Giant-Size X-Men #1

Issue Date: 
May 1975
Story Title: 
Second Genesis!

Len Wein (writer, editor), Dave Cockrum (illustrator), Glynne Wein (colorist), John Costanza (letterer)

Brief Description: 

Professor X goes about recruiting new mutants for his team of X-Men. There are seven in all and each one of them agrees, although some reluctantly. The mutants are Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Banshee, Storm, Sunfire, Colossus and Thunderbird. They all gather at Xavier’s school where they discover their purpose, to rescue the original X-Men. Cyclops, the only survivor from the first crew, fills everyone else in on what happened, how the X-Men went to the island of Krakoa and disappeared. The new X-Men saddle up and hitch a ride on the Strato-Jet with Cyclops to the mysterious island. They break off into pairs upon arrival in order to cover more ground quicker. Each team runs into trouble on their way to a mysterious temple that appears in the middle of the island. Once they all arrive at the temple they break in and find all of the X-Men strung up by tubes and being fed upon. They break them free as the temple starts coming down. Safely outside, the original X-Men come to. Angel begins filling them in on what happened when the island itself opens up before them. A humanoid being emerges and explains that it itself is the mutant they were looking for. The entire island of Krakoa is a mutant. Krakoa explains that it was feeding off of the X-Men and let Cyke go free to bring back more mutants. Immediately following the explanation, battle commences. Nothing the X-Men throw at it is effective. Professor X contacts Scott after watching the battle for a bit and tells Scott his master plan. The plan involves Lorna Dane severing the planet’s primary lines of magnetic force. It works and Krakoa is expelled into outer space. Iceman creates an encased ice raft to save them out on the ocean. When all is calm all thirteen X-Men board the floating Strato-Jet and head for Westchester.

Full Summary: 

