Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #3

Issue Date: 
December 2014
Story Title: 
The Red Supremacy: Chapter 3 - Good News for Bad People

Rick Remender (writer), Lenil Francis Yu (penciler), Gerry Alyangula (inker), Matt Milla, Laura Martin & Edgar Delgado (colorists), Chris Eliopoulos (letterer), Jim Cheung & Justin Ponsor (cover artists), Nick Bradshaw & Frank Martin, Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado (variant cover artists), Idette Winecoor (production), Jake Thomas (assistant editor), Tom Brevoort with Daniel Ketchum and Will Moss (editors), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

As Deadpool drags Iron Man to safety, the villains gathered by Magneto combat the Red Onslaught and his two Sentinels. Carnage, Sabretooth, Hobgoblin, Jack O’Lantern and the Absorbing Man try a direct assault, while Loki and Dr Doom plot and plan, as they use their own powers against the greater foe. Kid Omega continues to keep the Red Onslaught’s telepathy at bay, but he struggles, despite Genesis urging him on. As Mystique shape shifts into the original Captain America to trick the Red Onslaught, the Enchantress is able to put him under her control. This doesn’t last for long however, but the villains manage to break Dr Strange and the Scarlet Witch free - and then the Red Onslaught regains the use of his telepathy. Iron Man wants to know what Deadpool is doing with him, and after revealing he wants to be an Avenger, Deadpool shows Iron Man a power source which he uses to recharge his armor. The Scarlet Witch and Dr Strange commence their spell to stop the Red Onslaught, but the Red Onslaught puts some of the villains like Sabretooth and Carnage under his control, and after Dr Strange is taken out, Sabretooth attempts to gut Genesis - but Deadpool comes to his rescue. Iron Man has been restored and uses his telepathic dampener against the Red Onslaught, while Doom approaches the Scarlet Witch, who offers to bring forth the order alongside her chaos. Wanda warns Doom that this doesn’t redeem him for what he preciously did to her, but they work alongside each other to create the in-between effect, which engulfs all of Genosha. The heroes are freed from the destroyed Sentinels, and the Red Skull has reverted to his regular form. The X-Men want to take him back to the Jean Grey School, but the Avengers assert that he is returning to Avengers Tower to be put on trial for his crimes. Havok and Sam Wilson argue extensively, before Steve Rogers arrives. Steve assures Havok that if Xavier is still alive inside the Red Skull, they will find a way to free him. But, Genesis, his body transformed, tells the X-Men that there is nothing of Xavier remaining, and informs them that he has an answer to the X-Men’s problems. The X-Men agree to stand aside, but Havok resigns from the Avengers. The Wasp is upset with him, but he leaves anyway, and the two factions depart Genosha.

Full Summary: 

Genosha, where the Red Skull’s onslaught rages. Assisted by two powerful Sentinels, the Red Skull - or the Red Onslaught as he now calls himself - evil is unleashed. But now, several villains - and Deadpool - have arrived to stop him.

‘My name is Lance Corporal Wade Wilson’ Deadpool thinks to himself as he pulls Tony “Iron Man” Stark away from the Sentinels. ‘Me and the men of the 356th Regent Bareback Mounties left sweet Mary Crackerhorn and Hoodwinkle’s Ice Cream Parlor to come fight overseas in Genosha and stomp a Nazi. To give what we have to the good fight. And maybe - just maybe - make a new best friend’. Deadpool asks Stark the following question: ‘You know how sometimes you show up at a party at the same time as some goofs and you worry everyone’ll think you came with them?’

Deadpool continues, remarking that it is rude, but you want to tell the host that you didn’t come with the losers. ‘See, I get that it looks like I’m with these guys, Iron Man, but I’m totally not’ Deadpool declares, as Iron Man wearily asks Deadpool where he is taking him. Deadpool claims that he missed the good guys bus, and caught a bus with the villains. ‘But I’m not a super villain’ he proclaims. ‘Where the hell are you taking me?’ Iron Man shouts as he looks up at the Sentinels. ‘Oh, like that guy there. That’s a real super villain - the Hobgoblin. He’s just like the Green Goblin, except, you know, more “Hob”!’ Deadpool remarks, pointing at the villain as he darts about on his goblin glider. Deadpool points to the guy behind him - Carnage - and explains that he is a bloodthirsty redneck serial killer inside a crazy alien symbiote. ‘I guess “Carnage” sounded cooler than “Red Venom”’ Deadpool adds.

