Publication Date: 7th Jul 2022
Written By: Peter Luzifer, Ruth and Monolith.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Douglas Mangum.
Alternate Versions


In the multiverse, there are several timelines where Nazi Germany won World War II. One of them, Earth 597, had a version of Excalibur called Lightning Force. The line-up included Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Hauptmann Englande (Brian Braddock) and Meggan. In colors and design, Meggan’s outfit was a perfect match for her lover’s costume, both suits containing swastikas and elements from the uniforms of German military.

Other than that, this Meggan didn’t seem too different from her main reality counterpart.






In another reality, the battles of superheroes and supervillains had gotten out of hand, resulting in a post apocalyptic scenario. New York was a 100 kilometers wide crater and London a nuclear wasteland.

After her lover, Brian Braddock, was killed, Meggan adopted his costume and identity becoming this world’s Captain Britain. She knew that Earth was not entirely dead, merely “sleeping” and that her world needed somebody to watch over it until the planet could fully recover.

The Earth of yet another reality started out quite similar, super-beings causing wars on the planet until humanity decided to declare them as illegal. While everyone possessing paranormal abilities was either locked away or killed, the major companies were quite busy polluting the planet’s eco-system. Meggan was among the superhumans incarcerated. Never having known any kindness or comfort, this version of Meggan had never accessed her true shapechanging potential. It was only when the main universe’s Excalibur visited this reality during the Cross-Time Caper that someone reached out to her. Nightcrawler was locked up alongside her after being captured. When they made their escape, this Meggan caught a bullet meant for Nightcrawler, sacrificing her own life. As she lay dying in his arms, she transformed herself and marveled at her own beauty before passing away.

There were numerous other versions of Meggan (and Excalibur) that were introduced either during the Cross-Time Caper or that popped up near the main universe Excalibur’s lighthouse, as it was a nexus place. Most of them were unrecognizable and seemed to be based on sentient animal lifeforms rather than humans. The Meggan of one such reality was part of a race of sentient dinosaurs and referred to herself as “Megon.”

In an alternate future timeline not unlike the Days of Future Past, Meggan and Brian were married. While in the United States, the X-Men and most other superheroes were already killed or captured by the Sentinels, Great Britain faced problems of their own. In the year 2013, one of the last missions Excalibur went on was to save Douglock from Black Air, the evil, secret organization that had taken over the country. The team found themselves lured into a trap, as Douglock had become Black Air’s major weapon. Apparently, the entire team including the Braddocks, were killed.

In the alternate future timeline known as Earth X, Meggan and Brian married and were King and Queen of England, though they didn’t enjoy too many years together. When Excalibur encountered the Grey Gargoyle, Meggan and several other members were turned to stone. Captain Britain killed the Grey Gargoyle before realizing that the villain possessed the only means of turning his wife back to flesh and blood. The statues of his teammates served as a painful reminder of his folly and Brian became rather withdrawn. Years later, he was forced to marry the Inhuman Queen Medusa for political reasons, which further tormented him. Not much later, the transformation of Meggan was reversed. Now having two wives, Brian was forced to choose between them. For the sake of peace on Earth, he decided to honor his marriage to Medusa. Meggan was hurt by Brian's decision but still loved him so much that she impersonated him when Mephisto attacked, only to die in her beloved’s place.

Several versions of Meggan Puceanu existed on the patchwork reality of Battleworld. Lady Meggan of Higher Avalon was wife to Baron James’ brother, Brian. Brian defended her honor at court when Baron Sinister called her a cow, but his brother James was banished to the Shield by God Doom when his sedition was uncovered, raising Brian and Meggan to Baron and Baroness of their realm. In the domain of Limbo, Meggan was one of numerous X-Men fighting against the constant invasion of demons coming through Manhattan. Finally, in Arcadia, Meggan was one of the defending heroes of that domain known as A-Force.