Publication Date: 
30th Nov 2017
Real name

Danielle Moonstar

Former aliases

Psyche, Mirage II


5' 8"


125 lbs.





First appearance

Marvel Graphic Novel #4

Known relatives

William Lonestar (father),
Peg Lonestar (mother),
Black Eagle (grandfather, deceased),
Joshua Foley (foster son)


Teacher, former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent

Group affiliation

X-Men, New Mutants, X-Force,
Mutant Liberation Front, S.H.I.E.L.D.,
Valkyries, Defenders, mentor to
Young X-Men and New Mutants squads


• Depowered mutant; skilled martial combatant,
hunter and tracker, knife fighter, and archer
• Formerly capable of generating astral energy in
the form of psionic images drawn from the
subconscious minds of herself or others, such
as a representation of their greatest fear or love,
which appears real only to those being directly
affected by her power
• Formerly constructed her astral energy into
tangible forms to represent a strong fear or desire
drawn from someone's mind, but could only manifest one thing at a time, with one projection only disappearing when another was called into existence, trained herself to strongly desire her spirit lance at will and manifest it as an arrowhead necklace or as a full-fledged weapon
• Formerly manifested her astral energy as psionic plasma from her hands - which could be applied on contact or shaped into weapons such as a dagger or a bow and arrows - enabling her to perceive the primal thoughts of anyone her power connects with, either passively in her own mind's eye or offensively projected as a backlash into her opponent that overwhelmed them with their own mental images, typically causing them to drop insensate while mentally living through their worst fear
• Also formerly possessed an animal telepathy which allowed her to share thoughts and feelings with higher forms of non-sentient life such as birds and mammals
• Initiated as one of the Valkyries of Asgard, allowing her to sense the presence of impending doom around others by seeing it in the form of that person's private interpretation of death, then battle Death itself to save that individual if she so chooses; power briefly expanded in conjunction with her mutation to psychometrically read the scene of a recent death and generate psionic holograms that replay that person's demise; Valkyrie abilities are virtually gone following the death of her spirit-bound horse, Brightwind
• Formerly able to tap into quantum forces after interacting with Arcadia DeVille, allowing her to perceive her environment in terms of energy, project radiant bursts of concussive force, heal the bodies of others, liquefy or disintegrate matter, levitate at will, and warp elemental or electromagnetic energy wavelengths