As Jack O’Lantern and the Absorbing Man attack one of the Sentinels, Sabretooth a.k.a. Victor Creed leaps onto the Sentinel and starts to hack away at it with his claws. ‘Lookit me now, Ma - I’m a dang super hero!’ Carnage shouts. ‘And they said I wouldn’t amount to nothing in maximum security detention’ he jokes. ‘Think we’ll get on Oprah for saving the world?’ Hobgoblin asks, to which Carnage points out that he could mark “murder a studio audience” off of his bucket list. Absorbing Man swings his ball and chain, ‘Damn, Skull, you gone to all this trouble to build up these perfect Sentinels and you don’t even consider us?’ he asks. Enchantress and Magneto hover nearby, and the Enchantress points out that that is the kind of oversight that gets you uninvited to fondue parties.

Attached to the Hobgoblin’s glider, Carnage calls out normally he would be onboard with the whole “concentration camp” vibe the Skull has got going on here. The Sentinel locks on to the Hobgoblin and fires two blasts from his eyes, but the Hobgoblin ducks on his glider, avoiding the blasts. ‘Subjugation, death, mud, squalor, giant evil robots - this is my science, yo!’ Carnage exclaims, before latching himself onto one of the Sentinels, adding that seeing as how they have to bow and worship the feet of the Red Skull - ‘That just ain’t country!’ he declares.

On the ground, Dr Doom and Loki stand back from the battle. ‘Look at that. Tore an eye out of the behemoth. The inbred fool did just as you requested’ Loki remarks, as the watch Carnage leap from the Sentinel, large eyeball trailing behind him. ‘Fools do as Doom requests’ Doom replies. ‘A novelty t-shirt if ever there was one’ Loki jokes. Doom points out that the Sentinel is marching this way and suggests to Loki that he move. ‘By your last statement, if I were to blindly follow your advice, would that not make me a fool?’ Loki asks. Doom hangs his head and tells Loki ‘That distinction is merely a matter of degrees’. ‘Better to ignore a doom and be thought a fool than to do as he says and remove all -’ Loki begins, before the Sentinel strikes, and Loki vanishes.

Doom is unscathed, ‘Surely you were not dispatched so readily, Loki. Some manner of chicanery?’ Doom remarks. ‘I did get straight A’s in Chicanery 101’ a voice responds, as Loki appears on the Sentinel’s head. ‘Mrs Johnson’s star trickster!’ Loki exclaims, holding his sword overhead. ‘A deceiver of eyes, hearts and minds - it was in the school paper and everything!’ Loki jokes, as he strikes the Sentinel with energy, opening it’s eye up, boasting that it is a little something for the robot to add to its files for next time. ‘This automaton need make no notes from its first encounter with Doom’ Dr Doom boasts as he hovers before the Sentinel, ‘Its first will be its last’ Doom adds as he unleashes beams of energy at the Sentinel. But, Magneto appears, and tears the Sentinel’s head apart. ‘Even you must see the inherent ridiculousness in your ego’ he tells Doom. ‘I am clearly the best suited to rend this beast now weakened’ Magneto points out.

‘Friendship, plan-making and cooperation… who knew, right?’ Loki jokes as the trio regroup on the ground. ‘Enough words. There is no gain from playing games here, Prince of Lies’ Magneto tells Loki. ‘Games? Pfft. I’m on the up and up now, Magneto’ Loki grins, adding that he is a real swell guy, a bright character - a hugger. I have a tea garden, I meditate…’ Loki claims, before pointing at Doom and suggesting to Magneto that if he were him, he would keep one of those suspicious magnetic eyes pointed “that-a-ways”. Loki declares that Doom is one hundred percent looking for some way he can betray them and turn this to his advantage. ‘No offense intended’ Loki tells Doom. ‘None taken’ the monarch responds. Magneto takes flight, telling the others that the Skull’s telepathy may be blocked for now, but that he fears their telepath cannot block him that much longer.

And, huddled behind a wall, Quentin Quire shouts ‘This sucks! His mind - everywhere - he’s seeping into my head - infecting my thoughts!’ Quentin tells his classmate, Evan a.k.a. Genesis that he can’t guard them much longer. Recovering from his wounds, Genesis tells Quentin that he has to. ‘Just buy me a little more time to heal and I can go help, okay? You can do this…’I believe in you’ Evan encourages Quentin.

