Black Panther (4th series) #24

Issue Date: 
March 2007
Story Title: 
War Crimes- Part Two

Reginald Hudlin (writer), Marcus To and Koi Turnbull (penciler), Don Ho, Jeff de los Santos, Sal Regla, and Nick Nix (Inks), J. D. Smith (Colors), VC’s Randy Gentile (Letters), Daniel Ketchum (Assistant Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor), Joe Quesada (Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Jason Gorder (Special Thanks)

Brief Description: 

Iron Man goes to meet Storm at the Wakandan Embassy, but finds she is more difficult to talk to than he had thought. As she demands he leaves, Iron Man tells his soldiers to capture the Dora Milaje, for crimes committed on American soil, but not to use lethal force. The Black Panther and Captain America spar, keeping each other off balance and on edge. Eventually, T’Challa managed to knock Captain America down. He agrees to help in the resistance against the Resistration Act, but on his terms.
In Washington, the Secretary of State informs Everett Ross that the Black Panther seems to be gathering an army of super powered people with Storm, Dr. Doom, and Namor at the center of it all. Ross tries to explain that T’Challa is not the enemy he’s making him out to be, but the Secretary won’t listen.
T’Challa begins meeting with other members of the resistance, starting with the Invisible Woman. As the two talk, she accuses him of sniffing her. He explains that he is checking to see if she is lying. She is, after all, an unlikely recruit, but a great spy. Regardless, she passes his test.
Storm gets anxious waiting around and decides to leave the safety of the Embassy. T’Challa talks with fellow hero, the Falcon. Meanwhile the Navy sits outside of Wakanda. One of the officers wonders what they’re doing there and why his men must be used as bait in a war on superheroes T’Challa meets with Tigra, and finds something wrong. Though she isn’t fully aware of it, she decides to leave when the Black Panther won’t even speak to her. Storm heads to the hours of her grandparents, looking for advice. She tells them that she wonders about her perspective, knowing that she is fighting for what’s right, but she believes she’s influencing T’Challa. Her grandparents reassure her that she is the right woman for Queen and that the Black Panther will always do as he wants.
T’Challa meets with Pulsar and they begin to discuss her being his secret weapon. The two are obviously sharing a secret, but just what that is isn’t revealed.
At the Baxter Building, Reed Richards works with fellow scientists on the clone of Thor. Storm arrives and demands to see Richards. Despite the guards saying she can’t, Reed allows her up. As the two sit down to talk, she tells him she needs to talk about registration.
Meanwhile in Wakanda, Brother Voodoo meets with S’yan telling him that the parasite encountered at T’Challa’s wedding will probably make a big move for a person in power very soon.
A council of elders meets and begins to argue about their confidence in T’Challa as king.

Full Summary: 

Outside the Wakandan Embassy in New York, Iron Man flies down and asks to see the Black Panther. On the video screen, W’Kabi appears and asks if he can take a message. Without confirming or denying that T’Challa is actually there, Iron Man is forced to ask for Queen Ororo. She appears on the screen as Iron Mans asks to be let in so they can talk. She informs him that they are talking now. When Iron Man gets angry, she snaps back, yelling at him that he couldn’t put aside his political differences to attend her wedding and that of her husband because they wouldn’t play the game. Iron Man tries to reason saying that was after Jim Rhodes was attacked by T’Challa’s bodyguards. Storm gets angry and tells him they attacked a Sentinel who in turn attacked their king who was protecting a child.
Iron Man lets her know that the Sentinel had a human inside, and that the attackers had to leave the country or stand trial. Storm asks Tony Stark if he protected the US President in a similar manner while in Latveria, would he expect the same treatment? Iron Man relents and removes his masks asking that they be civilized. Storm clouds move in overhead as Ororo tells him that Bill Foster’s family would question his civility. As lightning crackles down, Storm demands that Iron Man leave the Wakandan property.

As rain continues to splatter the ground, Iron Man leaves and tells the soldiers around him to capture the Dora Milaje, but not to use leathal force. As the soldier says they’ll do their best, Iron Man snaps and tells him that he’ll do exactly as he says. One of the soldiers then wonders what happens if the Black Panther shows up. As the rain pours down, Iron Man tells them that they’ll never know, he’s too good.

