Captain Marvel (7th series) #127

Issue Date: 
February 2018
Story Title: 
Dark Origins, part 3

Margaret Stohl (writer), Michele Bandini (artist), Erick Arciniega (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer), Phil Noto (cover artist), Anthony Gambino (designer), Sana Amanat & Mark Basso (editors), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Carol wakes from a restless sleep, where Bean communicates with her, revealing that she is in this dark galaxy. Carol, the Widower, Sasquatch, Wendy and Judd meet and devise a plan to steal back the loot that they were meant to steal in the first place. At the same time, Starkill is meeting via communicator with a client, and tells him that the price of the loot has gone up. Carol, the Widower and Zeta Flight are aboard a shuttle, making their way to the Ravagers' space base. During the journey, Carol is forced to get tough with Zeta Flight. Starkill arrives back at the Ravagers' base, and Carol and the Widower arrive soon after. Carol finds something familiar about Starkill's space jet, but before they break into the base, Starkill and the Ravagers – Root, Gamora, Rockette and Draxx – appear. There is a battle, which results in Carol and her crew and the Widower being captured. Carol hysterically laughs about the changes in this strange galaxy, and tries to convince Starkill that this is a mistake, that she needs to find Bean. Starkill then communicates with his clien again and informs him that he has the most wanted person in the galaxy, and that he can have her, for a price – and Thanos is intrigued.

Full Summary: 

The Zeta Flight Space Station, orbiting somewhere over Earth Zeta, a dark galaxy very, very far away. Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel is hover-sleeping. She has never been a great sleeper, for when you win a whole lot of battles, night is for replaying the ones you've lost. She suppposes that is a person's real legacy, in a way, at least, that's what everyone remembers. You forget the victories. She thinks that it is even harder to sleep in a bizarroland galaxy where everything seems dark – and when everything reminds you that, in this reality, you're one of the bad guys. Ammunition and weapons lay scattered about the room where Carol is sleeping, when her slumber is suddenly interrupted by a voice that calls out to her: 'Carol! Carol, are you there?' the voice asks. Carol stirs, 'Bean... where are you?' she replies. Bean's voice can be heard telling Carol that she is running out of time. 'I'm running out of time, Carol' Bean adds.

Carol asks Bean if she is here in this dark galaxy, wondering if that is why the shapeshifter brought her here. 'I've got a plan... and a hijack-happy crew of Zetas to pull it off...' Carol announces. Bean tells her that she is at Gaia, to which Carol asks if that is a place, and tells Bean that she has been looking for her everywhere. 'Look harder...I'm right here' Bean utters, her face appearing in the stars that surround Zeta Flight Space Station. An image of Dr Eve and Mim sitting by a blazing energy can be seen, and Carol falls onto the bed, 'I'm coming, Bean!' she exclaims.

Later, Carol and her crew – Sasquatch, Judd and Wendy Kawasaki, along with the Widower, look at some schematics, as Sasquatch informs Carol that they cased the Gaia temple, just like she said, and the entrances have all caved in. 'We're talking serious firepower. A big bang boom' Sasquatch declares. Judd points out that with tracks, like something had been dragged away. 'Or someone' Wendy suggests, adding that there was no treasure. 'So now what?' Carol asks. The Widower suggests that they jack the crap out of the jokers who stole their stash, and adds that is the only reason she came back to these zero-talen Zetas. Carol tells the Widower that she talks a big game, but points out that whoever took their loot is probably long gone.

'Keep up, Care Bear' the Widower frowns at Carol, announcing that she has been scouting this ship long enough to know everyone who had skin in the game. 'If you didn't steal our haul...then there's only one other crew that could have pulled it off' she exclaims. 'Who?' Carol asks, an image of Bean appearing around her.

Meanwhile, Lord Starkill is in his ship, a voice can be heard over the communications system, telling Lord Starkill no to make contact. 'I can't have people thinking I associate with lowlifes like you' the voice declares. 'Hello? The name's Starkill, not Buzzkill, and this isn't a social call...just figured you'd want an update on the job' Starkill replies. 'Quick then. I have lives to save...wrongs to right...injustices to...' the voice trails off, as Starkill tells the person he is speaking with to stuff it. 'You're one of the good guys... we know already...' he mutters, before informing them that he will hand over the hunk of rock as soon as he refuels, but that the price has gone up because of the damages. 'Damages? What are you talking about, Quill?' the voice asks.

