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Publication Date: 17th Feb 2022
Written By: Peter Luzifer, Ruth and Monolith.
Alternate Versions


In one reality visited by Weapon X, shown in Exiles (1st series) #38-40, almost all mutants had been killed by Sentinels. Only a select few remained, most of them siding with Magneto. Storm, on the other hand, had never joined the X-Men and instead was ruling Chicago with the help of the Vanisher. While Storm protected the city from Sentinels with an unbreachable stormfield, the Vanisher served as the only means to get into or out of the city. The widow of her own world’s version of Gambit, she happily welcomed the Weapon X’s Gambit, who tried to save her from some of his teammates, whose mission, incredible as it may sound, was to kill the remaining mutants. When Hyperion did all in his power to fulfill Weapon X’s task and it became obvious that nobody was able to stop him, Storm asked Remy to kill her before Hyperion could do it.

During the House of M reality, mutantkind developed higher numbers and greater social status throughout the world. Storm became Princess Ororo of Kenya, with a mandate from Magneto to bring the peace and prosperity to Africa that human rulers had so long failed to maintain. Unfortunately for Magneto, one human ruler proved to be more than fit to the task – King T’Challa of Wakanda. T’Challa gained Ororo’s ear, and they began congregating with the other remaining monarchies around the globe, including Atlantis, Japan and Attilan. They intended to stand together should the House of Magnus attempt to overthrow their individual kingdoms.

In the altered reality of Age of X, Ororo retained her lofty position as a goddess in Africa longer than her normal counterpart. By the time the siege of Fortress X began, she had married the mutant king of Atlantis, Namor, and fought to defend her people against the endless waves of Exonims released through the Force Wall. She still had a leadership role within the mutants, commanding Storm Cadre in the fortress' defense.



On the Savior's world, war between the mutant factions hopelessly damaged the Earth's mantle, putting the planet on the brink of collapse. Charles Xavier, the Savior, constructed a machine powered by mutant energies to maintain their world's cohesiveness. Storm's lover Cyclops sacrificed himself to help power the machine, but over time the machine needed more mutants to stabilize it. Savior and Storm began culling alternate realities for mutants and X-Men to replace those drained by the machine, and Storm eventually came for the Cyclops of Earth-616. This Scott Summers destroyed their machine, freeing the captive mutants and forcing them to find another way to save their world. The young teleporter Kurt Waggoner coordinated with the minds of a hundred alternate Xaviers to transport the entire population of Storm's world to a new, unpopulated Earth so that they could start over.

In X-Men: The End, Storm was forced to resign as leader of the XSE after her powers began causing long-term neurological complications. Nearly paralyzed from the neck down, she retired to the Kimanu Highlands where she lived with Wolverine as her lover and caretaker. When the X-Men were attacked by Warskrulls, Ororo risked her health by leaving her life support module and joining the fight. In a confrontation with Cassandra Nova on the Throneworld of Chandilar, Storm and the other major participants joined with the Phoenix and ascended to a higher plane of existence as part of the celestial tapestry.


When the Apocalypse Twins arranged for the destruction of Earth, Planet X rose from the ashes with the raptured mutant population. Over the following years, Storm rose to prominence as a member of the ruling X-Council alongside the likes of Cyclops, Psylocke, Cable and Magneto, constable of the X-Force. Lied to by Eimin about the cause of Earth's destruction, the X-Council believed Havok and his human wife Wasp to be renegades plotting to undo the paradise mutants had created. After the destruction of the tachyon dam that preserved their timeline, the X-Council and X-Force tracked down Havok and his allies to prevent them from going back into the past. Havok had made a devil's bargain with Kang and his Chronos Corps, and Storm was forced to contend with the Doom of 2099. Eventually, however, Storm and several former X-Men on the council were inspired to believe Alex's plans could save the Earth, and held the line against Magneto and his unyielding X-Force lackeys until the former members of the Avengers Unity Squad could travel back in time and undo all the harm that had passed.

