Black Panther (4th series) #19

Issue Date: 
October 2006
Story Title: 
World Tour: Part 1

Reginald Hudlin (writer), Scot Eaton (penciler), Andrew Hennessy (Inks), Dean White (Colors), VC’s Randy Gentile (Letters), Daniel Ketchum (Assistant Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor), Joe Quesada (Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)Reginald Hudlin (writer), Scot Eaton (penciler), Andrew Hennessy (Inks), Dean White (Colors), VC’s Randy Gentile (Letters), Daniel Ketchum (Assistant Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor), Joe Quesada (Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Brief Description: 

T’Challa and Ororo relax on their honeymoon before deciding that they need to get down to business. In Washington D. C. Everett Ross is told by the Secretary of State that he must find proof that T’Challa is teaming up with Dr. Doom to support the theories set by the higher powers.
En route to Latveria, W’Kabi wonders why T’Challa would head into a trap. After T’Challa explains that it is to make a point. The two land in Latveria and are greeted with many stares by the citizens. The mayor leads them to the castle. Dr. Doom warmly greets the couple and offers them a second wedding present. After Ororo opens it and finds it to be a glass globe, Doom explains it is much like the world. Doom talks about trust and how he and T’Challa should join together. T’Challa refuses since Doom has sent a Doombot in his place.
The real Dr. Doom enters and the two are instantly at odds. As Doom recounts recent history of everything from the Civil War in America to the Inhumans growing distrust of humanity, he offers his hand in alliance. T’Challa refuses and he and Storm explain that it is because of their principles that they cannot join Doom. They must uphold Wakanda’s values. Doom doesn’t like this answer and as the couple try to leave, they’re ambushed by a horde of Doombots.
As the couple face off against the Doombots, Storm brings down lightning on the real Doom. He laughs and shakes it off. T’Challa’s suit transforms into armor as he tells Storm to deal with the robots. Doom and T’Challa square off rather evenly while Storm easily dispatches the Doombots.
T’Challa releases an electromagnetic wave that stops the remaining Doombots and destroys Latveria’s defenses. Doom attacks Black Panther with everything he has, revealing that his suit was not harmed. When Dr. Doom has T’Challa by the throat, Ororo releases powerful winds to stop him. T’Challa is not happy about it, but the two make their leave. The couple make their peace with a joke and a kiss on their way home.

Full Summary: 

On a vast empty beach, Ororo and T’Challa relax and spend their honeymoon in a secluded paradise. Storm thanks T’Challa for having two weeks without any attacks from crazed villains. T’Challa, explains that the island was lent to them by Namor and is not only uncharted, but also has the most dangerous sea creatures on Earth guarding it.
Ororo wonders if they’ll see him soon when they need to start having meetings with other monarchs. T’Challa explains that they don’t have regular meetings, but he would like to visit some of the major global powers. While Storm wonders if Doom’s wedding present affected him that much, T’Challa explains that people do fear the power of both Storm and T’Challa. He says that people believe they will take over the world. Storm asks what would happen if they can’t calm the masses. Jokingly, T’Challa says that then they’d have to take over the world.

In Washington D. C., Everett Ross speaks to the Secretary of State and is questioned on why the newly-weds are heading to Latveria. Ross attempts to explain that the X-Men fought Doom in the past and perhaps T’Challa wants revenge. The Secretary of State, however, worries that Doom and the Black Panther are teaming up. Ross laughs and tells him that there are no facts to back that up. As he walks away, the Secretary threatens Ross saying that he needs to find facts to back up the team-up because that is what the higher powers are saying.

On board T’Challa’s jet, the pair travel over the Atlantic. T’Challa speaks with W’Kabi over a view screen. W’Kabi wonders why the pair would end their honeymoon with a visit to Dr. Doom. T’Challa explains that Doom issued a challenge in the form of a request and T’Challa needs to make a point. T’Challa explains that Dr. Doom is insane and dangerous and he needs to be contained. W’Kabi warns T’Challa of Doom’s defenses and reminds him of the scenarios they ran. Ororo asks about the war game scenarios and if T’Challa won. Much to her dismay, he says that he did win, but half of Europe would be destroyed.

