Champions (2nd series) #21

Issue Date: 
August 2018
Story Title: 
Northern Lights, part 3

Jim Zub (writer), Sean Izaakse (artist), Marcio Menyz (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer & production), Stefano Caselli & Marcio Menyz (cover artists), Nyla Innuksuk (consultant), Alanna Smith (associate editor), Tom Breevort (editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Captain Marvel, Snowbird, Sasquatch, Talisman and Puck tell the Champions to stand aside so they can deal with the Master of the World. Ms Marvel leads the protest on behalf of the Champions, trying to explain to Alpha Flight that the Master is saving the world from global warming by repairing the glaciers. Captain Marvel tries to explain how much trouble the Master really is. Ms Marvel brings up the drama with the predictive justice issues, and reminds Captain Marvel that she was going to talk to her about it. Ironheart contacts Viv and Nova and tells them they need backup outsoide. Talisman begins to cast a spell of slumber to take the Champions out, but Ironheart knocks her over before the spell can be completed. Inside the Master's facility, Miles Morales finds the local girl Amka, who is being held captive. The battle rages, with the Champions defiant in their beleief that the Master is doing right, while Alpha Flight are determined to stop the Master. Nova and Viv arrive and join the battle, keeping Alpha Flight from taking the Champions out. Miles frees Amka from the contraption that the Master was keeping her in, and Amka, confused and scared and brimming with newfound power, transforms into a large bear-like creature, she bursts up through the ground, and Alpha Flight and the Champions turn their attention to taking the creature down, while Miles tells them that she is not a bad guy. The two teams work well together, before the creature vanishes, and Amka reverts to her human form. Amka accuses the Master of draining the goddess Sila's energy. The Master declares that energy is a resource to be used by the powerful, so Alpha Flight and the Champions work together and give chase – until the Master collapses one of his large glacier scaffolding onto them and he escapes. A few hours later, Captain Marvel and Kamala talk and set aside the issues between them, before joining their teammates, who are with the locals, watching Amka display another aspect of her power, the ability to create brilliant light, which she displays as local wildlife in the sky. Amka is offered a place in Beta Flight, or to join the Champions. She apologizes to her mother for never believing in the stories of her great-grandfather. Viv encourages Amka to accept membership with the Champions, but Amka is reluctant to leave her mother. Her mother encourages Amka to go and tell their story, and Amka takes to the sky, announcing that she will.

Full Summary: 

'Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sensing a bit of tension in the air... let's all settle down. I'm sure we can come to an amicable solution' the Master of the World declares as he hovers over members of the teenage heroes called the Champions, and a gathering of Canada's finest – Alpha Flight! The Master's mysterious factory towers behind them as the heroes come face to face in the Arctic Circle. Amadeus Cho a.k.a. Hulk, Nadia van Dyne a.k.a. Wasp, Kamala Khan a.k.a. Ms Marvel and Riri Williams a.k.a. Ironheart find themselves up against Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel, the goddess Narya a.k.a. Snowbird, Eugene Judd a.k.a. Puck, Dr Walter Langkowski a.k.a. Sasquatch and Elizabeth Twoyoungmen a.k.a. Talisman. 'You kids need to step back. We're taking the Master in!' Puck announces. Ms Marvel shifts her hands into two very large hands as she comes between the Master and Alpha Flight and tells Canada's premiere super heroes that the Master isn't hurting anyone – although she hates calling him the Master. Kamala explains that he is using his robot drones to rebuild the glaciers and slow down global warming.

'The young Marvelite speaks the truth. I'm here to save the world' the Master assures his long-time foes. 'Let me guess, you're gonna “save the world” so you can conquer it!' Sasquatch snarls. 'Whoa there, Sasquatch' Amadeus Cho remarks, trying to calm Sasquatch down. 'Naturally. But the timeline on my domination of this planet is... flexible' the Master replies.

Carol tells Ms Marvel that she needs to trust her on this, as the Master is a megalomaniac empowered with alien technology, so whatever he tells her he is doing, it is a lie, plain and simple. Carol adds that they are here to apprehend him so he can't cause any harm. 'How do you know what he's doing is bad 'til you look at it?' Ms Marvel asks Carol, who informs her that they have dealt with the Master before. Ms Marvel tells Captain Marvel that she gets it – what the Master is doing is technically illegal. 'But so was locking up a bunch of people for “predictive justice,” right?' she reminds Carol, adding 'You did what you thought was right, no matter what'. 'That was quite a rich little moral conflict, wasn't it?' the Master smirks. 'Shut up, you smug psychopath!' Carol snaps. Carol then turns to Kamala and asks her if they are really going there right now. 'Is that what this is about?' she asks. 'I thought you said we were cool... that we'd talk about it' Kamala replies. Carol tells her that they will – but not here and not like this.

