Death of X #3

Issue Date: 
January 2017
Story Title: 

Jeff Lemire & Charles Soule (writers), Aaron Kuder & Javier Garron (pencilers), Jay Leisten & Javier Garron (inkers), Morry Hollowell, Jason Keith, Wil Quintana, Matt Milla & Andrew Crossley (colorists), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Sabino (letterer), Aaron Kuder & Morry Hollowell (cover artists), Mike Choi & Dan Brown; Bob McLeod (variant cover artists), Chris Robinson & Charles Beacham (assistant editors), Daniel Ketchum & Wil Moss (editors), Mark Paniccia (X-Men group editor), Nick Lowe (executive editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men & Inhumans created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby


Brief Description: 

On Muir Island, Emma communicates with Magneto, who asks her where Cyclops is. Emma tells him that Cyclops is busy and suggests Magneto focus on the footage she has sent him of several X-Men who have been taken down by the Inhumans. In Madrid, Crystal and her Inhumans have ended the riots thanks to the powers of the new Inhuman, Daisuke, who has used his power to put everyone to sleep – including several X-Men. Gorgon tells Crystal that he hopes Storm can see the this the way the Inhumans do, while the younger Inhumans convince Daisuke to take a name for himself, so he chooses Downer. Emma asks Magneto to keep Crystal and her group contained in Madrid, and Magneto warns Emma not to manipulate him. Emma appears tired and forlorn as she informs Cyclops that Magneto has agreed to help them. The Stepford Cuckoos have arrived in England. Irma wants to talk to her sisters about what they saw in Emma's head, but the others remind her they are not to discuss it. They reach their destination – the home of Alchemy, and inform him that they need his help. Storm finally wakes in Madrid, and the other X-Men wake soon after, along with all of the civilians. Crystal sees that the X-Men are waking up, but before the Inhumans can get to the X-Men and explain the situation, the X-Men get to them. Storm asks for an explanation, but the mood is tense, and a fight soon breaks out between Iceman and Flint. Before Downer can use his powers on the X-Men again, Magik teleports in, snatches Downer and teleports away. Without warning, metal beams and heavy machinery suddenly pile up around the X-Men and the Inhumans, as Magneto appears overhead. With him are Colossus, Wolfsbane, Warpath and Rockslide. Magneto keeps the X-Men and the Inhumans prisoner, while in the farmland where the Terrigen Cloud was pushed to by Storm and Crystal, Magik teleports Cyclops, Emma, Sunfire, the Cuckoos and Alchemy to a ridge. Cyclops talks with Alchemy, who decides that he was never much of a hero. Cyclops offers Alchemy some comforting words, before Alchemy gathers his confidence and walks alongside the X-Men as Cyclops announces they have to get to work.

Full Summary: 

Muir Island, where Emma Frost sits at a monitor, speaking to Magneto, who asks her 'Where is Cyclops?' 'Please don't tell me you've already forgotten the imminent crisis threatening to eradicate all mutantkind, Erik. I literally just told you about it' Emma replies, adding that Scott is busy. 'Oh, I know he is, Emma' Magneto responds. Emma tells Erik to focus, and refers to the footage that she just sent him, 'Look at this... all expertly trained X-Men. Some of our best – and see what the Inhumans did to them'. She adds that they need to act now, as the Terrigen creates more of them everywhere it goes, while it pares down mutantkind one by one. 'It must be dealt with, Erik. The Inhumans can do that just as easily as we can. I mean, just look at them... they're celebrating' Emma points out as the footage shows Storm, Forge, Iceman and the time-displaced Beast and Angel lying motionless in Madrid, while Crystal of the Inhumans smiles at Daisuke, the new Inhuman responsible.

And in Madrid, the city is battle-damaged, but Crystal, Iso and Daisuke look out over the area, pleased with themselves. 'That was incredible, Daisuke. Really well done' Iso tells the new Inhuman, who replies that he can't believe it did that – just stopped a riot – and now all those people are safe thanks to him. 'I don't even like most people' Daisuke adds.

