Captain Marvel (7th series) #128

Issue Date: 
March 2018
Story Title: 
Dark Origins, part 4

Margaret Stohl (writer), Michele Bandini (artist), Erick Arciniega (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer), Phil Noto (cover artist), Anthony Gambino (designer), Sana Amanat, Mark Basso & Sarah Brunstad (editors), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)


Brief Description: 

Carol and her crew are still caged on the Ravagers' base when Starkill and his team return to speak with her, as Starkill explains that he plans on selling Carol to the person in the universe who hates her the most – Thanos. Gamora doesn't like this and leaves. The rest of the Ravagers start to agree that Gamora is right, that dealing with Thanos could be trouble, so they and Zeta Flight stage a mutiny, and decide to take Starkill and Carol to Thanos themselves, and in turn they will make some money. As Carol sleeps, Bean comes to her once again and shows her an image of a red stone and tells Carol that she has to find it. The next morning, the Ravagers and Zeta Flight arrive on Titan, where Carol is surprised to learn that Thanos leads a peace-keeping force, and Gamora is not happy about being reunited with Nebula. When Thanos takes Starkill and Carol to trial, the Ravagers are disappointed to learn that their lives are worth nothing, so Rockette offers him the stone that Starkill was originally hired to take for Thanos. Thanos is pleased to see the Reality Stone, which he plans to use to eradicate all super heroes who have plagued his galaxy, including the Ravagers. He sends his guards against them, but the Ravagers fight back and free Carol and Starkill, and Zeta Flight soon appear, assisting Carol and Starkill to escape. The Ravagers steal some things they want from Titan, and Carol and Starkill go into the Ravagers' vessel, where they are confronted by Dr Eve, who wants the Reality Stone back!

Full Summary: 

'How do I keep finding myself in these situations?' Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel thinks to herself as she sits in a cage inside a storage room aboard the Ravagers' asteroid base. Carol reminds herself that she goes looking for one missing Kree kid, and ends up in a dark galaxy where up is down and good is evil, where Quill is her nemesis and her crew is comprised of galactic thieves – and still she hasn't found Bean. Carol knows that she has to find the kid, but her hands are tied – literally, as some energy cuff keeps her hands together. What's worse is that it isn't just her neck on the line. The bald Sasquatch and Puck, who prefers to be called Eugene here, are arguing, while the brash Wendy Kawasaki and the Widower stand near the cage bars. Everyone looks up as a voice in the storage room calls out 'Ah, look at the sad wittle corporal... and her good-for-nothing Zetas'.

The Ravagers stand before the cage, and the carrot-like Root snorts 'I am Root' to which the human-looking Rockette tells Root that it does suck to suck. Lord Starkill smiles and tells Rockette to be nice, as making your guests eat crow is not what good hosts do. The pink-skinned Gamora and the skinny Draxx stand nearby, as Draxx reminds Starkill that they are not good hosts, they are pirates, and the Zetas are their rivals. 'Okay, yes. You're right about that part, Skinny' Starkill smiles. Draxx doesn't like that name, and growls. Starkill turns back to his prisoners and announces that soon the Ravagers will be the only space pirates in the entire galaxy, and the world will be theirs for the space pirating. 'That doesn't sound good' Judd remarks. 'He's down with the shooting. We still gotta work on the talking' Rockette explains.

Starkill leans close to the bars where Carol is now standing and tells her that they have reputations to consider – marketing, PR, endorsements – Starkill slushie cups! 'Can it, Quill' Carol snaps. 'That's “Oh my fearsome nemesis Quill” to you, Corporal. But don't worry, I got a plan for you, too' Quill smiles, before announcing that he got to thinking “Who else in this universe hates Danvers as much as I do?” 'I am...Root?' Root asks, pointing at himself. 'Get in line, Carrot Top!' Rockette snaps. 'Exactly. The answer was “pretty much everyone, obviously”!' Quill exclaimings, wagging a finger at Caro. 'Obviously' Carol replies, before Quill tells her that there was a standout – Thanos! 'Thanos?' Carol asks, surprised. 'Big time. He wants to lock you in a hole for eternity, Danvers. Which means... we turn you over to Thanos and suddenly we're the good guys!' Qiuill grins. 'And we are not good' one of his crew points out. 'But he'll think we're on his side...which means... access to his stuff! Yanno, the good stuff!' Quill declares.

