Black Panther (4th series) #20

Issue Date: 
November 2006
Story Title: 
World Tour: Part 2- Fly Me to the Moon

Reginald Hudlin (writer), Manuel Garcia (penciler), Mark Morales & Sandu Florea (Inks), Matt Milla (Colors), VC’s Randy Gentile (Letters), Daniel Ketchum (Assistant Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor), Joe Quesada (Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Brief Description: 

While being chased by Karnak and Gorgon of the Inhumans on the moon, T’Challa thinks back on how it started. The day before back in Wakanda, while training with Shuri, Black Panther receives a call from Black Bolt. Medusa asks that both he and Storm come to the moon as soon as possible to discuss the current climate of the world.
Storm and T’Challa both set out quickly. They arrived peacefully meeting with Triton and finding their way to Black Bolt and Medusa. There, Medusa explains that thanks to Quicksilver’s meddling, a human government came into possession of the Terrigen crystals. Retrieving the crystals is critical to the Inhumans’ very survival. This means war on humanity. T’Challa’s fears of being a hostage are put aside by Crystal who explains that she feels guilty and asks for T’Challa’s help. He agrees to ask his contacts and let them know what is going on. The Inhumans agree, some more reluctantly than others.
At dinner, T’Challa inquires about the ancient civilization that once lived in the Blue Area of the Moon. Karnak quickly snaps, saying that that information is classified. Angrily Black Bolt leaves the table. Crystal explains that since Black Bolt can’t issue orders, sometimes his subordinates lose things in translation.
Black Bolt finds that Alpha Primitives, the lowest caste in Inhuman society, are working on the archeological site. Inside Karnak attacks T’Challa, believing that he is trying to undermine the Inhuman way of life. T’Challa dodges Karnak’s attacks, but manages to slam his knee into the Inhuman’s face. Gorgon quickly follows up with his own attack, but Storm takes him down with lightning. Crystal gets the wrong impression of what is going on and attacks Storm. As the two women battle, T’Challa takes out Crystal, but is quickly subdued by Medusa who stumbles onto the battle. She tries to decipher what is going on, but find both T’Challa and Storm gone.
Out on the moon’s surface, Storm and the Black Panther race toward their rocket. Gorgon and Karnak quickly find them once again and try to take T’Challa down. Black Bolt arrives and stops the fight, leading everyone back inside. Once inside, Medusa secretly asks T’Challa to construct a voice box for Black Bolt out of vibranium so Black Bolt can speak. After the discussion, Storm and T’Challa return to Earth.

Full Summary: 

On the moon, Black Panther, clad in a space suit, lunges and races from the pursuing Inhumans, Karnak and Gorgon. Black Panther can only ponder how this is not how diplomatic missions are supposed to go.
He can only think back to yesterday, how everything began.


In Wakanda, the Black Panther looks forward, commanding an attack. From above, Shuri springs, brandishing a bo-staff. Shuri misses T’Challa, but he compliments her style.
As she moves to attack again, she tells him how she hates how he makes condescending compliments, especially when she’s trying to attack him. With a swift block, T’Challa steals the bo-staff and knocks Shuri down. A servant comes out to inform T’Challa that he has a call from the moon. T’Challa asks if it’s Black Bolt, and the servant confirms it. Shuri wonders if Black Bolt is actually using a phone or if he’s just yelling out the window. Black Panther scowls at her, but she tries to explain it was a joke.
T’Challa enters the communications room to find Storm looking at a large screen with Black Bolt and Medusa on it. Medusa asks that Black Panther have a meeting with them as soon as he can. Without directly speaking of it, T’Challa asks if this is concerning the Civil War and the meeting of the Illuminati they had many years back. Medusa scowls at Black Bolt and informs T’Challa that it involves that meeting and also other events T’Challa isn’t aware of. Medusa apologizes for the timing, telling him that they waited as long as they could. Medusa then invites Storm on the trip as well, to which she readily accepts. T’Challa tells her that he’s glad she’s coming, though Storm has misgivings since there’s a lack of atmosphere and also being in the confines of a ship. She then wonders about there being a Wakandan space program.

