Deadpool (2nd series) #32

Issue Date: 
September 1999
Story Title: 
I’m Not So Me As You Think I Am…

Joe Kelly (writer), Woods (pencils), Shelander (inks), Blanchard (colors), Comicraft (letters), Diaz (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

As Deadpool starts to fight his old adversary, T-Ray, memories start coming back in Mercedes’ mind. She is also amazed by the rather brutal way Wade fights, almost finding it unbelievable that he is the same teacher she thought she had married. During the battle, T-Ray reveals past memories of what first seems to be Wade and Mercedes rescuing a badly injured T-Ray from an almost death out of an ice-cold river and later being responsible for Mercedes’ death. On that very moment, T-Ray vanishes together with Ilaney and Mercedes and everything turns black, separating them from Wade. T-Ray gives Ilaney the choice to freely leave right now, not thinking this is her fight. But Ilaney refuses to betray Deadpool like that, as he gave her life a meaning. That’s fine by T-Ray, who in return chooses to torture her, using his magic powers. Deadpool and T-Ray continue to fight each other, but T-Ray leaves Mercedes behind in a dungeon but leaves a viewing globe so she can still witness everything. The two combatants battle on a beach, where T-Ray reveals that this is the same beach where Wade and Mercedes had their honeymoon. Mercedes remembers, but Wade apparently doesn’t recall any of it. In a next memory, T-Ray has Ilaney relive her worst memory, of her plane crashing down, but this time Mercedes’ parents are on board. However, Wade doesn’t even recognize them. Wade pushes himself and T-Ray out of the plane so Ilaney can try to bring it in safety, and, thanks to T-Ray’s next magic tricks, lands into the next memory. They arrive at the university where Wade and Mercedes met, during a philosophy class they shared. Mercedes remembers, but not Wade. T-Ray finds that to be very simple. He reveals that Wade doesn’t remember any of what he shows him because the memories do not belong to Wade, but instead… to T-Ray himself?! To explain what he means, T-Ray further reveals that it wasn’t him who was badly pulled out of that river, but… it was Deadpool!

Full Summary: 

Mercedes Wilson’s voice-over:

“For a second, I’m not there. And then I’m everywhere! I’m seeing things, like Ilaney’s plane crash and my death, and hearing things that I know are me. They are the truth. Things that will truly happen. And then, it’s over… and I forget it all… one past nightmare vision replaced by a present one.”

As Deadpool starts fighting T-Ray, Ilaney asks Mercedes where they are. Mercedes recognizes the place, as it’s the same spot where she was killed. T-Ray defends himself using his powers, but doesn’t say a word. That’s fine by Wade, thinking that T-Ray is a pathetic conversationalist, and also the worst party planner. Wade takes out his gun and shoots T-Ray, but he survives the powerful blast.

Mercedes voice-over:

“Seeing Wade like this, the sheer brutality, the hatred… it’s all so far away from the man I married. I don’t understand this world.”


Ilaney shows for her boss, telling him to show T-Ray who’s the boss around here. Wade suddenly realizes something: T-Ray’s skin is entirely normal now, and not completely white like he used to be. Wade wonders if his enemy is on that Richard Simmons diet program or something. T-Ray smiles, almost without breathe, and explains he just wanted to give Wade a suitable welcome. On that very moment, he vanishes. Wade jokes he knew that already. P>

Mercedes and Ilaney walk toward Wade, and are surprised and tell him to look in front of him. Wade freaks out, like he is watching the last season of McGyver. They went through this mess already. Mercedes recognizes the people they see in front of her, as they are… younger versions of herself and Deadpool! Ilaney is surprised, as Wade turns out to have been an actual cutie!

It’s the memory of when Wade and Ilaney found T-Ray frozen in the water, uncertain if he was still alive or not.

Wade dislikes looking at this, at it feels like an episode of “This is Your Life” and thinks he knows why T-Ray is doing this. Ilaney doesn’t understand. Wade thinks T-Ray is doing this to drive them insane again, probably thinking it’s comedy gold.

Deadpool sees himself and Mercedes pulling T-Ray out of the water. Wade admits he’s surprised to see himself like this and refuses to watch any more. Instead, he takes out his blaster gun and angrily shouts at T-Ray to show himself, as he’s in for some payback time. Mercedes and Ilaney ask Wade to wait, as they don’t want to be left alone. Wade starts shooting at the younger versions of himself and Mercedes, trying to warn them about her upcoming death and shouting that it’s all his fault that it happened.

