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7th Sep 2023
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Real name

Tyrone Johnson & Tandy Bowen


Lady Light (Dagger), the Darklight Vigilantes,
Angel of Light and Demon of Darkness


5'9" (Cloak) 5'5" (Dagger)


155 lbs (Cloak) 115 lbs. (Dagger)


Black (Cloak) Blonde (Dagger)


Brown (as Tyrone)
often Opaque as Cloak (Cloak),
Blue (Dagger)

First appearance

Peter Parker, the Spectacular
Spider-Man (1st series) #64

Known relatives

Unnamed parents, Otis (brother),
Anna (alleged sister),
unnamed sister (deceased),
Smokin' Joe Johnson
(grandfather, deceased)
- (Cloak);
Melissa Bowen (mother),
Nathan Tyler (father),
Philip Carlisle (stepfather, deceased),
Michael Bowen (uncle, deceased) - (Dagger)



Group affiliation

X-Men, Dark X-Men, Savage Avengers,
Secret Avengers (Civil War), Assembly of Evil (both),
New Warriors, Marvel Knights, Secret Defenders, Brides of Set (Dagger only)


Drug-tainted, quasi-mystical possibly mutant abilities:

• Cloak: Transformed into a living access tap to the Dark Dimension, with a body fluctuating between tangible and semi-tangible, no longer requiring food or sleep, sensitive to the lifeforce of other beings and its purity, and maintaining a gateway into the Dark Dimension defined by the inner folds of his cloak, allowing him to swallow people and objects into his dimension without harm to himself, trapping them in the Dark Dimension and expelling them on command, or fold himself inwards to teleport himself and others through the Dark Dimension
• Often subject to a hunger for lifeforce, stolen from others by drawing them into the Dark Dimension, causing them to experience a metaphysical sense of cold or their own greatest fears and nightmares as their "light" is drained away; relies on Dagger to satiate him absent any other victims; source of the hunger inconsistently attributed to his Darkform, the Predator demon, or to Cloak himself
• Dagger: Super-purified overabundance of lifeforce energy, represented as living light, gives her near-superhuman agility, endurance, and reflexes, supernatural beauty, sensitivity to the presence of human souls and lifeforce, and the ability to produce daggers of light that she can throw and guide towards targets (especially Cloak) to transposition some of her light with that of her victim, causing a metaphysical shock and paralysis, healing physical injuries, purging people of drugs or withdrawal symptoms, or occasionally improving their spiritual or empathic sense of being
• Without his Darkform, Cloak no longer consumed life-energy, but banished victims to an ebon void within the Darkforce Dimension without light, sound, or weight, a form of extreme sensory deprivation, could become fully intangible to pass through solid objects or levitate, gained greater telekinetic control over his cloak, and needed Dagger to travel with him in order to teleport
• Without her Lightform, Dagger could project bio-disruptive light-daggers, tangible light-knives, light-shields for protection as a full-body aura or shields cast from her hands, but could no longer generate healing light, purify souls or cleanse drugs and toxins
• as Cloak, Tandy commanded a teleporting cloak of darkness and could generate Darkforce as force blasts or solid constructs shaped from her imagination
• as Dagger, Tyrone could project flares, fire light blasts of coherent force, deflect bullets, create tangible constructs, move at superhuman speed, and blind others by drawing the light from their eyes
• With inverted-darkness powers, Dagger could cast Darkforce, open portals to swallow victims, and generate dark-light daggers which could incapacitate opponents by draining their light and fill them with a darkness she could manipulate, animating her unconscious victims as zombies under her control
• With inverted-light powers, Cloak retained his animated cloak and the ability to teleport, could project a seductive light that hypnotically drew victims into his cloak, and release a stunning charge of light on contact
• Expanded control over her Lightforce allows Dagger to bend light to become invisible or divert infrared beams, fire coherent beams of force, and cast light constructs such as fabricated weapons, armor, utilities, etc.