Ironheart contacts her teammates over her communications system, informing Viv Vision and Sam Alexander a.k.a. Nova that they have a situation forming and could use some backup. Viv and Sam are inside the Master's facility, where Sam has been recovering from injuries, as Viv tells Ironheart that she understands, and that she and Nova are ready to assist. 'We are?' Nova asks.

'You kids don't know what you're doing' Puck remarks as Nadia van Dyne flies over to him in her small wasp-sized form. 'Adults keep saying that, but I don't see you fixing the ice, Puck!' she exclaims. Sasquatch and Hulk eye each other up, as Carol declares that she doesn't want to fight, but that they are not backing down, as the Master is too dangerous. 'This macho garbage...this is why I quit the Avengers!' Kamala exclaims. Talisman tells Carol to fear not, and energy starts glowing around her hands as she prepares to cast a simple spell of slumber – but before she can finish spellcasting, Ironheart fires a blast at her, 'I don't think so, Talisman!' Ironheart exclaims, knocking Talisman backwards. Sasquatch then roars and wraps his hand across Hulk's face. Amadeus sighs and mutters 'So much for diplomacy'.

Inside the facility, Miles Morales a.k.a. Spider-Man is crawling along the ceiling as the Master's big-like robot drones fly underneath him, one of them states that there is an active perimeter threat. 'I hope everything's okay up top' Miles whispers to himself, when suddenly, his spider-sense begins tingling, and he realizes something is nearby. Darting between several laser-sensor beams in the corridor, Miles follows that little pulse, carefully, wanting to know where it leads him. The pulse feels strong as he rounds a corner, and to his shock, he finds a woman, glowing with colors, strapped into some machinery that appears to be absorbing her energies.

Back outside, Sasquatch holds Amadeus back, while Snowbird transforms into a polar bear. 'Quickly, Snowbird! Knock Amadeus out before he breaks my grip!' Sasquatch tells her, as Snowbird, in the bear form, begins to punch Amadeus. 'Stand down, Miss Williams!' Carol calls out as she fires a blast towards the young, armored woman, who blocks the blast with a force field and  informs Captain Marvel that her name is Ironheart. 'HEY!' Puck calls out as one of the bug-like robots fires a blast towards him, while Wasp shrinks Ms Marvel down and flies her towards Talisman, who has started to cast another spell. 'This is a complete disaster!' Ms Marvel exclaims. Nadia tells her not to despair, and that once they subdue Alpha Flight, they can show them the glacier repair process and come to some kind of compromise. As she casts her spell, Talisman is confused as to why the spiritual energy here is so weak, but before she can investigate further, Ms Marvel is reverted back to her true size, and drops down on Talisman, knocking her to the snow-covered ground. 'I swear we don't wanna hurt anyone!' Ms Marvel exclaims.

'That was a good hit, Snowbird...but I'm the Hulk!' Amadeus exclaims as he flips Sasquatch over his shoulders and slams him into Snowbird who is still in her polar bear form. 'Just remember, your magic lady started this!' Ironheart calls out to Captain Marvel, who flies toward, dodging Ironheart's blasts, before slamming a fist into her armored form and knocking her backwards towards the scaffolding surrounding a nearby glacier. The Master revels in this, and tells himself that it is delicious, even more satisfying than he hoped. Snowbird reverts to her default form, while Sasquatch sits up as Nadia flies over to him and tells him that she knows this isn't the best timing, but that she is a big fan of his work. She adds that his papers on gamma radiation were very informative when she was studying in Russia. 'I hope we can be friends after this is over' Nadia smiles as she shrinks the surprised Sasquatch down with her control over Pym Particles.