As Sabretooth continues to slash away at the Red Onslaught’s neck, Hobgoblin darts around him. ‘You sad fools have sided with these failed wretches? You clearly lack the foresight to see when a battle’s outcome is predetermined!’ he tells them. Suddenly, ‘Still one wretch to go, Skull…and this one’s got a perfect track record of taking you down’ a voice calls out. Red Onslaught looks down and sees Captain America - Steve Rogers - standing at his feet. ‘Herr Rogers. I’d so hoped the rumors of your aging were untrue… torturing a feeble old man sounded too anticlimactic’ Skull replies, adding that Zola showed him the pathetic state that Iron Man left Cap in. How is such a recover possible?’ he asks. ‘Steel-cut oats, sit-ups, spinach and pride in eagles’ Cap replies. ‘You play games! I am the righteous anger of humanity taken form!’ Red Onslaught boasts. ‘Yeah? And I’m not Steve Rogers. But seeing him sure did rile you up’ Raven Darkholme points out as she shape shifts out of Captain America’s form back into her default appearance.

‘I’m just the distraction… she’s the heavy!’ Mystique calls out, as the Enchantress appears above the Red Onslaught. ‘YOU?’ the Red Onslaught booms. He declares that no mere enchantress can contend with what he has become, and calls her an Asgardian dog. ‘Toxic, psychic hate. Devoid of all emotion. I’ve always loved a challenge’ the Enchantress replies. ‘I WILL BREAK YOU’ Red Onslaught booms. ‘No - you will love me’ the Enchantress commands, putting the Red Onslaught under her spell. ‘Does it hurt? It must. For a being of pure hate to feel such untamed love for someone - such a conflicting dichotomy of emotions. Don’t fight it. Every creature deserves to feel love at least once’ the Enchantress utters. The Red Onslaught roars, and the Enchantress smirks, pointing out that it appears this is tearing his rotten soul apart.

Sabretooth, Absorbing Man and Carnage lash out at the remaining Sentinel, who has Jack O’Lantern in its grasp. Sabretooth tells the others that he is not a fan of taking orders from no frail, but that Mystique and the Enchantress are the exceptions. ‘Don’t fall in love, sweat bomb - I plan on killing ‘em both when this is over. Thought of killing y’all is what’s keeping me moving’ Carnage announces. ‘I’m game to see you try’ Jack O’Lantern exclaims. ‘Make way, ladies!’ the Absorbing Man shouts, swinging his ball and chain, he declares that it is time for a man to do some work. ‘Ain’t no party like a Crusher Creel party’ he jokes, ‘cause a Crusher Creel party is made of adamantium!’ he exclaims as his large ball slams into the Sentinel’s head. The villains regroup, ‘That’s how it’s done, ya punks’ Absorbing Man declares. Carnage tells him that he doesn’t have to be arrogant like that, ‘We weakened it up a little’ he adds. ‘Har! Baby Kasady need some recognition?’ Absorbing Man asks. ‘Courtesy doesn’t cost ya anything’ Carnage replies. ‘Ah, don’t you worry, sweet cheeks… I’ll put a gold star on your confederate mudflap’ Absorbing Man tells Carnage as he leaps away.

Enchantress continues to hover in front of the behemoth Red Onslaught, and tells him that his barbaric broadcast was very rude - that it ruined what was a pleasant evening. ‘Forgive me…’ Red Onslaught utters. ‘Would you serve me?’ Enchantress asks ‘Yes!’ Red Onslaught responds. ‘That would make you happy? To serve me, to be my loyal dog?’ Enchantress asks. ‘Anything to be near you’ the wide-eyed Red Onslaught replies. Enchantress supposes that she might keep him as a toy, and remarks that the beast that laid low Thor in the palm of her hands - they shall shape this world together, to her liking. ‘A sentinel - behind you, my love’ Red Onslaught calls out as one of the half-destroyed Sentinels raises a hand and fires a ball of energy towards the Enchantress, although she is not struck by the energy, a moment later, Absorbing Man bursts forth from the Sentinel’s chest. ‘Ridley Scott, eat your heart out!’ he shouts.

