Classic X-Men #1

Issue Date: 
September 1986
Story Title: 
First Night (2nd story)

Chris Claremont (writer), John Bolton (artist), Ian Laughlin (colorist), Tom Orzechowski (letterer), Ann Nocenti (editor), Jim Shooter (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Second Story : It’s the first night at the mansion for the new team. Xavier wonders how he will integrate the two groups. Havok and Lorna Dane decide to retire as there are now enough mutants to keep the X-Men going without them. Bobby acts very arrogant to the new members, feeling that they have not earned to call themselves X-Men yet. Wolverine is attracted to Jean, causing a fight with the Angel. Tempers flare, but Storm and Jean separate them. Jean loves Scott, but is attracted to Logan too, she decides to leave the X-Men to explore a life among humanity.

Full Summary: 

Second Story :
At night, after the X-Men returned safely from battling Krakoa, Xavier sits in his office and thinks about his students. The original team were youngsters, and unsure in their powers; they learned to function as a team for years. The new X-Menm are older, more experienced and loners. It will be difficult to integrate the two groups. Xaviers senses that everyone is still up, despite the hour, and mentally checks on them.

Havok and Lorna are clearing the dishes. Alex says that he only stayed because they were needed, but now with so many members, he can follow other plans like completing his degree. Scott is the superhero in the family, not him, and Lorna agrees. They kiss, and Xavier pulls out, having heard enough.

Upstairs, Jean tries to convince Scott to join the others in the living room, but as always, he turns her down because of his leadership duties. Scott wants to finish his after action report on the X-Men’s battle with Krakoa, and he blames himself that the X-Men were captured so easily in the first place. Jean gets very sad and leaves the mansion. Outside in the owoods, she thinks about their relationship. She knows that Scott loves her, but he never really expresses his feelings, and Jean wonders how much longer she can take this behavior.

In the living room, Banshee is playing piano, while Colossus is drawing sketches of their battle for his little sister. Hidden in the shadows, Kurt congratulates him on his talent, but Piotr is startled by the voice out of nowhere and transforms into steel, thus ripping his shirt. Nightcrawler teleports into a spot where he is easily seen and enjoys himself. Bobbby has been observing them, and says that Kurt looks like a demon. He acts suspicious and says that it would’t be the first time that the X-Men were undermined by some of their enemies. Colossus asks why he is acting so aggressive, in fact they are all X-Men, but Iceman replies that only the originals are the X-Men, and they can’t expect to simply show up and run the place without asking them. Also he insults Colossus' Russian accent. Kurt and Sean back Colossus up, and as he is running out of arguments, Bobby angrily leaves. Colossus thinks about returning to Russia, but Kurt and Sean tell that they will stay, and that he too should, if he wants to develop. Colossus is not fully convinced, but at least wants to try.

Thunderbird is in one of the hallways looking at the many photographs of the originals. He understands that they are really close and it will be difficult to get accepted as one of them. Right then Bobby passes by. John tries to be friendly and asks for a tour through the mansion, but Iceman says that all doors are labeled so he could explore the rooms himself. As John tries to calm him down, Iceman encases him in a block of ice. Proudstar flexes his muscles and easily gets out, saying that he is here on Xavier’s invitation. If Bobby can’t handle their presence then it’s his problem.

In the woods, Jean is lost in her thoughts, as suddenly Logan appears behind her. She did not recognize his presence and is amazed by him. Logan says that he is attracted to her, and from her pounding heart and fast breathing he can tell that the feeling is mutual. Jean hesitates, but then says he is mistaken.

Ororo is soaring through the sky, exploring her new home. She is joined by Warren who tells her she is beautiful and Storm gives back the compliment. Warren then tries to flirt with Ororo, but she is not familiar with the concept and does not understand what the Angel is talking about. Suddenly Warren spots something below and dives down. He pulls Logan away from Jean, concerned that he was about to hurt her. Jean puts him back in his place, explaining that they were only talking, but the two men are too enraged and a fight starts. Jean places a telekinetic shield between them, but Logan gets mad and uses his claws. Finally they are separated by a lightning bolt from Ororo. She then calls up a shower to cool the tempers, but Warren still is upset, saying that Xavier must be crazy to allow such a lunatic into the school. Ororo says that Angel condemns easily but actually he struck the first blow. Logan is somewhat depressed. He tells Jean that Warren is possibly right, in fact he has killed in the past and probably not worthy of her attention. Jean however tells him otherwise and welcomes him to the team.

At dawn she enters Xavier’s office, who congratulates her on how she handled the two hotheads. In the professor’s opinion Wolverine is worth the effort, in time he might become a keystone of the team. Jean regrets that she won’t be there to watch, as she will leave the X-Men. She loves Scott, but can’t deny a certain attraction to Logan and also she wants to explore her other plans and dreams. She wants to marry, have a family, explore the world and live among humanity. Xavier understands and wishes her all the best.

Characters Involved: 

Angel, Banshee, Colossus, Cyclops, Lorna Dane, Havok, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Storm, Thunderbird I, Wolverine, Professor Charles Xavier (all X-Men)

Story Notes: 

The back-up story spins directly out of Giant Size X-Men #1 and leads to the departure of the original team in X-Men (1st series) #94.

Issue Information: 

The main story reprints the first chapter of Giant Size X-Men #1. The remaining three chapters of that story are summed up in two additional pages.

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