Earth-94831 (Mutant Destruction)

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20th June 2024


The specific history of the Earth-94831 is unknown. What is known is that humans (or at least the United States) had knowledge of the Kree and the Skrulls. They seemed to be in a contemporary time period, as a reference to an incident involving dimensional teleporters in 1998 was recounted by members of the United States military.

Senator Robert Kelly of the Republican party had ascended to the presidency on an anti-mutant platform. His Democratic colleagues criticized his policy of Sentinel creation, feeling the Avengers would protect humanity. The Democrats failed to convince the masses and soon the Sentinel Program was huge, running out of the Pentagon under the leadership of Colonel Ross. Virtually all mutants on Earth were soon killed and new births were being monitored in a central computer in the Pentagon, presumably so they could be terminated upon delivery or gestation, whenever the X-Gene was detected.

There were three known factions among the mutants. Magneto and his Brotherhood (Wolverine, Mystique, Iceman, Rogue, Quicksilver and Forge), Xavier's X-Men (Sabra, Cyclops, Firestar, Sunspot, Colossus and Shadowcat) and Storm,who remained neutral controlling a city in Colorado, which she kept separate from the world due to an impenetrable field of lightning. Her friend, the teleporter Vanisher, would ferry guests to and from the city once it was confirmed they were not Sentinels.

Despite their doctrinal differences, Magneto and Storm both offered Xavier and his X-Men sanctuary, considering their destruction in Westchester inevitable. In this world, the X-Men too had vowed to protect humanity but their efforts failed to move the needle on public opinion. Xavier refused to accept the offer of asylum from Magneto but did ultimately accept Storm's offer. His students were preparing to leave the X-Mansion when the Sentinels attacked and killed everyone, with the exception of Kitty Pryde whose phasing ability presumably saved/concealed her.

The interdimensional team called Weapon-X had been sent to this reality by their mysterious benefactor/imprisoner, the Timebroker. Their task was to kill all remaining mutants in this reality, including Pryde. Things didn't go to plan, however. Their new recruit Hyperion refused to comply with the Timebroker's order. He wanted to rule this world and offered Pryde clemency, as her death made it more likely he would jump to another reality. When his teammate the Vision refused, he blew apart most of the android’s body with his heat vision. Pryde felt no choice but side with the group, as everyone else she was friends with was already dead. Additionally, they had a version of her deceased love, Colossus, among their roster. Pryde, seemingly mentally unstable following the massacre and out of desperation/loneliness, was willing to accept this new version as a replacement to her dear late Piotr Rasputin.

The death of their allies, the X-Men, seemingly forced the Avengers to finally intervene in their anti-mutant stance and they attacked the White House. However, they were similarly slaughtered by the Sentinels. President Kelly's smug triumph was short-lived, as he soon found out that Magneto had launched an asteroid at Earth. Meanwhile, Hyperion and fellow Weapon-X teammate, Ms. Marvel, attacked the Sentinel Hive mind in the Pentagon, killing Colonel Ross and deactivating all the Sentinels. Kelly planned on launching nuclear weapons at the Asteroid and fleeing to a bunker to avoid being killed by the debris. Before he had a chance, however, a Sentinel fell on the White House. Hyperion arrived, killed him and declared himself king. The Brotherhood quickly became aware of the fall of the Sentinels. Quicksilver wanted to stop the asteroid, as they could return to the Earth now, but Magneto refused, saying it too late to stop the descent anyway. However, he wanted to meet the superhumans who had felled the Sentinels, as they still needed servants.

Magneto, Wolverine, Mystique, Rogue and Iceman journeyed to Washington, where Hyperion was basking in his victory. Magneto offered Hyperion and Ms. Marvel sanctuary on Asteroid M but Hyperion refused. Hyperion wanted to rule this world and was willing to remove any threats to his supremacy and its destruction, including Magneto. At an impasse, Magneto ordered the Brotherhood to kill Hyperion, who simply incinerated Wolverine, and Mystique. He spared Iceman and Rogue, as they equally wanted to save the Earth and rule it. Hyperion took Magneto by the throat and flew him up to the Asteroid and ordered him to reverse its course, which was within his abilities due to his magnetic powers. Even on the verge of death, however, he refused. Seeing it as futile to try to get the master of magnetism to submit, Hyperion crushed his skull. [Note: Ironically, had Hyperion kept a clear head, he could have incapacitated Magneto and had Rogue absorb his powers and she could have altered the course of the Asteroid.]

