Avengers (3rd series) #4

Issue Date: 
May 1998
Story Title: 
Too Many Avengers!

Kurt Busiek (Writer), George Perez (Artist), Al Vey & Bob Wiacek (Inkers), Tom Smith (Colorist), Richard Starkings (Letterer), Gregg Schigiel (Assistant Editor), Tom Brevoort (Editor), Bob Harras (Editor-in-Chief)

Brief Description: 

Almost twenty Avengers try to foil the Whirlwind’s attempt at robbing a bank, but with so many in the way, he escapes with what he stole. As the media hypes up over the new roster, the founding Avengers meet to discuss getting things sorted out, and they meet their new liaison, Duane Freeman. As they begin to run through the possibilities of membership, Cap, Thor and Iron Man all decide to stay. The Scarlet Witch and Vision are the next enlisted and the two have a confrontation over their former relationship. Beast and Carol Danvers discuss possible new codenames for her and she learns that she will never be able to power up to Binary again, before telling Beast that she wants to be with the team more than anything. Later, Carol gives Iron Man the impression that she has problems with alcohol, and he suggests that she isn’t fit for the team, until the other founders back Carol up. Meanwhile Justice and Firestar defeat Whirlwind, hoping for a space on the team, which Hawkeye promises them after seeing them defeat Whirlwind. Cap informs them that the only position on the roster is for Hawkeye, but before the upset former New Warriors can leave he suggests a compromise and gives them reserve membership. With the new roster sorted, they attend the press conference, and Captain America cries ‘Avengers Assemble’.

Full Summary: 

Televisions across the Manhattan are suddenly interrupted by a Breaking News Update with Megan McLaren. The reporter greets her audience before informing them that she is in front of Avengers Mansion, where developments are soon expected, especially in the wake of events that happened the day before. Television screens are now filled with the images of the event Megan is talking about, as it was caught on cameras at the bank where the event took place.

It began with the intrusion into the bank by the villain known as Whirlwind, who threatened people within the bank before using his powers to demolish the banks vault door, and he instructed employees and customers to fill a large sack with cash and securities. Once he had what he wanted he was about to make his getaway – when he is stopped by almost twenty Avengers.

However, things do not go according to plan, as the Avengers all move towards Whirlwind, the superfast Quicksilver gets trapped by some of Spider Woman’s psionic webs as she attempted to restrain Whirlwind. Julia apologizes to Pietro about the webs as Hawkeye readies an arrow and tells Whirlwind that they were just warning shots, and suggests that he surrender. Magdalene disagrees with Hawkeye and the extra-dimensional warrior tells him that they cannot get to Whirlwind with so many Avengers in the way, she asks Clint to get them all to pull back – before it is too late.

But it already is too late, as Whirlwind uses his propulsion powers to take to the air, he knocks Sandman into Namor. As he flies away he thinks how wonderful this situation is – there are too many Avengers and they are falling all over themselves – though he knows he has to get out fast, before they get organized. Hercules hurls a large lump of rubble up into the air trying to stop Whirlwind, as the powerful Inhuman Crystal warns him that she has set up a wind-trap, and that if it gets disrupted, it will go wild, which it does. Stingray, Falcon, Rage and Justice are thrown into one another.

Taking command of the situation, Hawkeye calls out to the others, ordering someone – anyone – to stop Whirlwind before he escapes. Machine Man extends one of his arms up and out of the hole in the roof, and as he almost reaches Whirlwind, his arm is cut off by a blast from Carol Danvers a.k.a. Binary, the original Ms. Marvel, who quickly apologizes to Machine Man, who tells her it is all right, as he has another arm after all. The civilians all begin to cause a commotion, reminding the Avengers that Whirlwind is getting away.
Black Panther advises the bank staff that if they contact the Maria Stark Foundation, all damages will be paid for. The irate staff member asks T’Challa if he thinks it is all right, before asking if this is amateur hour. Quicksilver complains about Spider Woman’s psi-webs to Hawkeye, who, disgraced, just tells him to shut-up.