Suddenly, everything starts turning black. Wade isn’t impressed, joking he saw better effects on an episode of Nightman. He gets separated from Mercedes and Ilaney. Ilaney takes out her gun, warning Mercedes to stay close to her.

Mercedes voice-over…

“I can barely hear her… my mind adjusting to this world, this strangeness. This something that feels so… T-Ray is in my mind. He’s everywhere. But all I can think of… what do you say against the man who killed you?”

T-Ray, standing triumphantly on a hill, sarcastically greets the ladies. He walks towards Mercedes. Ilaney tries to stop him, but T-Ray uses his magic powers to hold her back. Mercedes wants to know what T-Ray did to Wade. T-Ray promises Mercedes he’ll see her knight in tarnished armor soon enough, when the sport activities begin, but first things first. Ilaney isn’t impressed by T-Ray’s magic. T-Ray tells her to shut up, reminding Ilaney that they are now in his home. Here, he can tear her belly open with a thought or peel bits of her away with a mere whisper. But, T-Ray promises he won’t do that if Ilaney leaves now.

He opens a portal, and surprisingly shows Ilaney… her home?! T-Ray explains that this thing between him, Mercedes and Deadpool is a… family affair – and Ilaney being there spoils that. He warns Ilaney to think quickly and clearly, and not to let words like “loyalty” cloud her judgment. He is confident Deadpool wouldn’t stay to help her. He promises Ilaney she can trust her, as he has known him much longer. Ilaney doesn’t think that’s true.

Mercedes calms her down, explaining there has been too much pain already. She wants her to go now she can. Ilaney hesitates. She explains that, before she met Deadpool, her life meant nothing. It was filled with loneliness and she was thinking of committing suicide. There was just guilt and pain. But that maniac Deadpool taught her enough of herself not to do that. Ilaney tells T-Ray he can shove it.

T-Ray becomes upset. He concentrates, and transforms demon-snakes and orders them they can do with Ilaney what they want. The demons start eating her body, and fades away into nothingness. Mercedes doesn’t understand why T-Ray did that. T-Ray explains Ilaney made her choice and blew it herself. It’s human nature. He tells Mercedes she would be amazed how often someone throws her life away for pride, love and even money. But he tells Mercedes she doesn’t have to worry, as Ilaney isn’t quite dead yet… for the moment.

Mercedes wants to know where Ilaney is. T-Ray promises Mercedes she will see her soon enough, but right now, he wants to tune back to her “hero,” Deadpool. He opens a viewing globe so he can show Mercedes what he means.

Meanwhile, Deadpool himself is walking through a Fantasy Island-like jungle, angrily joking that he’ll need help from Nick At Nite to get out of this. He angrily shouts at T-Ray to show himself. Wade, in full battle armor and sword, suddenly appears in front of Wade, smiling that he’s everywhere in this place. And, T-Ray adds: this time, Deadpool is meat. Wade denies that, joking to “Mr. Mummenchanz,” believing this battle will turn out completely different. T-Ray punches Wade in his face, breaking his nose and joking that will be the only time he’ll do that, since magicians never perform the same trick twice. T-Ray tells Wade to get up, as he’s ready to end this.

Wade believes that someone needs to cue Mr. Williams to hit it with that ominous “Jar Jar’s Ignoble End” theme music, as T-Ray is getting serious. Wade pulls out his sword and, with a serious tone, tells T-Ray that people will be writing history books about the things he’ll do to him. T-Ray smiles, recognizing the words of a man with conviction. They start to fight.

T-Ray asks Deadpool if he truly doesn’t wonder why he is doing all this, and why they are fighting on the beach which T-Ray believes Wade should recognize. Wade didn’t want to spoil T-Ray’s “Dr. Strange meets Arcade” family moment but, no, he truly isn’t interested. T-Ray corrects Wade that he should.

T-Ray reveals that this is the very same beach where Wade and Mercedes had their honeymoon together, and Wade told her he’d lover her until Hawaii froze over. Mercedes, while being held captive in a dungeon and guarded by magical creatures created by T-Ray’s magic, remembers that. Wade remembers and simply doesn’t want to go through this ridiculous trip down the memory lane, he simply wants Mercedes back. He continues to battle T-Ray, causing him to bleed terribly, angrily shouting that he’ll do whatever he must to get Mercedes back as he hasn’t loved anyone as much as her in his whole life.

