Publication Date: 20th Feb 2020
Alternate Versions


In the altered reality known as the House of M, Karima was cast as the leader of Magneto’s Sentinels. When he suspected England’s ruler Brian Braddock of treason, Magneto sent Karima and a contingent of Sentinels to capture and incarcerate Braddock and his family. Karima led the Sentinels with unquestioning determination and refused to listen to Brian when he tried to explain that he and his allies were trying to stop a temporal event that would destroy the world. In direct battle, Karima and the Sentinels proved to be no match for the Braddock family and their allies, who saved all reality despite Karima’s best efforts to fulfill Lord Magneto’s orders.




Ten to fifteen years in the future, Karima was among the many X-Men who assembled to oppose the threat of a Phoenix-possessed Cassandra Nova and her Shi’ar allies. While nothing significant was revealed  about Karima’s history in this possible future, she was part of an eclectic group of X-Men that combined traditional members of the X-Men with members of the British Excalibur team and Xavier and Magneto’s Genoshan allies, and Karima was among those who departed to space to take the battle to Cassandra Nova. While in the End the heroes emerged victorious, it is unknown whether Karima survived that final conflict or not.

In the timeline of the ninth life of Moira X, Karima had lost the fight against her programming and she had completely turned into an Omega Sentinel. Seeing herself as a machine, she cast away all her humanity and sided with Nimrod against the mutant race, as well as the rest of humanity. To keep their numbers up the mutant race learned to create “chimeras,” clones of mutants using the combined DNA of existing ones. Omega and Nimrod battled for decades against the mutants and the ever-changing X-Men and eventually they succeeded in bringing the mutant race to the brink of extinction. Knowing that mutants were ultimately doomed Moira MacTaggert, who possessed the power of reincarnation, sided with Apocalypse and devised a plan to stop Nimrod’s rise in her next life. The few remaining X-Men attacked Nimrod’s citadel looking for information and Omega was more than willing to kill them all. Knowing that the group of mutants she was fighting against were merely distracting her, she delighted in killing and tormenting them, safe in the assumption that Nimrod had everything else in hand. Omega underestimated them though and she was killed when one of them used their powers to create a miniature black hole, wiping all of them out in an instant.