Chapter I
Winzeldorf, Germany
The small village of Winzeldorf had been a gentle, peaceful place to live in for centuries. That is up until the present, where the once quiet villagers storm the streets armed with torches. One of the men points out where the monster went and orders everyone to follow suit. The monster in question is a three-fingered, two-toed, blue-furred demon-like creature, wearing a red and black costume. He hears the man call him a monster and thinks to himself that it is the villagers who are the real monsters with their mindless prejudices.
The creature continues running wondering if he would have been better off staying with “Der Jahrmarkt”. He quickly refutes this thought, as he comes to the conclusion he would rather face the angry mob than spend his days as the carnival freak. The spade-tailed creature stops running and leaps onto the wall of a nearby home.
The villagers spot him as he climbs to the roof. They surround the house and tell the creature to come down or they’ll set the place on fire. The creature howls into the night and tells the villagers to leave him alone, that he has done nothing to warrant this.
The villagers’ torches rain down on the roof. The creature is astounded at the lengths these people would go to in order to eradicate him. He thinks to himself how he came to this area to learn among them, yet all he’s been taught is hate and violence. The creature, with no options left, leaps off the roof straight towards the villagers intent on making a powerful last stand. The creature fights well against the mob, but inevitably is defeated. One of the men yells out for someone to get him a stake.
As a gang of men holds down the defenseless creature, another man with a long moustache and hat brings the stake down towards the creature’s chest for the fatal blow. The man yells out to his fellow neighbors that they will be rid of the monster. A voice from out of nowhere yells out, “Stop!” and everyone does.
The creature is surprised to see that everyone is as still as can be, however he can still move. He wonders aloud what happened to everyone. A man approaches in a wheelchair and informs the creature, calling him by his name, Kurt Wagner, that he happened to them. Kurt asks the bald man how he did it and why. Charles Xavier explains that he is a teacher for gifted youngsters like Kurt and that he had heard Kurt say he came to this village to learn. He further clarifies that it is a school for mutants.
Kurt admits to hearing the term “mutants” before. Xavier informs Kurt that he is a mutant, which is why he came there to help him. Xavier holds out his hand, but Kurt shies away. He asks the Professor if he can make him normal. Xavier asks him if after what just happened would he really want to be. Kurt reconsiders and admits he just wants to be whole. If that can be done, he tells Xavier, then he will join him.
Quebec, Canada
A meeting has been arranged at a secluded, top-secret military installation. The base is the headquarters of one of Canada’s special government agencies as well as one of their top agents, the Wolverine. Wolverine busts into a conference room on the third floor of one of the complex’s main buildings. He wants to know whom the “bigwig” is he’s supposed to meet.
Charles Xavier, who’s already sitting at the conference table, introduces himself to Wolverine. Wolvie asks if he’s supposed to be impressed. The military official also waiting in the room explains that the top brass set the meeting up and that Xavier has an offer to make him.
Wolverine wants to know what kind of offer the Professor has. Xavier cuts to the chase and tells Wolverine he knows of his recent battle with the Hulk and about his powers. He tells Wolverine he is in desperate need of mutants. Wolverine wants to know about his current responsibilities to the Canadian government. Xavier tells Wolvie he’s offering him a chance to be a free agent and put his powers to their greatest use. Wolverine likes that idea and shakes Charles’ hand on it. The military official can’t believe his ears. He tells them it won’t fly, what with his government having invested a lot of time and money into him. He threatens to lock up Wolverine if he tries to leave.
Wolverine snikts a claw and reminds his soon-to-be former associate that it’s still a free country. He swipes at the official cutting his tie in half. Wolverine tells him he’s resigning his commission immediately. He then brings the protruding claw up to the man’s face and asks if he has any further objections. “I didn’t think so,” Wolvie sneers.
As the two mutants are leaving the room the government official warns Wolverine that he hasn’t heard the last of it. Wolvie tells the guy that they can come looking for him anytime they want.
Nashville, TN
Banshee sits at the Grand Ol’ Opry, taking in the show. He looks over to his left to find Professor X sitting next to him. He’s shocked, to say the least. The Professor tells Banshee that he must talk with him.
Not much later at Banshee’s place, Professor X has just finished relating his story and his need for mutants. Banshee doesn’t have to think twice before joining up with Xavier’s cause. He even states that it would be nice to follow the “straight an’ narrow” for once.
Kenya, East Africa
A large stone portal sits atop a grassy knoll. A group of men make their way to the top to sing songs of praise to the goddess of the storm. They hope she will ease their burden and send them rain.
The goddess arrives and asks the men what they are in need of. The man with the headdress, who appears to be the leader of the group, explains to the goddess about the drought that has hit their land and how the crops and grasses are dying. He offers to slaughter ten goats and chickens in her honor if she will bring them rain.
The goddess tells the tribesmen to save their animals, as they need them more than she. She tells them she will help them. The goddess raises her arms to the sky and lets the winds sweep her from off the ground. Higher and higher she flies as lightning fires from her fingertips. The sky opens up and the rains begin to fall.
