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3600 B.C.
• In the Nile Valley, En Sabah Nur creates the pyramids with his vast powers as the Horsemen look on
• Apocalypse intends to take the power of a mutant with healing factor
• A rebellion causes the collapse of Apocalypse's pyramid during the transference
• The Horsemen die, but one completes the ritual to preserve Apocalypse's life before dying

1313 A.D.
• The Black Clan protects the family Yashida in Japan

1845 A.D.
• Young James and his brother Victor flee their home in the Northwest Territories after Jimmy kills his biological father with his claws

• Logan and Victor fight in the Civil War for the North

• Logan and Victor fight for the Allies in World War I

• In Poland, Erik Lehnsherr is separated from his mother at the concentration camps, demonstrating his magnetic powers for the first time
• Klaus Schmidt kills Erik's mother while studying his powers
• Logan and Victor storm the beaches of Normandy in World War II
• In Westchester, Charles Xavier meets Raven foraging for food in his kitchen, promises his family will take care of her
• In Nagasaki, Logan saves Yashida from the atomic blast

• Erik sees the Statue of Liberty in New York for the first time

1962-63 (First Class)
• Charles Xavier, studying at Oxford and working on his thesis, living with his "sister" Raven
• Erik Lehnsherr, hunting Klaus Schmidt, travels from Geneva to Argentina to Miami
• Herr Schmidt is now known as Sebastian Shaw of the Hellfire Club
• Moira MacTaggert and her FBI partner canvass the Hellfire Club looking for Communists, discover Shaw's mutants
• Moira recruits Xavier and Raven against Shaw for the FBI
• Xavier and FBI meet Erik when both attack Shaw's yacht
• Fred Duncan and Moira help set up their mutant allies at training facility with Hank McCoy
• With Hank's Cerebro, begin recruiting other mutants such as Angel, Darwin, Havok, and Banshee
• Failed attempt to recruit Wolverine
• Raven and new recruits party hard at facility, get benched for next mission
• Xavier and Magneto capture Emma Frost in Russia
• Meanwhile, Shaw attacks facility, kills all humans, kills Darwin, recruits Angel
• Training moves to Xavier's Westchester estate
• Hank creates anti-mutant serum for himself and Raven
• Raven refuses the serum, and Hank ends up mutating further into Beast when he takes it
• Confrontation between X-Men and Hellfire Club over Cuban Missile Crisis
• Magneto kills Shaw, claims his helmet
• Magneto turns on humans, accidentally deflects bullet into Xavier's spine when they try to stop him
• Xavier wipes Moira's memories and sends her back to Langley
• Magneto rescues Emma Frost, turns her, Mystique, Azazel, and Riptide into his Brotherhood

• School open one semester, then Vietnam War broke out
• Magneto imprisoned after JFK assassination for "curving the bullet"
• Azazel and Angel killed and dissected by Trask
• Emma Frost, Banshee, and Riptide (presumably) also killed
• Havok drafted for Vietnam
• Hank and Charles remain at school, using serum to dampen abilities

• Jason Stryker is 10
• Mystique rescues Havok's mutant unit from Vietnam
• Mystique attends peace treaty, kills Trask, but captured and studied

1973 (New history)
• Logan recruits Beast and Xavier from mansion
• With Quicksilver, breaks Magneto out of the Pentagon
• In Paris, stop Mystique from killing Trask
• Magneto tries to kill Mystique, bullet leaves blood sample behind
• Trask convinces Nixon to support Sentinel program
• Magneto and Mystique crash Sentinel unveiling, Sentinels reprogrammed for Magneto
• Logan torn up and tossed into the river
• Mystique stops Magneto from killing Nixon / Trask
• Mystique recovers Logan while posing as Stryker

• Logan and Victor serve in Vietnam War, sentenced to death at firing squad for insubordination
• William Stryker finds and recruits the duo after they survive firing squad

