Publication Date: 
26th May 2018
Real name

Carol Susan Jane Danvers

Former aliases

"Ace", Ms. Marvel, Binary,
Lady Marvel, Warbird,
Catherine Donovan,


5' 11"


120 lbs





First appearance

Marvel Super Heroes
(1st series) #13

Known relatives

Joseph Danvers, Sr.
(father, deceased),
Marie Danvers (mother),
Joseph Danvers, Jr. (brother),
Steven Danvers (brother, deceased)


Ambassador Extraordinary for the human race, commander of Alpha Flight Space Station, former Chief of Tactical Operations and superhuman liaison for the Department of Homeland Security, freelance writer and magazine editor, security chief of Cape Canaveral, U.S. Air Force Colonel with Air Force Special Operations and CIA experience

Group affiliation

Avengers, Alpha Flight space program, formerly Ultimates, A-Force, Starjammers, Guardians of the Galaxy, S.H.I.E.L.D., Operation: Lightning Storm, DHS, NASA, CIA, CSA, US Air Force


• Genetic experiments by the Brood altered her Kree/human genes to give her the power to tap into stellar energies, which she can utilize to augment her strength, stamina, reflexes, durability, and healing powers, manipulate anti-gravitons for flight, project photonic blasts, and absorb various forms of electromagnetic energy to boost her powers and recover her vitality
• Formerly capable of calling on the full power of a white hole, giving her much greater strength and durability, allowing her to shift into an energized "Binary" state capable of flying through interstellar space at faster-than-light speeds, and channeling various levels of heat, light, plasma, gravity, radio waves, and electromagnetism from the point singularity; still capable of going "Binary" at current power levels when charged up by siginificant outside sources
• Half-Kree genetic code and the ability to shift between her civilian clothes and costume thanks to the Psyche-Magnitron device, which was formerly responsible for bestowing her with an enhancement uniform and later natural powers of superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes, invulnerability, flight, and a seventh sense that alerted her to future dangers and enabled her to predict her opponents moves a split-second ahead of time
• Formerly inhabited by the rebuild & repair protocols of the bio-mechanical Cru, giving her an unprecedented healing factor able to withstand all forms of forceful, genetic, and psionic assaults