Cable (1st series) #77

Issue Date: 
March 2000
Story Title: 

Joe Pruett (writer), Bernard Chang (penciler), Andy Owens and Rod Ramos (inkers), RS & Comicraft’s Saida Temofonte (letterer), Hi-Fi Design (colorist), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Cable is the leader of an opposition group based in Egypt. His enemy, the “Pharaoh”, has conquered many lands and controls almost half the Earth. On this day, Cable defeats a small band of his army. After discussing their next move with his girlfriend Aliya and Professor X, hundreds of reinforcements arrive. They decide to attack right away. Cable and Aliya scout out the temple where the enemy is located. Cable goes over the attack plan with his lover. He also asks her if she feels like this whole thing isn’t right. Something is bothering him about the whole situation. Later on, they storm the citadel. A few of them, Cable, Storm, Sunfire, Magneto and Aliya make it to the Pharaoh’s room. It turns out the Living Monolith has been the one wreaking havoc. Cyclopalypse has been guiding him the whole time. He engages them in battle tricking them into using their powers. Cable suddenly realizes what’s going on and stops everyone, even though it means sacrificing his true love’s existence. Next he finds himself back in the chamber of the Twelve.

Full Summary: 

The story begins in Egypt. In the last 10 years the Egyptian empire was able to conquer three continents and is still seeking to expand its empire. No nation has been able to stop the invading forces of the Pharaoh. However, there is one man who will never give up the fight, Cable.
The scene expands and we find Cable and his men fighting a large number of Egyptian warriors. Using his psimitar and his telekinesis he keeps his attackers at bay. One of the soldiers sneaks up on him and puts a gun to his head. A shot is fired, but not from the soldier. Aliya, Cable’s lover fired the shot and took out the would-be assailant. She yells at him for being careless too often. Cable responds by kissing her.
Soon the battle ends and the enemy driven off. Cable assigns a detail to bury the dead and to guard the perimeter. He plans on moving base camp within the hour. He knows that the enemy will be back with larger numbers. Aliya wants to wait until reinforcements arrive. Cable asks for Professor’s advice. He tells them that they’re both right. They need to attack now, but need larger forces in order to succeed. Just then Iceman comes in and reports they have some visitors.
Outside the tent are Warpath, Cannonball, M and Synch. Cable is surprised at the small number of reinforcements. Cannonball tells him they’re only the scouting party. The rest of the men are behind them. Over the horizon they see there are hundreds of people coming towards them on horseback. Sunfire, Storm and Magneto are leading the pack.
They arrive and pledge their allegiance to Cable’s cause. Cable’s a little wary of Magneto, but accepts his help. Aliya tries to convince Cable to rest for a little before the big battle. As he heads out Magneto stops him. He wants to make sure Cable is all right with him being there. Cable tells him that he’s a soldier and he’ll deal with it.
Elsewhere, the Living Monolith is sitting upon his throne inside a pyramid. One of the warrior’s reports to him on their battle with Cable. He expresses sorrow for their failure. Monolith calls him a fool and tells him he knew they would lose. He wants Cable to attack him now, so that once and for all he can finally destroy his rebellion. Behind him, cloaked in shadows, is Cyclopalypse. He is the real mastermind of it all.
Later, Cable and Aliya are scouting out the Monolith’s base of operations. Cable goes over his plan. He wants to form a direct assault on the citadel hoping the enemy’s main forces will be placed there to combat them. Meanwhile, the bulk of the reinforcements will be placed in the rear for a sneak attack. After he’s satisfied with the plan he poses a serious question to Aliya. He asks her if she ever gets the feeling that something’s wrong. That things shouldn’t be the way they are. Aliya’s saddened and tells him that she loves him and would never question their love. She’s afraid of the answers.
Back at base camp, Cable tells Storm to have her forces ready. Iceman’s group is in position. Storm says she’s ready and then they mount their horses and head off. About an hour later they make it to the objective. Cable and Cannonball take out the two guards at the entrance. They signal to Storm for the onslaught to begin.
Their small group makes it into the temple. Cable finds things to easy. He’s afraid they’re walking into a trap. Storm agrees and soon after they stumble upon the Pharaoh’s chamber. Inside they find Cyclopalypse and the Monolith ready for them. The Monolith congratulates them on finding him, all according to his plans of course. This way he’s able to capture them all at once instead of having to hunt them down one by one. Storm looks behind her and finds that soldiers surround them. Monolith tells the chosen ones to come forward. Cable, Sunfire, Magneto and Storm are forced towards him. He tells them that their army outside is being destroyed, except for Iceman. He will be kept alive. Cable wonders to himself why this seems all too familiar. He looks back at Aliya and wonders why he feels something amiss with her. Suddenly he remembers that she was dead.
He telekinetically attacks the Monolith and knocks him down. The rest of the team starts fighting back also. Cable approaches the Monolith intent on skewering him with his psimitar. Monolith turns about and gives him a telekinetic backlash as well. Storm and Sunfire attack him, but he merely turns their powers back at them. Magneto flies towards him. He tells him he shouldn’t have attacked Genosha. However, after today his dreams of the world belonging to mutants will be ever closer. Monolith enlarges himself until he’s hunched over with his shoulders breaking the temple ceiling. He grabs Magneto in his hand and tells him that he is a fool, that he himself is a god now.
Cable sees a shadowy figure nearby in the shape of Cyclops. He remembers the sacrifice he made to save them all. He pleads that he won’t have to make a sacrifice too. He knows if he ends this reality he will lose Aliya again.
The Monolith has now busted through the temple. He’s the size of a small skyscraper. Cable yells to him telling him that he’s no god. He’s just a weak man. He’s nothing. Cable realizes that Apocalypse was trying to blind him to the truth by giving him what he wanted most, Aliya back. He sees through it and denies this existence. Suddenly, he finds himself back in the chamber of the Twelve. He remembers everything again. He starts to cry and wonders how many more sacrifices it will take until Apocalypse will be stopped.

Characters Involved: 



Iceman, Storm, Professor Charles Xavier (all X-Men)

Cannonball, Warpath (both X-Force)

M, Synch (both Generation X)


Living Monolith


Story Notes: 

This issue is part of the Ages of Apocalypse Crossover.

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