Avengers (3rd series) #3

Issue Date: 
April 1998
Story Title: 
Once an Avenger... - part 3: Fata Morgana

Kurt Busiek (Plot), George Perez (Art), Al Vey (Inks), Tom Smith (Colors), Richard Starkings & COMICRAFT (Letters), Tom Brevoort (Editor), Bob Harras (Editor in Chief)

Brief Description: 

Cap and his band of Avengers are training in the forest, when and image of Morgan appears before them, demanding that they return the Scarlet Witch to her. As the Avengers wonder where Wanda is, the missing mutant in question is actually hiding at the beach. The recently resurrected Wonder Man returns with firewood and explains to Wanda that, after he died, he was able to hold onto something instead of passing on to the next world. Wanda asks him what he was holding onto, but the man tells her it is not important. The next day the Avengers dress up as monks and enter Morgan’s castle, where they confront their mind-controlled friends. The Scarlet Witch arrives to fight Morgan one on one, but is unable to defeat her. Wonder Man returns and is able to weaken her hold on the Avengers. The reunited team channels their power through Wanda, who strengthens Simon to the max after Morgan critically wounds Vision. Simon uses the power to kill Morgan, but is killed in the process again. The world is back to normal, but there is still one problem. Whatever are they going to do with 39 Avengers?

Full Summary: 

In the magically transformed world of Morgan Le Fey, a handful of Avengers, as well as Justice, train in the forest of Cornwall, near Tintagel Head. Thor sends a bolt of lightning at Justice, who evades it but is still nervous. Hawkeye shoots his arrows at Photon, whose intangibility causes the arrows to pass right through her and into a tree. Clint mutters that all he asks for is an electro-disruption arrow, but Photon tells him that he won’t have such luck. Wasp goes after Quasar, who shields himself from her stings.

Captain America raises his shield into the air and orders everyone to stop. Cap compliments everyone on their solo work and then decides to move onto some teamwork. Slightly haughty, Quasar tells Cap that his side may have Thor, but Photon, Justice and he are very powerful together. Cap tells Quasar that power isn’t everything and also points out that he could have quantum-armored if the Wasp gave him the chance. “Point taken,” says Quasar with a smile.

Cap turns to Photon and tells Monica that she should not depend on her intangibility. He then asks her what would have happened if Hawkeye was able to disrupt her. Finally, Cap tells Justice that he has nice evasive skills. Justice salutes him and nervously says that terror helped him out. The young mutant then mentions that if he had done it yesterday then maybe he’d have performed better. Cap tells Vance not to beat himself up. They were against more than a dozen Avengers and escaped, which is a feat to be proud of.

Hawkeye goes over to a tree and pulls of his arrow. Clint asks Cap how it feels to lead the Merry Men of Sherwood. Cap questions Hawkeye’s choice of Robin Hood, but Clint finishes Cap’s comment and says that Cap would have chosen King Arthur. Clint tells the American super soldier that it is Robin Hood all the way.

As Hawkeye inspects the arrowhead, he asks Cap when they will dress up as monks and sneak into the castle. Cap tells him that sneaking isn’t his style. The Wasp flies to him and asks what they do then. They go over to the others and Cap tells them that they wait for Morgan to make a mistake. Justice puts his helmet back on and asks Cap if he is sure Morgan will mess up. Cap explains that if Morgan could work within a functioning system then she would have achieved success within society instead of breaking all the rules. “She’ll slip up – count on it.”

In her castle, Morgan tells a wretched guard to listen to her. Horribly angry she tells the man that she escaped the rebirth of Attilan, called the denizens of Asgard to Earth, stole the Norn Stones and used that power with the Twilight Sword to remake reality. She rules reality and the Avengers are her loyal slaves, but it all depends on two things, the Twilight Sword and the power of the Scarlet Witch. She then asks the guard her question. “I have the Twilight Sword – but where – is – the Scarlet – WITCH?!”

Manikin holds the guard as Morgan grabs him by the face, her nails digging into his skin. Priestess uses her telepathy to read the man’s thoughts and tells Morgan that he knows nothing. He left his post to relieve himself and, when he returned, there was a hole in the Scarlet Witch’s cell and the prisoner was gone. Since the man is of no use to her, Morgan simply crushes his head, blood splattering all over Manikin.

