Deadpool (2nd series) #62 / Deadpool : Funeral For A Freak #2

Issue Date: 
March 2002
Story Title: 
Funeral For A Freak - part 2 : Reign Of The Deadpools

Frank Tieri (writer), Georges Jeanty (penciler), Jon Holdredge and Walden Wong (inkers), Tom Color Dojo (colors), Sharpefont’s Dave (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Deadpool’s mysterious ressurection left him naked and amnesiac. He wanders the streets in a shabby tranchcoat and befriends a few homeless people. One of them has a serious vomitting problem, with Deadpool on the receiving end. Finally they run into Deadpool’s friend Weasel, who can’t believe that Deadpool is still alive. Yet Deadpool still doesn’t remember. All over the city four other Deadpools appear. One, acting like a true hero, stops a bank robbery, one is trying to take over New York’s underworld by shooting a few crimelords, another one is a performance artist about to become a media star, and the last one is a psychotic killer running amok.

Full Summary: 

Deadpool dreams about being in ancient rome, beautiful females serving food and fanning air. However the wine doesn’t taste like wine, for a good reason. Deadpool wakes up in an alley, a dog peeing on his face. Last issue’s mysterious resurrection left Wade amnesiac and naked, he is wearing nothing besides a shabby trenchcoat he must have found in the streets. The dog’s owners are a group of homeless people. They apologize and introduce themselves. Duke is a former soldier, but returning from the war he ended up on the streets; Popeye is a former burlesque dancer and before the third guy can say his name he vomits on Deadpool’s feet. Duke explains that Scuzzy is an alcoholic and his stomach can’t handle the liquor, the poor guy vomits every 8 minutes.
Elsewhere a bank is being robbed by three armed men. One of the customers takes off his glasses and runs into a broom closet. A fast change later, he comes out as Deadpool, the merc-with-morality. He quickly disposes of the three robbers and makes a heroic speech as the police arrives. He then tries to fly, shouting “Up, up and away “, but it doesn’t work, so he wanders off.
Deadpool and the homeless group are searching trash bins for something to eat. Scuzzy finds a delicacy : goop on a stick. As Deadpool is their guest, the others offer it to him, but before he can take a bite, two other guys arrive. They forcefully take the food. Deadpool tries to stand up against them, but his friends tell him that they are Tiny and Slick who run things in the alley.
In a hideout, a few crimebosses are holding a secret meeting. They are talking about their problems with the police and rivaling triads, as suddenly a figure drops through the skylight. He quickly shoots anyone besides the boss, who then says that surely the other crimlords will kill him. However every name he mentions has already been killed by the assailant. He is Deadpool and he wants to take over the underworld.
In the alley Tiny and Slick are about to fight with Deadpool and Scuzzy, who gets sick again and once more vomits on Deadpool, this time in the face. Tiny and Slick laugh at him, but getting angered Deadpool’s fighting skills kick in and he defeats both of them, only to retain the price (the goop on a stick). Tiny pulls a knife from his jacket and rams it into Deadpool’s chest.
In a TV studio, a star has been placed in a tank full of foul smelling waste products, and then the tank gets blown up. Yet the star walks out unharmed. The crowd cheers, and later when in his dressing room, his female assistant congratulates him on the great performance. The star too is called Deadpool and he acts very nasty. He throws a sandwich in his assistant’s face, as she forgot to cut off the crust, and then forces her to wear his stink towel over her head for the rest of the day.
In the alley, Deadpool pulls the knife from his body. His friends ask what he was thinking, but Deadpool collapses. While they wonder what to do, Scuzzy again vomits on Deadpool.
At a fast food restaurant a man is trying to order a hamburger without pickles. Apparently too difficult for the worker, who doesn’t know which buttons he ha to type on his cash register. The man gets angry, but all of a sudden gunfire is heard. Both the man and the worker are shot by one more Deadpool, who keeps shouting “No pickles“, as he grabs some burgers and leaves the restaurant shooting everybody in sight.
In the meantime, Deadpool has recovered and his friends have taken him to one of their favorite spots where they are begging for money. Weasel passes by, and actually puts some money in the box, but Scuzzy has to vomit again, this time on Weasel’s arm. While Weasel is cleaning himself he gets aware of Deadpool and welcomes him, asking how he survived. Deadpool, still amnesiac, has no idea what Weasel is talking about, but Weasel goes on, revealing to Deadpool and his homeless friends who he is.

Characters Involved: 



heroic Deadpool

killer Deadpool

media Deadpool

maniac Deadpool

Duke, Popeye, Scuzzy, Slick, Tiny (all homeless people, living on the streets)

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