With Sentinels hunting them and a group of children to care for, Sabretooth had a hard time of it for the first few years. Eventually, when the kids’ mutant powers developed, they were able to fight back against their mechanical oppressors. Victor raised David the best he could for twenty years and watched proudly as he became leader of the resistance against the Sentinels and turned the tide in the war against the machines. On the eve of their final assault, Victor was surprised by the sudden appearance of Blink, who had completed her mission with the Exiles and been reunited with her father figure as a reward.

Victor was ecstatic to have his daughter back, though David didn’t trust her and believed she was a spy, forcing his way into her mind to confirm she was who she said she was. That was the first red flag that Creed hadn’t succeeded with raising a well-adjusted young man. After the final defeat of the Sentinels, David took control of Blink’s mind and abducted her, while shutting down the protesting Sabretooth’s mind. David used Blink as his tool and went on a murder spree, killing multiple humans responsible for the Sentinels. It took Sabretooth a number of days to track down Blink and David, in which time he had used her to kill multiple humans in brutal fashion. Victor used an inhibitor collar to mask his presence to David, allowing him to get close enough to the young man to rip his heart out and save Blink. His reunion with Blink was brief, however, as soon after the young woman was wrenched away from him again and placed back into active service amongst the Exiles.

Having murdered their savior, Victor became a fugitive from the mutants he had once helped to raise. After surviving on his own for a time, constantly hiding from those that hunted him, Sabretooth was surprised to be reunited with Blink once again. After returning to the Exiles (and her role as their leader), Blink’s team had completed a number of reality-saving missions and noticed the Timebroker becoming more and more erratic. The Exiles saved Victor from a mob of mutants hunting him but Blink fled before revealing the mission tasked to the team. When they finally found her, she still refused to disclose the mission and rejected the Tallus on her arm, which jumped to Creed. Now in possession of the Tallus, Victor revealed the team’s mission was “kill Mimic,” Blink’s lover. Despite his differences with the man, Sabretooth refused, even when the Timebroker appeared and demanded he complete the mission or face punishment. [Exiles (1st series) #59]

Victor’s “punishment” was surprising. He and the rest of the Exiles were sent to Victor and Blink’s home reality, the Age of Apocalypse. Both were elated to see their reality was not in fact destroyed, but that joy turned to rage when the Timebroker added their old enemy Holocaust to the roster. The Timebroker revealed how Victor’s world had survived after Apocalypse’s defeat, and how Magneto was forging a new world for humans and mutants alike. Unfortunately, the Timebroker’s mission for this world was the Exiles had to kill Magneto, which was Victor and Blink’s punishment for disobeying orders. Unsurprisingly, Holocaust abandoned the mission immediately, leaving Victor and the rest of the Exiles to work out a plan.

With Sabretooth back in her life, Blink instinctively slipped into old habits and deferred to her father figure’s leadership. The hotheaded Sabretooth had a tendency to take charge and butted heads with Mimic in particular. This was especially evident when Holocaust returned with a plan to track the Timebroker to his origin. While the other Exiles weren’t interested in working with the murderer, Victor had harbored a grudge against the Timebroker for twenty years and was more than willing to put his history with Holocaust aside to get to the “devious runt” and convinced the team to work with the villain. After a brief clash with his old teammates the X-Men, Sabretooth and the Exiles followed Holocausts’ plan, and teleported into the home of the Timebroker, via the M’Kraan Crystal. [Exiles (1st series) #60-61]

Victor and the Exiles were surprised to find themselves in a Crystal Palace used to monitor alternate realities and run by a group of peaceful insectoid aliens. The “Timebroker” was in fact these aliens, the Timebreakers, who used the Exiles and Weapon X to repair damage they had accidentally caused to the multiverse. Unfortunately, the Timebreakers’ setup in the Crystal Palace had been coopted by the maniacal Hyperion, a vastly powerful former Weapon X member. It was Hyperion who was responsible for the team’s recent troubles, including adding Sabretooth to the roster in order to distract Blink and make her a less effective leader.

While Victor was eager to fight Hyperion, he was vastly outmatched by the powerful villain. When Hyperion was eventually defeated by Blink and two alternate universe Hyperions, Victor was more than willing to kill the man. This put him at odds with Mimic, who was steadfastly against killing. Whilst Sabretooth disagreed vehemently with Mimic’s plea to spare him, he was overruled by Blink. [Exiles (1st series) #62-65]

With the Exiles now in control of the Crystal Palace, the team were once again in control of their own destinies. Victor tried to convince the rest of the Exiles to abandon the Crystal Palace and return to their own lives, but later decided he couldn’t leave the mission. Despite this, things weren’t entirely harmonious in the team. Victor continued to butt heads with Mimic in particular, up until the man was possessed by Proteus during a mission to the House of M reality. Proteus, as a powerful reality warper, tortured Sabretooth with visions of being buried alive in the hundreds of corpses he was responsible for, before brutally beating him with Mimic’s assorted powers. [Exiles (1st series) #66, #69-71]

