Publication Date: 7th Mar 2013
Alternate Versions


In the divergent time line shown in What If (2nd series) #110, the Russian mutant Colossus never joined the X-Men. On the day that Professor Xavier came to recruit him, Piotr's beloved sister Illyana died after being hit by a tractor. Piotr blamed Xavier's presence that day for his sister's death. Rasputin instead became the leader of the Soviet Super Soldiers. Darkstar and Colossus fell in love. After a harrowing mission with the X-Men battling a Proteus-possessed Phoenix, Piotr and Laynia retired and married. They had a daughter who they named Illyana after Piotr’s late sister.

Earth-3740, is a reality in which the Cold War never ended. The Soviet Union was on the brink of collapse and the Super-Soldiers led one last attempt to prop up the Eastern Block. Darkstar’s used her power - the Darkforce - derived from the Russian elder god known as Chernobog,  to save the Motherland. Their efforts would result in the Darkforce covering the entire planet. The Super-Soldiers’ plan was foiled by the combined efforts of the Exiles and that reality’s Alpha Flight. In this reality, Darkstar wore a strange costume, similar to her classic black and yellow one, but with a mask that covered her mouth.