Suddenly, T-Ray changes set again. This time, Deadpool finds himself in an airplane, together with Ilaney and… Mercedes’ parents?!? Mercedes can see the whole thing happening through T-Ray’s viewing globe and panics when she notices Ilaney can’t seem to get a grip of the plane. Wade tries to help Ilaney out, but she can’t hear him. T-Ray explains that they are re-living Ilaney’s worst nightmare, from the time she lost control off her own aircraft which caused her to stop flying in the first place. And as long as he lives, the memory will be relived over and over again… until Wade stops it. T-Ray smiles that Wade is responsible for bringing Ilaney into this life, as much as he is for bringing Mercedes back from the dead. T-Ray wants Mercedes, or else Ilaney will have to relive her worst nightmare over and over again.

Mercedes’ mother notices Wade and asks him where her daughter is, but he ignores her and punches his mother-in-law in the face! Mercedes can see it all happening and angrily shouts at Wade to stop hitting her mom. T-Ray appears in front of her, admitting he’s surprised that Deadpool obviously doesn’t recognize Mercedes’ mother. He assumed they were close. Mercedes admits that they were, but not anymore. Ilaney gets pulled to reality and recognizes her worst nightmare, and begs Wade for help. Wade promises he’ll make T-Ray pay for this.

Wade angrily kicks T-Ray out of the plane and they start falling down. Ilaney does her best to bring the plane into safety but has the hardest time. T-Ray asks Wade if he remembers how their feud started. Wade does, and angrily shouts at T-Ray not to get him started about it, since for as far as Wade remembers it wasn’t him who began the battle between them, but T-Ray himself! T-Ray jokes about it, claiming that’s the truth. That’s also probably the reason why Wade ignored him when he found out they worked together at the Hellhouse, and instead made jokes of him. Wade admits that’s true, but mentions that he isn’t that guy anymore and now does care. He suggests that T-Ray simply moves over to the next hocus-pocus chapter so they can move on. That’s fine by T-Ray and he snaps his magic finger.

They fall into a fountain. Wade feels like he relived the worst Jim Carrey movie moment, and what’s even worst: he broke his arm. T-Ray proudly pronounces that Wade should recognize the campus fountain they are right now, because this is the place where he and Mercedes fist met each other. Wade doesn’t think so. On that very moment, Mercedes gets teleported in, asking Wade if he remembers how they first met. Wade doesn’t want to talk about that right now: he wants to kick some T-Ray butt.

But Mercedes wants Wade to remember: they are at Calgary College, where they had a philosophy class together. T-Ray reveals a memory of a young Wade and Mercedes sitting on the grass. Mercedes remembers that strange sensation feeling she felt throughout her body that day. Wade liked the “No Exit” poem and she hated it. She wanted to throw it in the fountain, holding the poem papers into her hand just so Wade would grab it and stop her.

Deadpool really dislikes talking about this right now and starts fighting T-Ray again. The entire area starts turning black again. T-Ray grabs Wade by his throat, wanting to know if Wade didn’t wonder why he picked this day to torment him. He points towards Mercedes, wanting her to answer the question. Mercedes suddenly remembers. She admits she forgot about it until now, but today… is hers and Wade’s anniversary! T-Ray thinks it’s obvious why Wade doesn’t remember Mercedes’ parents, because he never met them. Also, T-Ray thinks it’s obvious why Deadpool obviously doesn’t remember that it’s his anniversary today.

T-Ray teleports them back to the snowy landscape, in front of the house in Maine. T-Ray proudly declares that Deadpool doesn’t have any of those memories anymore because of one simple reason. The memories don’t belong to Wade, but… to T-Ray!

Wade and Mercedes sacredly stare in front of him, and stare at the memory of what they thought where them pulling T-Ray out of the icy water. Instead, it’s not T-Ray they are pulling out, but… Deadpool?!

Characters Involved: 


Mercedes Wilson

Ilaney Brünker


throughout various flash-backs:

a younger Deadpool

a younger Mercedes Wilson

a younger T-Ray

Henry and his wife (Mercedes’ parents)

Story Notes: 

First appearance of Mercedes’ parents, even though it’s only in a flashback.

Jim Carrey is a comedy actor best known for his role in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and the Mask.

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