Proteus, in Mimic’s body, escaped into the multiverse and the Exiles now had a new mission to stop him. With the Tallus on his wrist, Sabretooth now had to rely the mission details from Heather in the Crystal Palace. Unfortunately for Victor, he was put on the spot when the team confronted Proteus’ target, Ken Connell, the Starbrand. Whilst relying the information Heather was providing him to earn Connell’s trust, Victor was thrown when Connell asked him a simple question about who won the Super Bowl. Believing the Exiles were aliens, Starbrand attacked Sabretooth, which drove him into a berserker rage, forcing Morph to intervene. Once everyone had calmed down, the group confronted Proteus once more but he slipped their grasp once again. [Exiles (1st series) #72-74]

Victor, Morph and Blink tracked Proteus across multiple realities, collecting new allies along the way. They eventually defeating the body-snatching madman by trapping him within Morph’s body and then brainwashing him into believing he was truly Morph. Victor now served along the murderer he had hunted across multiple realities. [Exiles (2nd series) #75-80]

With the threat of Proteus finally dealt with, the Exiles had the opportunity for some downtime. Sabretooth returned to his home reality in the hopes of reconnecting with Wild Child but was frustrated to learn the man had gone missing in action some time ago, and had never been the same after his two best friends had vanished. Magneto and Rogue were eager for Victor and Blink to return to the X-Men full time, and hoped it might also lure Wild Child back. However, before Victor could make a decision, he was called back to action for a mission. [Exiles (1st series) #84]

During a mission to save a benevolent Galactus, a restorer of worlds, from an evil Silver Surfer, Sabretooth recognized he was outmatched by the cosmically empowered former Herald. Victor used his head and convinced Galactus to imbue him with the power cosmic, transforming him into a golden herald that was more than a match for the Surfer. Whilst the Surfer had held the power for years, Sabretooth was a natural killer and tore the herald to pieces. Victor surprised Galactus by returning the power bestowed upon him, noting he was a rare mortal to relinquish such a gift. [Exiles (1st series) #88]

Later, on a mission to a world ruled by Hydra, the Exiles were ambushed by the Hand and taken prisoner. Only Sabretooth managed to escape back to the Crystal Palace, though badly injured. The team’s coordinator, Heather, recruited a new ally from Earth #616: Psylocke. Unfortunately, Psylocke had a bad history with the Sabretooth of her world, so when Sabretooth came to greet her, she attacked him and the pair fought. However, the pair eventually cleared things up and they were able to form a solid working relationship.

Together with Morph, Victor and Pyslocke fought their way through the Hand in order to rescue their friends, only to discover they had been brainwashed into joining the Hand themselves. Sabretooth was forced to fight the woman he had raised as his own daughter and proved that he knew all her moves, taking her down. Soon Victor had to face Hydra’s chief assassin, Slaymaster, who soundly defeated the feral mutant and cut all his tendons and left him helpless. If not for Morph and Longshot driving Slaymaster off and Heather distracting him with news the universe was about the be destroyed, Victor would surely have died.

Meanwhile, the leader of Hydra, Susan Richards, was about to destroy the universe, despite Longshot, Morph and Psylocke’s best efforts. Heather pleaded for Victor to teleport out before the world was destroyed, but he refused to leave without his friends or without undoing the brainwashing they had undergone. The team’s allies on that world, Reed Richard’s daughter Valeria and his lover Elektra, convinced Victor to have faith in Reed. This gamble paid off, as soon after the reality was destroyed, it was rebooted as part of Richards’ well laid plans. [Exiles (1st series) #90-95]

As Slaymaster had escaped into the multiverse with Madame Hydra, and had a particular obsession with Psylocke, Sabretooth started helping her train to defeat the man, cementing their budding friendship. [Exiles (1st series) 90-95]

During their next mission, the Exiles found themselves the guest of Victor Von Doom and his Fantastic Four. Victor fell under the mental influence of Von Doom after wearing clothes provided by their host that made him more compliant. He was then seduced by Susan Storm, Doom’s partner, which allowed Doom time to study the Tallus while he was unconscious during his post coital bliss. From this, Doom was able to send a team of soldiers in an attempt to seize the Crystal Palace. Fortunately for the Exiles, Psylocke had remained behind and was able to fend them off.

Fully under the influence of Doom, Victor and fellow Exiles Spider-Man 2099, fought alongside Doom’s forces in an attempt to take down his rival, Reed Richards, and the remaining Exiles. Once again, Sabretooth had to fight against Blink and his teammates, though this time he was the one under mental manipulation. Fortunately, the fight didn’t last long and the mental influence soon dissipated after when Richards killed Doom and blew up the Earth. [Exiles (1st series) 96-98]

Unfortunately, the blast from the Earth detonating scattered the Exiles across reality. One silver lining to this, however, was that Victor made a new friend. While witnessing an ambush attack by soldiers on a solitary man, an outraged Sabretooth attacked them and saved the man. The man was named Raphael Darkholme, aka Mystiq, who was more than willing to be recruited into the Exiles soon after. [Exiles (1st series) 99]