Cable (1st series) #97

Issue Date: 
November 2001
Story Title: 
The Path of Most Resistance

David Tischman (writer), Igor Kordey (artist), Chris Sotomayor (colors), Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Saida Temofonte (letters), Andrew Lis (assistant editor), Matt Hicks and Mark Powers (editors), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

A bomb goes off in a busy street in Lima. Cable hears it on a news report as he sits in a diner which is outside a prison. Cable hears a noise and runs out of the diner towards the prison. He jumps the wall and enters into a battle with members of the Shining Path. They free their leader Ernesto Sanz and teleport away before Cable can get to them. He gets knocked over by a bus and then tries to escape down an alley. Back in a hotel Cable is meditating. He listens to some news reports before heading off to find the Shinig Path. Shining Path member Inza shows Ernesto around the Camp and gfills him in on the progress made in his absence. Cable has found his way to the camp and enters into Ernesto’s tent only to be confronted by a kid. The kid shouts and Cable is surrounded. Meanwhile the police too learns of the camp's whereabouts. They capture a criminal named Angel Esteban and torture him till he gives away the location of the Shining Path, then he is shot.

Full Summary: 

Lima, Peru : A red-haired woman gets out of a car with her dog as some tourists walk by, complaining about the local food. Moments later, the car explodes, destroying cars and buildings in the street. A reporter's voiceover reveals that the communist terrorist organization The Shining Path has claimed responsibility. Elsewhere in the city, Cable sits in a diner reading the paper. The waitress switches off the newscast and propositions him. Cable turns her down and looks out on the prison across the street.
Hundreds of kilometers away in the Ayacucho valley, a younger girl is chasing a boy. He runs through their small village, holding her doll. They bump into a member of the Shining Path, who puts a knife to the boy's neck and tells him to return the doll and watch where he's going. The kids rejoin their friends, who are getting ready to play "peasants and soldiers" in the fields. They are told that they have to be peasants again because they were late before they run into the fields.
Back in the diner, Cable's techno-organic virus flares up, but he is able to bring it under control after knocking his drink to the ground. He flips a coin to the kid who picked up his bottle and offered to get him doctor. Cable hears a noise outside and heads towards the prison. The prison is under attack by the terrorists, so Cable runs towards the prison, jumps the fence and enters the battle.
A small-time hood named Angel runs through the streets of Lima. He stumbles and gets hit by a truck. His fear keeps him moving. He then steals a bike to get away.
Inside the prison compound, Cable takes out some of the terrorists with his guns and telekinesis, and takes a couple of energy hits from one of the terrorists, who is obviously a mutant. Cable rips open a wheat sack with his telekinesis and uses the contents to create some cover. The terrorists pull back. Cable doesn't care about their philosophy or motives for their attack on the prison, only about preventing the chaos their revolution would unleash.
Inside the prison, a jailbreak is in full swing. Guards fall before the Shining Path (who are mostly women in this outfit). One of the Shining Path is about to blow the target door with a grenade, but the leader orders Theresa to use her powers instead, which causes the lock to open instantly. Inza, their leader, walks in to free Ernesto Sanz from his chains and take him to freedom. Other Shining Path members come running in, with Cable hot on their trail, they teleport away before Cable can shoot them.
Angel Esteban is running through a narrow alley. He reaches the end and tries to climb the wall. He's shot in the shoulder and falls. The policemen that shot him then arrest him.
In his hotel room, Cable is floating upside-down in an Askani meditative trance. He finishes, lands on his feet and turns on the TV with his Telekinesis. As he dresses and checks over his weapons, he listens to reports of unrest in Albania. He then leaves the room, and telekinetically turns of the TV from outside the door.
Inza and Sanz walk through the Shining Path camp, and the mutant field leader updates her mentor and political father figure on the status of the movement. She tells him that she had contracted the Legacy Virus, but with it being recently cured, she is again feeling fine. In Sanz’s absence they have recruited many and she is sure they will prevail this time. They walk past a group of Shining Path recruits taking their target practice.
Cable walks through the blast zone in Lima, he uses his infra-red vision, which is a byproduct of the techno-organic virus, to see and collect the fragments of the explosive device. Not far away, the cops interrogate Angel about the location of the Shining Path. Angel's uncooperative at first, fearing retribution, but he tells them everything when the cop burns his blooded face with a lighter. He tells them that the Shining Path took Sanz to Ayacucho. The lead detective thanks him before shooting him in the head.
Cable is at the camp in Ayacucho. He was able to find out where they were by tracing the bomb components to their source and picking the dealer's brain. He uses his telekinesis to take out a guard and his telepathy to find Sanz's tent. He enters the tent to find a kid inside who yells out "Intruso!" (Intruder!). The whole camp scramble to the tent and surround Cable.

Characters Involved: 


Angel Esteban

Inza, Juana, Maria, Ernesto Sanz, Theresa (all Shining Path)

Pedro, Philipe and Sela, kids in the Shing Path camp

Story Notes: 

First issue of a new creative team and direction for the title.
Though never mentioned or used before, this issue states that as a side effect of his techno-organic infection, Cable has infra-red vision.

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