Cable (1st series) #98

Issue Date: 
December 2001
Story Title: 
Como Esta, Usted ?

David Tischman (writer), Igor Kordey (artist), Avalon Studios (colors), RS and Comicraft’s Saida! (letters), Andrew Lis (assistant editor), Matt Hicks and Mark Powers (editors), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Cable is surrounded and tries to fight back, however the techno organic virus flares up and he is captured and put in a cell. Sanz tries to interrogate him but fails. He decides to let Inza try and kill him afterwards. Meanwhile Inza and some of the Shining Path break into the peruvian finance minister‘s home and kill him and his daughter. The young boy Phillipe takes some food to Cable and sees him meditate. Cable shows him how it is done and while they are at it finds something inside him has changed. Later that evening Inza tries to seduce Cable in his cell, but it doesn't work. The rest of the Shining Path soldiers are relaxing when suddenly the police attack them. Cable covers Inza from an exploding wall before she teleports to protect Sanz. The Shining Path fight back and Cable gets caught in the cross fire whilst trying to help some peasants.

Full Summary: 

After being surrounded last issue, Cable fights off the Shining Path. He is holding his own, but an attack by the Techno-Organic virus knocks him down, allowing the Shining Path soldiers to capture him.
In Antarctica, a NSA listening post picks up a call from an agent named "Goldberg" about a certain "Kaval," the call originates from Lima, Peru. Listeners in the NSA post wonder what he's doing there.
Cable sits in his cell, his telekinesis is out of order, but his telepathy is just about working, enough to frighten the local kids from spying on him.

At a private estate 22 kilometers north of Lima, the Peruvian Finance Minister is telling his daughter off for getting a tattoo and about her choice of friends. She starts protesting, but is interrupted by Inza and her girls, who break in and start shooting, paying no heed to the minister's plea for mercy for his daughter. Inza tells him she was the same age when the secret police gang-raped her in front of the American embassy as she opens fire on them.
Back at the Shining Path camp, Ernesto Sanz is trying to pry information out of Cable, but to no avail. The girls beat him for being evasive, but Sanz calls them off. He extols his Communist philosophy, which he believes will allow even mutants and humans to live in peace. Cable thinks it's bogus, and disagrees with Sanz who wants to lead the Peruvian people to freedom. Cable tells him that he is going to show the people how to fend for themselves. Shortly afterwards, Sanz orders his people to have Inza kill Cable when she returns, whilst a peasant nearby stumbles with a huge load of cocaine.
Inza herself is in Lima, driving a car loaded with explosives off a rooftop garage into an investment-banking firm and the building explodes.

Later, back in the camp, Phillipe, one of the children with the Shining Path takes some food and water to Cable and sees him meditating. He asks about what he is doing, and Cable shows him how to meditate in the Askani way. As Phillipe clears his mind, Cable does too, and is startled to look inside himself and find that something has changed...
Soon after, the Shining Path soldiers are relaxing, joking and talking with each other. One woman goes to the restroom which is a short walk from the tent they are in. As she walks down the path, she is garroted and jerked up into a tree. The police are making their move on the Shining Path.
Inza is in Cable's cell, trying to seduce him, but he is not having any of it. He is cheeky to her so she slaps him. Cable senses something is wrong and covers Inza as the wall suddenly explodes. Inza fades out, teleporting to protect Sanz. The Shining Path Soldiers fight back, and the kids, who are hiding in a bush, debate whether to help. Inza 'ports in and saves Carmen as Cable runs for cover. The police want to know where Sanz is, and take out Carmen from behind in front of Juana, her sister. Cable's in the line of fire as he tries to help some peasants...

Characters Involved: 


Carmen, Elidia, Inza, Juana, Ernesto Sanz, Theresa (all Shining Path)

Blanca, Pedro, Phillipe and Sela, kids in the Shing Path camp

Victor Nazario, peruvian finance minister

Freda Nazario, his daugher

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