Gorgon's hovercraft appears overhead, with Grid, Naja and Flint onboard. 'That was absolutely spectacular!' Grid exclaims. 'What'd I tell you, Grid? Daisuke's powers are wild' Naja remarks. The Inhumans move onto the rooftop of a nearby building, and Grid tells Naja that hearing about it was one thing – seeing it was another. 'And you did that without training! That was what... the third or fourth time you've used your powers?' Grid asks. 'Second, actually. But it's no big deal' Daisuke responds. 'The second time. Amazing. Once Gorgon gets you trained up a bit, who knows what you'll be able to do!' Grid declares.

Gorgon and Crystal stand back from the younger Inhumans, and Gorgon tells Crystal that the others don't realize it, but Daisuke may have made himself some incredibly powerful enemies. 'He just knocked out a squad of X-Men for Randac's sake!' But Crystal tells Gorgon that Daisuke acted on her orders, so if there are consequences, they will land on her – as they should. Gorgon tells Crystal that he hopes Storm sees it that way – when she wakes up, that is. 'I like Daisuke. Be a shame if he got electrocuted on his first day'.

Naja tells Daisuke that he needs a name. 'I have one. You already know it. Daisuke' the new Inhuman replies. Grid tells him that Naja means an Inhuman name – like a codename. He informs Daisuke that his real name is Dinesh, but with the Inhumans, he is called Grid. Flint introduces himself, and then Naja and Iso. Flint quietly points over at Crystal and Gorgon and tells Daisuke that the old-school Inhumans are really big on giving people new names after Terrigenesis. 'If you don't pick your own...' his voice trails off, as Iso concludes the sentence, informing Daisuke that they will pick one for him – one that he doesn't want. 'Yeah, our friend Frank wouldn't do it, and then Medusa decided he should be called Mur. And now that's all anyone in New Attilan calls him. He hates it' Naja remarks.

Gorgon and Crystal look out over the destruction and Gorgon asks Crystal if there wasn't a way to solve things that didn't involve taking out the mutants, whose bodies are strewn across the ground, along with all of the civilians in the area. Crystal reminds Gorgon that the city was out of control, and adds that Daisuke's powers are harmless – they saved people's lives and can explain it to the mutants once they wake up. 'Or... we could leave now, and call them later. Less chance of a lightning bolt in the face that way' Gorgon suggests. Crystal tells Gorgon that she is tempted, but that they will face this, as Storm is a reasonable woman. 'She'll understand' Crystal adds, narrowing her eyes.

Grid puts an arm around Daisuke and tells him that he doesn't want to be a Mur, so should pick something – before it's too late. Daisuke looks out over the city, 'I... hmm. I don't... no. I have it' Daisuke announces, before proudly telling the others to call him Downer.

Back on Muir, Emma tells Magneto via the comm system that they need his help – that they have a unique opportunity while the Inhumans' primary mobile strike force is occupied in Madrid with Storm and her group, not to mention the aftermath of the cloud moving through the city. 'They'll be looking for their revolting Inhuman cocoons and such' Emma points out.

Magneto asks Emma what she is suggesting, to which Emma replies that it should be simple enough – contain them in Madrid for as long as he can handle, while she and Scott handle the rest. Emma asks Erik if she can count on him, or if she should make other arrangements. She adds that she has been avoiding contact with Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club. 'But I'm sure they would be more than willing to -' Emma begins, but Magneto interrupts her: 'Enough. Do not think you can manipulate me like the others, Emma. Do you understand what I am saying?' Frowning, hair hanging in front of her face, Emma replies that she understands perfectly.

'Good. In that case, I will see you in Spain' Magneto concludes, ending the transmission. Emma slumps forward in the chair, the room is dark. She gets up and walks towards another room, 'Scott... I think Magneto will help us' Emma calls out. Scott is standing in the middle of the room, his back is turned to Emma, who adds that she thinks Magneto knows everything they have planned. 'But you know something, my darling? That changes nothing. It's time to begin' Emma declares.

Meanwhile, in Yorkshire, England. 'Are we sure this is the right place?' Celeste telepathically asks her sisters Phoebe and Irma as they stand before a house on cloudy day. 'Don't ask questions we already know the answers to, Celeste' Irma remarks, to which Phoebe points out that Celeste is upset, and tells Irma to leave her alone. 'Can you blame me? After what we saw in Ms Frost’s head?' Irma asks. Celeste reminds the other girls that they are not supposed to talk about that. 'Don't even think it!' Phoebe exclaims. 'You're right. Sorry, it's just -' Irma begins, but Phoebe tells her to stop it. 'Both of you shush. And get your game faces on' Celeste snaps at her sisters, before she knocks on the door. A man with brown hair and glasses opens the door, and Celeste asks him if he is Thomas Jones. 'You're the mutant called Alchemy, right?' Irma calls out.