‘Curse it! My spell is -’ Enchantress begins, before the Red Onslaught smacks his fist into her: ‘Broken, you contemptible sow!’ the Red Onslaught declares. He looms over the villains and tells them that there is no room for them in his Reich Eternal. ‘You mongrels will die - but first you will suffer!’ he shouts.

At that moment, Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. the Scarlet Witch and Dr Stephen Strange emerge from the downed Sentinel. Magneto calls out to them and tells them to hurry, adding that he has managed to open their cages, but there is no time to fee the others. ‘Can you still manage your inversion spell?’ Magneto then enquires. ‘Yes… yes we can. But it will leave us defenseless again’ Strange announces, to which Wanda declares that they need someone to competently protect them. Strange looks over to the battle and asks what the army of cutthroats and criminals are doing here. ‘What the hell have you done, Magneto?’ he demands. Magneto replies that he has made the only choice left to be made - he compromised.

Inside a small building, Quentin tells Evan that he can’t do it, that he can’t stop the Nazi’s telepathy anymore. ‘Just a few more minutes - you can do it’ Evan urges him. Evan reminds Quentin that people think the two of them are bad, that it is just in them, that they can’t choose. ‘But you can prove them wrong’ he declares, adding that when this is over, everyone will know what Quentin did here - they will know that Quentin Quire saved the world. ‘“Quentin Quire, the X-Man who saved Earth from the Red Skull”… it does sound…’ Quentin begins, when suddenly, ‘Utterly delusional!’ the Red Onslaught booms as he telepathically manifests himself in the room. The Red Onslaught declares that Quentin has prevented nothing - merely postponed the inevitable. The only thing the future holds for your ilk is death’ the Red Onslaught adds, as Evan looks on in shock.

Back on the battle field, the damaged Sentinels fight on, as Deadpool pulls Iron Man behind some rubble, ‘So, listen, there’s something I want to ask…’ Deadpool begins, as Iron Man asks him to shut up. Ignoring the request, Deadpool continues, ‘I know this might not be the best rime, it’s just that, well…’ his voice trails off. ‘Please’ Iron Man declares as Deadpool tells him that he looks like he could use another super pal right now. ‘So, whadda ya think? Avengers material?’ Deadpool asks, hands on hips. ‘You’re an insane mercenary zombie married to a vampire. Even if we weren’t about to be wiped out…even if there was going to be an Avengers team to join after this - the answer would still be “no”. You’ll never be an Avenger as long as I live’ Iron Man replies, before asking ‘Now for the hundredth time, you moron, where the hell are you dragging me?’ he shouts. Deadpool holds up a live cable and replies that he thought he would just power up Iron Man’s armor. ‘Classic team-up business. Helping you out even though you know…you’re just sort of a jerk’.

‘Free of the whelp’s mental block! Free of Stark’s manipulations! NOW FEEL THE FULL FURY OF THE RED ONSLAUGHT!’ the behemoth that is the Red Skull shouts, energy beams raging from his eyes. ‘You who came to usurp me - serve me now’ the Red Onslaught exclaims. ‘We will serve you’ the villains respond. ‘…we will annihilate all who stand against you’ they add. Hovering near the Red Onslaught, Dr Strange announces that the helix is stable. Energies rush from Wanda and Dr Strange, as Wanda utters that she can hear him in her head - the Skull has broken through. ‘Skull ain’t your worry, gorgeous… ol’ Cletus is gonna see how pretty you wizards bleed!’ Carnage snarls as he leaps towards the magicians, but he is suddenly knocked backwards by energy beams fired from the eyes of Genesis. ‘I’ll keep you covered - cast the damn spell!’ Genesis calls out. ‘Thank you, Evan. We’re almost -’ Wanda begins, as the Red Onslaught looms over them: ‘Almost. Almost. Almost - but never enough!’