Out the front of the Avengers Mansion, Megan McLaren surrounded by a host of fellow reporters and cameramen as well as onlookers and people hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the Avengers. McLaren comments on how the incident with Whirlwind was an embarrassing moment for such a proud team, before adding that a spokesman for the Avengers has mentioned that the team will be cut down to a manageable roster soon enough. As she speaks, the founding members are in a conference with their new federal security liaison, as the world waits for the new line-up!

Inside the conference room, Captain America salutes Giant-Man and his lover, the Wasp, as they enter the room, Dr. Pym apologizing for their lateness, mentioning that Jan could not decide which costume to wear. The Wasp jokes about how "easy" it is to look this good before commenting on Captain America’s triangular shield. Steve Rogers, the legendary Captain thanks her before mentioning that it is not the old one, which got lost at sea, but nonetheless does the job.

Iron Man gets up from his seat next to Captain America and introduces Federal Agent Duane Jerome Freeman, their new security liaison. Duane gets up from his seat as Wasp flies over to the Mighty Thor, sitting across the table from Captain America and tells the Norse God how handsome he looks now that he has shaved, calling him the God of Hunks. Thor thanks his fellow-founding Avenger, as the Wasp transforms to her full size, and shakes Duane’s hand. Jan apologizes to Duane, mentioning that these days she is not normally so giddy, but with such a grouping of Avengers, it does something to her.

Freeman tells Janet that he knows the feeling, before they all settle down to business. Duane sits in front of a laptop computer as he brings up the subject of how they are all considered founders, even though Captain America didn’t join until later, he adds that it is even in the charter and asks how it works. Giant Man reduces his size to normal as he explains that it is an administrative thing, for someone has to be responsible for the team’s good name, no matter how often the roster changes. He informs Duane that they decided to make it the founders, and gave Captain America founder status when they voted the Hulk out.

Duane looks at the photo of the Hulk on the laptop, the first Avenger to be removed from the roster. Captain America asks Freeman if he has any requirements for reinstating the Avengers’ security clearances. Adding that after yesterday’s debacle he wishes to get back to a functioning team as soon as possible. Duane replies that he has none, and is stunned that everyone waited around long enough while he dealt with the red tape. Freeman tells the founders that he believes they all do an important job and that he is here to make it easier, not harder, he asks them to call him Duane. Iron Man whispers to Cap ‘You sure this guy’s from the government?’ and Cap replies that not everyone can be a Henry Gyrich, their first and most ruthless liaison.

Captain America explains that the first step is to get the numbers down to a manageable level, adding that it shouldn’t be that difficult. He mentions that with the Morgan Le Fay affair they received a large turnout, which was due to the situation more than anything else, adding that not everyone who showed up intended to become active again. Motioning to a computer screen he informs his cohorts that several have left already, Stingray went back to his oceanographic research, Sandman already has a job with Silver Sable Inc., Photon has started a new business with her father that she needs to return to, Firebird has her mission work in New Mexico, Darkhawk would rather stay a local hero in Queens, Spider Woman has a daughter and a job in Denver, the Living Lightening returned to his classes at U.C.L.A and the Black Widow left without explanation.

Iron Man is annoyed that Natasha left already, as he wanted to talk to her, but before he can explain why, Captain America suggests that three founders should stay to help the team get back on its feet. Adding that things should be kept simple – UN affiliation and reserve members, which can be dealt with later. He states that accordingly, he will remain. As Duane marks Captain America’s file he turns to Iron Man, who explains that he agrees with Cap, and that they need to rebuild the team without weighing it down with complications, adding that he will stay too.

Thor explains that he will stay if it is wished, as while searching for his missing Asgardian brethren he needs a place to call home on Migard, and he cannot think of a better dwelling, or better companions when the call to battle comes. Wasp announces that this is all great and leaning into Hank she informs the others that they cannot stay, as Hank has a new job at a research firm in New Jersey, not to mention she has an investment portfolio to rebuild – when she isn't making Hank neglect his research! Cap asks them if they haven’t gone off and gotten married again without telling anyone. ‘As if I could keep it a secret,’ the bubbly Wasp proclaims. She adds that Hanks is still shy after what happened last time, but who knows… Captain America tells them that they will both be missed, but no doubt they will visit. Back to filling the roster, he proclaims that they should offer membership to the Scarlet Witch and the Vision considering.

