Cable (1st series) #102

Issue Date: 
April 2002
Story Title: 
Oops, I Did It Again !

David Tischman (writer), Igor Kordey (artist), Chris Sotomayor (colors), Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Saida Temofonte (letters), Lynne Yoshii (assistant Editor), Andrew Lis (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Outside the burning building, General Popov talks with Dr. Cvetkovski, who tells him everything about their genetic virus has been destroyed, and that hisd assistant Viktoria maybe involved. Cable is walking Viktoria to what she believes is a safe place, a church where she grew up. However on arrival they are ambushed by Macedonian soldiers. Luckily they are able to escape thanks to Cable bodysliding the pair away to a secret base. Cable tells Viktoria his plans before they leave his base. In an underground facility, Samir gives an inspirational speech to dozens of macedonian clones. Gani plays chess with his cloned sister and her new boyfriend arrives, but Gani is overprotective. Dr. Yacoupi recieves tests results that say the clones will only survive for two years at the most. Cable and Viktoria arrive at the hotel, but before they can enter the room, the photojornalist Eddie Hoyle shoots Cable in the head.

Full Summary: 

Firefighters are dealing with the blaze at the building Cable blew up. Dr. Cvetkovski is at the site with Zlatko when he is approached by a guard telling him to see General Popov. He leaves Zlatko and gets into the car, where his superior is not impressed that the virus program has been completely destroyed. The doctor tells him that all the notes, samples and human guinea pigs have been destroyed, but there may be a chance the virus got airborne, however it is sensitive to heat. He tells the general that Zlatko has told him about Viktoria stealing from the lab and that she maybe involved but the general dismisses it as office politics that he is not concerned with.
In the Underground Facility a large group of clones are playing football and enjoying themselves. They have spent their entire existence in this underground complaex and never saw anbody but themselves and the scientists who created them.
Meanwhile Viktoria tells Cable all about them as they walk through Skopje. Cable is surprised and she mentions the fact that a test batch was found in a mass grave. They walk to a Church which Viktoria believes is a safe place, which is led by her friend Father Mikael. After being introduced the Father leaves to get a present, but Cable realizes it’s a trap and throws Viktoria to the floor. Macedonian soldiers try to execute them, Cable takes one out and then uses his gun on the others inside the church. As they try to leave the church they are surrounded. Before they are taken prisoner Cable bodyslides himself and Viktoria out.
At the Hotel Murat, Eddie Hoyle is staying in Cable’s room and has ordered room service.
Back in the Cloning facility, Samir is delivering an inspirational speech to the Clones. A pair of beautiful blonde twin-clones, enjoy the speech and invite him for a stroll through the botanical gardens.
Viktoria is nauseous after the bodysliding. Cable makes them coffee and explains what he is trying to do and his philosophy. He knows that she was only stealing antibiotics for the children in the orphanage. He tells her that he wasn’t aware of the cloning when he arrived in Macedonia, but now he is he will fix it, like he did the virus. He checks to see if she is going to be ok to teleport before they do.
Gani is at home playing chess with his sister, who has been cloned back to life. She tells him about a boy she is going to meet, who is also a clone. He arrives and Gani is overprotective. He asks where they are going, to which Sali replies for a walk through the botanical gardens. Gani, knowing what happens in the botanical gardens, invites them to stay and play a boardgame with him instead.
At Dr. Yacoupi's lab, a crisis is forming. All the tests he's run are telling him the same thing that there is a problem with the clones, they only survive for about two years.
Cable and Viktoria have travelled to his hotel about to enter his room, when Eddie Hoyle calls him. Before Nathan can react, Eddie has fired a gun and shot him in the dead center of his forehead.

Characters Involved: 


Viktoria, former assistant of Cvetkovski

Eddie Hoyle, photojornalist
Dr Cvetkovski, macedonian scientist


General Popov, macedonian military
Dr. Gani, Dr Yacoupi, albanian scientists

Samir, leader of the albanian rebels

Ana, clone of Gani’s sister

Sali, Helen, and several more unnamed clones

Story Notes: 

Gani’s sister was called Sofia last issue. Her clone is named Ana this issue.

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