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Publication Date: 25th Oct 2019
Written By: Daytripper.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.

BIOGRAPHY - page 2

It's unknown how long the Dreamqueen's minions pursued Alpha Flight across Liveworld, but at some point Goblyn and Laura Dean were reconnected with Alpha Flight, and they fled from the Dream Demons. By chance, the former Alpha Flight member Puck was in China, meeting with a spiritual guide, the High Lama, who offered him passage to other worlds that he could explore. One of these portals led to Liveworld, through which Alpha Flight used to flee back to Earth, pursued by the Dream Demons. As Alpha Flight continued to battle her warriors, the Dreamqueen was able to use that connection to step through the portal herself, whereupon she used her mystical powers to learn all she could about Alpha Flight, including the former members of the team. She reveled in delight as Alpha Flight could not gain the upper hand against the phantoms they fought and planned to close the portal back to Liveworld.

Unfortunately for her, much to her surprise, the former Alphan Puck came to the rescue of the other Alpha Flight members by cartwheeling towards the Dreamqueen and forcing her back through the portal. Shocked, the Dreamqueen lost her control over her Dream Demons and they vanished. It was in this moment that Laura Dean discovered she was the one with the mutant ability to transport herself and Goblyn through portals to and from Liveworld, and that she could control other portals. The Dreamqueen was restrained by Puck who held her back as the portal closed, trapping them both on Liveworld. However, as the portal closed, the Dreamqueen reached out and cursed Alpha Flight, vowing that one day she would be free. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #59-60]

The Dreamqueen's mystical reach was long, with her curse of Alpha Flight taking almost immediate effect once the heroes returned to Canada. First, the government refused any involvement with Alpha Flight and they were forced to disband, then Sasquatch was refused access to his personal fortune. The Dreamqueen hounded the Alphans as they were forced to deal with their greatest nightmares brought to life. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #61-66]

On Liveworld, the Dreamqueen captured Puck and made him her personal plaything. She used the malleable matter of her world to make the elderly Alphan young again so that his body could withstand her torture for long periods of time. However, this only increased her lust to inflict her nightmares on the people of Earth. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #67]

The Dreamqueen soon became aware that the former Alphan Elizabeth Twoyoungmen, once the powerful Talisman, was near the tomb of Nanquato, working on an archeological excavation. She sensed the dormant power within Elizabeth and, through the dream totem that she sent to Earth hundreds of years ago, the Dreamqueen was able to begin influencing Elizabeth. At first, Elizabeth became overwhelmed, as she used to when she sensed great power. Despite this warning, she continued with her work, ignoring the mystical warnings as the Dreamqueen slowly took control of her mind. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #67, 62, 64-65]

Several days later, Elizabeth dug into a rock formation found on the site and discovered the skeletal remains of the mystic Nanquato. Unable to explain why, Elizabeth felt drawn to the remains but, before she could touch it, she suddenly fell unconscious. In this dream state, she was visited by the spirit of the deceased Alphan and demi-goddess Snowbird, who showed her the Dreamqueen's history and urged her to find the power within her – as the nightmare was just beginning. When she woke, Elizabeth found her fellow archeologists trying to force her to touch the dream totem, the close proximity of the totem allowing the Dreamqueen to influence Elizabeth’s colleagues. Much to her surprise, Elizabeth found the dormant power within herself and fought off those under the Dreamqueen's thrall. She then fled from them and the dream totem to warn Alpha Flight of the nightmare that loomed.

To her annoyance, the Dreamqueen received a visit from her father. Nightmare had come to give his daughter a warning – that the world was different now than when she last tried to enter it several hundred years ago. Nevertheless, when six of the former Alpha Flight members that the Dreamqueen cursed gathered at Vindicator's home, the villainess was able to use her connection via the curse to them to transport herself to Earth. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #67]

When Elizabeth, now acting as Talisman, called Vindicator’s home to warn them about the Dreamqueen, it was the Dreamqueen herself who answered. She informed Talisman that she was too late and mocked that the young woman was some 3,000 miles away, and unable to help her former teammates. Hanging up, the Dreamqueen chose Sasquatch as her next pawn for her plans on Earth, bestowing her curse with a kiss.