One of the iconic Avengers in question, Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. the powerful Scarlet Witch sits and stares at the somber figure in the tank before her. It is the Vision, his android form floats in a nanotech-rich solution designed by Tony Stark. The Vision’s own mind supervises the lengthy and delicate process of rebuilding his shattered body. His eyes are shrouded and they gaze downward, almost accusingly, or so Wanda thinks, blaming her for his injuries. The moment where the Avengers stood forth against Morgan Le Fay play over and over in her mind, once again she finds herself unable to deliver the final blow, and one of Morgan’s mystic bolts strike the Vision, blasting him in half.

The daughter of Magneto gets up from her chair and walks towards the tank, she places a delicate hand on the glass and apologizes – she is cut off, by the Vision, who standing beside her informing his ex-wife that there is not need to apologize. Wanda is shocked to see the robotic Vision beside her, and the Vision is the one to apologize this time, informing her that while his mind is connected to the mansions computers he can project a hologram anywhere within or near the mansion. Looking back at his true form within the tank, Wanda understands.

Slightly uncertain of why she is saying it, Wanda tells Vision that while he is rebuilding if there is anything she can do for him – Vision monotonously replies that he understands Wanda is distraught, but after all, he is an Avenger and accepts the risks that go with the job. Vision reminds the Scarlet Witch that she should feel no obligation to him, as their marriage has been long over, he adds ‘to whatever degree it was official at all’ before reminding her that he was disassembled that by human standards he died. He tells Wanda that her vows were "Till death do us part," and as such she is released from them.

The Scarlet Witch tells Vision that it is not about obligation, and as she puts a hand up to her ex-husbands body, it slips right through. Wanda stares at her hand for a moment before telling the Vision that this cannot go on, as one of them is always ready when the other is not, and she cannot do it anymore. A tear falls from her eye, and she tells the Vision that as he says they are no longer married, that she is a widow, she will accept. Grabbing her cape and gloves she says that she has to accept it and she strides out of the room. The Vision says nothing, just watches the Scarlet Witch leave the room. When he finally does speak, his voice is low and surprisingly tender, he calls her name, but too soft for anyone to hear him.

Outside, cameras flash and reporters talk as four Avengers leave the mansion gates. Megan McLaren calls to the She-Hulk and the Black Knight and asks them if they are going to be with the new team. Jennifer Walters replies that they are not, as they are both with the Heroes For Hire, Dane as a member, and she as an attorney. She hands the microphone over to Pietro and Crystal, the blonde elemental, informs everyone that she and her husband are going to visit relatives in Attilan, the ancestral home of the Inhumans. When asked how it feels to leave the Avengers, Quicksilver replies that while it has been wonderful to be with so many old friends again, he is now really looking forward to spending time with his family. Megan McLaren asks who they think will be on the team, and the She-Hulk replies that she couldn’t say, except that the founders are talking to the others right now.

Inside the mansion in one of the lounges, several Avengers are watching the She-Hulk, Hawkeye laughs at her "founders" comment, asking those around him who was Captain America’s first pick back on Morgan’s world. He suggests that they demand spots on the roster instead of being treated like this. Sitting in a chair, Hercules tells Clint to take it easy before he does himself an injury, adding that he for one is content to leave the choice to the others.

Sam Wilson a.k.a. the Falcon turns to Hawkeye and reminds him that he has never wanted to be an Avenger, and Clint that he was against him joining in the first place. Hawkeye starts to say that that was a long time ago, until the Avengers most holier-than-thou member informs those around her (not that they particularly care) that she is merely waiting as a courtesy, as she has no intention of joining this, or any other team. She tells Hawkeye that it hardly takes telepathy to know that he is upset he is not on the selection committee himself.
‘Well, news flash Moondragon – I wasn’t talking to you’ Hawkeye snaps back.