'Kid-Hulk, you're making a mistake!' Puck calls out as he darts about in front of Amadeus. 'Oh yeah, Puck? Only mistake I see – is messing with me!' Amadeus declares as he slams Puck into the ice. Captain Marvel flies towards Amadeus, knowing that she has to put him down before he lays out the whole team – but before she can reach him, Nova appears, and flies straight into Carol, 'One intergalactic-powered interception coming right up!' he smiles, as they both slam into the ice, and bounce along it for some distance. 'Carol!' Talisman calls out. 'Nova!' Ms Marvel gasps as they look over to where smoke rises from the impact of their landings. Viv Vision drops down before Snowbird and tells her that it would be unwise to continue this attack, as the Champions have superior numbers and at least four other distinct combat advantages at this time.

Back inside, Miles has freed the young woman, Amka, from the machinery, and puts his jacket around her, telling her that he has her. 'Are...are you okay?' Miles asks as he leads the young woman out of the room. 'Wh-where am I?' Amka asks in her native Inuktitut. Colorful lights begin tyo glow around her, and Miles shields his eyes, 'Aw, geez! I really hope you're not radioactive or anything like that... not that I haven't been bitten by worse...' he adds, while Amka explains that the man with his machines is hurting her, taking her soul. Miles' spider-sense begins to go haywire as a loud rumbling noise can be heard.

'Is that an earthquake?' Kamala asks above ground. Talisman announces that it is some kind of powerful magic energy, and Snowbird senses it, too. Suddenly, there is a mighty roar, and the icy ground is torn apart with a powerful KROOOM as a large bear-like creature with horns bursts upwards, and Miles, too, clinging to the creature's back. 'Truce?' Carol asks Kamala. '...yeah' Kamala smiles in response, while Snowbird and Viv fly towards the creature, and Talisman readies a spell. 'I'll hold that big n' ugly while you two tear it down!' Amadeus calls out to Snowbird and Viv, who agree with the plan. The strange creature chomps down on Hulk's arm, while Snowbird switches into an arctic owl and starts scratching at the creature. Miles is still on the creature's back and looks up at Viv, 'She's freaking out, but I don't think she's a bad guy! We've gotta stop her!' Miles calls out, while the Master looks at this latest development and thinks to himself that this is unfortunate.

The creature roars and lashes out towards Viv, who dodges it, as the creature shakes the Hulk off, knocking him backwards. 'Please don't hurt everyone!' Miles calls out as he tries to shock the creature's head with an energy blast. Snowbird flies past in her owl form, while the Wasp is searching for Sasquatch. 'Uh... Dr Langkowski... where's you go?' she calls out. 'I'm down here! Turn off the Pym Particles!' Sasquatch shouts from where he runs along the ground, in between the creature's large feet, before Nadia reverses the Pym Particles, and Sasquatch reverts to his true size, 'Surprise, fur-face!' he shouts as he appears in front of the creature, wrapping his arms around the mysterious beast, Carol, Nova, Viv and Miles begin to blast it with energies. 'Concentrate fire! Keep it off-balance!' she tells them as Sasquatch holds the beast down. Talisman announces that she must dissipate the spiritual energy fueling the creature as energy darts about her, and Sasquatch tells her that whatever she is going to do, to do it now.

Suddenly, there is a loud THOOOM and energy rises up from the creature, who vanishes, revealing Amka in its place. Miles goes over to her and wraps his jacket around her once more, while asking her not to turn into a monster again. Amka replies that she won't, before realizing that he doesn't understand Inuktitut, so in English she tells him that she is not a monster. 'Young girl... were you cursed?' Talisman asks as she walks over to Amka. 'Not a curse, not... it's a blessing' Amka replies, explaining that Sila, the soul of the North, saved her. Amka reveals that Sila's energy was pulled out of the ground by machines and used like a battery. 'By YOU!' she shouts, pointing up at the Master of the World. Alpha Flight, Captain Marvel and the Champions all look up the Master, who sighs. 'You would strip this land of its great spirit?' Snowbird snaps. '“Spirit”...Feh!' the Master mutters, declaring that all energy is a resource to be used by those powerful enough to wield it. 'Saving Earth from humankind's contamination is far more important than an old magic ghost...' the Master remarks.

Alpha Flight and the Champions gather in close together, 'That's not your choice to make!' Kamala calls out to the Master, while Captain Marvel tells the Master that this operation of his is over. 'Face your crimes, corruptor!' Amka exclaims, energy glowing around her hands. 'I think not' the Master replies as he flies in towards one of the scaffold systems surrounding the glaciers, while his bug-like robots open fire at the heroes. 'Go for Champions!' Ironheart exclaims. 'Alpha Flight, attack!' Carol shouts as they and Nova fly forward, with the others following them. 'You fools will never learn!' the Master calls back to the heroes. 'This world does not deserve my genius!' the Master shouts, and suddenly, he activates a self-destruct on the scaffolding, which begin to collapse towards the heroes as he escapes.