While Hyperion had been destroying the Sentinels, the other members of Weapon X (Colossus, Gambit, Spider and the surviving X-Man, Kitty Pryde) journeyed to Storm's city in Colorado. To avoid an inflitration, Storm required all prospective guests to be thoroughly scanned before entry. This took several hours. While they waited, Kitty bonded with Weapon-X's Colossus. She and her Piotr had been together for four years and they were just so similar. This new connection would later doom Colossus. An hour later, Vanisher, Storm's servant/friend teleported them inside the city. Storm met Gambit and immediately kissed him. She understood he was not her Gambit but she was happy to see any incarnation of him.

Storm lamented their time together would be brief as the Earth's destruction was imminent. Kitty wanted Vanisher to teleport them all to Asteroid M so they could survive the destruction. Storm had reservations she had promised the humans who followed her that she would keep them safe. Hyperion, Ms Marvel, Iceman and Rogue flew in to greet the group. They had a plan Rogue would absorb Hyperion's powers and together they would use his heat vision to burn up the Asteroid before collision. Storm saw no point in leaving if they were going to save the Earth anyway. Hyperion grabbed her arm and attempted to force her to go. She recoiled finding him repellant. It was Gambit who managed to convince her to accompany the others based on their shared romantic history with each other's counterparts.

The group arrived on Asteroid M and were greeted by Forge and Quicksilver. Quicksilver wanted to know where his father was but Iceman informed him of his death. Quicksilver was initially vengeful, however Iceman pointed out that he had sensed that Quicksilver was planning on assassinating Magneto anyway. Quicksilver calmed and admitted this was true, his father had gone mad. Hyperion and Rogue were attempting to destroy the Asteroid but it was too large and they didn't have enough time to disintegrate it before impact. Accepting it was pointless, Hyperion left Rogue to burn up in the atmosphere while he flew towards Asteroid M to finish their mission. Once they witnessed the collision, Kitty realized immediately they were all on borrowed time and tried to flee with Colossus but Hyperion killed them both. He entered the main chamber and killed Quicksilver and Forge almost immediately and then used his heat vision to blast a fleeing Iceman. As Colossus had died in the vacuum of space and Vision with the destruction of the Earth, so the Timebroker sent in two new members, Firestar and Hulk, both of whom finished off Iceman. Vanisher had been stabbed by Spider during Hyperion's attack but he had managed to teleport Storm and Gambit to safety before passing away. His death left Storm as the sole survivor of her Earth. Gambit apologized. He had convinced her to come with him and it was a total disaster. She said it was okay, though she had wished she died with the Earth, as she felt so disconnected outside of the atmosphere. She asked Gambit to kill her as she didn't want Hyperion touching her. Gambit reluctantly agreed, recognizing he simply had no other option. With Storm's passing, all humans/mutants from Earth-94831 were wiped out. Weapon-X simply moved on to their next mission.


Note: All characters seemed to have identical power sets to their Earth-616 counterparts.


MEMBERSHIP: Professor X, Cyclops, Sabra, Colossus, Shadowcat, Firestar, Sunspot
Likely Additional Members:

  • Nightcrawler (Bamf picture found in ruins of Xavier's school)
  • Gambit - He was Storm's deceased love interest. All other mutants (excluding her and Vanisher) were said to have picked a side. Given that Storm was at least sympathetic to Xavier's faction, he seems likely to have been an X-Man, as opposed to a member of the Brotherhood.


  • Kitty and Colossus had been in a relationship for four years. Presumably this meant she was late teens/early 20s.




MEMBERSHIP: Magneto, Quicksilver, Rogue, Iceman, Wolverine, Forge, Mystique


  • Mystique and Magneto appeared to be in a relationship.
  • Iceman and Rogue were romantically involved.
  • Presumably they had a larger roster but other members had already been killed by the Sentinels.


MEMBERSHIP: Captain America, Giant-Man, Iron-Man, Hawkeye, unidentified female member


  • The unidentified female member cannot be Carol Danvers, as the Sentinel technology considered the Weapon-X version an unknown superhuman. She bore the most resemblance to Power Pack's lightspeed.
  • Hawkeye appeared to survive the Sentinel attack and was being carried away on a stretcher.