'The people. Who got damaged. When I, you know, damaged them...with my blaster. Which I gotta say was pretty dang damaging to me... emotionally' Starkill explains. 'WHAT?' the voice snaps. Starkill sighs, and quotes “You see, it's the Circle of Life, Simba. We eat the antelope...” he begins. 'Circle of Life? It's your circle of death! And I won't have you summon Death in my name!' the voice shouts over the communicator. 'Now he tells me' Starkill mumbles. The voice tells Starkill that had he known the extent of his crew's reputation, he never would have contacted him. 'You're wanted in seven systems for committing acts of violence!' the voice exclaims. 'Eigh, last time I checked. But go on...' Starkill replies. 'I'm fairly certain the little green one killed his own family' the voice remarks. 'Hey! That's not fair! Draxx's family had it coming! They were terrible people!' Starkill exclaims, but the voice tells him that this is unacceptable. 'Look, big guy. The question is you want your little rock or not?' Starkill asks

In a shuttle, the Widower tells Danvers that the Ravagers mean business. 'Great. I'm coming to them with business' Carol points out. Sasquatch eats something from a bag, while Judd looks down nervously, and Wendy stands away from the others, arms folded. 'Their business is killing you' the Widower explains. 'Okay, not that business' Carol remarks, wide-eyed. The Widower explains that the Ravagers just won't let them show up and rob them, and asks her if she has forgotten her little rivalry with the Ravagers' leader. 'Rivalry?' Carol asks, while remembering that her buddy Quill grew up with the Ravagers, and from what he has told her, she thinks she can handle them. 'The leader of a bunch of old space pirates? No problemo' Carol smiles. The Widower suggests that when it comes to this heist-on-a-heist, they should be prepared for anything, and turns back to the others: 'Are you three stooges clear on the plan?' she asks.

Wendy looks unimpressed and asks why they have to “wait for the signal”. She declares that heists are supposed to be exciting, like “Temple of Doom”, but all this planning feels more like “Temple of Dull”. Judd tells her that dull is good, dull is great. 'I just want to ask, Corporal, if you've really thought through this plan of yours?' he asks Carol. Shoving more food into his mouth, Sasquatch remarks that a good heist is about snacks, and tells Wendy to respect the process. 'Is this a crew or a kindergarten?' the Widower snaps, telling Danvers to get control of her team. Carol glances out of the corner of her eyes at the Widower and tells herself that Natasha is no dummy, so she has to sell this corporal crime boss thing a little harder. 'Widower's right. This ain't a democracy. You wanna see payday?' Carol asks, snatching the bag of food from Sasquatch, she tells him to stop stuffing his face and pay attention. She instructs Kawasaki to quit her blubbering and focus on the mission, and warns Judd – calling him Puck – that the next time he questions her orders, she will toss  him out of the air lock – without a suit. Judd gulps in fear, while Carol thinks to herself that ripping into her crew is never fun, even when they are actually delinquent doppelgangers from another dimension. 'Go figure' she mutters to herself as the shuttle approaches an asteroid belt.

Starkill's vessel closes in on the asteroid belt, too, and he contacts his crew, the Ravagers, announcing that he is on final approach, he asks if anybody is home. 'Oh, hey, Quill. We were beginning to think you were dead. Cough. He's alive, guys! Put his stuff back! Ixnay on the uffstay!' a voice can be heard over the communicator. 'What'd I tell you about pronouncing me dead so you can take my stuff, Rockette?' Quill exclaims. 'I dunno. I don't listen to you' Rockette replies, before asking Quill what he wants. Quill reports that he is almost back, and needs his team to prepare some fresh fuel cells so he can head out to make the drop. 'Ah, c'mon. I was gonna go throw stuff at Draxx...' Rockette responds. 'You're a twisted little – hey – what's that red light on the bouy mean again?' Quill remarks as he sees a red light out ahead of him in space. “Red light, sailor's delight?” Rockette asks. Quill tells Rockette that doesn't ring any bells. “Stop at the intersection?” Rockette suggests. 'You think? In space? Quill wonders. 'No, I don't think, you idiot! It means we've got company!' Rockette snaps.