'Er – yes. I'm Alchemy. Sure. And, uh. You – you guys are the whatsit – Stepford Sisters' Alchemy replies nervously. 'Cuckoos' Irma smiles. The other girls smile at Alchemy, too, who asks them what they are doing here. 'I mean, not that I – uh, not that I'm not happy to see you, but -' Alchemy begins. Celeste runs her fingers across his collar and informs him that they are on a top-secret mission for the X-Men. 'You are?' Alchemy asks, surprised. Irma tells him that they need his help. 'You do?' Alchemy asks. 'We do' Phoebe confirms.

Madrid, Storm rouses, 'What...' she utters, sitting up, she looks over and sees the young, time-displaced Angel sprawled out on the ground nearby. 'No!' Storm gasps, while civilians lay unmoving around her, cars are overturned, and fire rages down the street. Storm rushes over to Angel and asks him if he is all right. 'Please, don't be -' she begins, but Angel wakes, and tells Storm that he is all right. 'But why am I on the ground?' he wonders. 'What just -' he begins, before Storm pulls him in close and hugs him, confusing him. 'Oh, thank the Goddess. I thought it was the Terrigen cloud – that it hit us despite everything I did with the Inhumans to divert it from the city' Storm explains. Angel assures her that he feels fine. Iceman and the time-displaced Cyclops have recovered and approach Storm, while the civilians around them start to wake up. Iceman reports that it wasn't the Terrigen – not directly, while the young Cyclops adds that every single person in this city was asleep. 'Except for them' he remarks, pointing up to the Inhumans who are still on the rooftop nearby.

'Damn. This happened more quickly than I expected. People are already beginning to wake up from Daisuke's -' Crystal begins, before Flint interrupts her: 'Downer' he exclaims. 'What?' Crystal asks. 'He's Downer now' Flint tells her. 'Yeah?' Crystal asks, looking at Downer, who replies 'Yeah' and Crystal tells him that she likes it, before returning to the matter at hand, she announces that the mutants are waking up, and they have to explain what happened, before the mutants jump to conclusions. 'We need to get down there' Crystal begins, when suddenly, 'That's all right – we'll come up!' Angel exclaims as he appears above the mutants. Storm flies up alongside him, and Iceman moves up on an ice-sled, while Forge and the time-displaced Cyclops appear on top of Forge's Sentinel. The X-Men step onto the rooftop, and Crystal tells them 'You're awake. Good. We should work toghether to help the -' but Storm interrupts her, pointing out that it isn't that simple. 'You see, we were helping' Storm remarks.

'And then we found ourselves asleep, along with everyone else – except all of you. How, I wonder, did that happen?' Storm asks, lightning crackling around her, telling Crystal that before anything else, should would like her to explain. 'Come on, Storm. We know what they did. One of them hit us with their powers' Iceman exclaims. 'Yeah, and saved everyone's asses in the process' Flint points out. 'Is that right? Did you do it, little man?' Iceman asks, before flicking a shard of ice at Flint. 'Bet you did' Iceman mutters, as Flint drops to his knees, touching his stomach. 'You didn't like that, did you?' Iceman asks, squatting down. 'Someone using their powers on you without permission'. 'Not really – but I'll get over it' Flint replies as he starts to use his power to break the rooftop up. The two groups move into defensive positions, but Crystal rushes between the groups, and Storm exclaims that there is no need for this. 'Stand down, all of you. We need to talk, not fight' Crystal urges. Downer looks scared, before his eyes glow, telling Crystal that it is all right, that he can put them to sleep again, and everything will be fine.

'No, don't! That's what got us into this situation in the first place -' Crystal begins urgently, but suddenly, Magik teleports onto the rooftop, appearing behind Downer, she slams the handle of her Soulsword into the back of Downer's neck, and tells him to come along, as she pushes him into a portal, and they both vanish, before anyone can do anything to stop her. 'Was that...Magik?' the young Cyclops asks. 'Why would Illyana do that?' Storm asks Angel, who replies 'You're asking me? She's been AWOL since this all started!' Flint points at Iceman and asks 'Where's Downer? What did you do to him?' to which Iceman replies that they didn't have anything to do with what just happened. Without warning, large steel beams start to drop down amongst the X-Men and Inhumans. 'What the -?' Forge asks. 'We're under attack! Run!' Crystal instructs her team. 'You think?' Iceman mutters, while Storm announces that they need cover. But Iceman looks up, shadows of dozens and dozens of steel beams fall over him, and he tells Storm that he doesn't think there is any cover from this.

