.”

Characters Involved: 

Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Sunfire, Wolverine, Wonder Man (all Uncanny Avengers)

Eimin & Uriel

Daken, Grim Reaper (both Four Horsemen of Death)


The year 3806:
Stryfe, Sumo, Tempo, Wildside, Zero (all Mutant Liberation Front)

The year 2033 / Earth-9997 / Earth X:
Venom / May Parker

The year 2099:

The year 2020:
Iron Man 2020 / Arno Stark

The year 2014:
Red Skull

The year 2043:
Magistrate Braddock

The year 2055:

Story Notes: 

Sumo, Tempo, Wildside and Zero all appear with Stryfe in the year 3806. Their present-version 616 selves are either dead or de-powered, so presumably they are versions pulled from earlier in time.

The Scarlet Witch nearly wiped out the mutant race during “House of M” when she said ‘No More Mutants’. It was revealed in Avengers: Children’s Crusade, however, that Wanda was under Doom’s control when that took place.

Rogue accidentally killed the Grim Reaper (his most recent death) in Uncanny Avengers #5.

After sacrificing himself to stop an alien invasion in the classic Force Works #1, Wonder Man was resurrected thanks to the force of his love for the Scarlet Witch in Avengers (3rd series) #9-10.
Magistrate Braddock is from a future shown in Uncanny X-Force (1st series) #28-29.

Written By: