Publication Date: 22nd Feb 2022
Alternate Versions


For a brief period, Callisto was displaced by an alternate reality counterpart who was an ally of the Nazi Lightning Squad. In this reality, the Nazi regime won World War II, reshaping history completely. Dr. Moira MacTaggert served as the Reichminister of Genetics and Callisto was her stoic and loyal bodyguard. The pair were traveling aboard their private train when they and the train were exchanged with their inter-dimensional counterparts from Earth 616 by the robotic entity called Widget. They were then apprehended by British intelligence forces. Their disappearance led the Lightning Squad to the Earth 616 and an inevitable conflict with their counterparts, the mutant team Excalibur. Their true nature and the circumstances of the switch were soon revealed and the Nazi doppelgangers were held while the Weird Happenings Organization (WHO) negotiated an inter-dimensional exchange.

The Mutant X reality presented a much softer version of Callisto. Though still the leader of the Morlocks, she was far less hardened and retained her beauty. But she was also fiercely protective of the Morlocks. In this reality, the X-Men were not there to turn the tide during the Mutant Massacre. The Morlocks were instead aided by the Mole Man and his subterranean armies. Grateful for his role in saving her people, Callisto formed an alliance with the Mole Man and the two became an unlikely couple. Their joint kingdom became a safe haven for humans and mutants alike in the dark days after Madelyne Pryor became possessed by the Goblin Force. Desperate to keep her people safe, Callisto made a bargain with Madelyne and informed her that her errant husband Alex Summers had sought refuge in Morlock Tunnels. Once she had Alex, Madelyne betrayed Callisto. She badly scarred Callisto’s face. Despite her betrayals and disfigurement, the Mole Man remained at her side and defended her against Madelyne.

The Age of Apocalypse found Callisto taking on the role of a ship’s captain who preyed on the fearful humans seeking to flee the rule of Apocalypse. She and her crew offered safe passage but after collecting any valuables the humans had, she would lock them in their cargo hold. Once out in the icy seas, she would dump them into the deadly waters. When Nightcrawler stumbled across her operation, he challenged her. He defeated Callisto thanks in part to the timely aid of his mother, Mystique. They bound Callisto and tossed her in the sea to face the same fate she had consigned countless humans to during her voyages.

In the alternate reality depicted in Exiles (1st series) #18, Callisto was not the leader of the Morlocks but the Mistress of Mysticism. Wearing a variation of Dr. Strange’s levitation cloak and the Eye of Agamotto, Callisto was on a path of world domination before she was opposed by the reality-hopping team known as the Exiles. The Exile called Nocturne turned the tables on this sorcerous version of Callisto by taking possession of her servant, Storm and destroying the gateway she was trying to open. Callisto and her henchmen disappeared when the spell was disrupted.

The powerful Scarlet Witch warped reality, creating a world ruled by her father Magneto and the House of M. In this world, the tentacled Callisto led a team of bounty hunters called (ironically) the Marauders that included Banshee, Blob, Sunder, Mammomax, Caliban, Black Tom Cassidy and an unidentified reptilian mutant. They were contracted by Magneto himself to travel to England and apprehend the Juggernaut and Nocturne, who he had knowledge were genetically linked to the royal family. Callisto’s team was opposed by the royal family of Great Britain – Capt. Britain, his wife Meggan, his sister Psylocke and their ally, Rachel Summers. The heroes managed to hold off the Marauders until reality was restored.

In the future depicted in X-Men: The End, Callisto remained an ally of Magneto and Charles Xavier as they worked to rebuild Genosha. When the X-Mansion was destroyed by a coalition of the X-Men’s many foes, Xavier sensed the death and devastation. A short time later a Warskrull in the guise of Domino arrived at Genosha to kill Xavier. Callisto immediately sensed the deception and fought valiantly to defend Charles. She was bested by the powerful Warskrull but bought enough time for Psylocke to come to Xavier’s aid. She apparently died from her injuries.

The Callisto in the Ultimate Universe was also a Morlock though second-in-command under Sunder. Under Sunder’s leadership, the Morlocks lived peacefully but were preparing themselves as an army to participate in what he believed was an inevitable war between mutants and humanity. Callisto seemed less hardened than in other realities and possessed the unique ability to manifest powerful tentacles from the eye socket she kept covered by her patch. Once unleashed, they were difficult to control while she remained conscious. When Nightcrawler discovered the Morlocks, she engaged him in a fight to determine his worthiness but quickly welcomed the former X-Man. However, Sunder believed him to be a spy and when other X-Men arrived, a fight ensued. Sunder’s paranoia and harshness were revealed and when he was defeated, the Morlocks decided to seek new leadership. They selected Nightcrawler. When Apocalypse attacked, Nightcrawler led Callisto and the other Morlocks into battle against him. Following this brief alliance with the X-Men, they returned to the Morlock Tunnels.

The Callisto shown in X-Men Forever had been supplanted as the Morlocks’ leader by Masque, but returned at a critical moment to offer the wayward mutants an opportunity to leave the tunnels forever and claim a new home. Callisto allied herself with the Ghost Panther, a new incarnation of Storm who had been divided into two distinct selves. The Ghost Panther was trying to liberate Genosha and promised a place in the new order to the Morlocks if they aided her in her mission. The primary opposition to this was yet another version of Ororo referred to as Perfect Storm who had married and then murdered the Black Panther, claiming Wakanda as her own. The third incarnation of Ororo was a teenager called Ro who possessed only a fraction of Storm’s power. Callisto fought Perfect Storm and saw through her almost immediately. When she was defeated, the Ghost Panther and Ro were merged into the true Ororo. She allowed herself to be altered by Masque to resemble Perfect Storm and took her mantle as ruler of Wakanda. Callisto was installed as a governor in Genosha and helped to broker an alliance with Wakanda. Her efforts earned the Morlocks a place in the new, integrated society being built in Genosha.

Callisto appeared in flashbacks during the Age of X. She was one of many prisoners freed from Alcatraz after Basilisk turned against the warden. Later on, she was present at Fortress X when the Avengers attempted to infiltrate it. Given the nature of Legion's reality warp which created Age of X, it doesn't appear as if the real Earth-616 was actually present for these events.

Several versions of Callisto appeared on Battleworld. One was seen at the X-Mansion in the domain of X-Topia, while another was killed, decapitated, and left as a warning in the Deadlands. A third Callisto existed in the domain of K'un Lun. As a member of the Lowest Caste, Callisto was at the bottom of the domain's class system. Her people met the emperor's prodigal son, Shang-Chi, and hoped he would teach them martial arts so they could rise in standing. Shang-Chi agreed only to teach moves for self-defense, which frustrated Callisto. She betrayed her people to inform the emperor of Shang-Chi's location, hoping to gain entry into the Ten Rings school as a result.