As Starfox and Tigra „talk" on a couch, Rage looks over at Hawkeye and the others and mentions to Firestar that there is not room on this team, but adds that he doesn’t care, as he is still underage, but he reminds Firestar that she just turned eighteen. He is about to ask her something, but his longtime New Warrior teammate knows what he is going to say and she informs him that she will be happy to just go back to the New Warriors. She adds that Vance has dreamed of being an Avenger his whole life, and he doesn’t want to give up, even if there is no real chance. As if on cue the New Warrior codenamed „Justice" and Firestar’s fiance rushes up and tells Angel that they have to go, as he heard something on the police band, which could be their big shot! As Angelica Jones follows her lover out of the room, Rage asks if they want him to come along. Justice tells him that this is not a New Warriors gig, but Avenger business! Hawkeye catches the tail end of the conversation and decides that they are good kids, and he gets an idea…

Elsewhere within the mansion, two old friends catch up, namely, Carol Susan Jane Danvers, most commonly known as Ms. Marvel, though she has gone by the codename „Binary" for sometime now, and Dr. Henry McCoy, a.k.a. the X-Men’s Beast. Hank suggests some possible new codenames for Carol as she powers down. She doesn’t think any of them suit her, or else they are taken already. Carol asks Beast to give her the answer straight. After analyzing Carol’s powers, Hank informs her that her powers have definitely decreased, and from the readings he is getting, he doubts she will ever be able to switch to her Binary form again. Beast tells her he is sorry, but Carol tells him not to be, as it is not his fault, and it is only confirming what she has known for weeks.

Taken off the equipment she was attached to, Carol asks Beast not to tell anyone, before asking if an old fighter-plane would do, an old Warbird perhaps? ‘For an ex-U.S.A.F. cutie who flies? How outré can you get?’ Beast asks. Back to her powers, Beast asks Carol what the harm in telling anyone is, after all, its not so bad going from phenomenally powerful to incredibly powerful. Defiantly, Carol tells Hank that he has the X-Men, and she wants on this team, and is not doing anything to risk jeopardizing it. Back to the codename situation, Carol asks Beast what he has got. Looking at the list, Carol is shocked, Beast just asks her what he knows about codenames, after all, he is called "the Beast"!

While Hank and Carol laugh, several floors above, Wanda Maximoff stares into space, feelings churn inside her body and she feels so alone. Again and again, she finds her thoughts returning to the same point – the same face – of a dead man, who appears on the other side of the Window…his names is Simon Williams, also known as Wonder Man, but he died, loving her…Janet Van Dyne’s perky voice calls out to Wanda and Simon disappears. Jan asks Wanda what planet she was on, before informing her that the other founders are ready for her, Jan adds that she knows Wanda is a lock!

Various Avengers now have their meetings with the founders. Rather nonchalantly Wanda accepts the membership offer, agreeing that the best place for her is here. The always eager Quasar regrets that his duties as protector of the Universe keep him in space a lot, but adds that if they need him to fit some Avenging in, he will. Sersi smiles, and informs the founders that she will be staying on Olympia - at least until she gets bored anyway – before telling them that if they are throwing a party, or just know about one… Magdalene stares sternly ahead and informs the Avengers that while they have been kind to her and the Swordsman, this is not really their world, the second man to hold the codename of the Swordsman adds that they feel sort of out of place, but they have not made any decisions yet. Namor the Sub-Mariner apologizes, saying that he has to decline because he has far too much to attend to these days to even think about serving as an Avenger. X-51, the Machine Man, explains that his main interest is in human interaction than adventure, but offers his services if they need him. The Black Panther informs the founders that he has to go back to Wakanda, but no doubt their paths will cross.

Giant Man takes off his helmet and rubs a hand through his hair, saying that he knew a lot of the others had other plans, but now he wonders if they will fill the roster at all! He suggests he and Jan rethink their decision to leave, but Cap cuts him off, reminding him they have five set members and plenty of volunteers, and of course Hawkeye has yet to come in, though he believes Clint was called a while ago. Duane makes a point of order, and reaching into his jacket pocket, brings out a autograph book, asking if it would be out of line for him to ask some of the departing Avengers for autographs. Iron Man asks Duane if he is really from the government.

