Cable (1st series) #101

Issue Date: 
March 2002
Story Title: 
How Many Albanians Does it Take to Screw in a Lightblub ?

David Tischman (writer), Igor Kordey (artist), Chris Sotomayor (colors), RS and Comicraft's Saida! (letters), Andrew Lis and Mark Powers (editors), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Three years ago, Gani arrived home to find that his sister hds been raped by serbian soldiers. To restore family honor he was forced to kill her. Present day, UN peacekeeping forces are dropping bombs on Macedonia, however they have dropped some bombs on the wrong targets. Cable gets a lift from photojournalist Eddie Hoyle to Skopje and Eddie secretly takes photos of Cable when he telekinetically rearranges his clothes on arriving at his hotel. Dr. Cvetkovski talks with a colleague about the virus they have created to kill the Shiptar (a derogatory term for ethinc albanian), whilst Ethnic Albanians meet with NATO troops and hand over their weapons. Dr. Cvetkovski's assistant, Viktoria, is attacked by a colleague, but she stops him when she finds a gun. He tells her that he knows she has been stealing Interferon from the lab and going to tell on her. Cable plans an assault on an offic tower. Late at night he enters the building and sets a bomb, only to be confronted by Viktoria. He grabs her and jumps out of the building before it explodes. Eddie Hoyle meets with Reuben Goldberg and shows him the photos of Cable. Reuben tells him to finish the job he was hired for. In an underground complex Gani is talking with Dr. Yacoupi about the problems they have as they enter a room where they are cloning people.

Full Summary: 

(Three years ago)

Kosovo, 1999. An Albanian scientist Gani gets a call from his mother and returns home to find that his brother was killed and his younger sister raped by Serbian soldiers. He tells his mother to go, but she doesn’t. He pulls a gun and through crying eyes, shoots his sister whilst his mother pleads for him to stop so that the family’s honor can be restored.

The fighting between the two peoples still continues, The Serbians are still denying their actions. The U.N. has sent a peacekeeping force into the area, although the peacekeeping force have dropped bombs on the wrong targets.
In Macedonia, Cable is walking towards Skopje when he encounters two men guarding the street. They stop him, demanding to know what he wants. Cable doesn't have time to tell them and because he isn’t in full control of his powers anymore, takes them out with a couple of kicks and punches. He then borrows their car to speed his journey.
In an office tower in Skopje, Serbian scientists, led by Dr. Cvetkovski, have developed a new disease that attacks the DNA of Albanians, wiping them out within one generation. General Popov is led around the complex, and Cvetkovski’s assistant Viktoria informs him of a phone call from his son.
As Cable continues journey to Skopje, his stolen car runs out of gas and he hitches a ride with photojournalist Eddie Hoyle. Cable has seen Eddie’s photography work and they chat for the journey. Eddie drops him off at a hotel, and secretly takes a few pictures of Cable psi-changing his clothing. As Cable enters the lobby, he is now dressed in a smart suit, and checks in.
At a nearby Football Stadium, Ethnic Albanians meet with NATO troops and hand over weapons as a sign of good faith to get greater civil rights. The 2twocommanders comment that when all this is over they can play football again once the Americans have left.
Dr. Cvetkovski's assistant, Viktoria, is swamped with paperwork and falls asleep at her desk, when she wakes to find a colleague, Zlatko, caressing her leg, and so stabs his hand with a pen. He slaps her back and unzips his trousers, but Viktoria pulls a gun on him and tells him to get out. She tells him that he’s a pig and gave her herpes. Zlatko leaves her but tells her that he knows she's been stealing Interferon from the lab, and he's going to tell Dr. Cvetkovski.
Meanwhile in his hotel room cable is working on a 3D hologram of an Office tower formulating a plan to break in.
In Tetovo, a Dr. Gani sits in a café talking with some other ethnic Albanians. They talk about what they are doing. Fadili, a soldier, talks about the heavy casualties they have taken and Gani tells the others he has been working night and day since his sisters death. Another man tells them that they are both working towards a common goal, however Fadili fights for the present, Gani for the future.
Back in Skopje, Cable uses grav-disks to carry him to the twelfth floor and then uses acid in his gloves to break through the glass. He sets a bomb, but is interrupted by Viktoria who still hasn’t left for the day. Viktoria threatens him with a gun and fires. However Cable is able to avoid being shot and knocking the gun aside, he grabs her and dives out the window just as the bomb detonates. They land safely, Cable realises how much he had come to depend on his powers, as he didn’t run a psi-scan before entering the building. Viktoria is upset and shouts at him, thinking he's an Albanian terrorist. Cable tells her that he just saved her life, but she tells him that he's just killed them all.
In a warehouse in another section of Skopje, Reuben Goldberg is talking with Eddie Hoyle, who is looking for something to eat in his fridge. Reuben is looking at the photos that Eddie has taken, and spots Cable. He tells Eddie to finish eating, and then go do what he hired him for.
In an underground lab near Skopje, Gani is walking with his superior, Dr. Yacoupi. Their facilities are not yet fully operational and have had frequent blackouts and electrical overloads. As they enter a secure room, Dr Yacoupi signs an invoice. As they walk past tubes filled with clones he tells Gani to pass on a message to Samir that they are working as fast as they can.

Characters Involved: 


Eddie Hoyle, photojornalist

Reuben Goldberg
Dr Cvetkovski, macedonian scientist

Viktoria, his assitant


General Popov, macedonian military
Dr. Gani, Dr Yacoupi, albanian scientists

Fadili, an albanian soldier

Samir, leader of the albanian rebels
Three years ago :

Dr. Gani

Sofia, his raped sister

Mrs. Gani, their mother

Story Notes: 

The next issue will reveal that the third man in the café in Tetovo is rebel leader Samir.

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