A few hours later, Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel sit the slope of a glacier that overlooks a local village as night descends. Kamala tells Carol that she is really sorry, as she never wanted things to go this way. Carol tells Kamala that she knows she didn't, that her heart was in the right place, as it always is. Carol admits that she should not have jumped the gun and forced them into a fight. Carol then tells Kamala that people like the Master prey on their fears, offering quick solutions to big problems. 'I truly believe we can overcome anything, but we have to do it together' Carol smiles. 'Yeah!' Kamala smiles back. They head back down to the village, and Kamala remarks that they were so excited by what the Master could do that they didn't listen to the people of Pangnirtung. 'I was trusting my gut, but I should have trusted theirs' Kamala admits. As they join their teammates and the locals who have gathered in the middle of the village, Carol tells Kamala that she doesn't think amka will let her make that mistake again, as Amka uses her power to create brilliant light illusions of local wildlife in the star-filled sky.

'Amka, I can't believe it! You're a super hero!' Amka's friend Pilip calls out as he walks towards her. 'A what? No, Pilip. I'm' Amka replies. Snowbird watches them and tells Amka that her friend speaks true. Puck offers to put Amka in touch with his friend James Hudson, explaining that he could enroll her in the Beta Flight training program. 'No way, Puck! I met her first, so she's sticking with the Champions!' Miles shouts. Amka turns in shock as voice calls out to her, 'Amka, my baby, you're filled with the light!' a woman in a wheelchair exclaims. 'Sila's energy moves through me now, mother' Amka explains as she goes over to the woman in the wheelchair and hugs her. As she uses her power to turn one arm into an arctic wolf leg, Amka admits that she never believed in the old ways, and told great-grandfather that his stories were all make-believe – but now, here she is, filled with spirits and songs she has never heard before. 'What would he say to me now?' Amka asks. 'He'd be proud' Amka's mother replies, wiping tears from her eyes.

Viv Vision and Miles go over to Amka, and Viv tells her that, as Miles indicated, the Champions would be pleased to have her join them if that is her desire. She adds that sharing their experiences and accomplishments builds confidence. 'That sounds great' Amka replies, and Miles tells her it will be awesome. Amka looks at her mother and tells the Champions that she wants to travel, and help people – but her mother needs her here. 'Says who?' Amka's mother exclaims. Amka crouches down beside her mother, who tells her that she took care of herself long before she came along, and will keep doing it when she is not around. 'I...' Amka starts to say, but her mother hugs her and tells her that she has been given a gift. 'Okay, but I don't even know what it means!' Amka replies, so her mother tells her to go forth and find out – to tell the world their story! 'Okay...' Amka replies as she removes her jacket, revealing her blue, white and black costume underneath, she uses her power to grow large feathered wings, and takes to the brilliantly colored sky, smiling, she announces '... I will!'

Characters Involved: 

Hulk III, Ironheart, Ms Marvel V, Nova III, Spider-Man VII, Viv Vision, Wasp III (all Champions)

Snowguard / Amka Aliyak
Captain Marvel VI
Puck, Sasquatch, Snowbird, Talisman II (all Alpha Flight)

Master of the World

Amka's mother

Story Notes: 

The Master of the World was last seen in Captain Marvel (8th series) #6-10, where he caused a lot of trouble for Captain Marvel during the “Civil War II” event.

James Hudson – Guardian – hasn't been seen since Fantastic Four (1st series) #643.

First mention of a Beta Flight program being active since Wolverine (2nd series) #142.

A Canadian-based Alpha Flight team haven't been seen active in Canada since Fantastic Four (1st series) #643, at which time the roster consisted of Guardian, Sasquatch, Snowbird, Aurora, Puck, Marrina and Talisman. Since that time, Sasquatch, Aurora and Puck became part of the Alpha Flight Space Station crew, starting with Captain Marvel (8th series) #1, although Aurora was later transferred to NASA. It was implied in Captain Marvel (8th series) #9 that the Alpha Flight Space Station has jurisdiction in Canada, and the appearance of Snowbird and Talisman this issue seems to suggest that perhaps they at least they are still active as Alpha Flight in Canada.

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