Two hours pass and the jet lands in Latveria. Storm asks T’Challa if he likes the old-world German architecture, T’Challa laughs and says he’s Wakandan, not a Keebler Elf. The mayor of Latveria welcomes the couple and offers to escort them to the castle. Storm marvels at how the citizens stare at them, like they can’t believe they going into the castle. T’Challa, however, believes he and Ororo may be the first black people they’ve seen.
Over the intercom, W’Kabi warns that Latveria is interfering with their signals and once the king enters the castle, they won’t have contact. T’Challa can’t hear W’Kabi’s warning as the they approach the gate. The mayor leaves the couple to enter the castle on their own.
Ororo and T’Challa find their way to Doom’s throne room. Dr. Doom greets the couple and offers them a second wedding gift, as the first was merely an invitation. He assures them that there are no surprises beneath the ribbon. Storm moves and opens the box and blatantly tells Doom that he really shouldn’t have. T’Challa removes a lalique globe. Doom tells them that he assumed something transparent and from a retailer might be something they would actually take home. Doom then compares the delicate glasswork to the world itself.
Dr. Doom moves to a large globe and begins a speech on trust. He explains that trust, a truly rare commodity, is what keeps the world from shattering. He tells the couple how lucky they are to have found someone they can trust in one another, but he wonders who else can they trust?
Dr. Doom brings up the past, confronting the Black Panther with the fact that he originally joined the Avengers to spy on them. T’Challa hadn’t trusted them, and now their trust in the United States, SHIELD, and Tony Stark are once again tarnished. Doom tells T’Challa that they both know where the battle between heroes is leading. Black Panther snaps and asks why he should trust a man who wouldn’t meet him face to face. Doom grows angry as T’Challa and Ororo turn to leave.

The real Doom walks toward the couple applauding. He asks how T’Challa knew it was a Doombot, since he made it specifically with a heat signature. T’Challa tells him that it had no sweat or human musk, to which Doom happily replies that’s typical of him, being too perfect.
Doom then moves to Ororo and tells her that he always thought that Africans have are superior physique. Storm quickly snaps at him saying that he was implying a lack of intellect. Doom looks at her and says that it is generally true, except for Wakandans. He goes on to say he believes there might be a low-grade mutant gene in Wakandan DNA. Black Panther snaps at him and reminds Doom that when Europeans were still in caves, Wakandans already had military might and cultural integrity, which they’ve maintained.
Doom watches T’Challa and asks if it is a touchy subject, due in part to playing Tonto to Captain America. T’Challa tells Doom that Captain America is his friend, and that he doubts Doom has anyone like that.
Dr. Doom glares at the Black Panther and continues with the discussion, ignoring T’Challa’s remarks. He says there is a bigger picture. Doom then begins to go through recent events. He explains that T’Challa’s former friends are ripped apart by an uncertain civil war. No one seems to know where the Hulk has vanished to or when and in what state of mind he’ll return.
Prince Namor of Atlantis has, according to Doom’s sources, been becoming even more paranoid and taking a stance against the growing climate on the water’s surface.
The Inhumans have secluded themselves in the Blue Area of the moon and have issued a cold war against the United States and humanity. Extending his hand, Dr. Doom suggests that they unite against these uncertain threats to their nations.
Bringing Ororo close to him, T’Challa admits that it is a provocative look at current events, but he simply can’t form an alliance with someone he doesn’t trust. Suddenly, Doom’s anger grows and he demands to know why T’Challa would reject this offer. T’Challa explains that if the Civil War in America extends to Wakanda, he would fight for his principles and not for fear of losing his throne. He believes that it is his duty to uphold Wakanda’s values, not his own personal wants. Doom asks what would happen when Wakanda is taken. Storm steps in and adds that if they left their principles behind, they would have lost already. Doom tells T’Challa that if he doesn’t put his woman in her place, he will. T’Challa warns Doom to be careful of how he speaks to Ororo.
With that, T’Challa states that they are finished and the two turn to leave. As Doom shouts in the background, the pair are quickly surrounded by Doombots, something which the two believed was inevitable. As T’Challa and Ororo fight against the multitude of Doombots, Dr. Doom shouts in the background that any man who refuses a favor from Doom is too stupid to rule. Storm pauses in her battle and calls forth a powerful lightning bolt telling Doom that she has owed him this. The lightning crashes through the castle and strikes Doom.
As the smoke clears, Doom laughs wondering if she thought that would hurt him. T’Challa activates his suit and transforms into an armored form while telling his bride that she should take care of the robots while he handles Dr. Doom. Doom and T’Challa begin a fist fight and compare ages of when they designed similar suits. Ororo quickly dispatches a multitude of Doombots with blasts of lightning. The Black Panther offers Dr. Doom a chance to fight one on one with only their hands. Doom readies himself and mocks T’Challa, saying that he acts as if he has leverage.
Outside the castle, citizens look to the sky and wonder at the clouds swirling around the castle. From Black Panther’s jet, a device pops up and the Doombots guarding it quickly realize that it is operational. As they move to fire upon the ship, an electromagnetic attack shoots out from the device on the jet, immobilizing the Doombots. Other peasants experience the power outage and wonder what is happening. Back inside the castle, Storm smiles and tells Doom that someone cut his puppets’ strings. Doom grows angry and demands to know if T’Challa knows what he’s done. T’Challa states that he built it, so of course he does.
The Black Panther then explains that Latveria’s defenses are down so, Doom’s nation is open to attack from any country. Mockingly, T’Challa asks if Doom needs help out of his armor. Doom rises into the air and scoffs that the Black Panther would believe Doom’s suit would need an external power source. The tide of the fight changes as Doom attacks T’Challa relentlessly. Finally clutching T’Challa’s throat he asks the Black Panther if he believes that Doom isn’t strong enough to destroy him.
A huge blast of air hits Dr. Doom and sends him flying across the room. Ororo floats down to him and tells Dr. Doom to never touch her husband again. As the torrent of winds continues, T’Challa yells at her to stop it. She turns to him and asks what’s wrong. T’Challa, getting to his feet, tells her not to interfere. It is a fight between him and Doom. Downed, Dr. Doom laughs at the argument between the two. Doom says that he won’t waste any more time. While Doom had escaped from Hell, T’Challa willingly entered it.
As Doom continues to laugh, Ororo and T’Challa leave. She tries to understand why he’s upset. Storm offers to fly T’Challa out, since the door is frozen shut, but he insists he’ll find his own way. He then snaps at her telling her that she can’t question him at every turn. As Storm grabs hold of him and they fly out of the castle, she asks if it is some macho thing. T’Challa defends himself telling her that he’s allowing her to fly him. They land at the jet, which has a vibranium hull, thus was not affected.
The jet takes off and as the two sit in silence, suddenly Ororo kisses T’Challa. He says that not everything can be solved with a kiss. Storm smiles and asks if he ever tried to kiss Doom. The two laugh as the jet flies into the sunset.

Characters Involved: 

Black Panther


Dr. Doom


Everett Ross

Secretary of State

Citizens of Latvaria


Various Sea Monsters

In Picture:

George W. Bush

In Description:

Captain America, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man (both Avengers)

Black Bolt, Gorgon, Lockjaw, Medusa, Triton (All Inhumans)



Story Notes: 

Though not officially a part of the crossover, this issue has many implications and dealings with Civil War.

Dr. Doom recently escaped Hell itself. His return was shown in Fantastic Four #536.

Lalique is named for a French designer known for his unique glass designs.

Tonto was the Lone Ranger’s Native American side kick.

This marks the first real fight Storm and the Black Panther have had.
Storm’s remark about owing Doom probably refer to Uncanny X-Men #145-147, although the Doom in that story was later revealed to be a Doom-bot.

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