The Red Onslaught tells them that their scheme is undone, and that the Scarlet Witch is finally his. He adds that he has no use for Strange, who is put under the Red Skull’s control and announces that he will remove himself from his presence. Strange then seemingly falls unconscious. ‘And I’ll remove the whelp!’ Sabretooth roars as he leaps towards Evan, when, a moment later, a voice sings: “Then I saw her face - now I’m an Avenger! I’m in love! Ooooooo I’m an Avenger, I couldn’t avenge less if I tried!’ It’s Deadpool, who comes between Evan and Sabretooth. He shoves his swords into Sabretooth, causing the villain to howl. As Iron Man flies nearby, the Scarlet Witch goes over to the motionless Dr Strange, and has her back to Dr Doom who silently approaches her. ‘Gha - now I’m going to have that song stuck in my head’ Iron Man mutters as he flies towards Red Onslaught, ‘Hey, buddy. Miss me?’ Iron Man asks, adding ‘Bet you didn’t miss my telepathic dampener’

‘My guardian angel’ Evan calls out to Deadpool. ‘Promised I’d always be there for you. Even if it was, you know, a bit of a luck-out’ Sabretooth’s body lies motionless nearby, and as the Scarlet Witch gets to her feet, Doom declares that, once again, it falls to he to save the world. He instructs the Scarlet Witch to resume her spell, and he will conjure the order to match her chaos. ‘Even at a time like this, Doom, you’re a vile sight. And don’t think for a second this redeems you from what you did to me’ Wanda tells him. But Doom tells the Scarlet Witch that her forgiveness means nothing to him. ‘Doom does not mourn the insects he steps on’ he proclaims. Wanda and Doom cast their energies, and a vortex is created near the furious Red Onslaught.

Black and white energies surround Genosha, the island then glows in a blue light, before the black and white energies switch places - then disappear in a burst of smoke. After that, there is darkness. ‘What happened? Where the HELL is Doom?’ Iron Man demands to know. As the captive heroes emerge from the downed Sentinels, Sam Wilson a.k.a. the new Captain America, remarks that he didn’t even know Doom was part of the equation. ‘How long were we out?’ Havok a.k.a. Alex Summers asks. ‘Doom was here?’ Scott “Cyclops” Summers enquires. Clint “Hawkeye” Barton mutters that he didn’t even make it to round two, which is certainly a blow to his ego. ‘Where are the villains?’ Wanda asks, adjusting her headpiece. Iron Man reveals that hr was out cold for at least five minutes, and when he woke up, they were all gone. ‘Except that annoyance, Deadpool’ Iron Man points out. ‘I’m, like, right behind you’ Deadpool mutters as he stands near Thor.

‘Skull’s still here’ Havok announces as he carries the Skull’s body, reverted back to its traditional form. ‘And he’s alive’ Havok adds as he puts the Skull down amongst the gathered heroes. ‘I don’t know if that gets filed under good or bad news…’ Iron Man remarks. ‘Definitely “bad”’ Sam tells him, while someone asks ‘If the inversion worked, then Xavier’s personality…’ they trail off, as Kurt “Nightcrawler” Wagner utters ‘Dear Lord…’ and Ororo “Storm” Munroe asks ‘Could Charles be in there?’ ‘Wake him! Maybe he’s -’ Rogue begins, as Cyclops, Colossus, Iceman and Psylocke gather around them. ‘Wake him?’ Sam Wilson shouts. ‘Are you people insane?’ Iron Man, the Scarlet Witch, Thor, Iron Fist, Hawkeye and Deadpool are on the other side of the Skull, and Iron Man tells everyone that it is possible Xavier is in there, but that until they know for certain, it is safer if he is unconscious. ‘He will be held inside Avengers Tower’ Thor reports.

‘Are we back here again?’ an angry Cyclops asks. ‘After everything we’ve been through - if Charles could be inside that monster, we have to help him!’ Cyclops exclaims. He raises his voice: ‘I HAVE TO HELP HIM!’ and asks the Avengers if they can understand what this means to him. ‘I’m not letting you take him, Cyclops. End of debate’ Sam Wilson replies. ‘They haven’t come one step closer to understanding anything about us’ Storm utters. Havok steps between them, and asks Sam to be reasonable. ‘If there’s a chance of saving Xavier, it’s our right to explore it!’ Cyclops exclaims. Storm reports that they will take him back to the school. ‘Quentin and Emma can keep him in check if -’ she begins, but Sam Wilson declares ‘No’ and reminds everyone that the Red Skull is a murdering psychopath who just nearly destroyed the world, so he will be held in Avengers Tower before he is put on trial for his crimes against humanity. ‘That’s how it is!’ he exclaims.