The Dreamqueen quickly found the matter of Earth different to Liveworld and discovered she could not manipulate this reality and warp it to her will – only the minds of its inhabitants. She manipulated a civilian man into taking her to Edmonton, to the building in which he understood the richest man in Canada lived. For his help, the Dreamqueen thanked him by making him believe he was walking into a paradise – except he walked in front of a car and was killed. The Dreamqueen reveled in this tragedy. She then took the top apartment of this building as her base of operations, but not before manipulating the old man who lived there to fall out the window.

The Dreamqueen then began to stretch her thoughts, to release her evil thoughts out across the land. However, her final victory, she believed, would come with her curse of Sasquatch. When Talisman reunited with Alpha Flight, the Dreamqueen had known that her father, Michael Twoyoungmen, would give back to his daughter his mystical coronet, returning her to her full power as Talisman. However, as he went to do so, Sasquatch, now the Dreamqueen’s unwitting thrall, stole the coronet and raced to give it to her. However, what the Dreamsqueen had not known was that Sasquatch, Walter Langowski, was currently inhabited the body of Snowbird, who had warned Elizabeth earlier and whose spirit was still connected to her corporeal form. The spirit of Snowbird mystically restored Sasquatch from female to male, severing the Dreamqueen’s control. Elizabeth then took the headband back, becoming Talisman once again. Although this was definitely a setback for her, the Dreamqueen's power was already taking affect around Edmonton. All across the city, violence broke out among its citizens and they began to kill each other, each one another under the Dreamqueen's control. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #68]

In fact, the Dreamqueen’s malevolent influence was branching out. Starting with just Edmonton, Alberta, her madness spread to Calgary, then across Canada and into the United States. Along the way, the Dreamqueen attempted to thwart Alpha Flight, first causing their jet to crash and then pitting them against a visiting group of Chinese super beings called China Force. When they finally converged at her penthouse suite, the Dreamqueen attacked directly, manipulating each of them with their own inner demons. As her madness spread, the Dreamqueen grew even more powerful. Just as it seemed she was unstoppable, a moment of distraction came when Nightmare appeared and warned his daughter of her impending demise, just as Talisman made her way into the Dreamqueen's penthouse.

At first, Talisman was more than a match for the Dreamqueen’s thralls, mere mortal men she had summoned for her pleasure, but the tide turned when the entranced Alpha Flight arrived and were commanded to defend their queen. As the heroes closed in around Talisman, Laura Dean opened a portal behind the Dreamqueen, through which Talisman managed to hurl the witch. The portal closed behind the villainess, trapping her and her malevolent influence from both Alpha Flight and the population of the Earth. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #69-70]

Trapped back in her own dimension of Liveworld, the Dreamqueen received some unexpected but welcome visitors some months later when Laura Dean unwittingly transported herself, her teammates in Beta Flight and her parents to Liveworld. For weeks, the Dreamqueen tormented them, having her Dream Demons pursue them across the realm – with the aim of having Goblyn brought to her. The Dreamqueen's latest quest proved short-lived, however. As almost inexplicably as they had arrived in Liveworld, Laura Dean was able to open another portal back to Earth, enabling the young mutants return to safety. The Dreamqueen almost gained access to Earth once again when several Dream Demons nearly made it through the portal, however a member of Alpha Flight prevented this from happening. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #109]

Trapped on Liveworld, the Dreamqueen somehow developed the ability to reach into the minds of Alpha Flight, back on Earth. She forewarned the team leader, Guardian, about a nightmarish future that lay ahead – a future with no imagination. The Dreamqueen could not stand for this future to come to pass, for if it did, the world she knew she would one day inherit would have no one for her to manipulate. If the people of Earth had no imagination, there would be no dreams. She watched through a scrying pool as Alpha Flight battled their other greatest foe – the Master of the World. She even assisted them by reaching into the mind of Puck, whom she had tortured when he was imprisoned on Liveworld, forcing him awake when he was unconscious. Eventually, Alpha Flight defeated the Master of the World and the Dreamqueen was assured that her future, and the eventuality that she would succeed in reclaiming Earth, would come to pass. To her delight, Alpha Flight were promptly disbanded, which she believed assured that she would inherit a world without her sworn enemies. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #128-130]

Much time has passed since the Dreamqueen vowed to return to Earth and claim it as her own, and Alpha Flight have reformed (and subsequently disbanded) several times over. Perhaps she is still waiting for that perfect moment to pierce the veil between Liveworld and Earth and finally turn this world into her living nightmare....