In X-Men Forever, Storm's timeline diverged radically during the events of the X-Tinction Agenda. Just as before, Genegineer David Moreau and Magistrate Tam Anderson recognized the threat Cameron Hodge posed to his country and secretly arranged for the teenaged Storm to avoid the full Mutate process. Ororo pretended to be fully enslaved to the Genoshans, while working with Moreau against Hodge in private. Using the materials available to him, Moreau created a bio-synth, a clone of Storm imprinted with memories copied from her by Mutate #79 and a portion of Wipeout's power to cancel and restore abilities, since the real Wipeout was too cowardly to stand against Hodge and help restore the X-Men. The rapid growth matrix used to accelerate the bio-synth proved unstable, though, and the clone emerged at Storm's true age, instead of her current pre-teen state. When the time came for a coup, Magistrate Anderson brought Storm into contact with the X-Men. A flash of lightning seemingly restored Cyclops' powers and Storm's true age. In fact, Moreau's Magistrate ally Pipeline digitally exchanged Storm with her bio-synth counterpart, keeping the real Storm in transfax space as a failsafe while the bio-synth restored the X-Men for combat. Unfortunately, while the X-Men proved victorious against Hodge, Moreau and Pipeline were both killed in the conflict that followed, leaving the true Storm digitized and unrecovered. The bio-synth, operating under the copied memories of Storm, rejoined the X-Men with the team none the wiser as to her true identity.

The shadow organization known as the Consortium, led by Tony Stark and Ingrid Trask, was called into Genosha for relief efforts after the defeat of Hodge. Pipeline's transfax console was recovered, along with the Storm "file." As the Consortium attempted to reconstitute her human form, a portion of lifeglow lost from the previously digitized Warlock entered the mixture, and a lightning strike destroyed the lab. Iron Man learned that Storm had been split into two parts -- a non-corporeal energy being containing her memories and powers, and a pre-teen amnesiac possessing an organic form. Although the flesh-and-blood Ororo remained in the lab under Consortium control, the energy Ororo was transmitted clear by the lightning strike. As he intended to neutralize the Consortium's anti-mutant agenda from within, Stark kept the energy Ororo a secret, giving her a modified version of his own chestplate to draw upon ambient ions and maintain her energy form indefinitely.

Meanwhile, the bio-synth led the X-Men in battle with the Warskrulls and the Shadow King, believing herself to be the true Storm. Unfortunately, her unstable matrix continued to have unexpected consequences. During the fight with the Shadow King, the Storm clone permanently absorbed some of his malevolent psionic energy, thanks to the Wipeout portion of her abilities. Becom ing selfish and domineering, the bio-synth felt slighted by the return of Cyclops and Professor Xavier, and decided to destroy the X-Men if she could not lead them unopposed. She made her own deal with the Consortium, acting as a spy and traitor within the team. Wolverine so recognized her treachery, though, and managed to free the pre-teen version of Storm from the Consortium before confronting her adult counterpart. When faced with a friend, Wolverine hesitated long enough to allow his undoing, as the bio-synth burned him down to the bone with her lightning. This in turn proved to be Storm's undoing, however, as Jean Grey experienced the whole thing through her psi-link with Logan. The Storm clone was forced to flee from the X-Men and from her Consortium allies, who deemed her a loose end and attempted to eliminate her as well. The ultimate insult came when Kitty Pryde slashed "Storm" across the face with her new Adamantium claw, leaving the Beautiful Windrider permanently scarred.

Unable to solve the mystery of the different Storms, the X-Men hesitantly accepted the rescued amnesiac and pre-teen Ororo into their ranks. Lil 'Ro assisted the team on several missions with her developing powerrs, including fights with Black Magik, the Consortium and the Neo-Sentinels. Meanwhile, the bio-synth made her way to Wakanda and Ororo's childhood love, T'Challa the Black Panther. Seeking sanctuary, she manipulated T'Challa into accepting her version of events over that of Nick Fury and the X-Men. She styled herself as a hero and protector of the Wakandan people, earning their love as well as their king's. On the eve of their wedding, she arranged for the Panther's arch-nemesis Erik Killmonger to escape from custody and murder T'Challa. She then murdered Killmonger in turn and, claiming she and the king had already completed a private ceremony, ascended to the throne of Wakanda. In honor of her new status, the bio-synth began calling herself Perfect Storm.

