Death of X #2

Issue Date: 
December 2016
Story Title: 

Jeff Lemire & Charles Soule (writers), Aaron Kuder (penciler), Jay Leisten, Cam Smith & Scott Hanna (inkers), Morry Hollowell (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Sabino (letterer), Aaron Kuder & Morry Hollowell (cover artists), Mike Choi & Dan Brown; Dale Keown & Jason Keith (variant cover artists), Chris Robinson & Charles Beacham (assistant editors), Daniel Ketchum & Wil Moss (editors), Mark Paniccia (X-Men group editor), Nick Lowe (executive editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men & Inhumans created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

In New Attilan, Beast is working with Inhuman scientists, examining Goldballs after his exposure to the Terrigen Cloud, while Storm meets with Medusa, informing her that the Terrigen Cloud is killing mutants. Medusa reminds Storm that mutants have been exposed to Terrigen before with no ill effects, so Storm explains that the Beast suspects the molecular composition of the Terrigen has changed since it was mixed with the atmosphere. Medusa offers all of her resources to deal with this, but Storm points out that this is a global problem, as the Terrigen Clouds go where they will, and there are mutants all over the Earth. Medusa relates this information to Crystal, aboard the RIV and instructs her to get to Madrid where one of the cloud is approaching a populated area and evacuate any mutants. Storm offers to take a team to Madrid to assist. Storm thanks Medusa and tells them that their people need to work together. She informs Medsua that a number of X-Men, including Cyclops, knows about this, so it won't stay quiet for long. Storm relates her meeting with Medusa to Forge and Iceman, while Medusa reflects on the meeting and decides that they must be very careful now, for if one mutant decides this was a planned attack, the mutants will come for the Inhumans. Suddenly, Medusa's thoughts are invaded by a psychic projection – it's Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos – projecting Cyclops into the mind of every person on Earth, where he ifnroms them that the Inhumans' Terrigen Clouds are killing mutants, despite the Inhumans assuring the world that the clouds were safe. He reminds the world that for too long they have hated and feared mutants, while the Inhumans remain the true threat, and the X-Men will save them. The psychic transmission ends, and Cyclops heads back to the Research Center. The Stepford Cuckoos are concerned about something they saw, but Emma won't talk to them about it. Magik rushes over to Cyclops and demands to know what he is playing at, but he and Emma lock themselves away. In Madrid, civilians panic as the Terrigen Cloud descends over them. Crystal and her team arrive in the RIV, and get to work calming the civilians down, some of whom have started riots. With the Terrigen Cloud sprawled over the city, Crystal realizes they need to move the cloud, so she and Iso combine their powers in an attempt to push the cloud away from the populated area. Storm appears and uses her control over the elements to assist in pushing the cloud out to farmland. Back on Muir, several mutants have arrived, and have buried the bodies of Multiple Man and the other mutants killed by the Terrigen Cloud. Colossus and Magik discuss the situation, fearing that this won't end well, as the Inhumans would never willingly eliminate the Terrigen. They wonder what Emma and Cyclops are planning. Emma is in one of the labs and looks distraught. Magik and Colossus find her, and Cyclops decides that they can tell them everything. He reveals that they have been reaching out to other mutants, and that both of them can join him – as the time to act is now. In Madrid, Forge, Iceman and the time-displaced Angel and Cyclops arrive as Crystal orders the new Inhuman Daisuke to use his powers to paralyze everyone, as a means to end the chaos that has erupted. Daisuke is reluctant but does so, only his power paralyzes Storm and the other X-Men as well. On Muir, Emma shows footage of this “attack” on the X-Men to Magneto, explaining to him that Cyclops asked her to reach out to him – as they need him. Magneto announces that he is always happy to help.

Full Summary: 

New Attilan, the capital city of the Inhuman Nation. 'This... this can't be possible' Queen Medusa remarks. 'I wish it weren't. Jamie Madrox died on Muir Island... and Beast is in your hospital right now trying to save another mutant, Fabio Medina, who was exposed to the substance that killed Madrox' Ororo Munro a.k.a. Storm reports as she stands before Medusa. 'No. There's no doubt. Terrigen kills mutants'.

Using her hair to propel her towards Storm, Medusa reminds the X-Men's leader that mutants have been exposed to Terrigen many times, and there have been no ill effects. Storm reports that the Beast suspects that the molecular composition of the mists may have changed somehow after it mixed with the atmosphere. 'However it happened... it happened' Storm points out, adding that some of them die immediately, while others just get very sick, or are unaffected, and they are still trying to understand why.