Back inside one of the Wakandan guards tells Ororo that she is indeed very formidable. Ororo smiles and jokes that that was nothing, try facing a hive of Brood. As she moves back into the communication room, S’yan appears on the screen and asks if there’s been any word from T’Challa. When she says no, he tells her that he has US Marines to deal with. He informs her that they’re practicing War Games in the neighboring country of Niganda and he wanted to let the king know. Storm takes this news hard as she contemplates what to do.

Elsewhere Captain America and the Black Panther engage in battle. Captain American lands a solid punch to T’Challa’s face. The Black Panther retaliates with a swift kick, but is stopped. T’Challa uses this to launch himself over Steve and prepare to slam his feet into Steve’s charging form.

Captain America smiles and flings his shield at T’Challa, knocking the Panther off his feet. Once again, as Steve approaches, T’Challa spins upward and knocks Captain America on the ground. Slamming his foot into the floor, he points his other clawed foot at Captain America’s face.

Holding Steve’s shield, T’Challa warns that he could have crushed Captain America’s head. Steve Rogers smiles and says that in a real fight he doubts it. As T’Challa helps Cap back to his feet and warns that if he keeps pushing himself Cap’s wounds will never heal and he won’t be ready for the big fight. As the two men remove their masks Captain America asks if T’Challa is ready to meet the rest of the resistance. T’Challa hands Steve his shield back and says he is, but wants to do it his way.

In Washington D. C. Everett Ross once again meets with the Secretary of State, this time wondering about the troops in Niganda. Ross asks why they’re doing an invasion with no public support. The Secretary defends his stance saying that was before they discovered that the Black Panther was building a superhero army. He tells Ross that the core members are the Black Panther, Storm, Dr. Doom, and Namor, the new Frightful Four. Ross can’t help but wonder if they’re really calling themselves that. The Secretary explains that T’Challa is recruiting super-powered Americans and setting up a training camp throughout Africa. Ross asks, since he’s the Wakandan expert, who wrote that information. The Secretary informs him that that is classified and that Wakanda will blow up long before his bad information.

At the palace in Wakanda, S’yan meets with Brother Voodoo. Voodoo thanks S’yan for the hospitality, when S’yan asks if Voodoo thinks more Americans will take up T’Challa’s offer for refugees. Brother Voodoo tells him that he hopes the superhero civil war will be solved so it will become a non issue. He then moves on to another matter telling S’yan that he is still searching for the body stealer that was at T’Challa’s wedding. Brother Voodoo explained that while he can’t perceive the villain, he knows that shortly they will make a play for a powerful host and be caught.

At the Anti-Registration’s headquarters, Tigra asks the Invisible Woman where she’s going. Susan Richards tells her it’s a mission for Captain America. She walks down a hall and into a room to meet someone, she’s surprised to see that it is in fact T’Challa. The two embrace and Sue asks that he is there to help. T’Challa lets her know that he is trying to help, and the two tell each other how good it is to see the other.

T’Challa explains that he understands how difficult all of this is for her, leaving her husband and her children. He leans in close as she tells him not to get her crying again. She suddenly backs away and asks if he’s sniffing her. T’Challa plays innocent, but she holds strong telling him that he was smelling her to see if she was lying. Before T’Challa can explain, she compares him the Matt Murdock, Daredevil, and says he’s checking for sweat or anxiety. The Black Panther steps back and explains that he was going to says she is an improbable recruit, but a good choice for a spy. Indignantly, Sue asks if she passed. T’Challa smiles and tells her that she does.

Storm stands on the roof of the Wakandan Embassy as W’Kabi approaches. He asks where she’s going and she tells him flatly that there is too much waiting. W’Kabi asks her to take one of the Dora Milaje with her, but she refuses saying that they are now targets and she doesn’t need babysitters. Not far away, a SHIELD sniper watches her through the sight on a rifle. A voice tells him to hold his fire, that she may lead them to T’Challa. As Storm flies off above New York City, she tells herself that she doesn’t need to be here. She could be in paradise with her husband. She could be living a life she only dreamed of as a child.

Back with the Anti-Registration heroes, the Falcon meets with T’Challa and proclaims that with him on their side Tony Stark and Reed Richards should just give up now. The Black Panther asks how his new wings are holding up, to which Falcon takes to the air. T’Challa explains he’s been thinking about some upgrades. The Falcon tells him not to worry about and wonders if they can actually crack Number 42. T’Challa watches as the Falcon flies and tells him he has his ways.