The others all look up, and see Magneto hovering in the air, levitating all of the steel beams, and several large construction vehicles, tankers, cranes and the like. On several of the beams stand Colossus, Wolfsbane, Warpath and Rockslide. 'I'm sorry, but none of you are going anywhere' Magneto announces as he drops more of the beams around the X-Men and Inhumans, trapping them in, he uses the construction vehicles to help block them in, too. 'Erik, what the hell are you doing?' Storm shouts. 'What you didn't have the stomach for, Ororo' Magneto points out. 'You think this will hold us, old man?' Flint shouts from where he is trapped amongst the beams, and young Cyclops tells Magneto that he has crossed the line. Scowling, Magneto replies that he knows that he has. 'Now the question is, what are you willing to do about it?' he asks.

Fifty kilometers southwest of Madrid, the Terrigen cloud moves across the countryside, towards a cliff face, where a poral opens, and Magik emerges, along with Cyclops, Emma, the Stepford Cuckoos, Sunfire and Alchemy. 'There it is. I don't think I've ever seen an uglier shade of green' Emma remarks, looking at the cloud. 'Indeed' Cyclops replies. They look over to Alchemy, who was walked away from the group, and sits on the edge of the cliff. 'Scott...' Emma begins. 'I'll handle it' Scott replies, going over to Alchemy, he tells him that he is sorry they haven't had a chance to talk, as things have been moving so quickly. 'Er, right then. No problem, ah, Sir' Alchemy replies. Cyclops sits down next to Alchemy and tells him he can call him Cyclops or Scott, no need for the “sir”. Alchemy replies that he still can't believe he is here, and that he thought they had forgotten all about him. 'Seemed fair – never really was much of a hero' Alchemy adds.

Cyclops disagrees and point out that it took a lot of bravery for Alchemy to follow the Cuckoos here, before telling Alchemy to make no mistake, as mutants have never been in as much danger as they are right now. 'This is about our very survival' he adds, pointing out that what they are going to do, it is not going to be easy, and they won't be able to do it without him. 'Ah, lovely. Nothing like a bit of pressure, right?' Alchemy replies. Cyclops reminds Alchemy how, years ago, they saved him and his mother. 'You don't owe us anything for that – it's just what we do'. Cyclops points out that they want to keep doing that, for everyone. 'But let me be clear – if you help us here today, we live. If not, we die'. Cclops declares that Alchemy can save them, can do what the X-Men do. 'You can be an X-Man' he adds.

'Of all the transparent ploys... you think I don't see what you're doing?' Alchemy asks. Cyclops assures Alchemy that he wants to be transparent, and that this isn't some kind of trick. He wants Alchemy to understand and then to make his choice, of his own free will. 'But I need you to do that now. What do you say? X-Man?' Cyclops asks, standing up. 'I say... X-Man' Alchemy replies. 'Good'' Scott tells him, and he walks along the ridge, with Emma and Alchemy at his sides, Magik and the Stepford Cuckoos behind them and Sunfire flying overhead as Scott announces 'Let's get to work'.


Characters Involved: 

Cyclops, Colossus, Emma Frost, Forge, Iceman, Magik, Rockslide, Stepford Cuckoos, Storm (all X-Men)


Angel, Cyclops (both original X-Men from the past)

Sunfire, Warpath, Wolfsbane



Crystal, Daisuke / Downer, Flint, Gorgon, Grid, Iso, Medusa, Naja (all Inhumans)



Unidentified mutants

Story Notes: 

Alchemy debuted in X-Factor (1st series) #40-42, and subsequently appeared in Excalibur (1st series) #57-58. He was identified as one of the 198 who retained their powers following M-Day and appeared in X-Men: The 198 series. More recently, he appeared in X-Men Legacy (2nd series) #13-14 and #22-23, however those appearances are possibly void, as that series was supposedly written out of existence by its main character, Legion.

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