1973 Lagos, Nigeria (Several years later)
• Team X under Stryker including Logan, Victor, Zero, Wraith, Dukes, Bradley, Wade
• Adamantium sample recovered
• Logan quits, abandons Victor, others

1979 (six years after Lagos)
• Team X has disbanded
• Victor is killing old members, such as Bradley in Ohio
• Logan is a lumberjack in the Canadian Rockies with Kayla Silver Fox
• Stryker and Zero try to re-recruit him, but Logan refuses
• Victor "kills" Kayla, so Logan submits to Weapon X Project
• Logan escaped Weapon X after hearing Stryker planned to wipe his mind
• Zero is killed in a helicopter battle while hunting Logan
• Logan tracks Dukes and Wraith to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he learns about Weapon X's facility The Island and the only escapee, Remy LeBeau
• Meanwhile, Victor captures Scott Summers for Stryker
• Logan travels to New Orleans for Gambit, but Victor tracks him and kills Dukes and Wraith
• LeBeau leads Logan to Three Mile Island
• Logan learns Kayla is alive and working for Stryker, because he has her sister
• Logan beats Victor, frees Scott, Kayla's sister and other mutants
• Stryker unleashes Weapon XI, the Deadpool, alias Wade Wilson
• Logan and Victor beat and decapitate Deadpool, leading to Three Mile Island disaster
• Charles Xavier telepathically leads Scott and other mutants to safety
• Stryker shoots Logan in the head with Adamantium bullets, causing amnesia
• Kayla is shot, sends Stryker walking, dies
• Deadpool not quite dead


• In Ohio, Scott Summers is having eye problems and his brother Alex recruits him for Xavier's
• In East Berlin, Mystique visits a mutant cage match
• Angel and Nightcrawler fight to the death until Mystique disrupts the electric cage
• In Pruszkow, Poland, Erik Lehnsherr has found a new life as Henryk Gurzsky
• With Magda and their daughter, Nina, he has made peace
• In Cairo, Moira is tracking a man from the "Ashir En Sabah Nur"
• The solar circuitry from the tip of the buried pyramid is triggered, reviving Apocalypse with a rush of energy that triggers earthquakes around the world
• Jean Grey foresees the coming of Apocalypse until Xavier breaks her out of it
• An accident in Poland causes Erik to reveal his magnetism to save a life
• Erik surrenders to the police to protect his family, but Nina has a tantrum with her animal powers
• A police offer shoots off an arrow, piercing both Nina and Magda's chests; Magneto returns and none survive
• Xavier and Alex meet the amnesiac Moira in Langley
• En Sabah Nur walks the streets of Cairo, finds Ororo stealing to survive, saves her
• Apocalypse learns of the modern world from television
• Transforms Ororo, increasing her powers and making her a Horseman
• Mystique brings Nightcrawler to Caliban for passage, learns about Erik
• Scott and Jean meet, and bond as outcasts among outcasts in the school
• Mystique arrives at Xavier's with Nightcrawler
• Apocalypse and Storm recruit Psylocke, Magneto and a crippled Angel as new Horsemen
• Peter Maximoff and his mother hear about Magneto's return
• Charles contacts Magneto telepathically but Apocalypse enters their psi-link to control Cerebro and Xavier with it
• Apocalypse/Charles telepathically causes all nuclear weapons worldwide to launch into the stratosphere
• Havok destroys Cerebro to free Xavier
• The Horsemen come to Xavier's, kidnap Charles, and Havok accidentally blows the Blackbird engine trying to stop them
• Quicksilver arrives in time to save everyone except Alex from the blast
• William Stryker arrives and captures Quicksilver, Moira, Beast, and Mystique
• Scott, Jean and Kurt stowaway on his helicopter
• En Sabah Nur wants Xavier to broadcast a message of the Apocalypse
• At Weapon X, Colonel Stryker reveals he tracked the psychic event behind the nukes to Xavier's, and wants answers
• Xavier sends Apocalypse's message, but makes it one of hope, not fear, and with a secret message for Jean
• Jean unleashes Logan at Weapon X, reawakens his memories / humanity, but Stryker escapes
• Apocalypse recreates his pyramid in Cairo, Magneto begins worldwide magnetic devastation
• X-Men reassemble to attack Apocalypse (Mystique, Beast, Moira, Quicksilver, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Jean Grey)
• Apocalypse intends to body transfer into Xavier and take his powers, sends his Horsemen to stall the X-Men
• Nightcrawler rescues Xavier, but X-Jet crashes and Angel seriously injured
• Mystique and Quicksilver try to reason with Magneto
• Charles attempts to defeat Apocalypse psychically, but is overwhelmed
• Magneto sides with the X-Men
• Jean Grey has a Phoenix primal scream, defeats Apocalypse; Magneto, Storm and Cyclops help
• Charles restores Moira's memories
• Jean and Magneto rebuild the school, and Magneto goes away, in peace
• Mystique trains the X-Men (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Storm, Quicksilver)
• In the Weapon X cleanup, a blood sample is recovered by Essex corp

circa 1980's-1990's
• One year after Jason returned from Xavier's, Stryker's wife took a power drill to her head
• 15 years before X1 (1985), Logan's memories were lost (original estimates)
• 20 years before X3 (1986), Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters has a brochure, Erik and Charles representing together at the Greys
• 10 years before X3 (1996), young Warren cutting off his wings

The not too distant future "2000"
• Senator Robert Kelly is stirring up anti-mutant sentiment
• Logan and runaway Rogue meet up in Alberta
• They are attacked by Sabretooth, but rescued by Storm and Cyclops
• Mystique and Toad kidnap Senator Kelly for the Brotherhood
• Logan wakes up in Westchester, and Professor Xavier explains the school to him, and offers to help with his amnesia.
• Rogue meets Iceman and Pyro in class, with cameos by Jubilee and Shadowcat.
• Magneto uses his machine on Senator Kelly, turning him into a mutant, but Kelly escapes.
• After Logan accidentally stabs Rogue and she uses her powers on him to heal, Rogue runs away
• Logan finds Rogue at the train station, but she is kidnapped by Magneto.
• Mystique infiltrates the mansion and corrupts Cerebro, throwing Xavier into a coma
• Senator Kelly reaches the mansion, but dies because of Magneto's machine
• Jean risks Cerebro to pinpoint Magneto at the Statue of Liberty
• Magneto plans to use Rogue to power the mutant machine instead of him
• The X-Men (Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm and Jean Grey) confront the Brotherhood
• The Brotherhood are disposed of, but Magneto activates the machine with Rogue inside
• Wolverine breaks Rogue free, and lets her heal using his abilities
• Xavier points Logan to Alkali Lake for answers on his past.
• Mystique is now posing as Senator Kelly full time
• Magneto is being held in a plastic prison

The not too distant future "2003"
• Roughly one month has passed since the previous movie
• Nightcrawler attacks the Oval Office under the influence of Stryker's serum
• Logan visits Alkali Lake, but finds it destroyed and abandoned
• Mystique, as Senator Kelly, learns Stryker has Magneto and later steals his files to locate Erik
• Scott and Xavier are captured during a visit to Magneto while Jean and Storm look for Nightcrawler, leaving Logan in charge of the mansion
• Stryker raids the mansion, capturing Jubilee, Artie and four others; Colossus saves the rest of the kids while Logan goes on the run with Pyro, Rogue, and Iceman
• Mystique arranges Magneto's escape
• Jean, Storm, and Nightcrawler meet up with Logan's group, then are saved by Magneto and Mystique when shot down
• Magneto reveals Stryker's "Cerebro 2" could target and kill every mutant on the planet
• At Alkali Lake, group splits up to rescue captives, destroy Cerebro and find Stryker
• Wolverine kills Deathstrike, captives are freed, but dam is critically damaged
• Pyro abandons the X-Men for Magneto's Brotherhood
• To escape the dam's flooding, Jean sacrifices herself to hold back the water and get the X-Jet into the air
• The X-Men give the President an ultimatum: Be good. We're watching.

