X-Men Legends

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31st October 2004

Release Date: September 2004

Platforms: PlayStation 2, Gamecube, XBox, NGage (control information here is for PlayStation 2)

Developer: Activision

The Brotherhood of Mutants incites a riot in New York in an attempt to kidnap recently outed mutant Alison Crestmere. Wolverine and Cyclops put a halt to the plot quickly - but why did Mystique's Brotherhood want Alison so badly? Alison's adventures with the X-Men have only just begun, and soon she may be caught in the crossfire of the impending war between homo sapiens and homo superior.

Featuring the celebrity voice talents of:
Patrick Stewart as Professor X
Lou Diamond Phillips as Forge
Cree Summer as Magma
Ed Asner as Morlock Healer
Armin Shimerman as Toad

Playable Characters / Mutant power secrets / Strengths and Weaknesses:
One of the key features to X-Men Legends is the ability to customize each character based on experience. With this feature, the mutants can develop specific powers to their full potential, or be conservative and invest in a character who is less prone to damage. The limitations are minimal - each X-Man has the ability to develop their powers above and beyond even those demonstrated in the comics, to a reasonable extent. Each character has four unique exhibits of power, with each button (SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, X) activating one of their abilities in conjunction with holding down the R2 button. The X button is generally used for powerful single strikes, the CIRCLE button for attacks with a wider range/hit more enemies, the SQUARE button for defensive or ability-boosting powers, and the TRIANGLE button for the X-Treme powers. The X-Treme powers can only be used when at least one of the blue X icons at the bottom of the screen is completely filled - this is inaccessable until later stages of the game.

X button: PinBall / Cannonball / Legend Ball - higher levels increase speed/distance/damage of somersaults
SQU button: Bestial Feats / Instinct / Soul - increases movement speed, agility, and decreases damage taken at higher levels
CIR button: Propeller Kick / Lash / Legend - sends enemies flying into nearby objects with whirling kick
TRI button: Orbital Bombardment -X-TREME attack - calls X-Jet to attack with lasers

X button: Power / Titanic Smash / Titanic Legend - unleases massive puch, at high levels is most powerful strike in game
SQU button: Steel / Titanium / Osmium skin - protects self, higher levels allows invulnerability to laser weapons
CIR button: Concussion Slam / Blast / Legend - projects blast arc with thunderclap, arc is bigger at thigher levels
TRI button: Seismic Quake - X-TREME attack - pounds ground and knocks all enemies down

X button: Optic Beam / Optic Blast / Legend Blast - higher levels causes beam to pierce enemies
SQU button: Tactics / Strategy / Command - increases powers of self and nearby allies at higher levels
CIR button: Optic Sweep / Optic Slam / Legend Slam - higher levels increase width of beam
TRI button: Optic Rage - X-TREME attack - massive blast arc hits wide array of enemies

Emma Frost:
X button: Confuse / Command / Legend Command - removes enemies' hostility, longer reach at higher levels
SQU button: Psychic / Diamond / Impervious Shell - higher levels strongly reduce vulnerability
CIR button: Fear / Terror / Legend Terror - enemies flee in terror, are weakened by fear
TRI button: Psychic Bedlam - X-TREME attack - damages and paralyzes all enemies

X button: Charged Card / Shuffle / Legend - higher levels increase number of cards thrown, kinetically charge other objects
SQU button: Staff Slam / Detonation / Legend - sends enemies flying backwards
CIR button: Kinetic Boost / Amplification / Mastery - higher levels also give damage bonus to allies
TRI button: 52 Pickup - X-TREME attack - Gambit throws a flurry of charged cards at everything

X button: Freeze Blast / Deep Freeze / Legend Freeze - slows enemies, higher levels causes them to freeze completely
SQU button: Ice Armor / Equipment / Forge - decreases damage taken, increases strength, higher levels improve duration
CIR button: Ice Shards / Spikes / Legend Spikes - throws icicles, higher levels creates more of them
TRI button: Freeze Frame - X-TREME attack - freezes all enemies in place

Jean Grey / Phoenix:
X button: Telekinesis / Telekinetic Mastery / Telekinetic Legend - higher levels reduce needed EP, increase power
SQU button: Telekinetic Shield / Shell / Armor - increases/prolongs defenses at high levels
CIR button: Psychic Shout / Psychic Scream / Psychic Legend - only affects human enemies - slows them at high levels
TRI button: Phoenix Force - X-TREME attack - crushes all enemies telekinetically

X button: Energy Burst / Blast / Legend Blast - higher levels create more energy globules, increase damage
SQU button: Bait / Cheerleader / Pep Rally - weakens nearby enemies, range and penalty increases with levels
CIR button: Photo Flash / Strobe / Legend Flash - confuses all enemies with blinding light
TRI button: Independence Day - X-TREME attack - blinds, confuses, and damages all enemies

X button: Fiery Blast / Magma / Magma Legend - higher levels increase number of fireballs Magma throws
SQU button: Fiery / Magma / Atlas Form - increases attack damage, decreases damage taken, causes enemies pain by touching them without attack
CIR button: Lava Fissure / Rift / Legend Rift - higher levels increase range/size of lava rift
TRI button: Volcano - X-TREME attack - sends molten lava flying everywhere

X button: Teleport Leap / Strike / Legend Strike - higher levels increase damage and allow for longer teleports
SQU button: Shadow Blend / Arts / Mastery - reduces damage, allows for invisibility at higher levels
CIR button: Teleport Flurry / Frenzy / Legend Frenzy - teleports all over the place, higher levels create more strikes
TRI button: Blindside Blitz - X-TREME attack - Nightcrawler teleports and attacks so fast it appears he is in multiple places at once

X button: Psychic Slash / Hammer / Legend - higher levels increase size of blade
SQU button: Psychic Armor / Defense / Wall - decreases damage taken
CIR button: Psychic Bolts / Spikes / Legend Spikes - higher levels increase number of spikes and power
TRI button: Psychic Onslaught - X-TREME attack - attacks all enemies with psychic blades

X button: Southern Strike / Smash / Legend - higher levels rival Colossus' strength
SQU button: Bulletproof / Iron Maiden / Invulnerability - decreases damage taken
CIR button: Ability Drain / Sap / Consume - steals enemies energy and mutant ability if applicable, allows use of other mutants powers for a limited time
TRI button: Enerhy Drain - X-TREME attack - saps all enemies' strength, makes them non-hostile, and claims a random mutant power if applicable

X button: Lightning Strike / Chain Lightning / Legend Lightning - power increases, electricity conducts through people at higher levels
SQU button: Storm / Hail / Blizzard shield - decreases damage, adds energy damage to punches
CIR button: Whirlwind / Tornado / Legend Vortex - carries enemies above ground, slams them into walls
TRI button: Cyclone Fury - X-TREME attack - picks all enemies up with tornado and strikes with lightning

X button: Brutal Slash / Eviscerate / Legend Slash - at more powerful levels, will cause human enemy to bleed
SQU button: Feral Rage / Berserker Rage / Unstoppable Rage - reduces damage taken, increases power
CIR button: Claw Flurry / Claw Frenzy / Legend Frenzy - higher levels creates more attacks
TRI button: Savage Rampage - X-TREME attack - slashes all enemies

Supporting Characters:
In the game, you can also find other X-characters, including Multiple Man, Archangel, Dr. Moira MacTaggert, and Forge. Some will join you in the Danger Room in multiplayer mode, but none are available for the main game.

Major Villains:
Avalanche, Blob, Havok, Juggernaut, Magneto, Marrow, Master Mold, Mystique, Pyro, Sabretooth, Shadow King, Toad.

Additional Tips and Secrets:
- DO NOT forget to heal your characters and check your health bar when you aren't fighting. Don't wait until the screen tells you that your character needs health, as if an attack comes as you are using the healing potion, you will be defeated, and will ahve lost the potion anyway.
- NEVER use a healing potion on Wolverine. Just take him out of the line of fire for a few moments, and he will be fine.
- Iceman's freeze attack is easily combo'ed with another mutant power from most other characters, use it often to increase experience and ease your way through larger battles.

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