Meanwhile, exiting through the delivery entrance is the honorary Avenger, Dennis Dunphy, a.k.a. Demolition Man who thanks Edwin Jarvis for the use of the shower and the groceries that he carries, adding that the ids in Zero Town will really appreciate them. Jarvis tells D-Man that it is his pleasure, informing him that if he needs more, then to just ask, any time. Jarvis asks Dennis if he will have any trouble with the reporters. D-Man tells Jarvis not to worry and lifting up manhole cover, he tells the butler that there are plenty of ways to get to Zero Town if one isn't afraid of a little muck. The lid closes and Jarvis fares D-Man well, before telling himself that heroism comes in such varied forms, but always shines through.

Looking up to the sky, he sees three more Avengers leave; Moondragon; Tigra and Starfox. Jarvis comments on how it will be more orderly when things have settled, but mentions how proud he is to have been in the presence of such nobility in the past days. Up in the air, Tigra, who is riding on Starfox’s back, shouts out loud, before telling him to go to the pleasure palaces of Deneb-7 – and fast! Flying at Eros’ side, Heather Douglas asks Greer Grant Nelson if she even knows where Deneb-7 is. ‘Why? You need directions?’ Tigra snaps back at the self-styled goddess. Starfox tries to calm the feisty woman as Moondragon retorts that she would never step foot in one of the flesh pits of Deneb-7, before telling Tigra that it would be the perfect place for her. Tigra pokes her tongue out at Moondragon before they split up, and on the ground, Megan McLaren alerts her cameraman, Marty, to the sky-high Avengers, and he gets a shot of them.

Back inside, Carol Danvers is at the bar, searching through the bottles of alcoholic beverages as she rattles off possible codenames. She picks up a bottle and compliments Jarvis for his impeccable taste, but gets a surprise when Iron Man enters the room. Carol asks him ‘what’s up?’ Iron Man informs her that they are ready in the meeting room for her, adding that is if she is ready. The former Ms. Marvel looks away and tells Iron Man that she was just making sure they were well stocked, what with the press conference later on, and after all, if anyone knows how reporters can drink it is her, as she used to be one! Carol puts on her mask and tells Iron Man to come along, as Iron Man wonders not that Carol was behind the bar, but that she felt the need to make an excuse for it.

Elsewhere, the Whirlwind flies towards another bank, mentioning to himself how much he loves the moments before a „job" when they haven’t seen him coming. He laughs that maybe the Avengers will show up again and he can make them look like fools again. ‘Or maybe we’ll make you look like the fool, Whirlwind!’ shouts a voice. David Canon turns to the voice and is blasted back by a force of telekinetic energy from Justice, who informs the villain that the only reason he escaped last time was because there were too many Avengers and they kept getting in each others way, but this time, the Avengers will take him down!

Whirlwind steadies himself and attempts to retaliate against Vance and Angelica, telling them that he does not see any Avengers, but a couple of wet-behind-the-ears punks, trying to play with the big boys. Whirlwind informs the New Warriors that he has held his own against Giant Man and Captain America, and asks if they think they can take him on. Firestar unleashes a blast of microwave energy and tells Vance to tell him what he told her. Justice informs Whirlwind that he has studied him, and all the Avengers foes, and that he is best against heroes with physical abilities, who he can run rings around with his mobility. Justice tells Whirlwind that between his telekinesis and Firestar’s microwave bursts, he doesn’t stand a chance. Canon flies towards them, microwave energy just missing him, and he tells the kids that Whirlwind doesn’t fall too easily, ‘Bring it on kids, lets see what you’ve got!’

