Publication Date: 1st Feb 2024
Written By: WorldWideWade.
Image Work: WorldWideWade.
Alternate Versions


In the House of M reality, Santo had achieved his dream of becoming a famous wrestler. Julian enjoyed his televised matches and claimed that, despite Santo being the same age as himself, he was as good as the legendary wrestler Spider-Man. Given a couple months, he was sure to be the champion.

When a majority of mutants lived on the island of Utopia, Legion subconsciously pulled the entire population into an alternate reality of his making. In this Age of X, mutants had retreated to this last bastion of safety called Fortress X, which daily came under siege by the anti-mutant forces of the nation. Rockslide was one of many mutants posted along the defensive walls and fought back against the invading forces. Like with many others in the fortress, even this dire situation had grown a bit monotonous and boring. When the culprit behind the illusion reversed the effects, many of the mutants opted to erase the memories of that world but Rockslide’s decision remains unknown.

The collapsing of the multiverse by machinations of the Beyonders was used as an opportunity by Dr. Doom to combine disparate elements of various realities into one Battleworld. One of these domains of Doom was known as X-Topia and expanded on the aftermath of the X-tinction Agenda crossover. Havok and Wolfsbane’s desperation to treat the people of Genosha from the effects of a plague lead them to attack the X-Men to capture mutant healers. Rockslide took the brunt of the initial attack from Havok and declared him foolish for attacking them on their home turf. While failing to prevent the kidnapping, Santo was picked as one of five mutants best suited for the recovery mission given the possibility of infection. Santo joked that, regardless of the disease, being an X-Man already held a 100% fatality rate. Upon landing on Genosha, Rockslide fought like a man possessed but Mystique tricked him, leading to a giant blast taking him out of the fight. By the time he recovered, the villainous mastermind, Cameron Hodge, had been defeated and the X-Men had joined with the Genoshans in a plan to help rebuild the country.