‘Wait a damned minute before you start telling me how it is, “Falcon”!’ Havok declares, reminding him that he isn’t in charge, and that neither he nor Iron Man can give him orders. ‘You might not like to acknowledge it, but I’m a co-leader of the Avengers, appointed by Sir Steve Rogers, your patron saint of authority’ Havok reminds them, as the Hulk, Black Widow and Luke Cage gather around Iron Man. ‘Speak of the devil’ Sam Wilson utters as a jet starts to descend from above. ‘Let’s hear what “Sir Steve Rogers, patron saint of authority” has to say about it, “co-leader”!’ Sam adds. Magneto hovers overhead as the aged Steve and his son, the new Nomad, step from the jet. ‘Steve, we’ve got a situation’ Sam reports. ‘Looks like we had a situation’ Steve replies, pointing out that it looks like the Avengers and the X-Men united to stop it. ‘I’m damn proud of you all’ he tells them.

Havok points out that if Wanda’s inversion spell worked, that means Xavier’s back in control. He adds that after all they have been through, the loss of Charles, the loss of Logan, the splintering of the X-Men entirely. ‘We need him back, Steve. If he’s in there -’ Havok begins, interrupted by Steve who tells him ‘If he’s in there, we’ll get him out, Alex. You have my word on that. But right now, all we know is that he’s the most dangerous person in the world’. Steve asks Alex to allow them to take the Skull to Avengers Tower. ‘Please, stand down’ he requests. ‘Stand down? After everything I’ve been through?’ Alex shouts. ‘It doesn’t matter anymore, Alex - whatever’s left in there isn’t your mentor. Just residue’ a voice announces.

Everyone turns to see a gray-skinned, muscular man before them. ‘Evan? Little guy? Chami-Tammi-Tango? My little salty waddler? You got all jacked! Where do you lift, broddidly? Is it weird I’m hugging you?’ Deadpool babbles as he hugs Genesis.

‘I wouldn’t do it again’ Evan replies. Jeez. Alright. Mood swing’ Deadpool mutters, before asking Evan if puberty snuck up on him. Evan reports that Xavier is dead. ‘Let them have the Nazi, he isn’t the answer to any of our problems’ Evan tells the X-Men. ‘And I suppose you know who is?’ Havok asks. ‘I have an idea’ Evan replies. So Havok tells Steve Rogers that they will step aside - but with one condition. ‘Name it’ Steve responds. ‘Accept my resignation as an Avenger and forget I was ever your figurehead’ Alex announces, adding that it looks like by “Unity” Steve meant that they follow him, and do as he says. ‘That’s not unit, Steve - that’s tyranny’ Alex points out. Alex remarks that he thought Steve of all people would know the difference. ‘But I can see now - Scott was right about you’. Alex then turns and strides away from the Avengers, although the Wasp starts shouting at him, asking him what he is doing.

‘You can’t throw everything away. Don’t be a fool!’ the Wasp calls out. Alex tells Janet that he is going home, ‘This fool clearly made a mistake trusting you’ he adds as he stands by Storm, Angel, Iceman, Cyclops and Colossus. ‘Just like any time the X-Men trust the Avengers’ Havok adds, as the X-Men turn and walk away, leaving the Avengers to pick up the Red Skull. Cannonball and Sunspot can be seen remaining with the Avengers, while the Scarlet Witch and Rogue look at each other from opposite sides - Wanda with the Avengers and Rogue with the X-Men. Both women appear solemn. Havok glances back as the Avengers board their Quinjet. The Wasp stares at him, and continues to do so as the door to the Quinjet closes, and the Avengers leave Genosha.  

Characters Involved: 

Havok, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Wasp (all Avengers Unity Squad)

Steve Rogers

Black Widow, Cannonball, Captain America VIII, Dr Strange, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Sunspot, Vision (all Avengers)

Angel, Colossus, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Storm (all X-Men based at the Jean Grey School)


Genesis II & Kid Omega (both students at the Jean Grey School)

Iron Fist, Medusa, Nomad V, Nova III



Absorbing Man, Carnage, Deadpool, Dr Doom, Enchantress, Hobgoblin, Jack O’Lantern, Loki, Mystique, Sabretooth


Red Onslaught


Story Notes: 

Deadpool and Genesis bonded in Uncanny X-Force (1st series).

The Scarlet Witch was responsible for the “Decimation” storyline that occurred in Avengers (1st series) #500-503. As revealed in Avengers: The Children’s Crusade, Wanda was under the influence of Dr Doom at the time.

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