Later, the shuttle that Carol and her crew are in move into the asteroid belt, where Starkill's jet is positiond on a landing pad that is connected to one of the asteroids, and one of the crew informs Corporal Danvers that they are approaching the coordinates for the Ravagers' hideout. 'So the Ravagers went with the old asteroid field hideout' Sasquatch remarks. 'Yeah, they went classic' Wendy agrees, to which the Widower decides that the Ravagers are smarter than they look. 'But they've got nothing on us. Or at least, me' she smiles. 'I hope you're right' Carol remarks, after they suit up into some blacks costumes. The Widower announces that she is shutting down the drives, and that this is as close as they can get with the ship. 'Then what are we waiting for?' Carol asks. 'Let's do this!' Carol exclaims as she walks back through her shuttle, with her crew and the Widower at her sides – Chewie the Flerken cat and Brand the dog – at her feet.

Carol flies the Widower through the asteroid belt, closer to the Ravagers' asteroid base. The Widower instructs Carol to stick close. 'I'm the brains of this op. You're just the muscle' she adds. 'Just?' Carol asks. The Widower tells Carol not to let her hatred of Starkill get in the way of the mission, to follow her lead and keep her eye on the prize. As they land on the asteroid, Bean's voice can be heard calling out to Carol, who tells the Widower that she is. 'A haul this big, even split among the crew...we'll be set for life...' the Widower points out. 'So you keep telling me' Carol remarks, before finding something familiar about Starkill's ship, but the Widower tells her to stop messing around, and rushes over to the hatch, which she tries to blast open with an energy beam from her space suit, but it doesn't work. 'You try...' the Widower calls out to Carol, who is staring back at Starkill's ship. 'But -' Carol begins. 'Just hold your arm out and blast. It's not rocket science' the Widower mutters, so Carol raises a fist, pulls her arm back – but before she can fire a blast of energy, the hatch starts to open.

'Huh?' Carol asks. 'You!' she then exclaims, wide-eyed, as the Ravagers appear before her: 'SURPRISE!' Starkill declares, wearing his mask and holding a weapon pointed at Carol and the Widower. 'You coulda just knocked' the pink-skinned Gamora smirks, while the skinny Draxx holds a knife out to the new arrivals. 'I am Root' a large carrot-like alien remarks, while Rockette smiles and declares 'Totally agree. Let's waste 'em -' but before she can fire her weapon, Carol lunges at her knocking the weapon upwards, and pushing Draxx back, who drops his large knife. 'I am Root' Root calls out as the Widower smacks him in the face. Carol then pushes Rockette into Starkill. 'Hey!' he calls out. 'Sorry' Carol remarks. The Widower is punching Gamora on the ground, and tells Carol to close the air lock, as they can take the Ravagers in close quarters. Carol presses a button on a control panel, and the hatch begins to slide closed – when suddenly, 'Hold that door!' a voice calls out, and Carol turns to see Sasquatch, Wendy and Judd flying into the asteroid base using space suits, they open fire.

'Now this is what I'm talking about! Way less boring!' Wendy exclaims. 'Oh, yeah' Sasquatch agrees, smiling as he opens fire. 'Oh no' Judd utters. 'I didn't give the signal yet!' Carol calls out as she dodges a punch that Starkill throws at her. 'I'm gonna say emotionally you did' Wendy smiles as she fires her weapon. Starkill's mask has come off, and he wraps his hands around Carol's throat. Carol tells him that this is ridiculous, and asks why they would fight him. 'You're my buddy. We could be helping each other' Carol exclaims. 'Ever heard of a little thing called a nemesis?' Starkill asks. 'You're my nemesis?' Carol asks, before bursting into hysterical laughter. 'Excuse me?' Starkill asks. Tears fall from her eyes, 'I mean, the Widower was one thing. Bald Sasquatch, aggro Wendy, Puck the chicken... even that I could take' Carol laughs. 'Er, it's Eugene' Judd calls out. That just causes Carol to laugh even harder. 'Right! Eugene! It's Eugene!' she exclaims. Starkill asks Carol if she wants to let the rest of them in on the joke.