'You're taking us to Thanos?' What is wrong with you?' Gamora asks, grabbing Quill's arm. 'Them. I'm taking them to Thanos. For loads of mon-aaay' Quill explains. 'Can you starchill out for a sec while we discuss this?' Rockette asks. 'Which part? The mon-aaay?' Quill smiles. Draxx frowns and asks Quill why he says it like that, as it is very annoying. 'Dunno. Just kinda thought it sounded cool, I guess' Quill tells him. 'I did not' Draxx assures Quill. 'So noted, okay. So noted' Quill tells Drax, before Gamora tells Starkill that he is an idiot, and that this will be their doom as she marches out of the room. 'I agree with Gamora. Certain doom' Draxx remarks. 'Doom city. And normally I'm on the side of whatever makes us the biggest bank...' Rockette announces. 'I am Root!' the strange alien calls out. 'Or robs it. Good point, Rooty baby' Rockette agrees.

Starkill turns back to Carol and tells her that he was kinda hoping for that reaction from her. 'Me? I'm not afraid of anyone in any I think it's a great idea' Carol replies. Judd raises his hand and tells Carol and Quill that he thinks they both have terrible judgment. He asks the others to raise their hands if they want a) a mutiny and b) a better plan. Everyone else in the room raises their hands. 'Unanimous. You're both fired' Judd tells Carol and Quill. Quill puts his hands on his hips and declares that they didn't vote on voting, so thie vote doesn't count. 'Sidenote? You guys make crap mutineers' Carol tells her crew. Gamora is sitting on the floor outside ther storage room, away from the door, she tells the others that they can't see her, but her hand is up. 'Er...' Starkill remarks, looking at Carol.

Later, Carol is asleep in the cage. Starkill is sleeping a few feet from her, also in the cage. Bean's voice can be heard calling out to Carol. 'You coming to find me, Carol?' Bean asks. Her astral form hovers over Carol, and tells her to hurry, but to be careful. Carol looks up and sees Bean's teenage astral form. 'We gotta stop meeting like this, kid' Carol jokes, before Bean informs her that Mim, and Dr Eve, what they want is close by – and dangerous. Bean projects an image of a red stone, and tells Carol that she has to find this first – for her. 'Huh? How?' Carol asks, before the Widower appears and shakes Carol, waking her up. 'You too, Buzzkill' the Widower tells Starkill. The Widower informs Carol and Quill that the Ravagers have cooked up a little mutiny special, ditching the Zetas and taking off now. 'And you're especially not gonna like where we're headed...' the Widower reports.

A subtle soon lands on another space station, where large statues of Thanos and Nebula loom over the assorted aliens who walk about the space station. The shuttle hatch opens, and Carol and Starkill are tossed down the plank. 'Oh, come on. First rule of a mutiny double-cross hostage sale – don't bruise the merch... especially when I'm the merch!' Quill calls back. 'What if the merch is cruising for a bruising?' Rockette asks as she, Judd, Root, the Widower and Sasquatch walk down out of the shuttle. 'Hello, protecting your investment? Come on! Have I taught you nothing?' Quill asks his crew. 'I am Root' Root remarks. 'Ditto. Nada. Zippo' Rockette tells him 'I would not say zippo...' Draxx begins. Quill thanks Draxx, who announces 'I woud say negative integers...'. A green-skinned alien with a red cape and gray armor approaches the group and welcomes them to Titan, where all citizens can meet on the corner of law and order. 'Yeah? Or what?' Rockette asks. 'What have I said about infuriating the armed authority figure, Rockette?' Starkill mutters, before the alien offers to show them to the master. 'Lead the way' someone mutters.