The men on the ground are jumping and dancing as the goddess returns to the ground. A voice within her head tells her she put on an impressive display. The goddess named Ororo spots the man in the wheelchair and approaches him. She asks him what business he has in her land. Professor X introduces himself and explains that he has come to make her an offer. She scoffs at him, for what kind of offer could he make a goddess such as herself.
He knows she has a land and people who adore her, but Xavier explains that there is a world out there that needs her. He tells her the world he offers her is not beautiful, but it is more real than the fantasy she’s currently living in. He explains to her that she is not a goddess, but a mutant, and that she has responsibilities in using the gifts given her. Ororo is not fully convinced by his argument, but agrees to leave her homeland and set off with the Professor.
Osaka, Japan
Professor X and Shiro Yoshida, better known as Sunfire, are sitting down at a table, sharing some tea in his garden. Xavier empathizes with Shiro’s views of the Western world, but explains that he would not be there if there was not dire need of him. Shiro tells the Professor that he owes him nothing. Although he wonders aloud whether he should do this for himself.
Shiro contemplates Xavier’s request and moments later reappears in his costume. He states it may be time for the world to hear from Sunfire once again.
Lake Baikal, Siberia
The crop has been larger than expected this season for the Ust-Ordynski collective farm. One of the farmers riding a large field machine yells out to the muscular man pitching wheat on the ground below. He tells the man named Peter to look, for his sister is in trouble. Peter spots his sister off a short distance with a runaway tractor heading straight towards her.
Peter takes off and instantly transforms into a metallic behemoth. He doesn’t have enough time to take his sister to safety, so instead stands his ground with the oncoming tractor. The tractor smashes to pieces before the strength of the armored Russian as he cradles his sister in his arms.
Peter hears a voice in his head that wishes to hold a conversation with him. Moments later, Peter and Xavier discuss the need for him to come to America. Peter believes his great power belongs to the State. It belongs to the world, Xavier corrects him, for the good of everyone. Peter explains that they must first speak with his parents.
Peter finishes telling his parents what Xavier had just told him and how the Professor will teach him in the use of his mutant powers. Peter tells his parents he’s conflicted about leaving, as he’s happy where he is, but knows he has much to offer to the outside world. He asks his father for help with his decision.
Peter’s father tells him to do what his heart tells him. Peter says his heart wants him to stay, but his conscience tells him to go. He decides he must go and his father backs him on his decision. His mother begins crying so Peter pulls her in tight for a loving embrace.
Moments later, Xavier and Peter, with his suitcase in hand, leave the homestead. Peter waves to his parents who are standing on the porch. He promises to write them and make them proud. His father calls out that he is already proud of him.
Camp Verde, AZ
An Apache by the name of John Proudstar is chasing down a buffalo residing on the Indian reservation. He laments about his people and how the old ones sit around mostly, discussing the days long past. It disgusts him to see what his people have turned into. The Apache were once hunters and warriors and were meant to be free amongst the plains, but now are “sad-eyed simpering squaws”.
At this thought, John leaps at the buffalo he is chasing and grabs it by the horns, bringing it to the ground. As he wrestles with the beast, John proclaims that there is still one man left among the Apache.
A voice invades John’s head, causing him to lose focus. The buffalo takes off leaving John face to face with Professor X. He asks Xavier how a cripple could have gotten out so far, but doesn’t wait for a response before telling “white-eyes” to leave the reservation.
Charles tells him not to be hasty. He offers John a chance to bring pride back to his people. He explains to John that he is a mutant and that he is needed. “And you can stuff a cactus, Custer!” John replies. He tells Xavier that he owes the white man nothing for the grief he’s given his people and once more tells Xavier to leave, turning his back and heading out himself.
Xavier goads John by telling him the rumors he’s heard, that the Apache are all “frightened selfish children”. Xavier’s ploy works as John turns back around and tells Xavier that nobody calls him a coward. He tells the Professor he’s willing to prove it to him. Xavier promises him he will have that chance.
After speaking those words out loud, Charles Xavier wonders if any of the new X-Men will be good enough for the task that lies ahead of them. He wonders if, instead, the world will go down into ruin.
Chapter II: …And When There Was One!
Westchester, NY
The new recruits are all present at Xavier’s School and after a telepathic crash course in English are all able to communicate with each other. Each mutant is wearing their costume, with Peter, Ororo and John wearing theirs for the first time ever. Peter comments that he had never seen such clothing like what they are all wearing. Ororo tells Professor X that her costume is beautiful and asks how he got just the right size.
Xavier explains that the costumes are created from unstable molecules that adjust to the body of the wearer. He explains he obtained them from a man named Reed Richards of whom they’re sure to learn more about and his family later. Xavier starts to explain why he brought them all together, but Sunfire interrupts him.
Sunfire points his finger at Xavier’s face and demands to know what’s going on. He tells Xavier he’s losing his patience. Xavier tries to calm him down and apologizes for the delay. He explains he only wanted to wait until the person who can explain the situation better arrived. Xavier motions to the doors behind him right as one of his original students enters the room. He introduces everyone to Scott Summers, also called Cyclops.
Cyclops tells them they are there for one simple reason: the X-Men have disappeared. He explains to the new X-Men that they represent the only hope of getting them back. He motions for everyone to follow him as he leads them to the chamber that houses Cerebro. He explains Cerebro’s purpose; to find and identify mutants, which is how each one of them was found, and the reason the original X-Men were lost.
Cyclops begins the story of how it all began… Cerebro lets off a signal alarm that is louder than ever before. Professor X, Angel, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Lorna Dane, Havok and Cyclops all show up to see what’s the matter. Xavier checks the computer and finds that Cerebro has detected a mutant signature so powerful that it can’t be classified. The location, Charles discovers, is the island of Krakoa in the South Pacific. Professor X orders the X-Men to go investigate before someone else finds the mysterious mutant.
The X-Men take off in the Strato-Jet right away. Jean mentions how she wishes Beast was with them. Scott reminds her that Hank had graduated and no longer had time for them. Scott tells her they have their own stuff to worry about. Up ahead lies the island of Krakoa.
The X-Men find an area to land and lower the Strato-Jet to the island surface. Iceman is the first one off the jet and he makes a crack about taking the wrong bus because this overgrown jungle does not look like Cleveland. Cyclops tells him to stow the jokes as they have a difficult job ahead of them. Cyke reminds them they are searching for a new mutant. Angel chimes in how it’s worse since they don’t even know what they’re looking for.
Cyclops tells the team to fan out for a better search radius. Lorna spots something behind them and calls everyone’s attention to it. Havok yells for everyone to scatter and then suddenly everything goes black.
An unknown time later, Cyclops wakes up aboard the Strato-Jet. His head hurts badly and he has no idea at all where he is, but he notices he’s by himself. Cyke wonders what happened. He suddenly realizes he has no ruby quartz protection covering his eyes and that he’s not firing any beams either. Cyclops tries to discharge his optic blasts, but nothing happens. Then Scott realizes he’s back on the Strato-Jet with the automatic pilot turned on. Cyke tries to get the ship turned around back to the island, but it won’t budge.
The plane reaches its destination, back at Xavier’s School. Cyclops races off to find Xavier and finally does so. Xavier asks him where the others are and Cyclops fills him in on the story. Xavier can’t believe his ears, the X-Men are still on the island and Scott has no idea how it all happened.
Xavier notices that Scott’s eyes are beginning to glow. He tells Scott to grab some protective lenses, as his powers seem to be returning. Cyke covers his eyes with his hands as his optic beams begin to unleash. Scott cries out in anguish, as he was happy thinking he never had to worry about energy beams shooting from his eyes again. The beam’s strength is more than Cyke can handle and his hands fly free and he is hurled back into some machinery, destroying it…
Cyclops explains to the new team how the Professor modified one of his old visors to contain his increased optic powers and that he stayed back to retrain while Xavier searched for more mutants.
With the story now told, Wolverine wants to know what the next move is. Cyclops explains they go back to Krakoa to find the original X-Men and find the mutant that defeated them.
Sunfire tells Cyke that he will have no part in the mission. Cyke can’t believe it. He tells Sunfire he’s been given a chance to help his fellow mutants. Sunfire tells him he doesn’t like his fellow mutants and that he will not risk his life to help them. Cyclops tells Sunfire he pities him, but doesn’t have time to waste arguing with him because they have a job to do.
Moments later, the Strato-Jet is in the air and on a familiar course towards Krakoa. Aboard the jet, Ororo tells Scott she wasn’t impressed by her first taste of “mutant camaraderie”. John pipes up saying the new X-Men “aren’t exactly a Mutual Admiration Society.” John tells Ororo they’re not there to pat each other on the back. John spots something out of the window and tells Cyclops that something is following them.
Cyclops spots the object and replies, “I see it, Geronimo! It’s…”, but John cuts him off, “Well, I’ll be jiggered, One-Eye—the Jap!” Sunfire asks Cyke if he’s going to open the hatch or does he expect Sunfire to travel to Krakoa all by himself. As Sunfire gains entry, Kurt asks him why he returned. Sunfire tells him to mind his own business, his reasons are his own.
Chapter III: Assault Force!
Two hours into the flight and the new X-Men finally arrive at the island of Krakoa. The X-Men look out their windows at the island below. John says, “So that’s where you mislaid your partners, huh?” and Wolvie chimes in, “Can’t say much for your taste in vacation spots, Summers!” Cyclops tells both Wolverine and John, calling him by his codename Thunderbird, that he doesn’t appreciate their sense of humor. John fires back that his name is Proudstar. Cyclops, obviously not used to receiving this much flak, angrily tells them they will be going by the codenames the Professor assigned.
Cyclops breaks the new X-Men into separate assault teams. Storm (Ororo) and Colossus (Peter) will enter from the north, Banshee and the Wolverine will come in from the east, Sunfire and Nightcrawler (Kurt) will start from the south and Thunderbird (John) and Cyclops will head in from the west. Cyclops tells the south team to get ready because their drop is coming up. Sunfire, who hates taking orders, tells Cyke he doesn’t like his tone. Cyclops tells him they can discuss it after the mission is over, and with that Sunfire and Nightcrawler are out of the jet. The east team is out next, followed by the north.
Still in the in the aircraft, Thunderbird comments to Cyclops how Storm and Colossus have just landed and they’re already arguing. Cyclops ignores the remark and tells Thunderbird to strap in because they’re next.
Cyclops spots a clearing in the jungle and lands the ship, wondering to himself how many more X-Men he will lose. Cyke and Thunderbird exit the jet and head out into the wilderness. Cyke points out to Thunderbird which way they’re going prompting Thunderbird to respond with another sarcastic comment, “I just hope you’re not leading me into another Little Big Horn!” Thunderbird’s complaint is cut short when Cyclops realizes he left the mini-cerebro unit onboard the Strato-Jet. Cyke turns around to re-board the plane and is shocked to see it has disappeared.
Thunderbird can’t believe it either. He remarks that the ground couldn’t have just opened up and swallowed the plane whole. Cyke agrees, but points out the fact that a strange temple had just appeared out of nowhere. Cyclops, sensing a connection, figures it’s the best place to go search.
Cyclops and Thunderbird make their way toward the temple. From above a vine reaches down and snags Thunderbird around the neck. Thunderbird cries out, but it’s too late. Cyclops is snatched up into the air. Both mutants struggle against the vines. Thunderbird, with his feet still planted on the ground, manages to tear the roots up from the earth. Cyke starts firing his optic beams, tearing the remaining vines in half. The two X-Men finally destroy the vine menace and continue their journey toward the temple. 14 minutes later they arrive.
Meanwhile, on the island’s east side, giant crab monsters emerge from the ocean water and head out onto the beach. Their intended targets; Banshee and Wolverine. Banshee spots them first and gets Wolverine’s attention. Wolverine dives into the action with his claws drawn. Wolvie starts tearing them to shreds. At one point he asks Banshee, rather sarcastically, if he’s going to join in on the battle. Banshee, however, is already on the move and letting loose with his sonic scream. The crabs don’t stand a chance against the two battle-tested mutants and are easily obliterated. Banshee and Wolverine both agree that it’s time to get back on their way to the mysterious temple near the center of the island. Soon enough, they both arrive and are greeted by Storm and Cyclops.
A bit earlier, Storm and Colossus ran into some trouble of their own. While making their way from the north side, they too spotted the temple and decided to make their way there. During their trek through the valley, however, an avalanche occurred and both X-Men took off. Colossus switched to metal form and had taken the brunt of the hits. As the two X-Men were running they noticed the avalanche was actually following them. At that point Storm summoned the powers of the wind to slow down the barrage while Colossus uprooted a tree and used it like a Louisville slugger to knock the rock debris out of the ballpark. With their powers combined Storm and Colossus managed to send all of the boulders out to sea.
At that same moment on the south side, Nightcrawler and Sunfire are being overrun by vicious birds. Sunfire fires away obliterating any that come in his path while Nightcrawler does his best to dodge the attacks. Crawler notes that they seem bent on preventing the duo’s progress towards the temple. Sunfire takes a dig at Nightcrawler for stating the obvious. Kurt, obviously hurt by the comment, wonders aloud whether the mutant community is any better than the human one.
From behind, a falcon comes swooping in with its talons reared at Crawler’s head. Nightcrawler teleports away just in time. Sunfire picks on Nightcrawler again, this time for his defensive maneuvers. Sunfire lays waste to the rest of the birds and with no more obstacles in the way, the two of them make good time to the temple and meet up with the rest of the new X-Men.
All eight X-Men make their way to the entrance of the temple, Cyclops in the lead with Banshee defending the rear. Cyclops tells the group that he believes they’ve all been lured to the temple on purpose. The door stands before them, concrete and over a foot thick. Cyclops orders his offensive teammates to bust down the door, and that they do.
Inside, they are shocked to find all of the missing X-Men are hanging from a network of vines and it seems as though something’s feeding off of them. Cyclops gives the orders to set them free. As the new X-Men pull the tubes off their predecessors the whole temple begins to shake. Cyclops orders the group to carry whatever X-Man is closest to them and escape.
They all make it to safety before the temple collapses. The rescued X-Men start to come around. Cyclops sees it as good news, but Angel begs to differ. He asks Cyclops why they came back for them. Cyclops is confused by Angel’s question. Angel explains that it wanted him to come back and bring more mutants. It was a trap all along, he clarifies.
The ground opens up before them right where the temple was standing. Cyclops is still stunned, but Angel explains everything. It wasn’t a mutant living on the island they were looking for, it was the island itself that was a mutant!
Chapter IV: Krakoa… The Island That Walks Like A Man!
Images flood the minds of the group of X-Men. They see an island where early atomic tests were performed, tests where the resulting radiation affected every living thing on it. Eventually each organism on the island linked into a colony intelligence, which gave the island a life of its own. The island, Krakoa, grew hungry however. It was a hunger that never fully went away until the original detachment of X-Men arrived. Krakoa fed on the mutants and decided to release one of them in order to bring back more for it to feast upon.
Back in the present, Krakoa proclaims to its fresh crop of food that it will never go hungry again. Cyclops yells at the mutant island for using him, for having him bring more innocent mutants to the slaughter. Krakoa admits to using Cyke and also takes claim that it used Professor X as well, sending him a voice that only his mind could hear. Krakoa is done explaining and says it’s time to feed. He fires energy blasts from his eyes at the mutants gathered beneath him. Cyclops yells for everyone to scatter, but it’s a bit late as several of them are knocked off their feet.
Wolverine goes on the offensive, disobeying Cyclops’ orders. He jumps onto the arm of the monster and digs right in. Storm and Sunfire join the fight as well as they take to the air and start firing away with lightning bolts and plasma bursts. Angel points out to Sunfire that his plasma blasts have no effect on the creature. Storm, hearing this, realizes her lightning bolts are doing diddlysquat as well.
The X-Men do not give up, though, and press the attack. Everyone lets loose knowing this could be their last stand. The X-Men continue fighting, getting nowhere, that is until the astral projection of Professor X appears. He contacts Scott and tells him they’re going about the battle all wrong. Professor X continues, explaining how he was monitoring their battle and studying the mutant island. He tells Cyclops he thinks he’s found a weak point and then fills the field leader in on his plan.
Back at Westchester Xavier sits at his desk mentally preparing for what he must do. He places his hand over his face in deep concentration and joins the battle telepathically from halfway around the world.
Professor X wages mental war with Krakoa while his X-Men carry out the master plan. Cyclops gives Storm an order and she takes off to the skies. As she hovers above Krakoa she harnesses the electronic fury of the storm. Lorna Dane absorbs the electrical energies and is recharged. A conduit is created between Storm and Lorna, with Lorna taking the brunt of it all. She screams out in agony, but tells them not to stop. Alex tells Scott to call off the plan, for Lorna’s sake. Scott denies his request. He tells Alex that he can’t sacrifice the world to save the woman he loves. Havok is upset to say the least and swears to his brother that if Lorna dies… The rest of what Havok says is lost in the deafening roar of the downpour.
As the rain comes crashing down, Krakoa grows in size and strength. Banshee points this out to everyone in total disbelief. Professor X reaches out to Scott one more time to tell him that Krakoa had grown too strong mentally.
Back at Westchester Xavier collapses on his desk after telling Cyclops he can’t continue his part anymore.
Back at the battle, Krakoa prods the X-Men, calling them fools. It laughs at them for sending the rain. It tells them the rain replenishes and gives it strength. Jean voices her concerns to Scott about the Professor’s plan. She knows they won’t last much longer in battle. Scott tells her not to worry and to get everyone back because the next phase is about to begin.
Scott turns to see Lorna, but she is an incandescent tower of sheer magnetic force. Cyclops yells out, “Now!” and both he and Havok let loose a powerful barrage at the epicenter of the magnetic energy. The energy shoots downward, all the way to the molten center of the planet itself. Krakoa starts feeling strange almost instantly. It cries out that it can’t maintain its humanoid form anymore.
Scott voices his happiness that the Professor’s plan worked. He tells everyone to get moving before the end. Everyone starts running for it. Cyclops, Havok and Iceman run into Lorna lying on the ground. Havok tells them that Lorna is too weak to run and before he can do anything about it, Iceman picks her up and tells Havok that Lorna is “in good hands for once”. Havok is about to hand him a verbal smackdown, but Cyclops tells them they can argue later.
They join the remaining X-Men who are already a bit ahead of them. Thunderbird is the first to spot the beach ahead and he relays the fact that it’s breaking up as well just like the rest of the island. Without their Strato-Jet, the X-Men worry. Luckily, Iceman comes up with a solution and creates an ice platform on top of the ocean water. He orders everyone on board.
Havok and Cyclops move to the rear of the ice raft and both use their powers to propel their vessel further away from the island. Behind them the island is propelled into the air with such force that it breaks free of the Earth’s orbit and enters the vacuum of space. It seems as though their plan to sever the planet’s primary lines of magnetic force worked. When the forces realigned themselves, it was so violent that it popped the island into outer space.
A whirlpool appears where Krakoa once stood and it begins drawing the ice raft right into its maw. Cyclops orders Iceman to create an airtight ice shield over the raft. Seconds later their ice raft is sucked down beneath the ocean. The X-Men are knocked around as the waters rock them back and forth like pinballs. The vortex slows and stops and for a brief moment the waters are calm. The ice bubble created by Iceman emerges from the frothy depths of the sea. With the coast clear, Cyclops blows open the roof.
The X-Men are finally safe, but the good news doesn’t end there. The Strato-Jet, built watertight, also pops up out of the water. The X-Men paddle their ice raft to the jet while Angel flies over to open the hatch. Everyone climbs aboard and they take off back towards Westchester. Angel apologizes to everyone for the lack of comfort, but explains that the jet wasn’t built for so many mutants. Then he asks the obvious question, “What are we going to do with thirteen X-Men?”

Characters Involved: 

Angel, Banshee, Colossus, Cyclops, Havok, Iceman, Lorna Dane, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Storm, Sunfire, Thunderbird I, Wolverine, Professor Charles Xavier (all X-Men)

Nicolaj and Alexandra Rasputin, Colossus‘ parents
Illyana Rasputin (unnamed)
Canadian government official

Story Notes: 

This issue marks the first appearance of Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm and Thunderbird.

Part of the new team, Banshee, Sunfire and Wolverine had appeared before:
Banshee met the X-Men back in Uncanny X-Men #28. He was mind controlled by Factor 3, a group of evil mutants (and their alien leader) intent on world domination. He broke free of their command and eventually helped the X-Men defeat them.
Sunfire met the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men #64 where he was on mission to destroy the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. After Shiro’s uncle killed Shiro’s father, Sunfire came to his senses and stopped his attack on the U.S.
Wolverine’s only appearance prior to this was his infamous battle with the Hulk and Wendigo in Incredible Hulk #180-181.

While this is Storm’s first appearance the series X-Men: the Hidden Years reveals that the original X-Men team had actually shared an adventure with her some time before.
“’Jahrmarkt’ means ‘carnival’ or ‘circus’. It's an annual event (= year / Jahr) happening on the market place (Markt). Circuses or Carnivals such as Nightcrawler's are touring through the land, visiting town after town.” (Courtesy of Peter Luzifer)

The Canadian government follows up on their threat to try and take Wolverine back. Their first attempt will be in Uncanny X-Men #109 when Weapon Alpha shows up in Westchester.

Colossus’ sister who was almost killed in this issue is named Illyana. She will next be seen and end up staying with the X-Men following a dastardly hostage situation involving the X-Men and their loved ones in Uncanny X-Men #145-146.

Reed Richards is none other than Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four (for the three of you out there who didn’t know).

A bit more of what happened after the original X-Men landed in Krakoa is shown in X-Men: Deadly Genesis #4.
As revealed in the Deadly Genesis mini-series, Xavier had sent in another team of X-Men prior to this issue. The team, headed by the third Summers brother, Vulcan, managed to rescue Cyclops and get him on the Strato-Jet. The interim team went back for the others and were easily defeated. Vulcan and Darwin of the interim team are revealed alive at the end of Deadly Genesis.

You might ask about the whole "Krakoa sent Scott back to bring more mutants". Well, it was explained in Deadly Genesis #6 that it was Xavier, trying to cover everything up, that made it seem like Krakoa could speak. In reality, Krakoa had no comprehendable speech patterns.

Beast left the X-Men and started working at the Brand Corporation in Amazing Adventures #11.

The Battle of Little Big Horn, also known as Custer’s Last Stand, was a battle won by the Lakota-Northern Cheyenne Indians against the 7th Cavalry of the U.S. Army

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Second Story:  “Call Him… Cyclops”
This story was originally presented in X-Men (1st series) #43 and served as an explanation of Cyclops’ mutant powers and abilities.

Third Story:  “I, the Iceman”
This story was originally presented in X-Men (1st series) #47 and served as an explanation of Iceman’s mutant powers and abilities.

Fourth Story: "The Female of the Species"
This story was originally presented in X-Men (1st series) #57 and served as an explanation of Marvel Girl’s mutant powers and abilities.

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