The Ravagers, Carol, the Widower and the Zeta Flight crew walk down a corridor, as Carol tells everyone that the idea that a cosmic screw-up like Peter Quill could be her nemesis, even in this messed-up galaxy, is just too much. She bursts into hysterics again. 'Take a good look at the situation...' Gamora begins, leading the Widower, who has been cuffed, down the corridor. 'Okay...Pinky' the Widower replies. Gamora asks who the screw-ups are, while Carol bursts into laughter again, “Pinky!” she quotes. Judd, Wendy and Sasquatch are being led down the corridor by Rockette and Root, 'Well, taking everything into consideration...' Judd begins. 'Rhetorical question, Dumbbucket' Rockette tells him. 'I am Root' Root smiles. 'Good one, pal. “Dumb-Pucket”!' Rockette laughs.

Starkill puts a hand around Carol and tells her not to be like that, and that he always thought they made a pretty good team. 'I mean, as nemeses. Nemeseses. Neme...sai?' he asks. Carol laughs that Starkill can't even say the word. 'I can say it...maybe I just don't want to' Starkill replies. 'Ri-ight' Carol tells him, before she, Widower and Zeta Flight are placed into a cage in some sort of storage room. Carol asks Quill to let them go and tells him that he can have the stupid loot, as the treasure, whatever it is, isn't why she is here. “Stupid loot?” “Whatever the treasure is?” Starkill quotes, asking Carol who the crappy nemesis is now. 'This is all a huge mistake...' Carol declares. 'Yeah, I've heard that one before' Starkill replies, slamming the cage closed. Carol tells him that he doesn't get it, that she is not a criminal, not even supposed to be in this galaxy, that she is only here to find a friend of hers.

Starkill tells Carol that it is always nice to see her, and that they should do it again real soon. 'You have to listen to me, Quill!' Starkill tells her that he would love to, but that he is kinda in the middle of something, so they should raincheck this whole neme-chat for a hot second. Rockette informs Starkill that they have a client waiting. 'Hey, what have I said about interrupting me when I'm talking to my neme... neme... neme-Carol?' Starkill snaps. 'Sorry, big guy. I didn't mean to...' Rockette replies as she and Starkill walk out of the storage room. 'Hey, don't give me those raccoon eyes' Starkill tells her. 'Those are my regular eyes, Quill' Rockette replies. 'But what about Bean? Seen a little blue Kree kid around here? She's supposed to be here...' Carol calls out, but gets no response.

Later, 'Hiya, big guy' Starkill smiles as he sits in a chair, and the voice is heard again over the communicator, warning Starkill that his patience is wearing thin. Starkill smiles and tells the voice that he has got something for him – a deal that he cannot pass up. 'I sincerely doubt that' the voice responds. 'No, seriously! This is huge, huge!' Starkill smils. 'What if I told you I'd captured the only person in the galaxy who's more wanted than me...? Someone truly terrible who needs to be taken off the, metaphorically' Starkill announces. The voice tells him to go on, and Starkill explains that he would be willing to bring them to him, for the good of the galaxy, and a nominal fee, of course. 'Hmmm' the voice contemplates. Starkill asks him if that is a good “hmmm” or a bad “hmmm”, to which the voice tells Starkill that he would need more than his word to strike a deal. 'Where's the love T-dawg? But..figured you'd say that. Transmitting your' Starkill announces, pressing a button, he tells his client that he will have them waiting for him. Thanos looks down at the transmission of Carol and the others in the cage, and he smiles, declaring '...they will know the justice of Thanos!'

Characters Involved: 

Captain Marvel VI



In alternate reality:

Puck, Sasquatch (both Zeta Flight)

Lt Wendy Kawasaki


The Widower

Draxx, Gamora, Lord Starkill, Rockette, Root (all Ravagers)






In image:

Dr Eve


Story Notes: 

“You see, it's the Circle of Life, Simba. We eat the antelope...” is a quote from The Lion King.


Written By: