Publication Date: 14th Jul 2022
Written By: Monolith.
Alternate Versions


The Garrison Kane from Earth-3031 seems to have started out pretty much the same as the main reality’s version, though at one point he was conscripted to serve the mysterious Timebreakers as part of their Weapon X strikeforce. This counterpart to the dimension-hopping Exiles was comprised of more ruthless and sadistic superhumans, who could take on the more ethically questionable missions necessary to repair damaged realities. Kane died during a battle with the Sub-Mariner, only to be replaced with some other reality’s version of the Vision. Later on, after the Exiles took over the Timebreakers’ Crystal Citadel, his corpse was returned to his native reality so that his teammates from the Six Pack could arrange for a proper burial.

Little is known about Garrison Kane’s counterpart from the Ultimate universe, who too is a member of the Six Pack led by Cable (even though Cable is a different person in this reality). The only obvious difference is that this Kane has brown instead of black hair.