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30th May 2013

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1) Upon joining Generation X, Synch was issued the standard team uniform: a deep, metallic red bodysuit with yellow armored boots and gloves, elbow padding and a striped belt with a black X symbol on a blue background. [Generation X #1]

2) When the Massachusetts Academy accepted human students, Synch and the rest of Generation X were issued new uniforms that included masks to conceal their identities. These were slightly sleeker bodysuits with a broad yellow swath down the middle of the chest and the addition of yellow briefs over the crimson leggings. The armored gloves and boots remained though with slight modifications, such as a large X on the gauntlets. The X-belt was identical to the previous uniform's. Synch wore a full skullcap with a mask and a pair of aviator style goggles, which generally rested atop his head. [Generation X #51]