Nearby, Gamora stands opposite Nebula. 'Sister' they both remark, addressing each other. 'Father will be so happy to see you' Nebula announces. 'Or not' Gamora replies. 'Or that' Nebula agrees, before Gamora adds that she is not setting foot in that hellhole of a prison that Nebula calls home. 'You must' Nebula tells her, 'Must I? Here's a thought...make me...!' Gamora snaps, punching Nebula hard in the face. Sasquatch and Wendy look on, unamused. 'Yeah, that's why I don't have one' Starkill smiles. The Widower sighs, and asks 'A sister?' to which Starkill replies 'A watch'. Nebula strikes back, punching Gamora, before Rockette utters 'Any minute now' and a soldier calls out to Nebula, trying to get her attention, as a figure looms over her and Gamora. 'NEBULA' the figure shouts – it's Thanos!

'Nebula? Is this how you greet your sister after so long apart?' Thanos asks. 'FATHER! I didn't intend... it's just... Gamora...' Nebula replies, to which Thanos asks if this is any way for the captain of their peace force to behave. 'Yeah, Nebula' Gamora mocks. Nebula apologizes to Thanos, but Gamora tells her that she doesn't look sorry, then punches her in the face again. 'That's better' Gamora smiles. Nebula goes over to Thanos and tells him that she will make Gamora see, and that she will meet justice for her disrespect. Thanos tells Nebula to be patient, and that her sister will return home when she is ready. 'Yes, of course, Thanos the Just' Nebula replies, before Thanos points out that they have honored guests to welcome.

Shortly, inside the Gauntlet, the Seat of Galactic Justice. 'I am Root' Root remarks as he and the others stand on a platform that looks down to where Thanos sits on a grand throne, and Captain Marvel and Starkill stand before him. 'Yeah, Root. This is starting to seem like a bad idea' Rockette agrees. 'You are not wrong, rodent and vegetable' Thanos calls out, before looking down at Carol and Quill and pointing out that most questionable characters steer clear of the Gauntlet, Seat of Galactic Justice. He reveals that from this very location, Titan's peace force keeps watch over the galaxy's innocents, and now that he has brokered peace between the Kree and the Slkrull, he has made it his mission to put an end to violence and death throughout the universe – no matter the price. 'Wait, Thanos is really the hero of this universe? I... wow. I just... yeah, no. I've got nothing' Carol thinks to herself.

Nebula stands near Thanos as he points out that Quill was not to show his face here, and asks him if he is turning himself in, as well as his companion. “Companion?” Carol quotes. 'That's rich' she mutters. 'Nemesis! The word is nemesis!' Quill exclaims, before Draxx raises a hand and informs Thanos that they are the ones turning Captain Marvel and Lord Starkill over to him. 'Mr “The Just”!' Draxx adds, before Rockette asks 'What are two lawless, half-humans worth around here, anyways?' 'I am Root' Root calls out, to which Rockette tells him 'Good point' and suggests Thanos meet them on the corner of “Half-human but still full price”!' Thanos asks what the lives of two sworn criminals are worth, especially two who have proven time and again that they are utterly incapable of redemption. 'Nothing at all' he concludes.

'Listen up, Thanos...forget these clowns...' the Widower calls out. 'Where are the clowns? I see now clowns here' Draxx remarks. 'Really, Draxx?' the Widower mutters, while Starkill reminds Thanos that the rock he got him is one of a kind. Thanos points out that Starkill has yet to deliver the rock, and at this point, he can only assume that its acquisition was a fabrication. 'hang on a sec, Mr Thanos!' Rockette calls out, as she holds up the glowing red stone, and asks 'What kind of numbers we talking on the crooks if we throw in said sweet rock?' 'The Reality Stone!?' Thanos exclaims, declaring that with this gemstone of power he can put an end to all evil and can do it without war or even violence – or any of them. 'Guards! Seize them!' Thanos calls out. Thanos recalls images of several super heroes and announces that for too long they have plagued this galaxy, pirating and pillaging, feeding on the weak – but no more – for with this stone, he will banish them all to a place they deserve, a dark place with no light and no joy and no hope of escape!