On the ocean, off the cost of Africa the US Navy watches the land carefully. One of the sailors asks if they’re really going to send them in after the last time they tried. One of the officers merely replies, “Ours is not to reason why.” He continues thinking that he will follow orders no matter how stupid the command may be. He wonders if this is all just about saving pride from the last conflict or to use these young men as bait in the war between heroes. He wishes the government would just bomb them and get it over with. He then wonders when the Wakandans are going to make their move against them.

In Wakanda, the council leaders discuss the problems presenting themselves. One leader asks why they’re allowing the US Navy to get so close when they could easily destroy them. Another wonders why they’re giving them the benefit of the doubt. S’yan states because war will not be declared with T’Challa saying so. Another states that T’Challa has abandoned them, again and they need to make decisions themselves. The room erupts in varying opinions. S’yan stops them all saying that they sound like the governments they make fun of.

At the Anti-Registration headquarters, Tigra enters the room T’Challa has been checking people out in. She says hello and introduces herself, but T’Challa just stares at her with an icy gaze. When he still doesn’t say anything she decides to leave, with him watching her every move.

In New Jersey, Storm makes it to her grandparents’ house. Storm explains that once she realized she didn’t need to think everything through on her own, she would stop by. Her grandmother tells her that she’s family and is always welcome. Storm has to apologize for the helicopters circling outside, to which her grandfather merely brags that their granddaughter is an African queen.
Ororo explains her situation, telling them that she feels that fighting registration is right, but she thinks she influenced T’Challa into doing something he shouldn’t have. Her grandmother tells her flat out that the Black Panther has always done what he wants and will continue to do so. Storm worries that she can’t make a decision for herself, she has to decide from a Wakandan perspective. Her grandfather tries to tell her that she needs to think globally, and have a strong moral compass. Her grandmother tells her that when Ororo gets pregnant, she can take time off, but until then she needs to keep kicking butt. Ororo agrees and hugs her grandparents.

At the headquarters of the Anti-Registration heroes, Pulsar walks in to find T’Challa. He turns to her and smiles, calling her his secret weapon. Monica tells him how much she’s thought of him, and how she could really learn a lot from him. The Black Panther thanks her for coming to the wedding, and she admits that it was difficult. The two smile at one another and then agree to get started.

At the Baxter building, scientists overlook the prone form of the clone of Thor. Reed Richards, believes that they won’t have to use him again, but he’s ready to go. One of the scientists wonders how exactly Reed was able to clone a myth. From the table, the clone of Thor screams that he is no myth as Reed merely smiles.
Outside Storm arrives, and SHIELD believes the Baxter building may just be a target. When she lands she approaches guards asking to speak with Reed Richards. One steps forward and informs her that she should have called ahead. No one sees Richards, especially a mutant brandishing her unregistered powers. Storm gets angry as lightning begins to emanate from her as Reed appears on a view screen.
He grants her access and she quickly moves past the guards and up into Richards’s office. As he wonders why she’s here, she tells him that she wants to talk about registration.

Characters Involved: 

Black Panther


Brother Voodoo

Captain America


Invisible Woman


Iron Man

Mr. Fantastic

Thor Clone


Grandpa Munroe

Harriet Munroe


Everett Ross

Secretary of Defense


Navy Sailors



Wakandan Council Members

Wakandan Security Guard

In Pictures

Black Panther

Dr. Doom



In Memory:

Brother Voodoo


Story Notes: 

This issue is a part of the Civil War crossover. After a delay between issues #3 and #4 of the Civil War mini-series, the end of the event was revamped. More crossovers were added, including issues #23-25 of Black Panther. Also issues #19-22 were unofficially a part of the crossover, though issues #19 and 20 did not have the Civil War logo, nor did the first printing of #21.

In the credits, this is listed as an Aspen Comics production.

Black Panther and Storm’s wedding, that Captain America and Iron Man did not attend, happened in Black Panther #18.

The fight with Jim Rhodes, aka War Machine, happened in Black Panther #22.

Bill Foster, aka Goliath, was killed in Civil War #4 by the clone of Thor that was under the Pro-Registration’s control.

Cannibal, a villain who can possess bodies, had long had control over T’Challa’s cousin, T’Shan. Cannibal was forced to leave the body while at T’Challa’s and Storm’s wedding.

“Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or die.” is from the poem The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

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