From behind, Mordred comes in with the ambassador of Lemuria, who has been waiting. Mordred explains the ambassador came to ask for peace between their empires and Morgan cannot ignore matter such as this. The ambassador introduces himself but, before he can get far, Morgan apologizes and tells him that she has no time for him at the moment. With that said, she blasts him away in a wave of purple energy, which disintegrates the man.

Morgan rushes to Mordred and cannot believe that he is now one of the rulers of the world and all he cares about are meetings and protocols. Deviant Lemuria, the Picts and Mandarin China are nothing. They only exist to amuse her. Mordred starts to interject, but Morgan tells him that all of that means nothing without the Scarlet Witch and the Twilight Sword. When one of them disappears, then everything else comes second. Terrified, Mordred tells his aunt that he understands.

Morgan points her finger; still emanating magic, at Priestess, who is just as terrified as Mordred, and tells her to use her telepathy to locate the traitors, for this must be their doing. Priestess pauses, and then does as Morgan commands.

Soon in the woods, the wind begins to howl. Wasp wonders what is going on as an image of Morgan explodes out of the ground in a swirl of purple energy. Angrily, Morgan tells the Avengers that she only allowed them to carry on because she wanted to enjoy hunting them down, but they have until tomorrow to return the Scarlet Witch to her or she will find their antics less amusing and destroy them all. Hawkeye and Thor are confused, but before they can question Morgan she disappears.

The Avengers are silent until Quasar asks what just happened. On a tree with the Wasp, Cap tells the others that Morgan made her mistake and is scared. The Avengers will strike tonight. Justice is confused and points out that Morgan didn’t look scared. Photon tells Justice that she was scared to Cap and if you hang out with him long enough you’ll get used to it. Justice tells Monica that he will never get used to that. Wasp speaks up and says that the plan is fine, but wonders about one thing. Clint agrees and asks that if they don’t have Wanda and Morgan doesn’t, then where is she?

On the coast south of Tintagel, Wanda Maximoff huddles in her cloak by a fire on the beach. She can barely understand what happened to her. She was kidnapped by Morgan, infused with energy and then something unpredictable happened when she tried to reach out to the Avengers. Wanda looks into the night sky as a man asks her if she is ok. Wanda is surprised to see that Wonder Man is back. The ionic man descends from the sky and carries a ridiculous amount of firewood and mentions that he got carried away.

Wanda gets up and tells him that she thought he had vanished and that he was something she accidentally created with Morgan’s magic. Wonder Man puts down the logs and tells Wanda that he is the real deal. Wanda is confused and remembers that he died a long time ago. Stoically, Simon agrees that he did. He was made of ionic energy and he thought that made him immortal. However, when the Kree Ion Cannon ruptured, he died while containing it. Fortunately, there was something he could hold on to, so he did and when she gave out the call to the Avengers he was actually able to come back to the living world.

Wanda is shocked and asks Simon what he held onto so long. Simon tells her that it is not important and turns away from her. Wanda closes her eyes and tells him that maybe they can talk about it later. She turns to the fire and tells him that they need to make plans and figure out how to find the Avengers and reverse Morgan’s magic. She jokes and tells Simon that raising the dead really took it out of her and asks for some ideas. When Wonder Man does not respond she turns around only to find herself alone. Suddenly, she feels colder.

As the sun sets in Morgan’s world, a group of seven robed monks head towards the gates to Morgan’s castle, asking to stay the night. The guard allows them into the city. Under his hood, Hawkeye tells Cap that the monk thing always works. Cap tells Clint to remember the plan, which is to find the Twilight Sword so Thor can try to weaken Morgan’s hold on it. Before Cap can continue though, a familiar voice tells them to halt. The Avengers look ahead to see thirty-one mind controlled Avengers charging at them with Heracles and Gypsy Davy in the lead.

Wasp quickly stings Gypsy Davy since he is the fastest. Thor commends the Wasp’s choice as he defends himself from Iron Knight and Lady Magdalene. Cap and Hawkeye are backed up against each other and Hawkeye takes the time to apologize for them getting caught. Cap tells his old friend that he prefers the battle to be out in the open, because they know where they stand.

Quasar fights against Knave of Hearts while Justice, who is in disbelief that he is fighting the Avengers, fights Sir Devilfish. Photon blinds a group of Avengers and asks the Wasp how they can win against so many Avengers. Wasp reassures her that they will find away and then apologizes to her honey Gigantus as she stings him in the face.

The battle continues as Thor and Heracles clash their mighty weapons together. As Justice evades the Priestess’ psychic attack, he slams Blackbird with his telekinesis. However, above all the Avengers, a woman is heard laughing. All look up to see a giant Morgan Le Fey watching the battle in delight. She talks to Cap, as he duels with The Black Knight. The sorceress taunts the living legend and holds the Twilight Sword in front of him, asking him if he can take it. Mordred rushes out of the castle and asks Morgan if she is mad. He told her to just capture the Scarlet Witch and forget about the Avengers, but she just had to involve them. Morgan has enough with Mordred and blasts her nephew with a wave of magical energy, killing the man.

She tells her deceased nephew that the Avengers had to be involved or else there would be no point in a triumph. If all he can do is worry, then let his tongue be still forever. Cap tells Morgan that she can silence Mordred, but he is right. The Avengers will never give up and will do no matter what to beat her. Morgan points to Cap and asks him how he is planning on doing that. When she remade the world she reserved all mystical power to herself. Since she cannot be beaten by anything else but magic, who in the world can challenge her?

Suddenly, scarlet energy slams Morgan in the face. The Queen’s Vengeance looks around in confusion, but Hawkeye cheers on the newcomer to the battle. Standing in the middle of the battle is the Scarlet Witch, with magical energy erupting from her hands. “I can challenge you, Morgan!” says Wanda, “I—The Scarlet With! I can – and I will!”

Morgan raises her Twilight Sword into the air and tells Wanda that she does not know how happy she is the see the mutant witch. With her back she can take the Twilight Sword and remake everything once again. Wanda has not saved her teammates, but she has doomed them. Wanda tells Morgan that is true only if the sorceress can capture her, but this time Wanda is ready. Morgan infused her with magic, so there is someone in the world that can stop her, and that woman is going to do it.

Wanda sends another wave of energy at Morgan, but the other woman blocks it with the Twilight Sword. Morgan boasts that she has practiced magic for fourteen centuries and Wanda only has a few half-forgotten tricks up her sleeves. She then asks Wanda if she can win with that. Hesitantly, Wanda says that she can try. Cap defends himself from Lady Magdalene and Chevalier. He tells Wanda that she is an Avenger and to show Morgan what that means.

Wanda concentrates harder and she can feel herself contact something. She begins to communicate with it, but it is not enough. Morgan knows this and tells Wanda that she is impressed that she is doing better that expected, but the Twilight Sword will stay with Morgan.

Wanda knows that she cannot beat Morgan in her current state. She begins to wish that Simon were still here – and, just like that, he is. A giant Wonder Man leaps towards Morgan from behind and smashes his fists at Morgan, who blocks them with the Twilight Sword. Morgan is confused and tells Simon that he in not a part of her world and it is impossible for him to be there. Jokingly, Simon tells her that life is like that sometimes and orders her to return the sword.

Below, Justice continues to fight the Avengers. Startled, he questions if that is the real Wonder Man up there. He knew the New Warriors’ battles got weird sometimes, but he is definitely not used to this. Justice lets down his guard and Priestess sends a wave of psychic energy into his head. Before she can do more damage, though, someone hits her in the back of the head with a staff. Justice looks down and sees Demolition Man holding the unconscious Priestess. Demolition Man calls up to Justice and tells him that he just woke up all of a sudden, which means Morgan’s hold on the Avengers must be weakening.

Morgan uses the power of the Twilight Sword to beat Simon back. In pain, Simon tells Wanda that he needs more power. Wanda pours more power into him, but it is not enough. Quasar puts his hand on Wanda’s shoulder and tells her to take his power too. With a simple thought, a corona of scarlet energy envelopes Quasar with her. Cap puts his hand on Wanda’s other shoulder and tells her that they are with her.

Behind Cap, Iron Man puts his hand on his shoulder and agrees. Cap welcomes his old friend back. Quicksilver puts his hand on Iron Man’s shoulder and tells his sister to pay Morgan back for what she did to them. Behind Quasar, the Black Knight, Crystal and Vision all hold on to each other to add their energy to Wanda’s. Wanda tells Morgan that it is her magic that is allowing them to give the energy of the Avengers to Simon, which means she is going down.

Simon pushes Morgan against the castle keep, the sword against her throat. He tells Wanda to keep the energy coming, but Morgan refuses to let this continue any further. By now, the Avengers’ minds have returned to normal and are channeling their energy to Simon through Wanda.

Morgan refuses to let the Avengers win and shoots several blasts of magic from her eyes. Hercules is knocked down and the Beast is separated from Firebird and Magdalene. U.S.Agent blocks another blast with his shield, but is worried that Morgan is splitting them up. Simon turns to Wanda and tells her that she knows what she has to do. He tells her that he is an Avenger and that he is ready.

Wanda knows what Simon is asking for her. He wants more power than even his form cannot contain. She knows it will kill him again and she cannot do it. Then a blast of energy hits the Vision and his waist downwards is shattered. Wanda sees this and screams out her ex-husband’s name in horror at what happened.

Wanda sends more energy to Wonder Man and tells Morgan that she just made her last mistake. The bottom line is that they are Avengers and they do what it takes. Morgan feels coldness as the control of the Twilight Sword slips away from her. Wonder Man feels the power rip out of control through his body. Quietly, Wanda tells Simon to forgive her. As Morgan dies in the wave of magical energy, she screams no, while Wonder Man screams yes. The energy explodes and the whole world is engulfed into it.

The screams of both Morgan and Wonder Man fade away in the light and, when it is all gone, the Avengers find themselves back to normal at present day Tintagel Head. The Avengers look around, confused. Justice and Firestar help Hercules up from Morgan’s attack. Immediately, Cap tells Giant-Man and Iron Man that the Vision needs immediate attention.

Wanda, Sersi and the Black Knight are by the remains of the Vision, which are just his upper body. Wanda asks Sersi to please use her transmutation powers to help him, but Sersi says that his workings are alien to her and she can only seal the damage, not recreate the missing parts. Vision looks up into the sky and asks Wanda what that energy is. Wanda looks up and sees purple ionic energy die out. Wanda cries and tells Vision that it is Simon.

Thor picks up the Twilight Sword and tells Cap that he shall return it to the Sea of Eternal Night before it can be used for more mischief. After that, he needs to go and search for his missing people. However, he shall return, knowing that he has mighty friends on Earth. Cap smiles and tells him to never doubt it.

Photon flies into the sky and tells Cap that she is going to trigger the automatic return in the other Quinjets. Cap tells her it is a good idea, because they are going to need them. Giant-Man tells Cap that Sersi has sealed up most of the damage, but they need to get him back to the mansion to see if they can fix him.

Beast leaps up onto a pillar and looks at Cap, Giant-Man and Hawkeye. He jokes and tells the three that the Avengers are back in business. He also mentions that if that was really Simon then he needs to talk to a certain somebody. However, that leaves one question, says Beast. “What are we gonna do with 39 Avengers?!”

Characters Involved: 

Beast/Kreature, Binary/Ms. Marvel/Lady Marvel, Black Knight/The Black Knight, Black Panther/Nubian Prince, Black Widow/Tsarina, Captain America/Yeoman America, Crystal/Elementelle, Darkhawk/Falconer, Demolition Man/The Serf, Falcon/Blackbird, Firebird/Firemaiden, Giant-Man/Gigantus, Hawkeye/Longbow, Hercules/Heracles, Iron Man/Iron Knight, Living Lightning/Sir Fulminator, Machine Man/Sir MacHinery, Magdalene/ Lady Magdalene, Moondragon/Priestess, Photon/Daystar, Quasar/Star-Knight, Quicksilver/Gypsy Davy, Rage/Blacksmith, Sandman/Quarryman, Scarlet Witch/The Gypsy Witch, Sersi/Circe the Sorceress, She-Hulk/Jade Giantess, Spider-Woman/Arachne, Starfox/Knave of Hearts, Swordsman/Chevalier, Stingray/Sir Devilfish, Sub-Mariner/Sealord, Thor/Donar, Tigra/Grimalkin, U.S.Agent/Liegeman, Vision/Manikin, Wasp/Pixie (all Avengers and Queen’s Vengeance)

Firestar/Lady Comet, Justice/Squire Justice (both New Warriors and Queen’s Vengeance)

Mordred the Evil
Morgan Le Fay

Story Notes: 

The events Morgan talks about to the guard in the beginning occurred in Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #2, Journey into Mystery #514, Marvel Team-Up (2nd Series) #4, and Avengers (3rd Series) #1-2.

Wonder Man died in Force Works #1.

The Beast’s question of “What are we gonna do with 39 Avengers?!” harkens back to the end of Giant-Sized X-Men #1. At the end of that issue, after Cyclops and the six “new” X-Men helped to rescue six of the “old” team, the question was asked, “What are we gonna do with 13 X-Men?!”