St. CROIX twins

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19th Jun 2020
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Real name

Claudette and Nicole St. Croix


M I, M-Plate, Penance II


4'2" (individually)
5’7” (as M)
5’5” (as Penance)


60 lbs. (individually)
125 lbs. (as M)
130 lbs. (as Penance)


Red (as Penance)


Blue, with no visible pupils
(as Penance)

First appearance

Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #316
(as Monet),
Generation X (1st series) #31
(as themselves)

Known relatives

Cartier (father), Jamila (mother, deceased),
Marius / Emplate (brother),
Monet / Penance (sister),
Louis (grandfather), Lenore (grandmother, deceased)



Group affiliation

Akademos Habitat of Krakoa, formerly Generation X


• The St. Croix genetic template allows siblings of the bloodline to possess individual mutant abilities, but also manifest their siblings' powers as dormant mutations or physically merge with one another to combine abilities or create new mutations
• Individually the twins possess telepathic powers, including the ability to communicate psionically and interface with the astral plane; Claudette is also heavily resistant to telepathic intrusion or manipulation, can open portals into other dimensions, and instinctively collect information about her surroundings to an advanced degree
• Bonded together, the twins mimic their sister Monet's appearance, her superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, vision, and hearing, near-invulnerability, flight, telepathic powers, and intuitive ability to process information, giving her/them vast knowledge and intelligence, an accelerated learning aptitude, and the knack for quickly analyzing and operating machinery
• Bonded with their brother as M-Plate, they possessed superhuman strength, durability, telepathic powers, and the ability to alter the inter-dimensional flux of reality, creating malleable force fields, projecting blasts of intense heat or force, opening portals through dimensional space, and warping the laws of reality to create hallucinogenic spatial distortions
• In their Penance form(s), their body absorbed negative psychic energy from the environment, using it to constrict and compress their skin into a crimson state that absorbs light, causing shadows to seemingly cling to their frame, and is diamond hard and razor sharp, with their hands and feet ending in talons