Later, as the ship prepares to take off, W’Kabi speaks of how much he dislikes T’Challa and Ororo traveling alone into space during wartime. T’Challa laughs it off, saying that they’re just going to the moon, not leaving the solar system. T’Challa explains that the Inhumans are powerful enough to change the course of events on Earth. He wants them on their side if the Super Hero Civil War moves beyond the American borders.
W’Kabi begins the countdown as T’Challa asks how Storm is doing. T’Challa then explains that unlike conventional space travel, they won’t be blasted into space using dynamite, but rather, like a slingshot, are shot into space using the Earth’s magnetic sphere. Ororo quickly learns what that means.
The Panther-rocket is flung into space and quickly on its way to the moon. Storm then remembers that the Watcher lives on the moon, and asks if T’Challa discovered why he was at their wedding. T’Challa explains that the Watcher only appears to observe events of cosmic significance, though he doesn’t know exactly what he was doing there. Though, T’Challa says that apparently the Watcher was caught smiling on tape.

The rocket lands in the Blue Area of the moon and the two heroes remove their helmets. Storm is relieved as T’Challa notices that they have a welcoming party coming up to greet them. Triton of the Inhumans shakes T’Challa’s hand and welcomes both of them. As they enter Attilan, Storm asks Triton if he misses the oceans of Earth. Triton explains that while Black Bolt flooded underground caverns for him, it just isn’t the same.
The three enter the throne room and find both Black Bolt and Medusa ready to greet them. Immediately Medusa begins. She explains that because of Black Bolt and Black Panther’s longstanding relationship, that they invited him there. That despite Black Bolt’s mistrust in humanity, he hasn’t lost it in T’Challa.
T’Challa asks how he can be of service. Medusa asks for T’Challa’s opinion as the Inhumans consider war against the human race. Storm quickly asks why it has come to war.
Medusa explains that the Terrigen crystals, which give the Inhumans their powers were stolen by Quicksilver, Crystal’s ex-husband. The crystals then somehow landed in the hands of military personnel. Medusa speaks of how it is a threat to the Inhumans’ very survival. T’Challa asks which military has the crystals, but Gorgon quickly jumps in saying that it doesn’t matter. The Inhumans left their own planet to avoid conflict, and they won’t take it any more. Karnak defends Gorgon’s position, saying that they are too powerful to suffer like this. T’Challa looks to Black Bolt and asks him if he agrees with all they’re saying.
Solemnly Black Bolt nods. Gorgon speaks for his king, telling them he agrees it is time for war. T’Challa asks why he was brought there then, when he should be in Wakanda preparing for invasion. He then wonders if he is in fact a hostage. Crystal enters and assures him that they are not hostages.
She explains that she feels somewhat responsible because it was her ex-husband that caused all of this. She turns to T’Challa and tells him that he possesses more credibility than any human to argue for a tempered approach. Gorgon points out that Storm is a mutant, just like Quicksilver and Gorgon believes that will make T’Challa biased. Medusa quickly silences him. Crystal then reveals that it was America that got hold of the Terrigen crystals. T’Challa, ever the diplomat, asks if he could make some inquiries before they attack. Medusa agrees, though that settlement does not sit well with Gorgon.

The royal family and guests sit down to dinner among servants and entertainment. T’Challa expresses how happy he is to be able to sit down with the King and Queen of the Inhumans. He speaks of numerous question he’s had, and when Medusa prompts him he inquires about the ruins of an ancient civilization that was located in the Blue Area of the moon. He wonders if they’ve done any archeological studies on them. Quickly Gorgon wonders why T’Challa is so curious and Karnak snaps back that what he is asking is classified. Black Bolt glares at Karnak angrily, to which Karnak snaps ‘Not in front of the humans.’
Black Bolt rises and throws his chair back before he storms out of the room. The other Inhumans are quick to follow. Karnak quickly assures them that there isn’t anything to worry about. Storm and T’Challa look around at the empty room before Crystal returns. She explains that since Black Bolt can’t speak directly, he relies on others to follow through on his orders. Storm understands that things would get lost in the translation.
Outside the palace, Black Bolt moves along the surface of the moon. He enters the ruins and finds below, huddled in a mass a group of the Alpha Primitives who make up the lowest sect of Inhumans.

