Publication Date: 7th Jul 2022
Written By: Peter Luzifer, Ruth and Monolith.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Douglas Mangum.


Meggan Puceanu is a being full of mystery. She is a mutant, but her powers connect her to the natural world in a manner akin to fairie folk, being almost supernatural in presentation. She was born to a wandering tribe of Romany moving through the United Kingdom. Meggan already possessed her powers when she was born (potentially marking her as a "Killcrop" like Jamie Madrox). It was rather cold her first winter and the infant Meggan grew fur to protect herself from the cold. Soon, rumors about the "wolf girl" began to spread and her parents’ neighbors started to speculate about the baby's appearance. The infant girl subconsciously reacted to their suspicions and grew all the things her neighbors imagined: bat wings, fangs, talons and large red eyes. Ashamed, Meggan‘s family concealed her in their van all the time. [Captain Britain (2nd series) #8]

Meggan spent her entire childhood hidden from view. She never learned to read or write and her only window to the outside world was through television, which she became extremely fond of. When Meggan was seventeen, Great Britain was hit by a reality warp caused by a near omnipotent mutant - Sir James Jaspers. In this altered reality, all kinds of super-beings were incarcerated in concentration camps. When the authorities stopped her family’s van and saw Meggan, she and her family were arrested as well. They were separated as they were brought into the camps and Meggan never saw any of her family again. In prison, Meggan kept dreaming about Captain Britain, the superhero she had often seen on TV, and hoped that he would rescue them. [Mighty World of Marvel (2nd series) #7]

After Jaspers was defeated, reality slowly healed itself and almost everything returned to normal, but not in Meggan’s case. She was one of the few people who still remembered the altered reality. Separated from her family, who had always kept her safe, Meggan hid in an abandoned warehouse. Despite her monstrous exterior, she befriended two local kids, Micky and Josie Scott. The siblings brought Meggan food and tried to keep her calm  when the full moon affected her were-form, driving her into uncontrollable rages. It was while under the negative effects of the full moon that Meggan was spotted by Captain Britain, who assumed she was a villain. The two fought and during their battle the warehouse where Meggan was living was damaged. Meggan's young friend Micky Scott was killed as a result. Shocked and distraught, Meggan fled the scene but later showed up as Captain Britain explained what had transpired to the Scott family. The truth of Meggan's strange mutations was revealed and her grief over Micky's death was genuine. The Scotts found it within themselves to forgive the two super-beings and Micky’s death was classified as an accident. Realizing that Meggan had nowhere else to go, Captain Britain invited her to stay at Braddock Manor. [Mighty World of Marvel (2nd series) #14-15]

Also staying at the Manor was Captain Britain’s sister, Betsy Braddock and her friend Alison Double, a blind seer with extraordinary mental powers. As soon as she was introduced to Meggan, Alison commented on how beautiful and radiant she was, apparently describing her aura and not the hideous exterior form of the confused woman. In the weeks that followed, Alison divined that Meggan was capable of altering her form. She tried to convince Meggan of this but she couldn’t believe it, having lived in her were-form nearly her entire life. [Mighty World of Marvel (2nd series) #16, Captain Britain (2nd series) #8]

At Braddock Manor, Meggan could again indulge in her only hobby – watching TV. The fact that Captain Britain was actually the wealthy Brian Braddock and, as such, occasionally appeared on the news, added another twist. Meggan was thrilled to actually know someone who appeared on TV and she began to develop feelings for Captain Britain. He mostly ignored the ugly creature, who yearned for some attention.  Things changed dramatically when two agents of the R.C.X. arrived at Braddock Manor to approach Captain Britain about the Warpies – mutated children that were born all over Britain. While the men talked to Brian, Meggan felt herself drawn to a van parked outside the house. Some of the Warpies were locked inside - a similar scenario to her own upbringing. Empathically overwhelmed by the Warpies‘ anger, Meggan opened the van’s door and was overcome by the Warpies. Fearing for the safety of Brian and the others in the house, Meggan tried to push back and reject their influence. Trapped in the Cherub Whirlwind, a vortex created by five of the Warpies, Meggan felt her appearance falter and finally realized her true nature as an empathic metamorph, reacting to the desires and fears of her surroundings. While fighting the Warpies, Meggan subconsciously synchronized herself with Brian’s wishes and transformed into a tall, blond, beautiful woman. [Captain Britain (2nd series) #8-9]

Almost immediately, Brian fell for Meggan. In fact, he began to think that she was the only one he could trust. Against Brian’s direct orders, his sister, Betsy, had allowed Braddock Manor to be turned into a sanctuary for the Warpies, and soon the house was too crowded for even a moment of privacy.  Eventually, the couple left and had several adventures all over the world. During this time, Meggan further honed her empathic shape-shifting powers by copying the traits of local animals. The pair also made a stop in Russia in an attempt to discover more about Meggan’s heritage, as her family had emigrated from there. Just as Meggan and Brian shared their first kiss, she transformed into a snake-like creature, having fallen under the influence of Baba Yaga, a demonic witch with reptilian features. She claimed that Meggan was related to her kind and tried to make her kill Brian. Meggan eventually overcame Baba Yaga’s influence by reaching deep inside herself and remembering ancient spells and formulas. [Captain Britain (2nd series) #11]

When they returned to Great Britain, the pair learned that during their absence, Brian’s sister, Betsy, had taken over as Captain Britain. The couple retired and moved to a secluded lighthouse on the Atlantic coast, enjoying their young love. Unfortunately, Betsy was critically injured several weeks later, forcing Brian back into action. After exacting revenge against the foe who brutalized Betsy, he and Meggan would often help out the local authorities in solving local crimes. [Captain Britain (2nd series) #13-14] By that time, Meggan had also started to learn reading and writing, albeit at a very basic level.

About a year passed, during which Betsy Braddock recovered and joined the X-Men as Psylocke. Only a few weeks after she joined, the mutant team apparently died while fighting the Adversary in Dallas. The incident was broadcast on TV and the world believed the X-Men to be dead. Meggan was shocked when she saw the news report and Brian took it much harder, turning to alcohol in his grief and saying things to Meggan he would later regret.

Having nowhere else to turn, Meggan went to Muir Island where former X-Men, Nightcrawler and Shadowcat, were recovering from recent injuries. Nightcrawler helped sober Brian up by dumping him into the ocean, just in time for all four of them to aid Rachel Summers aka Phoenix III in her fight against the extradimensional Warwolves. Later that day, the five heroes sat around a campfire and exchanged their memories about the X-Men. Eventually, they decided that Xavier’s dream needed to survive and so they founded Great Britain’s own hero team – Excalibur. [Excalibur: The Sword Is Drawn]