Deadpool (2nd series) #58 / Deadpool : Agent of Weapon X #2

Issue Date: 
November 2001
Story Title: 
Deadpool : Agent of Weapon X - Part 2 : Makeover

Frank Tieri (writer), Georges Jeanty (penciler), Jon Holdredge (inker), Color Dojo (colors), Sharpefont’s Dave (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

The Weapon X Project sends Deapool and Garrison Kane on an assignment. They are to deal with a dangerous mutant in Iowa. Along the way, Deadpool makes fun of Kane, by comparing him to various mechanical beings of cinema history, and finally the real source of their enemity is brought up – Vanessa, who had a relationship with both of them. In the town they find a huge glowing figure that can’t control it’s abilities, kane tries to kill it, but none of his weapons work. Deadpool is able to calm their “opponent“ by telleing joke after joke and as the creature powers down, there remains only a frightened teenage boy. Kane uses the chance to shoot him in the back – crisis dealt with. Deadpool gets angry and tells the Director that he wishes to leave the Program, especially after discovering that he recieved mental inhibitors that prevent him from harming any of the staff. However the Director get his attention once more, as he reveals Deadpool’s next task : He is ordered to kill a failed agent of the Program – Copycat, aka Vanessa.

Full Summary: 

Agent Jackson knocks at Deadpool’s quarters, and Wade makes some fun of him, requesting a non existing password to let him in. When Jackson finally is granted entrance, he doesn’t quite believe his eyes. Inside is a big party with over a dozen prostitutes, Deadpool has been paying for them with Weapon X money, and that is actually the reason for Jackson being there – Wade’s astronomical expense bills. While Brent is still annoyed by the party and it’s guests, a giant ice sculpture of Wade is delivered, it costs : 39.000 $.
Later, Deadpool is assigned his first mission. A mutant of immense power has been detected in Iowa, and it’s up to him, Garrison Kane and a team of soldiers to deal with him. They are teleported to Iowa, and while they approach the town, Deadpool makes fun of Kane, comparing him with the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz and C-3Po from Star Wars. Garrison Kane is not amused and threatens Wade with his in-built weapons, but then proceeds with the task. Deadpool sure knows how to touch a nerve, as he then brings up Vanessa, aka Copycat. Both men had relationships with her, yet she always returned to Wade when she was done with Kane. Kane almost causes a fight, but then calms down again, mentinoning that Deadpool doesn’t know the full truth yet.
They reach the city, which looks like it has survived a war, and already some of the soldiers that scouted ahead are dead. One of them tries to run away, and therefore is shot in the back by Kane. They head into the town and Kane registers only electromagnetic interference on his scanners. They pass the remains of the soldiers that accompanied them, and then suddenly find the mutant. A giant glowing figure looms over them. Kane fires some bullets, then transforms his hand into a giant blade and lashes out against the figure, however he is blasted by some energy and falls top the ground. The figure says that it can’t control the power and Deadpool understand that there is only one way to deal with him – talk.
Deadpool manages to calm the mutant by telling joke after joke and the figure then powers down to reveal a kid, about twelve years old. He feels sorry for having accidentally killed his mom and so many other people and Wade tries to lighten him up. Suddenly the kid is shot in the back by Kane, who woke up. He says that the boy was too dangerous and had to be dealt with. Angrily Deadpool punches Kane in the face, and the cyborg in turn, uses his blade to cut off both of Wade’s legs. Kane teleports back to the Weapon X project, reporting that the assignment is finished, and after his legs have groen back, Deadpool to returns to the base.
He demands to speak with the Director about Kane’s behaviour, but he doesn’t think that kane acted wrong. Wade gets annoyed and points his weapon at the Director, but has to discover that all of the Weapon X agents have a mental inhibitor that prevents them from turning against the staff of the Weapon X team. Deadpool actually wishes to leave, but the Director says that his next mission will have a personal nature. Intrigued Deadpool listens : Sabretooth wasn’t the first agent to recruit him, there was a female agent before him. The woman was a shapeshifter and her powers have grown unstable. Although the Project was able to stabilize her powers, she got confused by being able to shift into anybody she wants and now has gone to far over the edge to be of any use. The Weapon X program wants her killed. The Director doesn’t need to give away her name – Deadpool already knows that he is talking about Vanessa – aka Copycat.

Characters Involved: 


John, a young mutant

The Director, head of the Weapon X program

Garrison Kane (recruit of the Wepon X program)

Brent Jackson, former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent

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