Medusa assures Storm that the Inhumans will do everything they possibly can to help, and that McCoy will have every resource he needs. Storm thanks Medusa, but points out that the problem extends beyond New Attilan, as mutants all over the world are unaware of the danger posed by the Terrigen clouds. 'All over the world?' Medusa asks, adding that she thinks they can help there, too. She calls out to the auto-comm and instructs it to contact the RIV, emergency channel. The auto-comm acknowledges Medsua's request and contacts the RIV. Crystal appears via the communication's system: 'You rang, sister?' she asks Medusa, who greets her younger sister. 'Why the emergency channel?' Crystal enquires. Medusa informs her that there is an emergency, and that she needs to know the locations of both Terrigen clouds. She asks if they are near population centers. Crystal reveals that one is far out to sea and shouldn't get near anything for a week, while the other is headed for Madrid.

Medusa instructs Crystal to get there now, and get ahead of the cloud. She explains to Crystal that she must evacuate anyone in the cloud's path who holds the X-gene. 'The X-gene? Mutants? How do we find them?' Crystal asks. 'You'll find a way. Please, Crystal, as quick as you can' Medusa orders. Crystal acknowledges Medusa's request and announces that she is on her way. Storm adds that she might have a way to help, as Forge, one of her people, is good with machines, and has a mobile X-gene locator. Storm reports that she will take a team to Madrid. Medusa thanks Storm, who starts to walk away, and points out that their people need to work together. Medusa asks Storm to wait, and inquires as to who else knows about this. 'A number of us – including Cyclops. It won't stay quiet for long' Storm responds. She turns back to Medusa and adds 'That's why I came here. I wanted to look you in the eye to gauge your reaction. To see if this was... purposeful' she explains.

'That's ludicrous. We have no quarrel with mutantkind. My entire reign has been built around peaceful co-existence with everyone on this planet' Medusa declares. Taking flight, Storm replies that she knows that now, but when she walked in here, she wasn't so sure. Medusa folds her arms as Storm points out that she is not the only mutant Medusa will need to convince.

She flies back to the Blackbird which is docked nearby. Forge and Bobby “Iceman” Drake are standing near it, and Storm asks them to prep the Blackbird, as they are heading for Madrid. 'Wait, that's it? How did it go? What did Medusa say?' Bobby asks. 'And what about Beast?' Forge inquires. Storm reports that Beast will stay here, to try and find a solution to the Terrigen problem. She adds that Medusa agreed to do everything she can to help. 'Oh, she did? That's comforting. Who's she planning to help, Storm? Our people... or hers?' Forge asks.

Sitting on her throne, Medusa looks thoughtful as she decides that they must be very, very careful now, for if one powerful mutant decides that the Terrigen's effect on the x-gene was a planned attack, they would come for the Inhumans – they would almost have to. She decides that she will fight for peace, but if it comes to it, then she will win a war. A large painting of Black Bolt hangs on the wall next to the throne, and Medusa decides that that she must think about how they might do that, as if she was speaking to Black Bolt. 'To start, I -' Medusa begins, before she clutches her head in pain.

Outside, Storm and Forge do the same as they also fall victim to the telepathic intrusion that follows. 'What is this? What's happening?' Storm wonders. 'The Inhumans?' Forge asks, before Storm suddenly realizes that it is Cyclops. A

n image of Cyclops a.k.a. Scott Summers is projected into minds around the world. He introduces himself and claims that he is speaking into the minds of every person on the Earth. He apologizes for the intrusion and explains that there was no other way. He declares that there is something they must all see, and reveals that yesterday, the X-Men encountered one of the Inhuman Terrigen clouds.

Muir Island, where Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos – Celeste, Phoebe and Irma – are using their telepathic powers to project Cyclops's speech across the globe. Cyclops continues, announcing that the Inhumans would have everyone believe that the cloud, this substance they poured into the atmosphere, can only interact with their alien DNA, and that to the natives of this planet it is benign. 'They lied' Cyclops declares sternly.

Irma asks Emma if she is all right, but Celeste tells her to focus, as projecting Scott to the world is taking everything they have. 'Don't get distracted. I'm sure Ms Frost is fine' Celeste adds, while Cyclops informs the world that they learned far too late that the Terrigen Mist is lethal, that it is an agent of disease and death.

The original time-displaced X-Men – Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel and Beast – hear the message, as Cyclops reports that one of their own, Jamie Madrox, died a painful death, while others who were exposed to the cloud have grown very ill and may soon die. Civilians stop what they are doing to listen to the message as Cyclops announces that there are two of the Terrigen clouds loose in Earth's atmosphere, moving with the wind, uncontrolled, bringing death wherever they do. 'The Inhumans care only about their own people. And as for the rest of us? It doesn't matter if we live or die' Cyclops declares.