Back inside the palace, T’Challa and Storm are still speaking with Crystal. Black Panther tries to excuse them both to return home. Karnak, however, has other ideas as he smashes through the table yelling that T’Challa has insulted their king. Crystal tries to understand what’s happening while Karnak yells that he’s tired of outsiders undermining them.
T’Challa readies himself and quips back that Karnak is just starting a fight to cover up mistakes made under his authority. Karnak explains that he can see every weakness within T’Challa’s body. He moves to attak, but T’Challa dodges and finishes with a hard knee smashing in Karnak’s face. T’Challa quotes Bruce Lee telling Karnak that ‘Boards don’t hit back.’
Storm looks at the Black Panther and is surprised that he knocked out Karnak with his first strike. Crystal checks on Karnak and sees that he’s still breathing. Gorgon is next to take a stand stating that now the humans’ true colors are showing. T’Challa remarks how stupid this is becoming, and Storm asks if she can take care of it.
Storm blasts Gorgon with lightning. Crystal yells that Storm is killing him, and attacks with her own elemental powers. The two women blast at one another until T’Challa grabs Crystal from behind, telling her that no one is killing anyone. As he’s taking her out of the fight, Medusa’s hair grabs hold of T’Challa pulling him off Crystal. Medusa tries to figure out what exactly is going on as she flings T’Challa at Storm. Gorgon, getting back up, informs Medusa that Black Panther and Storm attacked them. Medusa snaps that Gorgon’s credibility has been diminished after they found Alpha Primatives in the archeological site. Karnak, sitting back up, reasons with Medusa wondering why else they would have attacked Crystal. As Medusa turns to confront T’Challa, they all realize that he and Storm have disappeared.

As Storm and T’Challa ready themselves to go back to their rocket, Storm insists that they should have stayed to explain themselves to the Inhumans. T’Challa doesn’t understand considering the attacks on them. Storm believes Black Bolt would listen to reason, however, T’Challa doesn’t want to fight a city of super-humans because he asked a question. As the two race toward the rocket, Karnak and Gorgon spring down in front of them. Storm tells T’Challa that without atmosphere, she doesn’t have her powers. T’Challa springs into action leading the two away from Storm as she returns to the rocket to prepare it.

The two Inhumans hurry after T’Challa. They continue attempting to stop him, but the Black Panther manages to stay one jump ahead. Just as Karnak and Gorgon catch up, they turn to find Black Bolt descending upon them.

Later, back inside the Palace, Gorgon and Karnak stand off to the side as Medusa address everyone gathered. She insists that Black Bolt banned Alpha Primitives from being forced to do menial labor, though some members of the royal family seem to have ignored that. Gorgon interjects that it was good for the kingdom, as someone must do the lowly jobs. Medusa silences him, but Gorgon replies that though he will take responsibility, what not asking questions because they didn’t want to know the answers. Medusa and Black Bolt share a look before she wraps T’Challa in her hair and requests to speak with him alone. As they leave, Storm and Black Bolt are left alone.

Still later, Storm and the Black Panther are in their rocket returning to Earth. On their way, Storm comments how strange their trip was. After fighting with her family, and her finding out the Inhumans still used Alpha Primitives, Medusa seductively pulled T’Challa into a private room. T’Challa admits that it was weird, and plays coy as Storm tries to figure out what they were talking about. T’Challa finally tells her that Medusa had asked him if he could make a vibranium voice chamber for Black Bolt so that he could speak without destroying everything. Storm asks if it is possible. T’Challa tells her that he’s not sure, but if they can make it, he’d have to deliver a message.

Characters Involved: 

Black Panther


Black Bolt, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Medusa, Triton (All Inhuman Royal Family)




Alpha Primitives
Attilan Citizens

Wakandan Citizens

In Memory:

Uatu, the Watcher

In Description:

General Lazer


United States Troops

Story Notes: 

Though not a part of the Civil War crossover, much of what happens is in this issue is due to and because of the Civil War.

The meeting Black Panther speaks of was a meeting of the Illuminati. T’Challa was one of the founding members, though he quickly decided what they were doing was wrong. This matter was first addressed in New Avengers: Illuminati Special. The other members include: Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Professor Xavier, Dr. Strange, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and Black Bolt.

The Inhumans use the mists that come from the Terrigen crystals to mutate themselves. Each mutation is different for each person ie. Medusa’s prehensile hair or Crystal's control over the elements.

Quicksilver stole the Terrigen crystals in the limited series Son of M, an epilogue of sorts to the House of M crossover.

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