  • President Robert Kelly, Colonel Thaddeus Ross and Henry Gyrich


  • In the core universe, Henry Gyrich is a long time critic of superhumans and is often in storylines to curb/control their activiites. Colonel Ross has a similar trajectory, though he was most concerned with the actions of the Incredible Hulk, thoughh he ironically later became the Red Hulk himself and joined the Avengers.
  • Robert Kelly had been a presidential candidate in the core universe.

COLARADO (Storm's faction)

  • Storm and Vanisher


  • Storm had been involved with her universe's Gambit and witnessed his death.


Why were Weapon-X tasked with eliminating all the remaining mutants?

This was not explained in story and, given that the survivors were not all even part of the same faction, it can be hard to come up with a singular reason. However, excluding Vanisher and Wolverine, all surviving mutants had the potential to cause an extinction-level event, notwithstanding the one that did actually destroy the Earth.

  • Magneto/Storm/Iceman: All omega level mutants with the ability to impact the climate and structural integrity of the planet on a global level. 
  • Forge: Given his innate ability to create technology and his apparent “evilness,” he could easily create an extinction level device.
  • Mystique: She could impersonate a government figure with access to nuclear weapons and activate them.
  • Quicksilver: In the core Marvel Zombies reality (Earth-2198), Quicksilver doomed mankind by spreading that virus across the globe. Potentially, he could do something similar in this reality.
  • Shadowcat: The only survivor of the X-Men who also displayed some form of mental instability. Kitty's melee and oratory abilities are normally what is focused on. However, she is also a genius with an expertise in cybernetics. Given the United States reliance on the Sentinels and Kitty's specialty, she could potentially take control or reprogram them and turn on mankind.

Another possibility is that humanity, in its zeal to kill mutants, may have inadvertently ended their own existence and killing the remaining mutants now prevented a later disaster.

Alternatively, given Magneto's plan on conquering a Kree world, perhaps that would destabilize the universal order.

Was Charles Xavier just a really bad spokeman in this reality?

It is notable that many of the core X-Men members on Earth-616 sided with Magneto (Rogue, Iceman, Forge, Wolverine) or remained independent like Storm. Perhaps Charles, being unable to recruit so many integral members early on, resulted in the X-Men being far less effective in their role. Conversely, this also likely led to a more effective Brotherhood.

It was also noteworthy that Sabra was a member of the X-Men. Perhaps this indicated that Charles Xavier remained in Israel for longer than on Earth-616 and recruited Sabra as his first student. Traditionally, she has been depicted as slightly older than the original X-Men. This delay to return to the United States could also explain why so many of his X-Men seemed to be on the younger side, like Shadowcat, Sunspot and Firestar.

Did the lack of mutants on the Avengers have an impact on public opinion?

Given the apparent age of Kitty Pryde, it appears that reality was primarily centered around 1990s Marvel Comics time. At this stage, the Avengers already had Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Beast on their roster. Beast and Scarlet Witch were not seen and possibly did not even exist in the reality. Quicksilver, despite thinking his father was mad, remained by his side (though he was planning his assassination). Perhaps due to the lack of mutants on Earth's Mightiest Heroes roster, they were never humanized to the masses? However, as Storm clearly had a large degree of popularity, as she had an entire city of humans loyally living under her protection so, it is ambiguous.

Where were Jean Grey and Destiny?

Jean Grey was notably absent from the confirmed dead X-Men and the Brotherhood. Potentially, she had just died earlier and was not mentioned. Jean often functions as both the spiritual center of the X-Men but also as a “deus ex machina.” Her absence, either due to death or lack of existence, robs the X-Men of not just their “heart” but also the possibility of a last minute godly savior. Given that Senator Kelly became president, it is also interesting that Irene Adler's Destiny was not in play. In the core universe, it was Destiny who tried to kill then “Senator” Kelly, prompting an older Kitty Pryde from the Days of Future Past reality to travel back in time to save his life and prevent a dystopia. This act of heroism of Pryde partly shifted Kelly's opinion and he softened on mutants thereafter. With no Destiny and therefore no assassination attempt, there was no one to save Kelly and change his mind.