Cable (1st series) #99

Issue Date: 
January 2002
Story Title: 
The Seven Percent Solution

David Tischman (writer), Igor Kordey (artist), Chris Sotomayor (colors), RS and Comicraft’s Saida! (letters), Andrew Lis (assistant editor), Matt Hicks and Mark Powers (editors), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Cable is about to be shot by Inza but is saved by Phillipe. Inza tells her son he made his decision and teleports away with Sanz. Cable grabs the boy and flies away from the camp, which is under attack. Cable goes to the hospital to run some tests on himself. Sanz thanks the members of the Shining Path that are in the safe house for their support as he and Inza leave. Meanwhile Cable leaves Phillipe his medallion and tells him that he will return. Inza and Sanz are at the house of Senator Steinberg and find that they have 14 billion dollars. Sanz liquidates the account and asks him to buy 51% of the Peruvian debt, thus buying the country. Cable believes that he can remove the Techno-organic virus, but doesn’t know what’ll happen if he does. Later three of the Shining Path destroy a large wood processing plant and Juana is found dead in her cell. Inza and Sanz return to the safe house. Cable is waiting in Inza’s room and tells her he knows all about their plan before kissing her.

Full Summary: 

The Peruvian forces continue their attack on the Shining Path compound. Cable is helping someone who has been shot, but Inza has him in her sights. Inza, who is protecting Sanz, aims and then fires her rifle, but her son, Phillipe, rushes in and pushes Cable out of the way of the bullet. Sanz warns Inza of the approaching forces. Phillipe apologiZes and runs to her but she tells him that he made his decision and must deal with it as she teleports out with Sanz. Phillipe is distraught, Cable grabs the boy and shields him from the incoming attack of the Peruvian forces as they fly off.
A newS broadcast discusses the assassination of the Finance Minister, Juan Nazario, by the Shining Path. They also discuss the terrorists‘ motives for the attack and their increase in activity over the last few weeks. The reporter also mentions about Peru’s huge national debt that no one thinks they can pay off.
In Sao Paulo, Cable and Philippe enter a hospital. They are unseen thanks to Cable’s telepathy masking their presence. Cable runs some diagnostics on himself as he explains the Askani philosophy of "What is... is". He tells the boy that he should accept his mother’s betrayal and move on. Cable finds what he's looking for in the tests he has ran so they leave.
In one of he safe house’s of the Shining Path, Inza is called for. We see Inza lying on the bed after shooting some drug. She quickly checks her face and hides the stuff in a bedside drawer.

Meanwhile, in front of the jail where the Shining Path prisoners are being held, two cops debate whether they should hire mutants just to keep up with the terrorists. Then one receives a call saying there is a riot on the East Side.

Back in the safe house, Inza goes into the kitchen to join the other women members of the Shining Path. Sanz enters and thanks them all for their courage and dedication to the cause. He tells them it will soon pay off. They all cheer and shout cries of "Viva la revolucion".
Back in the former Shining Path camp, Cable helps direct the digging of graves for the dead. Phillipe says they know what to do - they've done it enough before. Cable prepares to leave. Phillipe asks if he'll be back after he's found Sanz and Inza. Cable gives him his Askani medallion, and says he'll return for it.
In Lima, the police try to calm the riot, but are forced to use tear gas.

Meanwhile, Sanz and Inza visit Sentor Steinerg who has been investing their money in American companies for the last 11 years. The Shining Path's dummy company, Nightlight, Inc., now owns approx. fourteen billion dollars. Sanz tells him to liquidate the account. He plans to buy 51 % of Peru’s Debt, thus technically ‘buying’ the country.
Cable sits in his hotel room listening to news of the riots. He records a memo stating that the tests he did earlier prove that his Techno-Organic virus has mutated and he should be able to remove it. He believes that the recent cure of the legacy virus is responsible for this, however he does not know what affect it will have on his powers.
At a wood processing plant in Peru’s Rain forest, three of the Shining Path members attack. Using their powers and rockets they destroy the plant which has been exploiting both the peasants and the environment. Lumber and wood pulp account for a 13% of Peru’s output, so by destroying it the Shining path are making it more difficult for the government to make their debt payment.
Back in Lima, Juana has apparently committed suicide in her prison cell, but the commander wonders why she was undressed. The Commander punches one of the guards, telling him that Juana had bravery and believed in something. In death she had more courage than the lousy guards.
Sanz and Inza pull into their safe house but Cable is on the roof. Inza goes to her room to take some more drugs, but they're missing. She pulls the gun out of the drawer and points it at Cable who is in her room, holding the vial. She fires the gun, but Cable has removed the bullets so she throws the gun at him. He chucks her the vial and she tries to sniff it, but its empty. Cable tells her that he knows about the plan to buy Peru, as he draws her close and they kiss.

Characters Involved: 


Elidia, Inza, Juana, Ernesto Sanz, Theresa (all Shining Path)
Phillipe, Inza’s son

Senator Steinberg

Commander and several unnamed Kaval Police officers

Dani Simpson, news woman

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