Meanwhile , the Ororo energy being had not been idle. Working in hiding in Genosha with Tony Stark, she stiffened to hear of her bio-synth's rise to power and the malice evident behind it. Stark provided her with a modified containment armor in honor of their fallen friend, allowing Ororo to assume a new identity as the Ghost Panther. She organized the Morlocks and Genoshan mutant population into an underground movement to defend against the Consortium, while also striking  against Perfect Storm's Wakanda. Both goals were met when 'Ro was captured by Consortium agents and sold in a deal to Perfect Storm to amned for past slights. The Ghost Panther intercepted 'Ro on her way to Wakanda and brought her younger counterpart to Genosha. This kicked off a political firestorm as Perfect Storm announced her intention to forcibly annex Genosha into the nation of Wakanda. In a confrontation between the three women, Ghost Panther revealed her true nature to 'Ro as they gathered the X-Men to assault Wakanda and end the threat of Perfect Storm.

Perfect Storm defended her country from invaders by enlisting the Mighty Avengers as allies against the fugitive X-Men. Cyclops was attempting to get Captain America to listen to reason when Perfect Storm tried to murder him from behind. His brother Havok threw his body in the path of the bio-synth's lightning, dying to save his brother and revealing the murderess for who she was. Ghost Panther and 'Ro managed to reclaim their true form with the help of Doctor Strange, and the real, unified Storm worked with Polaris and defeated Perfect Storm in aerial combat in the skies over Wakanda. With that, Perfect Storm was turned over to Magistrate Anderson for safekeeping and the hopes of deprogramming her malevolence. In turn, Ororo assumed the identity of her hateful doppelganger as Queen of Wakanda, reversing the treachery that started it all by infiltrating the Consortium's good graces on behalf of the X-Men. In the absence of a true monarch, Ororo hoped to lead Wakanda in the manner that T'Challa would have wanted.

In several futures, Ororo either remained married to T'Challa or reunited with him at a later date. In one future, Ororo and T'Challa had a son named Azari. Their son was one of the few survivors of Ultron's conquest of America, and he fought against the robot regime with the Next generation of Avengers in memory of his parents. In another timeline, Ororo remained queen of Wakanda in a relatively peaceful future. She and T'Challa had at least five children, three boys and two girls. The eldest T'Chaka was set to marry Danielle Cage-Jones, and Storm counseled her younger son T'Wari about his jealousy towards his brother. In apparently yet another timeline, a different T'Chaka (son of Ororo and T'Challa) was the cavalier Panther who joined the Exiles.

Most recently, their daughter Kymera from a future reality encountered the X-Men of the 616 reality during the Battle of the Atom crossover.  The exact nature of her abilities has not been revealed, but she is constantly accompanied by a massive panther with glowing markings reminiscent of Vibranium.  When her team's trip to the past came to an end , Kymera elected to remain in the past in part to hunt down the Brotherhood of the future who had also remained in this timeline.  For a time, she stayed at the Jean Grey Institute to be close to the younger counterparts of her friends, particularly the infant Shogo recently adpted by Jubilee.  She has since decided to put some distance between herself and her "mother" though she has vowed to keep a close eye on Shogo.

In Age of X-Man, Storm remained one of the X-Men. After Hope Summers sacrificed her life for the Resolution, everyone on Earth became a mutant. No longer hated and feared, the X-Men remained the premiere heroes of the world, acting on disaster relief and search-and-rescue missions. Storm embraced the life of a pacifist as much as any of the X-Men. She was eventually crushed to learn their society was based on a lie created by X-Man.