The not too distant future "2006"
• A cure for mutants is in production by Kavita Rao and Worthington Labs, derived from Jimmy and his mutant-inhibiting powers
• Iceman, Rogue, Shadowcat, and Colossus are now official X-Men trainees
• Cyclops is drawn back to Alkalai Lake and killed by the resurrected and unstable Jean
• Hank McCoy serves the President as Secretary on Mutant Affairs
• The Brotherhood recruits Callisto, Psylocke, Arclight, Kid Omega and others
• Magneto frees Mystique, Juggernaut and Multiple Man from prison transport
• Mystique protects Magneto from weaponized Cure darts, he abandons her
• The X-Men and Brotherhood track Jean to her home, her Phoenix power kills the professor and she leaves with Magneto
• Warren Worthington III refuses his father's cure, visits the X-Men for asylum, prompting them to keep the school open after Xavier's death
• A massive Brotherhood army attacks Worthington Labs at Alcatraz
• Rogue leaves the mansion to sign up for the Cure
• The X-Men (Storm, Wolverine, Beast, Iceman, Colossus, and Shadowcat) go to defend the humans
• In the fight, Kavita Rao is killed, Shadowcat and Angel protect Jimmy and Worthington Jr, respectively, most of the Brotherhood depowered and defeated
• Wolverine and Beast use Cure on Magneto
• Phoenix goes wild, Wolverine stabs her to death
• Rogue returns to Bobby, having taken the Cure
• Beast becomes ambassador to the United Nations
• Magneto is free and trying to reclaim his power
• Xavier awakens in Moira MacTaggert's coma patient

The not too distance future "2013"
• Much of The Wolverine happened as a consequence of Logan's murder of Jean; it's unclear how much of it still occured in the new future created after Days of Future Past

• Logan has been in seclusion in the Northwest Territories since the death of Jean
• Yukio gives Logan Yashida's summons and brings him to Tokyo
• A dying Yashida offers to take Logan's healing factor, letting him die as a man and saving Yashida's life in the process
• Logan declines, and so Viper, Yashida's doctor, assaults him in the night and inhibits his healing factor
• Yashida dies and names granddaughter Mariko his heir over son, Shingen
• At Yashida's funeral, Mariko is attacked by Yakuza
• Harada and Logan drive off attackers, and Logan sneaks Mariko away to Nagasaki
• Shingen is behind Yakuza attacks, killed by Logan who rekindles his healing factor
• Harada and Black Clan capture Mariko for the still-alive Yashida
• Yashida becomes Silver Samurai, cuts off Logan's claws to absorb healing factor
• In the fight, Yukio defeats Viper while Yashida kills Harada and Logan kills Yashida
• Logan is left with non-Adamantium bone claws
• Mariko assumes command of Yashida Industries, she and Logan part
• At the airport, Logan confronted by Xavier and Magneto

2013 (New history)
• Xavier, Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Wolverine, Beast, Iceman, Rogue, Colossus and Shadowcat active at Xavier's School
• Status of Adamantium claws unknown
• Cyclops not killed
• Jean did not become Phoenix, wasn't killed
• Rogue likely not cured

Two years before 2016
Wade meets Vanessa, year together, proposes, cancer, experiment

Deadpool: The Movie

• Mutants and humanity are in camps, run by Mystique-based Sentinels
• The X-Men (Shadowcat, Colossus, Iceman, Bishop, Warpath, Blink, and Sunspot) are on the run, using time-skips to avoid Sentinels
• Xavier, Magneto, Wolverine and Storm meet them in China
• Prepare to use time-skips to stop Trask assassination from 1973
• Wolverine only possible survivor, sent back
• Kitty maintains link
• X-Men killed by arriving Sentinels