Thanos looks up to see the Widower and the Ravagers walking away. 'Sorry, am I boring you?' he asks them. 'You, uh... we thought we'd get out of your hair' the Widower calls back. Thanos tells them that they will all be making this trip, so he has to insist that they stay. Guards drop down near the Ravagers, and the Widower drops to the floor, kicking the guards over, she pulls out a gun and aims it at Thanos, telling him that she didn't really pack for a vacation. The rest of the Ravagers open fire on the guards, while Starkill and Carol are still shackled, they raise their cuffed hands and ask if someone can let them out. 'I'll protect you, father!' Nebula announces as she steps in front of Thanos and releases a force field from her gaunlet. Carol slams her head into one of the soldiers,  then fires an energy blast at Nebula's gauntlet, destroying it. 'Enough!' Thanos booms, announcing that he has reached the end of his patience, and the limit of his benevolence.

Thanos holds the stone in his hand, energy glows from it. 'Let the stone do what it...' Thanos begins, before he is whacked in the back of the head. He falls to the ground and the Reality Stone drops out of his hand and across the floor. 'You were saying, father?' Gamora asks, standing behind Thanos, holding a very large weapon. 'Father, no! You wanted nothing more than for my sister to return. Now look what she did to you!' Nebula calls out, holding Thanos' head up. 'Oh, she's just getting started' Gamora smiles as she aims her weapon at Nebula. Nebula scowls and tells Gamora that their father was wrong about her – she will never change. 'Not if I can help it' Gamora agrees. Nebula suddenly reaches over and grabs the Reality Stone, and announces that Gamora and her friends must be eradicated – but before she can do anything there is an explosion as one of the doors to the chamber is blasted open.

'Did someone call for a rescue?' Wendy asks as she, Sasquatch and Judd open fire. 'Look at that. Even when they're thieves, my crew still comes through' Carol tells herself, when suddenly, Nebula shouts 'No! Guards, stop them! Don't let them esca -' but as Carol and Starkill rush away, Thanos tells Nebula that if they fight hate with hate, they will be just like them. 'Let them go. Justice will find them' Thanos tells his daughter, taking her hand. 'Everyone, to the ship! Now!' Carol calls out, while at the same time, Starkill shouts 'Everyone! To the treasury! Now!'

'On what planet does “to the ship” mean “time to go chasing loot”?' Carol asks, holding the Reality Stone, as Starkill's crew is taking things from Titan and loading them onto their ship. 'This one. Didn't you see us?' Draxx asks.  As she climbs up the platform into their ship, Rockette asks 'So what, are we a super-group now? Like, a super villain group? Cuz I could get used to that...'.

Carol joins Starkill onboard the Ravagers' vessel, and Starkill tells Carol that for a while there, he thought they were goners. 'Really? You?' Carol asks. 'Nah. Not really. I just felt like saying that...' Starkill claims. Carol laughs and asks him why, to which he tells her that it seems like the thing a nemesis says when he ends up with the other nemesis. Carol snorts at that remark, then Starkill puts her up against a wall and puts his hand in front of her, 'Yanno...afterthe big score...adrenaline's still pounding...' he begins, when suddenly, a door in the vessel opens, 'I hope I'm not interrupting...' a voice calls out, and Carol and Starkill look over to see a weapon pointed at their heads. It's Dr Eve, who tells Starkill that she believes he took something that belongs to her – and now she is here to collect it.

'I did not see that coming' Carol mutters, while Starkill remarks that it feels strangely right in the old wheelhouse. 'The stone. You will not take it from me' Dr Eve declares. Starkill informs her that he has taken a lot of things from a lot of people, and a stone is not ringing any bells. 'He really does have a terrible memory...' Carol points out, while Dre Eve narrows her eyes that glow blue and she exclaims 'At least you'll remember me, won't you Carol Bean?'

Characters Involved: 

Captain Marvel VI


Dr Eve


In alternate reality:

Puck, Sasquatch (both Zeta Flight)

Lt Wendy Kawasaki


The Widower


Draxx, Gamora, Lord Starkill, Rockette, Root (all Ravagers)







In flashback image:


Kree and Skrull aliens

In illustrative image:

Captain America, Invisible Woman, Iron Man, Mr Fantastic, Spider-Man, Storm, Thor IV, Wolverine

Story Notes: 

Carol's comment to Bean about them having to stop meeting like this is a reference to Captain Marvel (7th series) #125 when Bean's astral form appeared to Carol while she was sleeping.

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