Black Panther (4th series) #25

Issue Date: 
April 2007
Story Title: 
Thunder and Lightning: War Crimes- Part Three

Reginald Hudlin (writer), Marcus To (penciler), Don Ho and Jeff de los Santos (Inks), J. D. Smith (Colors), VC’s Gent (Letters), Daniel Ketchum (Assistant Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor), Joe Quesada (Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Brief Description: 

As Pulsar helps Black Panther with a plan to get into 42, Storm talks with Reed Richards about ideologies. The two argue and eventually are unable to come to a conclusion.
Storm rejoins T’Challa and Captain America’s Anti-Registration team moves out to join the battle. At the Wakandan Embassy, the employees are warned of the coming crisis and told to evacuate. As they do, the battle begins outside between the two sides.
Storm sees that SHIELD is stopping the Wakandans from leaving in their plane and realizes she needs to help them. As she does so, the clone of Thor joins the battle. As he begins his threats, Storm takes charge and challenges the clone. The Wakandans escape leaving her to fight the fake god.
The two begin their battle throwing all of the elements at each other. Thor destroys the Wakandan Embassy much to the Black Panther and Iron Man’s dismay. As nothing seems to stop the clone, Storm calls him nothing more than a toy and challenges him to do his best. He blasts, but it is deflected by the Invisible Woman’s force field.
Thor drops a building on Sue Richards, taking her out. Storm fries the computer in the clone’s brain long enough for her to help Sue. As the two realize that Thor is not out of the fight, they are joined by Hercules who promptly begins to beat down Thor.
After the battle is finished, Storm and T’Challa meet overlooking all of the destruction. He tells her that Captain America surrendered, that he quit. And now the two of them are on their own.

Full Summary: 

At the secret Headquarters of the Anti-Registration group, the Black Panther advices Pulsar. She stands glowing, as starts to shrink smaller and smaller. As Monica begins to look around the small card she just shrunk into, T’Challa explains that it is a Kimoyo card. He tells her that he will guide her through the modifications. This is how they’re going to open the gates to 42. As Pulsar starts to charge up, T’Challa explains that while he doesn’t have his tools, her powers are perfect for what he needs.

At the Baxter building, Storm meets with Mr. Fantastic. Reed Richards explains that after listening to all of T’Challa’s public statements, the Black Panther has not said that registration is wrong. Storm merely tells him that it would be inappropriate for a head of state to comment on another country’s policy. As Storm and Reed begin to get into an argument over free health care and if that is a ground for testing for meta-human abilities, it quickly turns back to the war at hand and the death of Bill Foster aka Goliath. Mr. Fantastic asks if one mistake should stop them from doing the right thing, but Storm tells him no. It should make him question if it’s right.
Reed and Storm continue discussing. Reed eventually states that T’Challa has made it clear he doesn’t agree with the way the US is handing the Registration Act, he notes that T’Challa hasn’t directly objected to the idea itself. He wonders how many super powered Wakandans there are, or perhaps if there is a Wakandan army of mutants. Storm merely laughs at this and claims that Reed is rationalizing things to meet his own ends.

On Rykers Island, Captain America’s underground army converges and moves into the fray. At the Wakandan Embassy, a warning is given to the employees. They are told that there is a crisis and that they should evacuate. Electronic files are deleted and hard copies are shredded as the embassy employees are moved to a plane. SHIELD agents watch from above wondering what exactly is going on. Suddenly, Captain America’s army opens up from Cloak’s teleport and flies down from the sky.
Storm notices that the staff is still leaving, and T’Challa asks her to assist them as he joins the fight. On the ground the battle between the Pro and Anti side has already begun. As heroes fight heroes, the Black Panther calls to assist Pulsar, telling her how to take down Bishop.
Luke Cage takes out Doc Samson with a little help from T’Challa as well. Above, the Falcon and Nighthawk fight in the skies when suddenly a whirlwind catches Nighthawk off guard. As Storm flies near, the Falcon thanks her for her teamwork.
She flies away seeing a SHIELD helicopter threaten the Wakandan plane. Storm quickly wonders if she should help the heroes in the fight for registration or protect the embassy employees. She decides there is no choice and flies toward the Wakandan plane.
Back in the battle, it continues to rage on. Everyone on both sides pause as the clone of Thor touches down. The Invisible Woman states that he’s not supposed to be as dangerous now, but no one really wants to take the chance. The Black Panther tries to warn Pulsar, but Iron Man comes up behind her and takes her out of the fight.
The Thor clone glares at the heroes and tells them that he will be no more merciful now than he was in the previous battle. He states that he is Asgardian and therefore above human law. Mr. Fantastic reassures She-Hulk that he’s pretty sure the Thor clone is just psyching them out. Eyes turn to the sky as it turns black and lightning crackles overhead. Above the Wakanda embassy, Storm looks down and challenges the clone, asking to see who truly is divine.
Meanwhile SHIELD continues to threaten the Wakandan plane as W’Kabi looks out from the door. Machine guns on the roof are activated and trained at the SHIELD jet. The SHIELD agents hold off as the Wakandan plane flies away.
On the ground Thor begins the battle, flinging Mjolner. Storm dodges, but the hammer tears through the Wakandan Embassy. As the hammer returns to Thor, Storm jokes that he’ll need to pay for that. The clone rises into the air, growling that the fight is not joking matter.
He smashes down destroying what is left of the embassy in a blast of lightning. The heroes watch and Iron Man wonders if that could be considered an act of war, T’Challa reassures him that it can be. Storm once more rises into the air, the wind whipping and swirling around her. Thor finds this amusing since he is master of the wind and storm. A tornado forms and rips the cars and trucks from the street. Rain pelts the clone of Thor as he hammers down on the cars. Suddenly a tanker bursts into flame and flies at the clone.
It explodes, and much to Storm’s dismay, he rises out of the wreckage. Shouting insults, and burning from the fire, Thor stalks toward her asking if she thought that would harm him. Storm prepares himself and tells him that was just a warm-up as lightning crashes down on him from all sides.
Taken aback by the ferocity of the attack, Thor once again states that he is Lord of Lightning. Storm tells him that’s a lie. That he can’t control the weather at all, he’s just a toy with a gun, and she challenges him to try his best. The clone charges Mjolnir and blasts.
As the lightning is about to strike Storm, a force field appears protecting here. Shocked, Thor wonders what has happened. From the smoke, the Invisible Woman appears. She tells the clone that her husband made him and she’s here to stop him. Thor slams the hammer into another building sending it crashing down. Strom cries out, but the debris buries Susan Richards.
Beneath the stone, she tells Storm that she’s fine, but will need to dig her way out. Thor charges after Storm. To herself, Ororo makes sure she remembers that this is not the real Thor. She concentrates hard as the murderous clone flies ever closer.
Suddenly the clone freezes up and crashes to the ground. Storm assists Sue out of the rubble explaining that she sent an electromagnetic pulse to the clone’s brain. As the two think it’s safe they see the clone rising once again. As he crawls to his feet Storm and the Invisible Woman are joined by Hercules. He tells them that he will handle the god of thunder.
The two woman watch as the two myths go head to head. The cringe and make side comments as they beat one another. Finally Sue tells Storm that she needs to go find Reed. As Susan leaves, Storm agrees that she needs to find her husband too, but not before seeing a fantastic finish.

Later, a news reporter explains what happened. The battle is over and the clean-up crew has emerged. Storm looks at the destruction and wonders if it was all worth it. The Black Panther finds her and tells her that Captain American quit. The battle ended because he surrendered. Storm is shocked. In the rubble and the destruction, T’Challa tells her that they’re on their own now.

Characters Involved: 

Black Panther


Kate Bishop, Luke Cage, Captain America, Cloak, Dagger , Daredevil, Falcon , Hercules, Human Torch, Invisible Woman , Patriot, Pulsar, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman , Thing, Vision (Anti-registration heroes)

Bishop , Clone of Thor, Doc Samson , Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic , Ms. Marvel, Nighthawk , Sentry, She-Hulk (Pro-registration heroes)






Wakandan Embassy Workers

In Reed’s Picture:

Franklin Richards

Human Torch

Invisible Woman

Mr. Fantastic


Valeria Richards

Story Notes: 

This issue is a part of the Civil War crossover. After a delay between issues #3 and #4 of the Civil War mini-series, the end of the event was revamped. More crossovers were added, including issues #23-25 of Black Panther. Also issues #19-22 were unofficially a part of the crossover, though issues #19 and 20 did not have the Civil War logo, nor did the first printing of #21.

Most of this issue takes place simultaneously with parts of Civil War #6 and all of Civil War #7.

Bill Foster, aka Goliath, was murdered in issue #4 of Civil War by the clone of Thor.

Mjolnir is Thor’s mystical hammer that can only be lifted by the righteous.

The result of the clone of Thor and Hercules’s fight can be seen in Civil War #7. Hercules tears out Thor’s mechanical brain and puts a stop to the clone.

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