Medusa shows no emotion at Cyclops's announcement, she simply stares ahead, while Storm utters 'Oh, Scott... what are you doing?'

Madrid, where chaos has erupted on a freeway. One man has pulled another off a scooter, and steals it. Others run in the streets, fight with each other and climb onto trucks. Looting has broken out, too. Cyclops is projected over Madrid and announces that the Terrigen cloud is toxic to mutants, and that it is likely just as fatal to humans. 'We can no longer trust the Inhumans. And we can no longer allow this danger to us all to exist. For too long you have feared and hated mutants... all the while, Inhumans were releasing the real threat...into the very air we breathe. The Inhumans lied to you. The X-Men... will save you'. Cyclops concludes his speech, and Emma watches him with concern, while Medusa still does not react, she just sits on her throne and listens.

On Muir, Cyclops walks down a sloping hillside when the communication ends. Emma starts to follow him, while the Stepford Cuckoos telepathically call out 'Ms Frost. Just now... we saw...' but Emma telepathically tells them that she knows, and that she doesn't want to talk about this. 'I say this in the strongest possible, cross-me-at-your-peril terms' she warns them. 'Do you understand me?' 'I – we understand' Celeste responds, before they follow Emma.

Walking down the hill, they pass several mutants who have arRIVed on Muir – James Proudstar a.k.a. Warpath, Rahne Sinclair a.k.a. Wolfsbane, Guido Carosella a.k.a. Strong Guy and Santo Vaccarro a.k.a. Rockslide. At the bottom of the hill is Magik, who strides over to Cyclops, announcing that she needs to talk to him, before asking what their plan is. 'Not now Illyana' Scott replies as he walks inside the research facility. 'No, wait. We need to discuss this. Scott?' Illyana exclaims, but gets no response. 'We said, not now' Emma snaps as she shuts the door behind herself and Scott.

Meanwhile, Crystal and her team have arrived in Madrid, aboard their vessel called the RIV, which hovers over the Terrigen Mist below. One of the team informs Crystal that people in the city are panicking, and asks 'Why? Terrigen is harmless to most humans. We've told them a thousand times'. 'Uh-huh. I guess they like Cyclops' story better' someone mutters, while down below, the civilians continue to attack each other. Crystal instructs Gorgon to go down there with Flint, Grid, Naja and as many of the crew they can spare and to do what they can to help and try and calm the people down – or at least keep them from hurting each other. The new Inhuman Daisuke is with the others as Gorgon replies 'Of course' and Iso asks 'You don't want me to go with them?' to which Crystal tells her that she needs her.

Crystal and Iso rush off the bridge and onto a platform that lowers them through the vessel. 'What are we going to do?' Iso asks. Crystal explains that Medusa ordered them to make sure no mutants came into contact with the Terrigen cloud. She adds that if they had time, they could have made an announcement to the city and pulled them out one by one – but Cyclops ruined that, and their time is up – the cloud is about to hit and they can't move the mutants, so they have to move the cloud. The platform reaches the outside of the vessel, and Crystal and Iso step off it and free-fall to the ground – until Crystal raises the earth beneath them, enabling them to safely land on the raised ridges, amongst the Terrigen Mist.

Iso tells Crystal that she isn't sure they can actually do this. She explains that she is keeping the pressure around the cloud as low as she can to make it easier for Crystal to move it, and points out that it is a gigantic volume of air and that it has to weigh thousands and thousands of kilograms. 'Are your powers that strong?' Iso asks. 'They'll have to be' Crystal replies, before she shouts 'GO!' and throws her arms into the air, using all of her elemental strength to force the Terrigen clouds away. 'Help me, Iso!' Crystal calls out. 'I'm trying! It's too much!' Iso replies, but the two women fight on. 'Crystal... this will... kill us...' Iso utters. 'We... can't... do it... alone...' Iso adds as the women push their powers further and further.

Suddenly, there is a crackle of lightning 'You are not alone!' Storm exclaims as she appears above the Inhumans, and creates several tornados to help push the Terrigen cloud away. 'It's moving! We're doing it!' Crystal calls out shortly, and when the clouds have been pushed past the city, Storm thanks Crystal and Iso for what they did here. 'You were trying to save mutants. We will not forget' Storm assures them. Iso asks if they are actually done, as the city was panicking, and she isn't sure moving the cloud would have stopped that. Crystal agrees and announces that this isn't over – not yet.

