Deadpool (2nd series) #59 / Deadpool : Agent of Weapon X #3

Issue Date: 
December 2001
Story Title: 
Deadpool : Agent of Weapon X - Part 3 : Intensive Care

Frank Tieri (writer), Georges Jeanty (penciler), Jon Holdredge (inker), Color Dojo (colors), Sharpefont’s Dave (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Deadpool has been ordered to kill Copycat, he fakes to take the assignment, but actually wants to help his former girlfriend. The Weapon X project expected this and send Garrison Kane and Sabretooth after them. While in Creed’s appartment, agent Jackson finds dozens of recently killed bodies and starts to have second thoughts about his place in the organisation, as his superiors don’t seem to care about this at all. Garrison Kane hunts Copycat and Deadpool through the town, finally they face each other in the zoo, with Vanessa being hidden in the gorilla cage, posing as one of the apes. After Deadpool has defeated Kane he returns to the cage, only to witness Copoycat dying in his arms. Sabretooth finished her off while the others were fighting.

Full Summary: 

Agent Jackson knocks at the door of Creed’s appartment. Sabretooth is busy and asks him through the door what he wants and Jackson fills him in that Deadpool has been assigned to kill Copycat, but they want Creed as back-up as Deadpool might betray them. Sabretooth let’s Jackson inside, and he is shocked to see a dead pizza man on the floor. Jackson asks what Creed thinks he is doing and Sabretooth replies “paying“. Jackson then asks what the horrible smell is that seems to be coming from the bedroom. Creed says that Jackson doesn’t want to know and tries to to stop him from entering the room, but thanks to the mental inhibitor he can’t. Jackson opens the door and is shocked once more.
Deadpool is on the way to Vanessa’s appartment, thinking about the recent events. Granted the Weapon X project has improoved his healing factor and restored his looks, but had he known that working for them involved killing children and former girlfriends, he would not have signed up. Despite him taking the assignment, he has no intention of killing Copycat, but wants to help her. He knocks, and Vanessa asks him to come in. It becomes clear how screwed her powers are, one half of her face is losing coherance, and she can’t maintain any shape for long. While they are talking, Deadpool spots Kane in the building on the other side of the street and pushes Vanessa out of the way as he starts to open fire on them.
Meanwhile Jackson is sick. In Creed’s bedroom are about a dozen people, all murdered and slowly decaying. Creed tells him if he can stand the sight, then he should definately not look in the closet.
Deadpool and Copycat have survived the explosion of her appartment intact, and run down to the street. The enter a cab and Deadpool pushes the driver out, taking control of the car himself. Still it’s futile, as Kane can keep up with them, apparently his bionics give him enhanced speed. Kane then jumps on the cab’s roof, but Deadpool pulls a gun and shoots a him various times from below. Kane falls off, and Deadpool starts feeling good, however while talking with Vanessa he forgets to watch where they are driving and the car hits the wall of the Bronx Zoo.
Jackson asks Sabretooth what he is keeping in the closet, and he answers “dessert“. Kackson opens it and finds a frightened young girl, still alive. Jackson takes her and gets really angry at Creed. He says that he has to stop the unnecessary killings or else the Program will have him on the operating table again, and remove what little brain he has left. Surprisingly Creed says it’s ok, as long as he is only restricted to not kill humans, but can continue to kill as many mutants as he wants, and Jackson leaves.
At the Zoo, Vanessa complains that she can’t maintain her shape for much longer, and Deadpool realizes that a costumed man and a blue-skinned girl can really draw a crowd. He shoots a few times in the air, and when all have run away, he breaks open the gorilla cage. Remembering that Copycat always found it easier to change into animals, he tells her to hide among the apes as one of them, while he will deal with Kane.
Outside Creed’s appartment, Jackson contacts his superior about the horrible things he saw there, but the Director does not care. They knew that Creed was no boy scout, but so far his benefits outway any complications, perhaps it might be better if the Director himself would deal with Sabretooth from now on, as Jackson is apparently not able to handle him.
In the Zoo, Kane is scanning the area for both Copycat and Deadpool, as Wade jumps on him from behind. They both end up in the lion’s area. Kane shoots at Deadpool various times, and the blood draws the lions towards him, so Wade is forced to kill them. He then shoots off Garrison’s bionic hand, but he regrows it with an set of Wolverine-style claws. They fight continues, but in the end, Deadpool manages to tie up Kane with a cable and run him over with the zoo train filled with explosives.
Deadpool then returns to the gorilla cage to pick up Vanessa, but he finds her in a pool of blood. Written in her blood is a message on the wall : “Sabretooth was here“. Vanessa manages to say a last “I’ll always love you“ before she dies in Wade’s arms.

Characters Involved: 



Garrison Kane, Sabretooth (both recruits of the Wepon X program)

Brent Jackson, former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent

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