Back in the „founder only club" Captain America runs down the possibilities, as Duane looks at them on his laptop – Swordsman and Magdalene; Hercules; the Falcon; Machine Man; Ms. Marvel – Iron Man cuts Cap off and tells him that he doesn’t think Carol is such a good idea. Captain America asks him why, to which Iron Man says he would rather not say, but he has reservations about her. Cap tells Iron Man that they need to know more than that, after all, Carol has been a fine Avenger in the past, and she actually wants to serve. Wasp comes to Carol’s defense and says that she has been more than just a fine Avenger, she tells Iron Man that he knows that and asks what this is all about. Giant Man says that he doesn’t really know Carol but has never heard anything bad about her, to which Thor proclaims that he knows her somewhat better, and explains that she has coped with both battle and tragedy as a true warrior, and that he will not hear any insubstantial charges against her. Iron Man backs down and says that his unwilling to detail his reservations in case he may be wrong. Captain America says ‘Another possibility, what about USAgent?’ Everyone stares blankly and no one says anything until the Wasp, ready to change the subject off one of the most controversial Avengers, asks where Hawkeye is.

Clint Barton smirks and claps, applauding Firestar and Justice for capturing Whirlwind, who sits trapped in the side of a wall. Justice is surprised Hawkeye was watching, and the longtime Avenger informs the New Warrior that he likes to keep an eye on up-and-coming talent, it is the sort of habit one gets in to when they have been team leader. Glancing over at Whirlwind, he tells Angel and Vance that they certainly have talent. Justice proclaims that they only got to fight alongside the Avengers by chance last time, but they would really like to make the team, so they figured they could help bring in Whirlwind, making up for him getting away before. Hawkeye cuts Justice off, and says ‘You’d have proven your worth and gotten a shot at the big time right?. Hawkeye tells Justice that it would be great if the big five were paying attention to anything outside of the mansion today, but he’d be fresh out of luck – if it wasn’t for ‘Uncle Hawkeye’.

Back in front of Avengers mansion, Megan McLaren comments on how hopeful the mood is, as a muted excitement ripples through the crowd. She adds that the stream of departing Avengers has trailed off, and it is thought that an announcement will be made soon. McLaren moves to related developments, namely Whirlwind, who is now behind bars, she explains that he was not captured by any longtime Avengers, but by Justice and Firestar, the two youthful New Warriors who have been at the mansion in recent days. McLaren adds that as Hawkeye bought the two back into the mansion, he told reporters to „watch for big news about these two soon".

Inside, the remaining Avengers hover around Hawkeye and the New Warriors, Wasp says ‘Oh, Hawkeye, you didn’t’! But he did, and he tells the Avengers to meet the newest Assemblers! He explains that they have earned it and he is giving it to them. Sternly, Captain America starts to tell Hawkeye that he should have come to them with this, but Clint cuts him off, mocking the "founders only club" before reminding Captain America that he said so himself that he needs to listen to him more often. Clint adds that either Justice and Firestar are in, or he is out. Captain America tells Hawkeye that he knows he would like to have a voice in things, but this is not the way, adding that it may have been different fifteen minutes ago, however they closed the roster and the only spot left is the one for him.

Hawkeye looks only mildly upset, mores shocked, and Firestar looks at her fiance concerned, before Hawkeye makes eye contact with Captain America, reminding himself that he doesn’t say anything unless he means it. He lowers his voice and tells Cap that there is one spot, but they are both kids and can share it, adding that he owes him that much. Firestar overhears this and raising her voice thanks Hawkeye for the help, but informs him that it is not necessary. She starts to walk away and Justice follows her, trying to calm her down, but Firestar tells him that it is obvious they are not wanted, and while he may be willing to beg for scraps, she isn't.

Captain America grabs Firestar by the wrist, and she turns around and glares at him. He tells her that he made a decision earlier, but has since re-thought it. He proclaims that she and Justice were doing the job while they were pushing paper and it means a lot. He stands by his decision that the roster is closed, but tells them that they could use a couple of reserve members. Justice smiles and Cap tells them that they would be able to train with them and be on call as needed, plus they would get first crack at any open roster slot, he adds that Hawkeye is right, they’ve earned it. Firestar asks Justice what he wants to do, and he bursts into a fit of excitement, shouting ‘Yes’ over and over again. Wanda and Carol smile to each other as Iron Man tells Wasp wonders never cease, Jan agrees, Cap has only changed his mind maybe three times since 1941.