Back on Muir Isle, Shiro Yashida a.k.a. Sunfire has arrived, hovering over a large clearing on a hillside where several graves have been marked out. Warpath, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane, Rockslide, the Stepford Cuckoos and Piotr Rasputin a.k.a. Colossus have been digging the graves. They stand over several of them, before Colossus looks further up the hill to where his sister Magik is standing. He walks over to her and Magik turns to him and thanks him for coming – she wasn't sure anyone would. 'Of course, Snowflake. I came for Jamie. But also for you' Colossus replies, before they embrace, and Colossus adds that by the looks of things, he isn't the only one, as more mutants are arriving by the minute. Colossus tells his sister that he agrees something needs to be done about the Terrigen, he admits that Scott's rhetoric makes him a bit uncomfortable. Magik pulls away from her brother: 'Uncomfortable? This might be the end of mutantkind, Piotr. The Inhumans will never willingly eliminate the Terrigen. It's sacred to them – the source of their power. This can't end well' she declares. The Rasputins turn back down towards the research center, and Colossus asks what Scott and Emma are playing at, but Magik assures him she doesn't know, and informs him that they haven't come out of the research facility for hours.

Inside a library within the research center, Emma receives a message. She informs Scott that it is Henry and Storm calling them again. She tells him that she can't talk to them – what would she say? 'We are on a path now, and there is no turning back' Emma declares. Touching her face, she adds that she isn't sure how much longer she can do this, and tells Scott that hr will need to be strong for the both of them – not just for us, but for all of them. She looks annoyed as Magik and Colossus enter the room. 'Don't you two ever knock?' she snaps at them. Colossus tells her that they need to talk. 'Now' Magik adds, sternly. Cyclops agrees, and informs Emma that it is time to tell them everything. Cyclops announces that he and Emma will not sit by and let the Inhumans destroy mutantkind, and that they have a plan, and have been reaching out to allies – powerful mutants who agree with their position, and with more to come. 'You can step back, or you can help. But either way... it is time to act'.

In Madrid, Crystal communicates with Gorgon, asking him what is happening in the city. 'Chaos! These people are terrified!' comes Gorgon's response. He adds that this isn't about Terrigen anymore – it has taken a life of its own. Crystal informs Gorgon that Storm is here with a team of mutants and that they are on their way to assist. From his hoverchair, Gorgon tells Crystal that it won't be enough, and that this may just have to run its course – he doesn't think they can stop it. 'Actually... I think we can' Crystal responds, and she communicates with Daisuke, informing him that she needs him to use his power to put everyone to sleep, while Storm flies off. 'The entire city?' the new Inhuman asks. 'Yes' Crystal replies, explaining that the situation needs to calm down. 'Do it. I'll take responsibility' she instructs him. 'You might take responsibility, but I'm the one who has to do it' Daisuke replies, adding that he just got his powers and he barely knows how they work.

Gorgon looks up as several mutants can be seen overhead – Forge is flying with a jetpack, while Iceman is on an ice-slide. The time-displaced Cyclops rides on a Sentinel, while the time-displaced Angel hovers near the Blackbird that flies above them. 'There's a bunch of mutants here. Like... famous ones. This would put them out, too. Are you sure this is a good idea?' Daisuke asks. Still via communicator, Crystal tells him that people could be dying out there. 'You can stop it. We don't have time to get Storm's attention. 'The mutants will understand. Do it' Crystal instructs the young man, who starts to release his power. Terrigen bubbles appear around him as he rises into the sky, releasing his power that starts to entrance all of the panicking people in the city. Storm watches in shock, as the young Inhuman's power connects with the X-Men, and eventually strikes Storm, too.

'Cyclops asked me to reach out to you' Emma Frost remarks via a monitor. 'You heard what he said – the Terrigen Mist is killing us'. She reports that she and Scott have a plan that will save them all and give them back their planet. Emma admits that it is dangerous, almost impossible, and that they won't get a second shot at it. 'We need every advantage we can get. Every edge' she remarks. 'That's why we need you. You're nothing but edge'. Emma tells the person she is contacting that she knows they don't always agree – in fact, they rarely agree, but that this threat is real and imminent. She sends him footage from Madrid, and points out that they tried to work with the Inhumans, offered their help, and the responded with an attack, as Storm and her team have been taken out. Emma declares that mutants and Inhumans cannot coexist, and pretending otherwise is a waste of time. 'We have no time left' she adds. 'We have to act, Erik, we need you. We need Magneto'.

From an undisclosed location, Magneto appears to smile as he tells Emma that she knows him, and that he is always happy to help....

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Cyclops, Colossus, Emma Frost, Forge, Goldballs, Iceman, Magik, Rockslide, Stepford Cuckoos, Storm (all X-Men)
Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl (all original X-Men from the past)
Strong Guy, Sunfire, Warpath, Wolfsbane

Crystal, Daisuke, Flint, Gorgon, Grid, Iso, Medusa, Naja (all Inhumans)


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