Cable Vol. 2: The End

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Darko Macan and David Tischman (Writers), Mike Huddleston and Igor Kordey (Artists)

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He is a soldier without a country, fighting the battles no politician will acknowledge and no journalist will cover. His name is Cable, and he travels the globe to protect those the world has forgotten. Deep in the heart of Europe, Macedonians seek to "cleanse" their ethnic Albanian rivals. Such dark plans have all too often resulted in hidden genocide, the tragedy forgotten by all except the ghosts of the dead. Enter Cable, a freedom fighter pledging allegiance to no faction but the innocents caught in the crossfire of terrorism and global unrest. His weapon of choice is a powerful philosophy of peace, but he's not afraid to back it up with decisive action. Plus: When Cable is forced to face his future, could it mean the end of his quest?

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Cable (1st series) #101-107

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