Giant Man informs everyone that on that note, it is time for he and Jan to leave, as they aren’t needed hanging around. He reminds the Avengers that they have their number, before using his pager for another purpose, and shrinking down to match, the tiny figures of Hank Pym and the Wasp fly away in the pager. Hank asks Jan if she is ready and she replies that she is as ready as she will ever be. She tells Duane that he has the nicest dimples, before departing.

Once the two founding Avengers have gone, Iron Man turns to Cap and they prepare to reveal the roster to the world. In the kitchen, Jarvis watches the events on his television, hoping that he has enough tape left to record it all. Inside their pager, Jan asks Hank if he has any regrets. He replies that he always does, but as long as he is with her it doesn’t matter. He tells her its time to let the new team have the spotlight, and that he is still the luckiest man alive.

Outside the main gates where all the reporters have been hovering for the past days, Duane Freeman greets everyone, introducing himself before telling them they don’t want to know who he is, and that he is proud to share the stage with the new Avengers. Cameras flash as pictures are taken. Captain America takes to the podium and thanks those in front of him, adding that he is proud of their trust in the Avengers, and he hopes they will serve them well. He introduces the new Avengers as himself, Iron Man, Thor, the Vision, the Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Warbird –‘who was one us before as Ms. Marvel’ – and that Justice and Firestar will be their reserves.

He asks if there are any questions, and the Avenger begin to talk amongst themselves. Hawkeye asks if he thinks that is all there is, and the Scarlet Witch tells her close friend not to worry as Cap will come through, he always does. Firestar asks what is going on as Justice gets excited and hopes that Cap will say it. Warbird asks Iron Man to do something about it and the armored Avenger whispers in Caps ear, asking him if there is something he has forgotten. Cap agrees to say it, and Megan McLaren gets her camera man ready, to zoom in on Cap then pull out to include the others has he says ‘Avengers Assemble’. ‘And the crowd goes wild’ says Hawkeye.

Characters Involved: 

Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Vision, Warbird (All Avengers)
Firestar, Justice (Reserve Avengers)

Wonder Man (supposedly deceased Avenger)

Edwin Jarvis, Avengers butler
Duane Freeman, Avengers liaison

Beast, Black Knight III, Black Panther, Crystal, Darkhawk, Falcon, Giant Man, Hercules, Machine Man, Moondragon, Quasar, Quicksilver, Sandman, Sersi, She-Hulk, Spider Woman II, Starfox, Stingray, Sub-Mariner, Tigra, Wasp (Inactive Avengers)<
Demolition Man, Magdalene, Swordsman II (Honorary Avengers)
Rage (Former Avenger and later New Warrior)

Megan McLaren, reporter
Marty, camera man
Various reporters, cameramen

Civilians at bank
Whirlwind/David Canon

On Computer Screens
Black Widow, Firebird, Living Lightning, Photon (Inactive Avengers)
Hulk (Former Avenger)

Story Notes: 

Many of the Avengers that returned to inactive status this issue will serve as reserve or active members of the team as the series progresses, most notably Giant Man, Wasp, Black Widow, Firebird, Quicksilver, Stingray, Photon, Black Knight, She-Hulk, Black Panther and Quasar.

The reason Iron Man wishes to talk to the Black Widow is that he wants to ask her why she disbanded the Avengers in the wake of the Onslaught disaster. As revealed in the Avengers 1999 Annual, Black Widow tried to rally members who were not transported to the Heroes Reborn world, though unsuccessfully, and so she gave up entirely.

The Vision was disassembled in Avengers West Coast #43. As a result his marriage to the Scarlet Witch crumbled.

Hawkeye objected to Falcon being placed on the team when Henry Gyrich as their liaison, who quickly reduced their twenty-or-so roster down to seven members picked by him. [Avengers (first series) #181]
Wonder Man died (or die he?) in Force Works #1

Written By: